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Following is a list of software I wrote for fun:


One of the most popular go editor.

Karaoke Star

Web server based Karaoke system.


A convenient batch photo conversion tool.


A free convenient batch photo conversion command line tool.

Tiny Blocker

This small tool will kill annoying Realplayer popup windows and IE winodws, that some media makers put in their video. It works very well on the latest Real Player and IE.

OS requirement: Windows 2000 and up (2000/XP)

Set your keyboard speed

I have one dell 4000 and 4150 notebook. Both of them have the same problem: if I unplug the PS/2 mouse and plug it in again, the keyboard repeat speed will become extremely slow. I have to go to Control Panel to reset the keyboard speed. Now with this tool, you can copy the executable to your desktop and when this happens, with one click, your keyboard speed will be resumed to maximum. You can also specify a parameter when running the program. e.g.
SetKeyboardSpeed.exe 20
will set the repeat rate to 20. The range is from 0 to 31. Default is 31 (no parameter)
OS requirement: Windows 95 and up (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP)