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(;CA[gb2312]FF[4]ST[2]RU[Chinese]OT[5x60 byo-yomi]C[andyusa [4d\]\: hi andyusa [4d\]\: have a nice game ] AP[CGoban:3]SZ[19]GM[1]DT[2007-03-17]PC[The KGS Go Server at http\://www.gokgs.com/] PB[andyusa]BR[4d]PW[Haddock]WR[4d]KM[7.5]TM[3600]RE[W+10.50]MULTIGOGM[1] ;B[pd]BL[3584.59]C[Haddock [4d\]\: sorry let u get up so early. andyusa [4d\]\: no problem ] ;W[dd]WL[3582.75];B[pq]BL[3567.49];W[dq]WL[3576.97]C[south [3d\]\: is august bluestorm? wenda [4d\]\: 彩票怎么买不了了? ] ;B[cn]BL[3383.85]C[icefire [2d\]\: game started this early? wqedge [2k\]\: 开盘就封了 JumboEgg [3d\]\: 太狠了吧 ] ;W[cp]WL[3534.65];B[dj]BL[3380.7]C[JumboEgg [3d\]\: 至少也得48手再封嘛 ];W[ch]WL[3529.71] ;B[en]BL[3378.03]C[wqedge [2k\]\: 严打投机,嘿嘿 JumboEgg [3d\]\: 那20手封行不? wqedge [2k\]\: 早都疯了 ] ;W[dm]WL[3485.38]C[JumboEgg [3d\]\: 不能再开了? icefire [2d\]\: is south the same as tuzi? ] ;B[dn]BL[3364.8];W[gp]WL[3482.72]C[JumboEgg [3d\]\: tasi真是手黑呀 wqedge [2k\]\: south is xyh icefire [2d\]\: ??? ] ;B[cf]BL[3180.58]C[icefire [2d\]\: really? wqedge [2k\]\: 100% icefire [2d\]\: thanks qwertyu\: tuzi seldom plays Go now icefire [2d\]\: others steal xyh's m+ icefire [2d\]\: and xyh steals others' m+ icefire [2d\]\: lol ] ;W[df]WL[3372.26];B[de]BL[3176.22];W[ee]WL[3355.68];B[ce]BL[3173.26];W[dg]WL[3353.99] ;B[cd]BL[3170.15];W[cc]WL[3344.08];B[dc]BL[3164.64];W[ed]WL[3342.16];B[cb]BL[3159.75] ;W[bc]WL[3339.39];B[bb]BL[3158.64];W[ec]WL[3337.1];B[db]BL[3157.4];W[nc]WL[3330.03] C[JumboEgg [3d\]\: 左上的定式,是双方都满意的类型 qwertyu\: C12maybe should go for C13 ] ;B[qf]BL[3085.73];W[qo]WL[3192.24]C[south [3d\]\: 也是双方都不满意的 wqedge [2k\]\: R5? chenhm\: Q8? coolbabe [5d\]\: r5 bad coolbabe [5d\]\: sld l16 wenda [4d\]\: 白左上选择好吗? wenda [4d\]\: 不如跳出来作战呢 wqedge [2k\]\: 我不太喜欢,不过一下也想不出好棋 coolbabe [5d\]\: should bet on lover wqedge [2k\]\: 跳的话黑棋直接点角了 wenda [4d\]\: 那没关系啊 coolbabe [5d\]\: lu zhan lu bai wenda [4d\]\: 现在这样厚势也不厚啊 wqedge [2k\]\: 挡哪边都难受啊 beginner91\: i dont know why but i think he should resign =P beginner91\: juz kidding ok ] ;B[pl]BL[2803.81]C[chenhm\: yes! q8 coolbabe [5d\]\: i will bet 200 on lover south [3d\]\: you no chance le ] ;W[lq]WL[3111.14]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: tnnd chenhm\: q5 or r4? ];B[po]BL[2770.52]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: r4 mei you chenhm\: why? coolbabe [5d\]\: because m3 already there chenhm\: thx ] ;W[pp]WL[3040.9];B[op]BL[2764.79];W[qp]WL[3037.87];B[qq]BL[2759.84]C[chenhm\: i thought r4 q5 p4 coolbabe [5d\]\: qi xing shi q7 coolbabe [5d\]\: but coolbabe [5d\]\: w qi tai jin ] ;W[pm]WL[2935.02]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: zuo tian