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  1. 把对局SGF拷贝到剪贴板上。可以用记事本打开SGF文件,COPY所有内容, 或者用MULTIGO打开,按COPY工具栏。
  2. goto : http://www.ruijiang.com/go/,点 "My Info", 这时会提示你 用户名和密码。键入后即已登录。
  3. Goto "Tournaments", 选择你参加的Tournament, 在你参加的Game的那 一行,点 "Log".
  4. 在弹出的窗口里,选择winner, 并PASTE你的SGF棋谱。
  5. 点Update. Done!


  1. go to http://www.gokgs.com/archives.xhtml
  2. Type user name and click "See Games".


每个 user 有自己的默认段位,同时每次 Tournament 会记录用户注册比赛时段位,并以此为编排比赛, 显示结果的标准。这样在 user 段位变化之后,以前比赛的注册段位不会改变,以免引起困惑。

如果你要更新比赛的注册段位,在你在个人信息里面更新了段位之后,重新注册比赛, 选择UPDATE,这样比赛的段位就变成你当前设置的段位了。

How to propose a game time?

Once a game is scheduled between you and your opponent, you need propose a time for that game.

  1. Log in with your account
  2. In the "Tournament" page, select the tournament you are participating.
  3. Find the game you will be playing.
  4. If you already propose a time, a time will show in either "W Proposed Time" or "B Proposed Time" column, otherwise "Change" will show there.
  5. Click on it, a new browser window will popup.
  6. Put your proposed time, and/or together with some comment you want to send to your opponent.
  7. Both you and your opponent will receive an email notification.

How to agree on opponent's suggested game time?

Refer to the above steps. However, click on your opponent suggested time instead. Then new browser window will popup with your opponent suggested time filled. Click "Submit" then done.