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MultiGo Update History

Version 3.9 (Oct 9, 2004)

  1. BUG FIX: previous download (3.9.3) has an encoding bug. If you see garbage after pasting a game, please download again.

Version 3.9 (Oct 7, 2004)

  1. Added several stone types. You can use your own stone bitmap (with transparency), e.g., select the bitmaps in installed directory "stones, glass" (Thanks to "Tang Yin" who designed the stones). You can also provide material bitmaps for MultiGo to automatically generate stones. Choose the example material picture from installed directory "stones, materials"
  2. Add "Advanced->Encoding", so that you can select different languages used by game file, like the one in IE.
  3. Add "View->Branch Window, Comment Edit" to hide/show these two windows.
  4. Improved printing, automatically adjust line width.
  5. Add option: "Setup->Traverse->Go to sibling branch when next at end of branch".
  6. Feature: Add Edit->Auto Set Move Number/Unset All Move Number.
  7. Bug Fix: Corrected some incorrect undo while right click on the board. Also make this behavior configurable in Setup->Edit.
  8. Changed "Reset movenumber in branches" so it is only effective in Game comment mode.
  9. Bug Fix: incorrectly set handicaps for TOM GIB files. Read in Komi info.
  10. Bug Fix: some times a newly added branch won't show up.
  11. Bug Fix: added empty values while saving unrecognized tags.

Version 3.8 (July 3, 2004)

  1. Internally use UNICODE for Windows 2000/XP and up. Please note that if your machine is Windows 98/ME, it's still going to be non-unicode version. You may find out which version you have from "Help->About", non-unicode version will show MBCS, while UNICODE version will show "UNICODE".
  2. Customizable toolbar. Right click on toolbar to customize. (Thanks Deepak Khajuria for his ToolBarEx)
  3. Show toolbar icon on menu. (Thanks Bruno Podetti for his New Menu)
  4. Print larger figures, and now you can print up to 6 figures per page. Game comments are consolidated to reduce total pages, and node names are also printed out. Also you can print sub title, header and footer.
  5. Add "Traverse->Back, forward" like IE.
  6. Add "File->Reload" to reload the currently opened file.
  7. Changed the behavior of right click on the board, only when at the end of a branch, Undo will be executed.

Version 3.7 (Jun 7, 2004)

  1. There was a bug in yesterday's download that you might not be able to save when you have the player information in a new document. Fixed.

Version 3.7 (Jun 6, 2004)

  1. Add "Undo/Redo"
  2. Cleaned up the tree structure so it's clearer (Thanks Blubb Fallo for his idea).
  3. Improved "Count Territory", you see the result while you mark dead stones.
  4. Improved Options dialog, add option the set branch move's starting character.
  5. Add "Edit->Copy Current Board" to copy only nodes necessary to form the current board.
  6. Add "Tool->Tutor Both Sides" so you can guess both black and white moves.
  7. In "Set up->View->Other", you can change the board background color when you are in try play or tutor mode.
  8. Stop mouse tracking for branch tip, add "Back to Parent" in branch tip.
  9. Add "Traverse->Back to parent" and "Traverse->First Child Branch"
  10. When you add a marker or stone, click twice will clear it.
  11. Open as read only if the file has "Read Only" attribute set.
  12. Better formatted output file.
  13. Add Chinese rule for counting territories.
  14. Add "Edit->Rotate SGF, Flip SGF..."
  15. Add "Set Up->View->Board and Stones->Reset move number in branches"
  16. Right click on the board will undo last action; Double click on the margin will go to parent.
  17. Fixed one bug in 3.6 that shows black and white's territories as same color.

Version 3.6 (March 25, 2004)

  1. The same version provided on March 24 has a bug. It will crash while double click to open a file. Please download again.