shu de tai wo nang chenhm\: r7 work? coolbabe [5d\]\: jian zhi bu hui xia coolbabe [5d\]\: no r7 coolbabe [5d\]\: maybe there is coolbabe [5d\]\: lover mei jian guo q7 coolbabe [5d\]\: hehe ] ;B[oo]BL[2590.74];W[qm]WL[2843.51]C[qwertyu\: S3 then r7 coolbabe [5d\]\: no coolbabe [5d\]\: r7 only qwertyu\: I don't agree chenhm\: b wants p7? coolbabe [5d\]\: w has o3 coolbabe [5d\]\: o2 coolbabe [5d\]\: b can not s4 ] ;B[nq]BL[2483.14]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: bad coolbabe [5d\]\: he must r8 coolbabe [5d\]\: 2 damn big ] ;W[pb]WL[2823.04]C[chenhm\: w better now coolbabe [5d\]\: q18 ji ma? coolbabe [5d\]\: r8 kan zhe bu shu fu ] ;B[ql]BL[2365.02];W[ol]WL[2760.4]C[qwertyu\: p8 is too much chenhm\: cut? coolbabe [5d\]\: zhe ge must cut coolbabe [5d\]\: tei qi fu ren le qwertyu\: agree wenda [4d\]\: 嗯,死也要断啊 qwertyu\: but black looks timid coolbabe [5d\]\: qi feng duan chu sheng qwertyu\: babe why did you lose to wolf coolbabe [5d\]\: i was weaker coolbabe [5d\]\: wolf did good coolbabe [5d\]\: i was soft everywhere coolbabe [5d\]\: only had a good open ] ;B[om]BL[2217.56]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: since 60 mobes also it was wolf's dance qwertyu\: actually here, I think white should not Q18 ] ;W[rl]WL[2741.99];B[rk]BL[2213.16];W[rm]WL[2740.36]C[qwertyu\: I think w should simply S9 ] ;B[qj]BL[2208.18]C[qwertyu\: now black is better coolbabe [5d\]\: s9 r8 all ok coolbabe [5d\]\: r10 yi zi liang yong chenhm\: w needs s3 to live? coolbabe [5d\]\: after b o3 coolbabe [5d\]\: w must s9 or r8 coolbabe [5d\]\: not sure if he also need q6 wenda [4d\]\: BABE,你昨天的右下角,我感觉下的很不好啊 missbear [4d\]\: hi all JumboEgg [3d\]\: 这个字母马甲棋力不弱阿 coolbabe [5d\]\: with b p7 ] ;W[ok]WL[2586.23]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: b has j4 JumboEgg [3d\]\: 熊宝玉哥哥你又来晚乐 qwertyu\: babe I watched your game qwertyu\: you played very timid qwertyu\: not like MKL coolbabe [5d\]\: not really qwertyu\: MKL should be full of courage coolbabe [5d\]\: i thought i lead after lower right ] ;B[pj]BL[2158.18]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: then blow it away right there coolbabe [5d\]\: aginst w's stone missbear [4d\]\: i think lover used too much time now coolbabe [5d\]\: 2 soft qwertyu\: but I feel you are worrying about something coolbabe [5d\]\: nono coolbabe [5d\]\: ust not in a good shape qwertyu\: front afraid of wolf, rear afraid of tiger coolbabe [5d\]\: hehe south [3d\]\: never saw babe in good shape coolbabe [5d\]\: tnnd coolbabe [5d\]\: ni bai shang liang ge ] ;W[on]WL[2489.24];B[nm]BL[2155.06];W[nn]WL[2487.08];B[mm]BL[2153.55];W[pn]WL[2480.56] C[wenda [4d\]\: 靠出作战? coolbabe [5d\]\: n4 hai shi o4? ];B[lp]BL[2085.18]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: n4 bu hao feel ] ;W[kp]WL[2444.79]C[wenda [4d\]\: 白棋应先压出来把? ];B[lo]BL[2055.91]C[chenhm\: w not good ] ;W[rq]WL[2387.46];B[rr]BL[2052.81];W[sp]WL[2377.18]C[south [3d\]\: w indeed not good south [3d\]\: my money money hoon ] ;B[kq]BL[1987.52];W[jq]WL[2371.36];B[kr]BL[1984.68];W[jp]WL[2369.48];B[lr]BL[1979.25] ;W[oj]WL[2363.05]C[south [3d\]\: L3 small missbear [4d\]\: aglee, l3 small wenda [4d\]\: 直接打入都行 coolbabe [5d\]\: l3 huge coolbabe [5d\]\: helps middle guys coolbabe [5d\]\: and snap in csh ] ;B[oi]BL[1897.99]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: and have h3 hou xu coolbabe [5d\]\: later b get m17 coolbabe [5d\]\: w q18 yi zhao jiu mai le ] ;W[ni]WL[2254.17]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: zhe 3 ge pao de you dian ji ];B[oh]BL[1894.56] ;W[mj]WL[2234.28]C[chenhm\: can b o12? coolbabe [5d\]\: n13 coolbabe [5d\]\: man man lai coolbabe [5d\]\: d7 za dong? ] ;B[mg]BL[1697.66]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: gan bu gan m16? ];W[cj]WL[2206.89]C[missbear [4d\]\: i predict, lover will throw some spoons in yose coolbabe [5d\]\: hy xia de bu cuo ] ;B[ck]BL[1574.84];W[dk]WL[2196.53]C[chenhm\: fight coolbabe [5d\]\: zhe ge c9 coolbabe [5d\]\: qian kao lu ] ;B[dl]BL[1455.82];W[ek]WL[2187.91];B[el]BL[1447.09]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: f9 happy ya south [3d\]\: what's kao lu? south [3d\]\: kao lv coolbabe [5d\]\: lv coolbabe [5d\]\: zhe neng bu chang ma coolbabe [5d\]\: xiang sha chenhm\: thinking c8? coolbabe [5d\]\: xiang pai ] ;W[fk]WL[2010.9];B[fl]BL[1426.09]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: jiu chang coolbabe [5d\]\: there is b10 coolbabe [5d\]\: but ] ;W[bk]WL[1966.38];B[cl]BL[1422.62];W[gk]WL[1963.84];B[bj]BL[1419.42];W[ci]WL[1960.74] C[missbear [4d\]\: black is leading, but long way to go chenhm\: l10 directly? south [3d\]\: how much lead? qwertyu\: not much qwertyu\: the reason black is leading is because white played Q18 qwertyu\: and another mistake is that white should have done N6 M7 before S3 missbear [4d\]\: aglee, q18 not in major battle field qwertyu\: right now, there is no N6 any more ] ;B[kj]BL[1234.77]C[qwertyu\: if he has N6 earlier, then black has burden missbear [4d\]\: still long way to go, let missbear [4d\]\: let's say, for example, black leads by 10 mu, but white's time leads by 5 mu coolbabe [5d\]\: now see the power of l3? ] ;W[kd]WL[1877.19]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: faint south [3d\]\: L16 Tom ah chenhm\: l16 very calm coolbabe [5d\]\: l16 zao gao qwertyu\: L3 is big missbear [4d\]\: hongyuan disagree with the power of L3, hoho qwertyu\: but even though, still white should N6 first ] ;B[kh]BL[1146.1]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: white zao si coolbabe [5d\]\: j17 still there coolbabe [5d\]\: l16 get so little coolbabe [5d\]\: and middle potential all gone coolbabe [5d\]\: m12 zou ji ge ] ;W[ll]WL[1777.98];B[lm]BL[1138.46]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: he might have n6 coolbabe [5d\]\: now it is gone ] ;W[kk]WL[1740.08]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: huh? ];B[lj]BL[1078.34];W[lk]WL[1715.64]C[qwertyu\: hehe south [3d\]\: L16艺高胆大 qwertyu\: looks like escaped coolbabe [5d\]\: b happy 2 ] ;B[jj]BL[1002.98]C[south [3d\]\: 深合毛意 coolbabe [5d\]\: did not expect to kill qwertyu\: in this way qwertyu\: white is better ] ;W[jk]WL[1674.27]C[south [3d\]\: still like black ];B[ij]BL[958.208]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: j10 bu hao coolbabe [5d\]\: h9 better missbear [4d\]\: i don't see black gain anything from the attacking ] ;W[qc]WL[1652.52]C[south [3d\]\: 白又脱先 south [3d\]\: 情人怒从心头起 missbear [4d\]\: black played some dan guan in the middle, white got 2 big moves upside south [3d\]\: 情人好唐啊 coolbabe [5d\]\: j10 bu dong missbear [4d\]\: too tang le south [3d\]\: now i like w south [3d\]\: j10 slow ] ;B[ik]BL[851.592];W[km]WL[1643.59];B[kn]BL[844.895];W[jm]WL[1621.92]C[qwertyu\: south\: you change your affiliation so fast south [3d\]\: no ah, bcs black move j10 ] ;B[sr]BL[810.274]C[south [3d\]\: 低手都是墙头草 qwertyu\: even he didn't qwertyu\: still not good ] ;W[rn]WL[1601.28]C[south [3d\]\: that i am not sure coolbabe [5d\]\: j17 ba RunningFox [1d\]\: 高手都是墙头草 coolbabe [5d\]\: m10 coolbabe [5d\]\: be k9 much better coolbabe [5d\]\: lover just not good in those moves south [3d\]\: L10不攻 south [3d\]\: 先在N16一带压低 ] ;B[ic]BL[647.83]C[RunningFox [1d\]\: who is better now? any comments? south [3d\]\: maybe still b RunningFox [1d\]\: thx coolbabe [5d\]\: w better coolbabe [5d\]\: mu already ahead south [3d\]\: no bah south [3d\]\: b >40 south [3d\]\: w 25 coolbabe [5d\]\: w > 40 2 qwertyu\: south does not know how to count RunningFox [1d\]\: maybe a bit too early to ask this question\:) coolbabe [5d\]\: if b get h3 coolbabe [5d\]\: still agame ] ;W[id]WL[1400.2]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: but if w k2 coolbabe [5d\]\: then prety much over RunningFox [1d\]\: ic, thx ] ;B[jc]BL[567.397];W[kc]WL[1396.21];B[jd]BL[563.618]C[RunningFox [1d\]\: is J17 a have-to move? ] ;W[je]WL[1392.08]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: pretty