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(;CA[gb2312]FF[4]ST[2]RU[Chinese]OT[5x60 byo-yomi]C[Haddock [5d\]\: hi bill billch [8d?\]\: hi ] AP[CGoban:3]SZ[19]GM[1]DT[2007-03-31]PC[The KGS Go Server at http\://www.gokgs.com/] PB[billch]BR[8d]PW[Haddock]WR[5d]KM[7.5]TM[3600]RE[W+0.50]MULTIGOGM[1] ;B[pd]BL[3586.78]C[Haddock [5d\]\: is it one game or 3-fold game? billch [8d?\]\: 3 billch [8d?\]\: seems they made it 3 billch [8d?\]\: it's fine with me that could play more games with you\:) billch [8d?\]\: a pleasure billch [8d?\]\: how are you doing over there Haddock [5d\]\: wait Haddock [5d\]\: give me a few minutes, sorry. Haddock [5d\]\: 不好意思,刚才出了点状况 Haddock [5d\]\: if 3 games, can we set the 2nd game at same time next week? ] ;W[dd]WL[3426.68]C[billch [8d?\]\: sure ];B[qp]BL[3544.76]C[Haddock [5d\]\: thank u. ] ;W[dq]WL[3415.59];B[do]BL[3503.57];W[co]WL[3411.91];B[dp]BL[3486.13];W[cp]WL[3408.95] ;B[eq]BL[3485.05];W[cn]WL[3407.39];B[dr]BL[3481.77];W[cq]WL[3405.29];B[kq]BL[3480.32] ;W[qj]WL[3401.03];B[qh]BL[3371.33];W[qm]WL[3397.59];B[pn]BL[3369.7];W[ro]WL[3389.93] ;B[rn]BL[3359.36];W[qn]WL[3387.5];B[qo]BL[3357.86];W[rm]WL[3360.31];B[rp]BL[3352.2] ;W[sn]WL[3357.65];B[mp]BL[3347.84];W[fq]WL[3350.79];B[fr]BL[3205.72];W[ep]WL[3234.03] ;B[er]BL[3166.72];W[fp]WL[3159.74];B[gq]BL[3122.89];W[nc]WL[3152.88];B[ld]BL[3108.75] ;W[ne]WL[3138.1];B[pf]BL[3105.52];W[pb]WL[3135.68];B[qc]BL[3103.71];W[lb]WL[3134.43] ;B[cf]BL[3077.15];W[ce]WL[3051.98];B[df]BL[3030.75];W[fd]WL[3049.06];B[cj]BL[3028.93] ;W[oo]WL[3031.43];B[op]BL[2896.37];W[bf]WL[2959.94];B[bg]BL[2852.04];W[be]WL[2954.65] ;B[en]BL[2843.52];W[gp]WL[2943.32];B[hq]BL[2839.09];W[fn]WL[2939.05];B[em]BL[2833.73] ;W[hp]WL[2928.14];B[ip]BL[2792.16];W[io]WL[2925.79];B[cr]BL[2743.46];W[cl]WL[2872.92] ;B[ek]BL[2708.32];W[br]WL[2860.26];B[jp]BL[2664.58];W[bh]WL[2766.44];B[hn]BL[2630.5] ;W[ho]WL[2714.37];B[gn]BL[2608.34];W[in]WL[2701.19];B[fm]BL[2529.98];W[il]WL[2634.17] ;B[ch]BL[2492.59];W[ag]WL[2629.88];B[cg]BL[2490.26];W[id]WL[2575.09];B[jm]BL[2466.66] ;W[im]WL[2566.02]C[jiapc [3d\]\: zan hongyuan, nake run again patchwerk [2d?\]\: hongyuan is crazy solid space hunter. ] ;B[jk]BL[2328.95]C[jiapc [3d\]\: but very hard to catch him patchwerk [2d?\]\: 不过白棋实地好像不领先啊,fool ] ;W[jl]WL[2504.1]C[niuer [5d?\]\: i dislike k7 move jiapc [3d\]\: that's why hongyuan nake run ah ] ;B[kk]BL[2284.54]C[jiapc [3d\]\: J16 aims at nake run ];W[kl]WL[2476.22];B[ll] BL[2277.02];W[lm]WL[2472.81]C[jiapc [3d\]\: niuer, you joined TOM/MKL? niuer [5d?