Version 3.6 (March 24, 2004)

  1. Add "View-Full Screen". This menu also appears in the right click popup menu. ALT-RETURN is the default shortcut. But if you already installed MultiGo, you need to manually assign shortcut key.
  2. Add "Traverse-Fast Forward/Rewind". You may change the steps in "Option->Setup->Traverse". Default is 5 steps a time.
  3. Add "View-Show Branching Moves". If you check this option, when it is at the start of branches, MultiGo can show next moves as numbers on the board. Click on them then it will proceed to that branch.
  4. In edit mode, if you click on a point, MultiGo will first see if next move is at that position. If it is, MultiGo will proceed to next move. Otherwise, a new move will be added.
  5. Add "Edit-Read Only". You can go to "Options->Set Up", check "Open existing file as read only", so that whenever MultiGo opens a document, it is opened in Read Only mode.
  6. Add "Option-Reenable All Disabled Prompt", to clear the memory of messages that have been disabled so that you will be prompted again

Version 3.5 (Feb 5, 2004)

  1. Add "Tools-Play with GNU Go". You need to download GNU Go executable. Note that MultiGo doesn't prohibit ko. Also you need to decide when to stop by yourself.
  2. Add "View-Rotate Clockwise, Flip".
  3. Add "Tools-Tutor". You may try guess the next move, and click it. If it is correct, MultiGo will show you how the opponent reacted, and you can try move again.

Version 3.4 (Jan 28, 2004)

  1. You can now try play without open a new window. Click "Try Play" again will resume to the status before. If you want to keep the try play, Use "Tools->Save Try Play"
  2. Add a scroll bar in the branch window for fast move.
  3. When the focus is on the board, you can use the mouse wheel to go back and forward.
  4. When you are at the end of a branch, a tip window will automatically shown so you can select which branch to go on next.
  5. Use only one dialog for editing game info.
  6. Add "Edit->Hide All Stones" to add a node with "Add Emptys" to hide all stones on the board.
  7. Add "Edit->Merge Similar Nodes" to merge similar nodes in sub branches.
  8. Add support for IGS Panda-Egg's UGF format.
  9. Add support for ISHI go format
  10. You can change the background color of comment/branch window in the setup.
  11. BUG: Fix the bug that allowed suicide stones.
  12. For save bitmap or printing, draw the dead stones inside the board whenever possible.

Version 3.3 (Jan 12, 2004)

  • From version 3.2 there was a bug that when you double click a game file to open it, it is always opened in Game Comment Mode. This has been fixed but since the change is so small, I didn't change the version number.

Version 3.3 (Jan 11, 2004)

  • The only change is to add Big5 language module.

Version 3.2 (Jan 10, 2004)

  • Remember the last move when you close a file, and resume to that step the next time you open the same game file.
  • Automatically clip empty area while you save the board as a picture.
  • Add "File-Import files as Branch" so that you can add multiple game files as branches of the current file.
  • Add "Edit-Copy Branch/Paste as Branch".

Version 3.1 (Jan 7, 2004)

  • Customize shortcut keys (Options->Customize)
  • Improved GOS file reading.
  • Fixed a bug related to auto big5 recognition.

Version 3.0 (Jan 1, 2004)

  • Now you can use two modes to read games, Branch Mode and Game Comment Mode. Game comment mode is the default mode to better read game files.
  • Add Chinese help.
  • Add "Edit->Delete Custom Tags..."
  • Add indicator on the status bar for the last move.
  • Enhanced BIG5 auto recognition.

Version 2.9 (Dec 6, 2003)

  • Much more beautiful stones.
  • Add Option "Edit->Automatic Branch". If you make a move in the middle of a game, it can automatically create a branch.
  • Add branch name edit. Before we can only edit move name, now whenever a branch has child node, you can edit the branch name too. Note that branch share the name with its first child node. This is limitation of SGF.
  • You can set default komi in "Option->Edit".
  • Fixed a bug: poping up two help window when pressing F1.

Version 2.8 (Aug 17, 2003)

  • Batch processing. Convert multiple files to SGF format at one time, and/or trim SGF markers. "Tools->Batch Processing"
  • Improved anti-alias marker shape.
  • Customizable focus marker.
  • You can choose not to show game result in the title.

Version 2.7 (Aug 3, 2003)

  • Enhanced printing. Now you can print game with branches and comments.
  • More customizable. You can choose your prefered board bitmap, color, play sound in the options.
  • Supports template. If you are creating a lot of files that have the same game information, create a template and set it as default will save you a lot of time. See "options->setup->Use template"
  • Visit variant branch first when you click next. This is configurable in Options.
  • Removed menu "New->Chinese Ancient format" because it can be easily achieved by use the "AncientChinese.sgf" template.

Version 2.6 (July 17, 2003)

  • Support TOM.com's GIB file format.

