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Original Music

This is my first time to write a song. It's very simple.
  • 漂流: Written on 9/15/2006. All rights reserved.


    Having played guitar for many years but still a very amateur. In recently years I started learning from my teacher Peter Caruso regularly, and it's been a lot of fun. Following is a list of my sample recordings.

    Name Type Size Comment
    Homesick (乡愁四韵) wmv 67.0 MB Playing with Xi at the UW talent show on Nov 13, 2004
    Homesick (乡愁四韵) mp3 4.0 MB Recorded, keyboard by my wife.
    Butterfly Flower(蝴蝶花) mp3 3.7 MB Recorded Jan 21, 2006 with Dexter Qu.
    Highschool (中学时代) mp3 2.8 MB Here is the guitar score I figured out : highschool.gp3
    I played lousy keyboard...
    Pig Song (猪之歌) mp3 2.5 MB This song is about a very lousy pig...
    Romeo and Juliet mp3 1.4 MB Guitar duet


    I like to sing Karaoke. Here are some songs I recorded.


    These are my equipments. Most of them are in the lowest end of professional equipments, but pretty much enough for home use. Interested people may find it useful.

    Name Picture Comment
    Shure SM58 Microphone My favorite! Clear and almost no "pop".
    Nady SDP-20 Digital Processor A very good low-price processor. My first one blew out during a rehearsal on Nov 12, 2004. Don't know what the hell is wrong. Bought the second one after trying out several other models.
    DigiTech Vocal 300 Noise is ok, but not very satisfied with the actual effects, compare with the Nady. I especially agree with others' review, that is, the presets really suck.
    Eurorack MX 602A Mixer Very good for personal use.
    Zoom PS 04 Recorder Convenient! Recording quality is great with its low price.
    Grado SR80 Headphone Best headphone I've ever had (well, I haven't had too many headphones yet:)