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MultiConv 1.1 Documentation

MultiConv is a command line tool which can resize/convert multiple image files (bmp, jpg, tif...) at the same time. Best for producing thumbnails or extracting multiple pages from a tif file. Very good reduction quality.


The next version of MultiConv, PhotoWorker 2.0, now is available for download. With a Windows GUI, PhotoWorker is much easier to use, and more powerful.

Chris Merrill also developed a GUI for MultiConv that will make using of MultiConv much easier. You can download it from his website: http://www.chrismerrill.com


MultiConv 1.1 (Size 248K)


MultiConv, resizes/converts multiple image files. Usage:

  MultiConv /s:source /d:destpath /x:destext /m:mode /w:width /h:height
  /r:ratio /o /?

Basic Options:
/s:source Source image file/directory name.
/d:destpath Destination path.
/x:destext Destination file type. Default: jpg.
/m:mode Resize mode. Default is "n"-No resize.
  /m:n No resize.
  /m:a Absolute width and height.
  /m:w Change width only.
  /m:h Change height only.
  /m:wr Change width, and keep ratio.
  /m:hr Change height, and keep ratio.
  /m:r Resize according to ratio.
/w:width New width. Required if mode is a, w or wr.
/h:height New height. Required if mode is a, h or hr.
/r:ratio Resize ratio. Required is mode is r.
/o Overwrite if destination file exists.
/? Print this help.
Advanced Options:
/pre:prefix Add prefix to the output file name. e.g., if the source file name is "image1.bmp", and you specify "/pre:s_" in the command line, the output file name would be "s_image1.bmp"
/suf:suffix Add suffix to the output file name.
/nr Do not recursively traverse the whole directory. Only look for files directly in the specified source directory.
/zp:zeropadding For multi-page image file like tif, if the source file name is "pic.tif", then generated file names would be: "pic1.jpg", "pic2.jpg" ... However, if you specify "/zp:2", then numbers will be padded 0's if the width of the number is less than 2. Thus the output file name would be: "pic01.jpg", "pic02.jpg", ... Default /zp value is 2.
MultiConv /s:d:\photos /d:c:\temp\photo /m:hr /h:150
  Convert all image files in d:\photos to jpg files with height of 150 pixels. Converted files will be stored in c:\temp\photo.
MultiConv /s:d:\photos\photo1.tif /d:c:\temp\photo /x:bmp /m:r /r:0.5
  Convert file d:\photos\photo1.tif to bmp files. Compress image size to 50%. Converted files will be stored in c:\temp\photo.

Supported file format

File typeFile Extension Comment
ICO*.icoRead Only
JPEG*.jpg, *.jpegRead/Write
PCX*.pcxRead Only
TARGA*.tgaRead Only
TIFF*.tif, *.tiffRead/Write, Support multiple pages


Thanks FreeImage for the free library!

Update History

  • 09/16/2001 MultiConv 1.1. Added /pre, /suf, /zp and /nr options.
  • 08/24/2001 MultiConv 1.0