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MultiGo Introduction

MultiGo is designed to view/edit Smart-Go format(SGF) go game file. It also supports other popular file format including *.BDX, *.NGF, *.GOS, *.GIB, *.UGF, *.GO. You can easily navigate through the game and branches, add/remove markers and comments, create or edit your own branches. You could use MultiGo to play with GNU Go, or even record/play go video.

Suggestions and comments are very welcome. Click here for contact information. Enjoy!


Latest MultiGo is freeware. You can freely distribute it to anybody else or put it on your website. However, you must agree that the author shouldn't be responsible for any damage it could cause by using the software.

Keep Updated

If you want to get the latest update on MultiGo, or you want to send questions, bug reports and suggestions, you can join MultiGo discussion group by sending an empty email to multigo-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or you can enter your email here:
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  • Especially thanks Ed Lee for his great suggestions and bug reports.
  • Thanks MaceLee (He's got a wonderful website about Go at : http://www.go4go.net) for his suggestions and recommendations.
  • And all users of MultiGo. Thank you for your support and great suggestions!