\]\: y, mkl team ] ;B[ml]BL[2234.12];W[hj]WL[2454.23]C[jiapc [3d\]\: u... MKL team? jiapc [3d\]\: u r a TOM player! niuer [5d?\]\: feel such kind of attack too direct niuer [5d?\]\: maybe, only for fun jiapc [3d\]\: hongyuan is not afraid of this attack jiapc [3d\]\: hongyuan is a MKL master ] ;B[bm]BL[2160.95]C[niuer [5d?\]\: k7 kind of helping w jiapc [3d\]\: I have no idea how to handle this jiapc [3d\]\: you see W nake run ] ;W[bl]WL[2407.35]C[jiapc [3d\]\: but don't know how to handle niuer [5d?\]\: b a bit too anxious patchwerk [2d?\]\: is J9 valid? jiapc [3d\]\: seems B wu suan? niuer [5d?\]\: i am sure b did not calculate here jiapc [3d\]\: what did B get after W's J16? jiapc [3d\]\: hongyuan scored here! niuer [5d?\]\: a lot ] ;B[me]BL[1835.11]C[jiapc [3d\]\: hongyuan is MKL master, this score will help him win this game le ] ;W[lj]WL[2348.77]C[jiapc [3d\]\: B has no dirrection to continue now ];B[ki]BL[1820.29] C[jiapc [3d\]\: if it becomes a yose game. I vote for W ];W[lk]WL[2312.79]C[jiapc [3d\]\: hongyuan's yose is lihai jiapc [3d\]\: B has to N7 ba? jiapc [3d\]\: can't let qi jin be eaten ah ] ;B[mc]BL[1738.71];W[mb]WL[2266.87]C[niuer [5d?\]\: k7 k9 without " cheng suan" jiapc [3d\]\: hmm jiapc [3d\]\: qiang fa you dian luan jiapc [3d\]\: but N7 is ok ba? niuer [5d?\]\: n7 feel " man le ban pai" patchwerk [2d?\]\: n15 is perfect before K7, i feel. jiapc [3d\]\: once W's center an ding jiapc [3d\]\: B has several weak groups jiapc [3d\]\: hard le ] ;B[nd]BL[1372.38];W[od]WL[2245.45];B[oc]BL[1365.11];W[md]WL[2225.9];B[ee]BL[1351.46] C[juappo [3k\]\: zhe shi shenme yuyan? chinglish? \:) patchwerk [2d?\]\: 这里白棋可以拔了吧,影响超大啊,中间黑棋孤棋怎么办呢? skeptical [2d\]\: engliese skeptical [2d\]\: ba! HikaruShin [6k\]\: K 11 is big HikaruShin [6k\]\: for black ] ;W[lc]WL[1885.89];B[ed]BL[1314.15];W[ec]WL[1879.09];B[fc]BL[1308.74];W[dc]WL[1863.81] ;B[gd]BL[1307.1]C[jiapc [3d\]\: how is it now? niuer? niuer [5d?\]\: w lead jiapc [3d\]\: i c jiapc [3d\]\: i'm leaving jiapc [3d\]\: guess hongyuan will win then niuer [5d?\]\: almost niuer [5d?\]\: u come tonight? jiapc [3d\]\: maybe not jiapc [3d\]\: will have a party tonight niuer [5d?\]\: have good time ] ;W[ii]WL[1704.8]C[jiapc [3d\]\: thx sasker [5d?\]\: fool nx ];B[fe]BL[1267.61]C[skeptical [2d\]\: 还是得拔 jiapc [3d\]\: hongyuan too lihai le ] ;W[kj]WL[1654.63]C[sasker [5d?\]\: 对我来说还是太复杂了. ];B[oe]BL[1224.42] C[south [3d\]\: is it a 3-fold or one game ? niuer [5d?