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MultiGo Frequently Asked Questions

I am running an English verison Windows 2000/XP, how to make MultiGo show other character set in the comment correctly?

You need to make following changes if MultiGo doesn't show the character set you want (e.g., Chinese GB2312)
  • Go to menu "Advanced->Encoding", make sure "Chinese GB2312" or any other encoding you want is selected.
  • Go to menu "Options->Set Comment Font", choose a font that supports the character set you selected. A good universal font is "MS Sans Serif", it covers most UNICODE characters. Or you may choose your local font.

There is a wrong move at somewhere in the middle, how to change it?

By default, if you make a move in the middle, MultiGo will generate a new branch. However, you can disable it by unchecking toolbar button: "Automatically create branch". Then you can go back to the wrong move, delete it, and insert the correctly move there.

Why score result of Chinese rule is 1/2 of Japanese rule?

In Chinese rule, the final winning (or losing) points of Black (or White) is defined as:
Black points (or White points) - 180.5 (or half of total points on the board). 
While by Japanese rule it is defined as:
Black territories - White territories
Thus usually it is half of Japanese rules. Refer to Sensei's Library->Chinese Counting for more information.

Will MultiGo support online gaming?

No. MultiGo aims to be the best game viewer/editor. It doesn't want to be just another client.

Will MultiGo support other OS like Linux, Pocket PC, Palm?

Pocket PC version is available now. No plan for other OS yet.

Will MultiGo be open-source?


Do I need to uninstall old version before upgrading?

No. Don't uninstall it if you want to keep your settings.

Why MultiGo prints one figure per move no matter how I change the print settings?

You probably have a KGS game file. KGS server adds a circle marker in each move, and if you choose "Print Markers", MultiGo will start a new figure whenever there is a marker. You can either disable "Print Markers" or remove all the "CR" tags from "Edit->Delete Custom Tags".