Version 2.5 (July 6, 2003)

  • Improved performance, much faster than previous versions.
  • Add "Option->Automatic Detect Big5 SGF" so to show big5 files correctly.
  • Add "View->Always On Top" option so you can let the window stay at the front.
  • Add "Edit->Edit Node Label". It is also available through right click on the treeview.

Version 2.4 (July 2, 2003)

  • Add support for GOS file format
  • Changed the move sound, changed the border back to 1 single line when it is a bitmap board (still 2 pixels thick when it is a black/white board)
  • Draw star points on board for irregular board size.
  • No change in the resource file so for those who are using Traditional Chinese dll for 2.3, you can just use the same language package.

Version 2.3 (June 5, 2003)

  • Add "Try Play" to open a new board and try moves.
  • Enhanced printing. Now you can print multiple figures at once, with titles and dead stones.
  • Save as Bitmap can show removed stones.
  • Node name edit. You can click on a node in the treeview to edit its node name.
  • Fixed a serious bug when adding branches in the middle of the tree.

Version 2.2.11 (May 23, 2003)

  • Fixed a bug for version 2.2.7-2.2.10 that if you click on the "Show Move Number" button on toolbar, it may not show numbers. You have to go to the menu to choose "Show all Moves" at least once. Thanks Tenno for pointing it out.

Version 2.2.10 (May 18, 2003)

  • Add support for set move number from some node (Edit->Set Move Number). This is good for better variation displaying.
  • Add menu "File->New Chinese Ancient Format"

Version 2.2.9 (May 14, 2003)

  • Fixed a bug that when you select a branch, then add a comment, then the board seems odd.
  • Add "Options->Single Click To Expand Branch" so you can choose your prefered tree behaviour.
  • Before the sound is played only when you add a move. Now it is played whenever you do a next traverse.

Version 2.2.8 (May 13, 2003)

  • Now MultiGo can read *.bdx, *.ngf files.
  • Add menu "Traverse->Previous/Next Branch".
  • Add menu "File->Save board as Picture". Now you can save board image as png, jpg or bmp file.
  • Play sound when adding stones. You can disable the sound in the "Options->Play sound" menu.
  • Show dead stone count in the status bar.
  • Continue go to first stone in next branch when you hit "Next" while at the end of a branch.
  • Keep the tree pane's width fixed when you resize the window.
  • Adjusted accelerators. Sorry for the change but I think this is better than before.

Version 2.2.7 (May 10, 2003)

  • Multiple language support. You can select English/Simplified Chinese from the options menu.

Version 2.2.6 (May 5, 2003)

  • Add "Edit->Delete All After Current"
  • Add support for "Add Empty" (AE property in SGF)
  • Add "Options->Hide Markers" so you can hide markers when you don't want to see them.
  • Changed the toolbar so that it has a flat look.
  • Add a toolbar button to show/hide move numbers.
  • Changed the behavior of "Jump to Clicked" so that you can click at an empty position and it will find the stone played there later.

Version 2.2.5 (Apr 25, 2003)

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes changed comments are not properly saved.
  • Add "Options->Set Comment Font"
  • Add "Options->Custom Board Size" so you can set any size from 2-19.

Version 2.2.4 (Apr 10, 2003)

  • Add "View->Switch Focus" to change focus between comment pane and tree pane.
  • Add "Go to next/previous commented Node"

Version 2.2.2 (Apr 2, 2003)

  • Add support for TM, HA
  • Fixed a bug when multiple groups of stones are removed at the same step, MultiGo can't recover all of them when going backward.

Version 2.2 (Mar 28, 2003)

  • Added Copy/Paste SGF content menu.
  • Fixed bugs related to unrecognized tags.
  • Now more conformant to SGF FF(4) specification.
  • (Internal) Rewrote the sgf parser.

Version 2.1 (Mar 8, 2003)

  • Selectively delete a marker or added stones
  • Enhanced cursor shapes so you can easily see what you are doing.
  • Added menus for merge a branch, move a branch up and down.
  • Automatically merge a branch to its parent when all other children are deleted.
  • Righ-click on the tree view to popup a menu.
  • Added option "White First"

Version (Dec 31, 2002)

  • Add "Delete All Comments"
  • Add options to change board color
  • Fixed the problem that saved record has an empty node in the beginning

Version (Dec 22, 2002)

  • Show game player and result information in the title
  • Add a status bar indicator for next move (black/white/add symbols)
  • Clip the cross lines when drawing letter on the board.
  • Add detailed node name so you can easily find a node with comment