\]\: seems so niuer [5d?\]\: as long as they agree patchwerk [2d?\]\: 3-fold ] ;W[nd]WL[1611.12]C[skeptical [2d\]\: 十番棋吧 jiapc [3d\]\: B starts yose now patchwerk [2d?\]\: 不过中间白棋零零散散要吃出来不少目数吧 niuer [5d?\]\: w thick patchwerk [2d?\]\: 而且说得不好听点,左边这串黑棋还没活呢 niuer [5d?\]\: hard game for b niuer [5d?\]\: b is thinking p18 or o14 ] ;B[ob]BL[1030.15];W[of]WL[1606.79];B[pe]BL[1028.15]C[sasker [5d?\]\: 来来来,分析一下什么地方黑下坏了 ] ;W[og]WL[1604.28]C[niuer [5d?\]\: a lot place niuer [5d?\]\: but most obvious is k7 k9 sasker [5d?\]\: 我觉得开始是在G6 ] ;B[if]BL[978.953]C[sasker [5d?\]\: 好象H7好些 sasker [5d?\]\: H7,逼迫白 nake run south [3d\]\: e6 niuer [5d?\]\: hmm jiapc [3d\]\: it's a yose game in favor of W ] ;W[hf]WL[1499.54]C[sasker [5d?\]\: J6 拐了后已经不好攻击了. sasker [5d?\]\: 既然E6拉出就应该狠些 niuer [5d?\]\: agree ] ;B[ie]BL[928.357];W[he]WL[1490.48]C[niuer [5d?\]\: if b follow ur advice, it would be b's favorate game south [3d\]\: tonight hokieman-skeptical south [3d\]\: the other game will be classa- someone from mao men ] ;B[hd]BL[851.116]C[south [3d\]\: since i will not be here then, other leaders please find an opponent for classa south [3d\]\: fool, will you be heew? jiapc [3d\]\: won't jiapc [3d\]\: tonight we'll have a party south [3d\]\: oh ] ;W[hg]WL[1415.16];B[jd]BL[842.956];W[ic]WL[1398.35]C[niuer [5d?\]\: b score here south [3d\]\: k15 MKL ? ] ;B[jc]BL[829.634]C[south [3d\]\: k16 i mean patchwerk [2d?\]\: KO? south [3d\]\: billch belongs to MKL or TOM? niuer [5d?\]\: when lead tom, behind mk jiapc [3d\]\: suppose to be TOM but more like a MKL sasker [5d?\]\: TOM inside, MKL this game south [3d\]\: hehe niuer [5d?\]\: b gain a lot here patchwerk [2d?\]\: ??? patchwerk [2d?\]\: W H18? niuer [5d?\]\: h18 no use patchwerk [2d?\]\: ? niuer [5d?\]\: j18 and k18 patchwerk [2d?\]\: b's move? jiapc [3d\]\: J18 ah jiapc [3d\]\: then K18 jiapc [3d\]\: W can't run fairmount [5d?\]\: j18 k19? patchwerk [2d?\]\: yes jiapc [3d\]\: hi fair fairmount [5d?\]\: hi mulan jiapc [3d\]\: win the game vs wolf! south [3d\]\: hi, fairmount, thkx for joining MKL patchwerk [2d?\]\: thought B will H17,ok, J18,K19same fairmount [5d?\]\: hoho south [3d\]\: mulan? fairmount [5d?\]\: hard to fight with wolf jiapc [3d\]\: i'm not mulan! jiapc [3d\]\: u can fairmount [5d?\]\: ah? jiapc [3d\]\: u win hongyuan easily fairmount [5d?\]\: who is who now? fairmount [5d?\]\: no really fairmount [5d?\]\: i was lucky niuer [5d?\]\: fair strong, that maybe work fairmount [5d?