much so south [3d\]\: indeed, MKL normally doesn't count south [3d\]\: babe, why did you join MKL? coolbabe [5d\]\: i did coolbabe [5d\]\: since i joined coolbabe [5d\]\: i lost all games coolbabe [5d\]\: hehe ] ;B[kb]BL[502.037];W[lb]WL[1385.66]C[RunningFox [1d\]\: wat is MKL? coolbabe [5d\]\: k18 wqedge [2k\]\: "make love style" go player,lol south [3d\]\: babe is typical TOM RunningFox [1d\]\: haha ] ;B[jb]BL[459.051]C[south [3d\]\: should stay with tom coolbabe [5d\]\: the power of j17 RunningFox [1d\]\: eh? coolbabe [5d\]\: j16 su south [3d\]\: J17 will get gote now RunningFox [1d\]\: i am curious of J17 ] ;W[mc]WL[1329.96];B[fb]BL[446.428];W[eb]WL[1324.57]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: be care fuul ] ;B[hb]BL[418.202]C[Rosina [2k\]\: W leading a lot ];W[re]WL[1198.24];B[qe]BL[402.77] ;W[rd]WL[1139.67];B[rf]BL[397.728]C[wqedge [2k\]\: b8? chenhm\: k2? RunningFox [1d\]\: is the players ok with the pre-comments? qwertyu\: they can't see it wqedge [2k\]\: they cannot read out comments wqedge [2k\]\: *our RunningFox [1d\]\: hehe, then H11? ] ;W[gc]WL[991.787]C[chenhm\: e19 suan le ];B[gb]BL[374.879]C[wqedge [2k\]\: G17有可能是后手吧,anyway, G8 应了 ] ;W[bo]WL[951.432]C[qwertyu\: now K2 qwertyu\: oh qwertyu\: he thinks this is bigger wqedge [2k\]\: b5和b8类似,不过我觉得b8更厚实 RunningFox [1d\]\: seems ] ;B[bl]BL[322.691];W[il]WL[924.976]C[wqedge [2k\]\: 被吃一子薄了,如果b8的话,H7还有半个先手的味道 RunningFox [1d\]\: well, w thinks he/she is leading ] ;B[gi]BL[278.691]C[RunningFox [1d\]\: move thick RunningFox [1d\]\: i still think H11 better ] ;W[fi]WL[886.051];B[gh]BL[186.281];W[mh]WL[851.317];B[lg]BL[135.985];W[ng]WL[840.477] C[wqedge [2k\]\: 难怪呢,果然憋着这手棋。 ];B[if]BL[29.343];W[ie]WL[819.053];OB[5] B[hf]BL[60]C[south [3d\]\: w K2 will win? qwertyu\: yes RunningFox [1d\]\: not now ] ;W[jr]WL[721.303];OB[5]B[ep]BL[60]C[JumboEgg [3d\]\: game over south [3d\]\: ft, hy heard ] ;W[eq]WL[710.228];OB[5]B[fh]BL[60]C[south [3d\]\: Egg, any weakness for w upper group? south [3d\]\: babe gone? ] ;W[eh]WL[646.207]C[JumboEgg [3d\]\: no danger, 69, no danger south [3d\]\: e19 sente? ] ;OB[5]B[fj]BL[60]C[JumboEgg [3d\]\: now yes ];W[ei]WL[634.901];OB[5]B[gj]BL[60] ;W[ej]WL[631.518]C[south [3d\]\: poor lover, was his good game ];OB[5]B[js]BL[60] C[south [3d\]\: still very close ma? ];W[is]WL[600.109];OB[5]B[ks]BL[60]C[JumboEgg [3d\]\: close, but enough for hy to win JumboEgg [3d\]\: unless he spoons\:) ] ;W[hr]WL[552.961];OB[5]B[fp]BL[60]C[south [3d\]\: hy 是人,不是神 ];W[fq]WL[539.3] C[JumboEgg [3d\]\: you don't trust hy well\:) ];OB[5]B[go]BL[60];W[ho]WL[535.527] ;OB[5]B[hp]BL[60];W[gq]WL[532.581]C[south [3d\]\: well he sppons when &69 and xuyanbing JumboEgg [3d\]\: during yose JumboEgg [3d\]\: ? south [3d\]\: &69, yes, yose JumboEgg [3d\]\: ok, I took my words back south [3d\]\: andy 读秒了 ] ;OB[4]B[ff]BL[60];W[ge]WL[501.588]C[RunningFox [1d\]\: o, my... ];OB[4]B[gn]BL[60] ;W[kf]WL[476.147];OB[4]B[jg]BL[60]C[south [3d\]\: l14 solid hand coolbabe [5d\]\: l14 hou zhong xian qwertyu\: white B11 B14 qwertyu\: big Rosina [2k\]\: E19 big ] ;W[ea]WL[415.94]C[south [3d\]\: niuer, white winning le bah? ];OB[4]B[ia]BL[60] C[qwertyu\: it is still hard to say coolbabe [5d\]\: j19 sun mu coolbabe [5d\]\: f19 better coolbabe [5d\]\: babe mimic 2 many of wu's games coolbabe [5d\]\: and di not know how to play le south [3d\]\: lover >50 le? wqedge [2k\]\: T14现在先手了吧? south [3d\]\: very lcose, yose game, am I right? south [3d\]\: T14 不急吧 ] ;W[no]WL[281.514]C[south [3d\]\: 总是百的 coolbabe [5d\]\: small wqedge [2k\]\: 不一定 ] ;OB[4]B[np]BL[60]C[south [3d\]\: o5 先手 south [3d\]\: n5 still ];W[mo]WL[224.304] ;OB[4]B[mp]BL[60]C[wqedge [2k\]\: 2目而已,被逆收也不影响厚薄,浪费劫材 south [3d\]\: y, ] ;W[nf]WL[199.131]C[south [3d\]\: 他可能觉得赢了 south [3d\]\: 处处定型吧 ];OB[4] B[og]BL[60]C[south [3d\]\: 应走左边了 ];W[sf]WL[166.723];OB[4]B[sg]BL[60];W[se] WL[163.948]C[wqedge [2k\]\: b11应该走掉 ];OB[4]B[rh]BL[60]C[wqedge [2k\]\: 这个厚薄相关,当初如果B8爬,中间黑棋围不到8目那么多 south [3d\]\: 但黑b5先手啊 wqedge [2k\]\: 挡住就是了,黑棋还是没净活 ] ;W[oe]WL[71.493]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: w 45 mu + ];OB[4]B[qd]BL[60];W[rb]WL[58.743] C[coolbabe [5d\]\: 48 mu + ];OB[4]B[io]BL[60]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: b19 tai da le coolbabe [5d\]\: b19/d19 ] ;W[hn]WL[2.263]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: b about 52ish ];OB[4]B[jn]BL[60]C[south [3d\]\: i don't see a way for b to win ] ;OW[5]W[in]WL[60];OB[4]B[hm]BL[60];OW[5]W[im]WL[60];OB[4]B[jo]BL[60];OW[5]W[ip] WL[60]C[south [3d\]\: 这棋质量比较高 south [3d\]\: 值得学习 ];OB[4]B[sq]BL[60]C[RunningFox [1d\]\: haha coolbabe [5d\]\: small ] ;OW[5]W[rp]WL[60]C[south [3d\]\: 双方都觉得左边小 south [3d\]\: 可能真的不太大 ] ;OB[4]B[bn]BL[60]C[south [3d\]\: missbear说说? RunningFox [1d\]\: anyway, it is a gg missbear [4d\]\: cooking for breakfast ] ;OW[5]W[bi]WL[60];OB[4]B[ak]BL[60];OW[5]W[gf]WL[60];OB[4]B[gg]BL[60]C[south [3d\]\: breakfast need cooking? coolbabe [5d\]\: game over le coolbabe [5d\]\: white lead ba south [3d\]\: w is counting coolbabe [5d\]\: b about 56 ] ;OW[4]W[bg]WL[60]C[south [3d\]\: w about 53? coolbabe [5d\]\: w about 50 wqedge [2k\]\: d19很大啊,为啥不走呢? ] ;OB[3]B[oc]BL[60];OW[4]W[od]WL[60];OB[3]B[pc]BL[60]C[south [3d\]\: hard to spoon now ] ;OW[4]W[ob]WL[60];OB[3]B[lf]BL[60];OW[4]W[le]WL[60];OB[3]B[mf]BL[60];OW[4]W[me] WL[60]C[south [3d\]\: 