\]\: is this south huang lao da? sasker [5d?\]\: mulan = jiapc fairmount [5d?\]\: too many m+ ] ;W[ib]WL[1004.83];B[jb]BL[826.462]C[niuer [5d?\]\: b had j13 sente niuer [5d?\]\: so w cant cut at k15 ] ;W[ja]WL[948.924];B[ka]BL[822.552];W[ia]WL[942.877];B[kb]BL[805.093]C[niuer [5d?\]\: b need j13 now ] ;W[je]WL[938.811];B[jf]BL[801.991]C[south [3d\]\: so p13 was not so good? ];W[ke] WL[936.649];B[hc]BL[793.589];W[kf]WL[923.081];B[hb]BL[789.107];W[jg]WL[892.449] ;B[ha]BL[786.012]C[niuer [5d?\]\: w's j11 and L10 maybe too" bao shou" ];W[rh]WL[877.259] C[niuer [5d?\]\: at that time, if w play a bit strong, game already over niuer [5d?\]\: now is a yose game ] ;B[qg]BL[686.218]C[niuer [5d?\]\: image how much lead w had before sasker [5d?\]\: 刚刚在 pront 的网站注册. 谁来 approve ? ] ;W[nb]WL[851.483]C[jiapc [3d\]\: i'll jiapc [3d\]\: oh, no jiapc [3d\]\: i'm at home cthulhu\: what means bao shou? jiapc [3d\]\: forget my password le patchwerk [2d?\]\: r11不好么? patchwerk [2d?\]\: o18有必要么? niuer [5d?\]\: too conservative ] ;B[oa]BL[636.828];W[rg]WL[843.32]C[cthulhu\: thx ];B[rf]BL[631.153]C[patchwerk [2d?\]\: p19?我想脱先。。。 ] ;W[qi]WL[840.386];B[kd]BL[617.28];W[le]WL[822.048]C[patchwerk [2d?\]\: m15? south [3d\]\: let me do it ] ;B[mm]BL[557.558]C[jiapc [3d\]\: time to N7 niuer [5d?\]\: n7 huge jiapc [3d\]\: ha jiapc [3d\]\: my guess matches with high hand south [3d\]\: sasker? jiapc [3d\]\: W kui le bu shao niuer [5d?\]\: close game niuer [5d?\]\: b slighty lead ] ;W[bi]WL[650.062];B[bj]BL[462.76]C[sasker [5d?\]\: 嗯,加入MKL了 south [3d\]\: fool? niuer [5d?\]\: b10, i may try c7 ] ;W[mo]WL[576.275]C[south [3d\]\: saker, welcome to MKL niuer [5d?\]\: now time for w to do some MK sasker [5d?\]\: n5 good jiapc [3d\]\: hi jiapc [3d\]\: just M5? south [3d\]\: fool, a question for u jiapc [3d\]\: say jiapc [3d\]\: i'll leave whenever LD says so south [3d\]\: since when you kne who is billch? jiapc [3d\]\: I don't know jiapc [3d\]\: it's only jadefish's imagination niuer [5d?\]\: 69 still interest in this topic? south [3d\]\: i c jiapc [3d\]\: why I feel M5 is fine? ] ;B[lo]BL[193.364]C[niuer [5d?\]\: coz u r strong niuer [5d?\]\: m5 the only way, no matter wor or not\:-) jiapc [3d\]\: if M5 works, then N5 kui ah jiapc [3d\]\: not so easy niuer [5d?\]\: n other way niuer [5d?\]\: w must try jiapc [3d\]\: W will try O4 jiapc [3d\]\: hard to handle ah niuer [5d?\]\: haha ] ;W[np]WL[456.003]C[south [3d\]\: ft south [3d\]\: fool so strong sasker [5d?\]\: fool very nx patchwerk [2d?\]\: 如果强杀呢 niuer [5d?\]\: only mve to disturb water jiapc [3d\]\: time to test calculation jiapc [3d\]\: I can't do this ] ;B[mn]BL[89.725]C[niuer [5d?\]\: if this happened in byomi, more fun\:-) jiapc [3d\]\: it's all about calculation here jiapc [3d\]\: it'll decide the game gogogoo [6k\]\: o1 is white according to se niuer [5d?\]\: hard for w patchwerk [2d?\]\: q5是绝先的话,好像黑棋不好弄? ] ;W[pp]WL[183.645]C[jiapc [3d\]\: Q5 no juexian patchwerk [2d?\]\: q5粘的话,可以P6一口气打出去 jiapc [3d\]\: eat at O5 patchwerk [2d?\]\: o5?那个子不要了啊 jiapc [3d\]\: B'll be fine with that jiapc [3d\]\: so u Q5, B just Q4 Haddock [5d\]\: 最后一个茅坑,看能不能掏出什么, 呵呵 ] ;OB[5]B[oq]BL[60]C[jiapc [3d\]\: now W Q5, B Q3 jiapc [3d\]\: leaving ];W[pq]WL[164.321] C[jiapc [3d\]\: bye guys jiapc [3d\]\: B Q5 now jiapc [3d\]\: who fears who? ] ;OB[5]B[po]BL[60]C[jiapc [3d\]\: go le niuer [5d?\]\: bye billch [8d?\]\: \:) it sure is very dangerous ] ;W[or]WL[137.987];OB[5]B[nq]BL[60];W[mq]WL[130.649];OB[5]B[no]BL[60];W[nr]WL[128.091] ;OB[5]B[on]BL[60]C[south [3d\]\: billch smiling niuer [5d?\]\: hy " yi 2 nian4 zhi1 ren2" niuer [5d?\]\: lucky bill ] ;OW[5]W[qq]WL[60];OB[5]B[rq]BL[60]C[niuer [5d?\]\: b let w living? south [3d\]\: r2 will ? ] ;OW[4]W[qr]WL[60]C[niuer [5d?\]\: see sasker [5d?\]\: haha south [3d\]\: weak ah patchwerk [2d?\]\: 晕了 niuer [5d?\]\: when lead, don't even wanna take any risk for ko patchwerk [2d?\]\: 缓气劫吧,白棋没戏 ] ;OB[4]B[rr]BL[60];OW[4]W[ps]WL[60];OB[4]B[mr]BL[60];OW[4]W[ns]WL[60];OB[4]B[nj] BL[60];OW[4]W[mh]WL[60];OB[4]B[mi]BL[60];OW[4]W[li]WL[60];OB[4]B[nh]BL[60]C[south [3d\]\: w winning le bah? ] ;OW[4]W[mg]WL[60];OB[4]B[kg]BL[60];OW[4]W[mf]WL[60];OB[4]B[ig]BL[60];OW[4]W[jh] WL[60];OB[4]B[gh]BL[60]C[takemeba [7d\]\: b+ 15 ];OW[4]W[ih]WL[60];OB[4]B[id]BL[60] ;OW[4]W[hh]WL[60]C[south [3d\]\: no kidding ];OB[4]B[ah]BL[60];OW[4]W[af]WL[60] ;OB[4]B[gi]BL[60];OW[4]W[lr]WL[60];OB[4]B[lq]BL[60];OW[4]W[ls]WL[60];OB[4]B[kr] BL[60];OW[4]W[ks]WL[60]C[Atlet [3k?\]\: s1 takemeba [7d\]\: d 19 ];OB[4]B[js]BL[60] ;OW[4]W[ms]WL[60];OB[4]B[jr]BL[60]C[south [3d\]\: didin't expect that that b got so many cMu at E11 area ] ;OW[4]W[gk]WL[60]C[takemeba [7d\]\: f 18. takemeba [7d\]\: anyway.. w no chance now ] ;OB[4]B[fk]BL[60]C[tut [2d\]\: O9先手? ];OW[4]W[gj]WL[60];OB[4]B[bs]BL[60]C[takemeba [7d\]\: b aiming for a 8 maybe.. ] ;OW[4]W[fj]WL[60]C[littlebro [3d\]\: can b c18? ];OB[4]B[bq]BL[60]C[south [3d\]\: tut, east zone or west zone? if need u to play, est itme Sunday morning would be ok? ] ;OW[4]W[bp]WL[60]C[tut [2d\]\: tomorrow not work for me tut [2d\]\: i m in east zone south [3d\]\: c ] ;OB[3]B[ar]BL[60];OW[4]W[dn]WL[60];OB[3]B[eo]BL[60];OW[4]W[ej]WL[60]C[tut [2d\]\: only b6 now takemeba [7d\]\: ... ] ;OB[3]B[dk]BL[60];OW[4]W[bn]WL[60];OB[3]B[ci]BL[60]C[south [3d\]\: f13? tut [2d\]\: b too safe patchwerk [2d?