这个官子比较简单 wenda [4d\]\: 还没结束啊,谁领先啊? south [3d\]\: asia JumboEgg [3d\]\: good answer wenda [4d\]\: 亚洲唯一的希望了 ] ;OB[2]B[an]BL[60]C[JumboEgg [3d\]\: 下次把韦唯和刘欢叫上,一开局就开唱亚洲雄风 ] ;OW[4]W[gm]WL[60];OB[2]B[fm]BL[60]C[south [3d\]\: g8? JumboEgg [3d\]\: 直到东/西部选手吐血倒地或者弃权为止,69说如何 south [3d\]\: 好,好 south [3d\]\: 不过那两个太老了 south [3d\]\: 现在时新超女吧 south [3d\]\: time out? JumboEgg [3d\]\: 那估计hy先倒地了? ] ;OW[2]W[gl]WL[60];OB[2]B[bp]BL[60]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: b4 da ];OW[2]W[bq]WL[60];OB[2] B[ap]BL[60];OW[2]W[aq]WL[60];OB[2]B[ao]BL[60]C[JumboEgg [3d\]\: 没看上去那么大 JumboEgg [3d\]\: 后手 coolbabe [5d\]\: b19 gen da south [3d\]\: 是 wqedge [2k\]\: D4? ] ;OW[2]W[dp]WL[60];OB[2]B[eo]BL[60]C[south [3d\]\: hy 老练 JumboEgg [3d\]\: 白H7已经先得了2.5目 south [3d\]\: 我以为他儿子醒了 wqedge [2k\]\: 这样变成后手2目了,可以走别的了 coolbabe [5d\]\: w 54 ] ;OW[2]W[da]WL[60]C[south [3d\]\: finally d19 wqedge [2k\]\: d14大 wqedge [2k\]\: 的9 ] ;OB[2]B[ba]BL[60]C[wqedge [2k\]\: d19 wqedge [2k\]\: 说错了 south [3d\]\: hehe ] ;OW[2]W[ae]WL[60]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: d19 zhe ge chou ];OB[2]B[bd]BL[60]C[JumboEgg [3d\]\: babe有赵治勋的风范 wqedge [2k\]\: a15最后一个,剩下都是超小型了 south [3d\]\: 看来唐四也是亚洲的拉拉队,紧张得说错了 JumboEgg [3d\]\: 能多占一目绝不少占! wqedge [2k\]\: 显然啊,我也是亚洲的啊 JumboEgg [3d\]\: N8收工 ] ;OW[2]W[hk]WL[60]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: b ahead 2 mu on board south [3d\]\: d19为何臭?? JumboEgg [3d\]\: 因为有B19可能 wqedge [2k\]\: b19后手不合算 ] ;OB[2]B[nl]BL[60];OW[2]W[nk]WL[60];OB[2]B[fe]BL[60]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: if b c5 b at most ahead 4 mu ] ;OW[2]W[gd]WL[60];OB[2]B[bf]BL[60]C[wqedge [2k\]\: 没目的地方,走他干嘛,浪费时间嘛 ] ;OW[2]W[af]WL[60]C[south [3d\]\: 56\:54 JumboEgg [3d\]\: tasi可认为是打将 ];OB[2] B[of]BL[60]C[south [3d\]\: 黑就是中见攻的随手 ];OW[2]W[ml]WL[60];OB[2]B[ln]BL[60] ;OW[2]W[pk]WL[60];OB[2]B[qk]BL[60]C[south [3d\]\: 其它下的挺好 JumboEgg [3d\]\: 倒不如说hy脱先得高明 south [3d\]\: 不过白下的更好 wqedge [2k\]\: Q15? ] ;OW[2]W[nh]WL[60]C[wenda [4d\]\: 白棋布局不见得好啊 qwertyu\: still playing? coolbabe [5d\]\: over le wqedge [2k\]\: 可能可以考虑M12 then Q15,那里黑棋有点毛病 south [3d\]\: k10之类的回去肯定要被李捷批了 coolbabe [5d\]\: no sppons coolbabe [5d\]\: but middle slow moves qwertyu\: so next round who vs who? coolbabe [5d\]\: not easy to win a game south [3d\]\: y, who &who? JumboEgg [3d\]\: 69这话像兔子的口气 qwertyu\: wolf vs fair, hy vs bill qwertyu\: I think south [3d\]\: where is fool and pront? coolbabe [5d\]\: bill vs hy or wolf coolbabe [5d\]\: fair vs hy or wolf qwertyu\: fair takes first south [3d\]\: i guess east 2 & asia and west respt ] ;OB[1]B[li]BL[60]C[qwertyu\: they have some number south [3d\]\: last time we got some 010101 qwertyu\: they could