\]\: a8... skeptical [2d\]\: 黑棋又赚了一笔 ] ;OW[4]W[dj]WL[60];OB[3]B[gl]BL[60];OW[4]W[fo]WL[60];OB[3]B[ck]BL[60]C[niuer [5d?\]\: don't know why b keep s1 ] ;OW[4]W[fg]WL[60];OB[3]B[aj]BL[60];OW[4]W[al]WL[60];OB[3]B[eh]BL[60];OW[4]W[fh] WL[60];OB[3]B[eb]BL[60];OW[4]W[db]WL[60]C[patchwerk [2d?\]\: p11,p9,p8这里能多出2,3目不? ] ;OB[3]B[fa]BL[60]C[tut [2d\]\: O9 now littlebro [3d\]\: what a waste ];OW[4]W[oi] WL[60];OB[3]B[da]BL[60]C[tut [2d\]\: play the ko pls patchwerk [2d?\]\: 没劫材啊 tut [2d\]\: upper right corner takemeba [7d\]\: e12 可 f12.. takemeba [7d\]\: 要嘛就f12 要嘛不下 patchwerk [2d?\]\: agree ] ;OW[3]W[cb]WL[60]C[tut [2d\]\: b18 ];OB[3]B[ni]BL[60];OW[3]W[ok]WL[60]C[skeptical [2d\]\: 我好像是买了三张彩票,不过记不得买谁了 ] ;OB[3]B[nk]BL[60];OW[3]W[ol]WL[60];OB[3]B[sg]BL[60];OW[3]W[ri]WL[60];OB[3]B[eg] BL[60];OW[3]W[ff]WL[60];OB[3]B[ca]BL[60];OW[3]W[ba]WL[60];OB[3]B[ea]BL[60];OW[3] W[bb]WL[60];OB[3]B[ei]BL[60];OW[3]W[fi]WL[60];OB[3]B[oj]BL[60]C[tut [2d\]\: 黑小胜吧? ] ;OW[3]W[pj]WL[60];OB[3]B[pm]BL[60];OW[3]W[pl]WL[60];OB[3]B[rs]BL[60];OW[3]W[qs] WL[60];OB[3]B[oh]BL[60];OW[3]W[kn]WL[60]C[south [3d\]\: close game ];OB[3]B[ln] BL[60];OW[3]W[km]WL[60];OB[3]B[ng]BL[60];OW[3]W[nf]WL[60];OB[3]B[pi]BL[60];OW[3] W[pg]WL[60];OB[3]B[ph]BL[60];OW[3]W[di]WL[60];OB[3]B[dh]BL[60]C[patchwerk [2d?\]\: t12? patchwerk [2d?\]\: then H8? skeptical [2d\]\: b by 3.5 ] ;OW[3]W[na]WL[60];OB[3]B[pc]BL[60];OW[3]W[sh]WL[60];OB[3]B[sf]BL[60];OW[3]W[dl] WL[60];OB[3]B[dm]BL[60];OW[3]W[cm]WL[60]C[south [3d\]\: y, about 3.5 ];OB[3]B[hl] BL[60];OW[3]W[hm]WL[60]C[tut [2d\]\: 白后边亏了 ];OB[3]B[gm]BL[60];OW[3]W[el] WL[60];OB[3]B[fl]BL[60]C[tut [2d\]\: 本来要好一点的我感觉 patchwerk [2d?\]\: 便宜了1目 tut [2d\]\: t4 ] ;OW[3]W[ko]WL[60];OB[3]B[jo]BL[60];OW[3]W[jn]WL[60];OB[3]B[hk]BL[60];OW[3]W[ik] WL[60];OB[3]B[ge]BL[60]C[patchwerk [2d?\]\: t4? ];OW[3]W[gf]WL[60];OB[3]B[sp]BL[60] ;OW[3]W[so]WL[60];OB[3]B[ap]BL[60];OW[3]W[ao]WL[60];OB[3]B[aq]BL[60];OW[3]W[kp] WL[60];OB[3]B[lp]BL[60];OW[3]W[nm]WL[60];OB[3]B[la]BL[60];OW[3]W[mq]WL[60]C[patchwerk [2d?\]\: 应该走m19,劫材不一样 ] ;OB[3]B[nl]BL[60];OW[3]W[om]WL[60];OB[3]B[mr]BL[60];OW[3]W[iq]WL[60];OB[3]B[jq] BL[60];OW[3]W[mq]WL[60];OB[3]B[sl]BL[60]C[skeptical [2d\]\: ? ];OW[3]W[rl]WL[60] ;OB[3]B[mr]BL[60]C[niuer [5d?\]\: seems 0.5? ];OW[3]W[gr]WL[60]C[skeptical [2d\]\: or 1.5 south [3d\]\: 1.5? ] ;OB[3]B[hr]BL[60];OW[3]W[mq]WL[60]C[niuer [5d?\]\: b lose this ko, 0.5 ];OB[3]B[lf] BL[60];OW[3]W[lg]WL[60];OB[3]B[mr]BL[60]C[patchwerk [2d?\]\: 黑劫材多吧 littlebro [3d\]\: b won the ko 4 sure niuer [5d?\]\: otherwise 1.5 ] ;OW[3]W[ir]WL[60];OB[3]B[is]BL[60];OW[3]W[mq]WL[60]C[patchwerk [2d?\]\: 白棋只剩2个了吧 takemeba [7d\]\: 3 patchwerk [2d?\]\: 3个 skeptical [2d\]\: 3 ] ;OB[3]B[]BL[60];OW[3]W[mr]WL[60]C[patchwerk [2d?\]\: 黑退让?? ];OB[3]B[] BL[60]C[littlebro [3d\]\: 数清了 Haddock [5d\]\: 中国规则? billch [8d?\]\: japanese? billch [8d?\]\: I think I lead 8 pts on board patchwerk [2d?\]\: 你们设置的是chinese billch [8d?\]\: what's your counting result? patchwerk [2d?\]\: option_>rules Haddock [5d\]\: suan le ] ;OW[2]W[]WL[60]TB[ra][sa][fb][gb][ib][pb][qb][sb][rb][gc][ic][rc][sc][fd][qd][rd] [sd][qe][re][se][qf][dg][bh][ai][bi][oi][mo][oo][np][iq][sq][br][ir][ia][sr][as] [cs][ds][es][fs][gs][hs][ss][ga][gr][ja][pa][qa]TW[aa][ab][ac][bc][cc][mc][ad][bd] [ae][me][lf][gg][kg][gh][kh][lh][gi][hi][ji][ki][si][ij][jj][rj][sj][jk][kk][pk] [qk][rk][sk][ql][am][bm][jm][sm][an][rn][bo][pr][os][sl][cd]C[niuer [5d?\]\: 8 pts is right, but chinese rule indeed patchwerk [2d?\]\: b7 south [3d\]\: 阿ah? billch [8d?\]\: ? takemeba [7d\]\: hehehehe patchwerk [2d?\]\: 你们设的chinese啊,7.5目,如果日本6.5就是反过来 south [3d\]\: rule matters billch [8d?\]\: no Haddock [5d\]\: 这可如何是好? billch [8d?\]\: this is 7.5 komi billch [8d?\]\: I think black lead 8pts billch [8d?\]\: but patchwerk [2d?\]\: 这个劫不能退让 billch [8d?\]\: maybe I was wrong billch [8d?\]\: black can south [3d\]\: what if all dan guan done? littlebro [3d\]\: i thot b could win the ko billch [8d?\]\: correct billch [8d?\]\: black can win the ko littlebro [3d\]\: why gave up then Haddock [5d\]\: 双方各自三个劫材 billch [8d?\]\: I need to go out south [3d\]\: i mean if finsh all moves will result change? billch [8d?\]\: it's alright tut [2d\]\: 得了,并列第三吧? skeptical [2d\]\: 收单官应该是黑胜吧? billch [8d?\]\: it's alright, but I think black leads 8pts at the end billch [8d?\]\: I counted many times littlebro [3d\]\: can b b17 or a18? billch [8d?\]\: but this rule makes me confused littlebro [3d\]\: that may a a threat billch [8d?\]\: did anyone count the points? Haddock [5d\]\: 我们看看收完是怎样 billch [8d?\]\: using japanese way? ])
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