pick ] ;OW[2]W[hj]WL[60];OB[1]B[hi]BL[60]C[qwertyu\: L13 k14 ];OW[2]W[kg]WL[60];OB[1]B[lh] BL[60];OW[2]W[jf]WL[60];OB[1]B[ih]BL[60]C[south [3d\]\: 此刻兔子附体 ];OW[2]W[ai] WL[60];OB[1]B[sl]BL[60]C[JumboEgg [3d\]\: 兔子weak ];OW[2]W[sm]WL[60]C[south [3d\]\: board even le bah? ] ;OB[1]B[sk]BL[60];OW[2]W[pe]WL[60];OB[1]B[pf]BL[60]C[south [3d\]\: 再weak也比69强 ] ;OW[2]W[ka]WL[60]C[qwertyu\: w is ahead 2 pts on board ];OB[1]B[co]BL[60]C[south [3d\]\: 白全盘两快其 qwertyu\: now even ] ;OW[2]W[fa]WL[60];OB[1]B[ga]BL[60]C[JumboEgg [3d\]\: 他自己说的现在离棋越来越远了 south [3d\]\: 黑6快 qwertyu\: b 56 coolbabe [5d\]\: w 57 south [3d\]\: 还其头就好了 ] ;OW[2]W[aj]WL[60]C[qwertyu\: w 58 qwertyu\: but w needs E14 wqedge [2k\]\: a16呢? south [3d\]\: tuzi离开其好 coolbabe [5d\]\: b also 57 qwertyu\: E14 is half sente ] ;OB[1]B[ef]BL[60]C[south [3d\]\: 不过congrss他还会去吧 qwertyu\: b weak qwertyu\: this is 1pt ] ;OW[2]W[bk]WL[60]C[qwertyu\: but B9 is > 1pt ];OB[1]B[rc]BL[60];OW[2]W[sc]WL[60] ;OB[1]B[bj]BL[60]C[RunningFox [1d\]\: have a good day guys, by south [3d\]\: by, fox ] ;OW[2]W[he]WL[60];OB[1]B[hc]BL[60];OW[2]W[bk]WL[60];OB[1]B[qb]BL[60];OW[2]W[qa] WL[60];OB[1]B[bj]BL[60]C[south [3d\]\: 别弄个接不归啊 ];OW[2]W[fn]WL[60];OB[1]B[fo] BL[60]C[wqedge [2k\]\: f16现成的劫材,黑棋奉送 ];OW[2]W[bk]WL[60];OB[1]B[ir]BL[60] ;OW[2]W[iq]WL[60];OB[1]B[bj]BL[60];OW[2]W[mr]WL[60]C[south [3d\]\: 现在KGS网不好,也别time out le ] ;OB[1]B[mq]BL[60];OW[2]W[bk]WL[60];OB[1]B[nd]BL[60];OW[2]W[ne]WL[60];OB[1]B[bj] BL[60];OW[2]W[ls]WL[60]C[JumboEgg [3d\]\: 这劫黑打不赢。。。 ];OB[1]B[ms]BL[60] ;OW[2]W[bk]WL[60];OB[1]B[cr]BL[60];OW[2]W[cq]WL[60];OB[1]B[bj]BL[60];OW[2]W[rg] WL[60];OB[1]B[qg]BL[60];OW[2]W[bk]WL[60]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: yu sui ba ];OB[1]B[ja] BL[60];OW[2]W[la]WL[60];OB[1]B[bj]BL[60]C[wqedge [2k\]\: r2 ];OW[2]W[sh]WL[60]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: lluckily did not bet more on lover ] ;OB[1]B[si]BL[60];OW[2]W[bk]WL[60];OB[1]B[hs]BL[60]C[qwertyu\: i should have bet 500$ on hy ] ;OW[2]W[gs]WL[60];OB[1]B[bj]BL[60];OW[2]W[qr]WL[60];OB[1]B[pr]BL[60];OW[2]W[bk] WL[60];OB[1]B[al]BL[60]C[JumboEgg [3d\]\: kick this mj ];OW[2]W[bj]WL[60]C[JumboEgg [3d\]\: tasi说了严禁投机! wqedge [2k\]\: a16怎么不走,黑棋已经屈服了 ] ;OB[1]B[ac]BL[60];OW[2]W[cg]WL[60]C[qwertyu\: finish it up, I need to go out ];OB[1] B[ad]BL[60]C[qwertyu\: get sth to eat Luis [7k\]\: white wins ];OW[2]W[ag]WL[60] C[JumboEgg [3d\]\: 那目本来也木有嘛 ];OB[1]B[fg]BL[60];OW[2]W[ke]WL[60];OB[1]B[mi] BL[60]C[wqedge [2k\]\: 哦 wqedge [2k\]\: 看错了 ];OW[2]W[eg]WL[60];OB[1]B[be]BL[60] ;OW[2]W[hd]WL[60];OB[1]B[ca]BL[60]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: w 65 ];OW[2]W[fd]WL[60];OB[1] B[fc]BL[60];OW[2]W[do]WL[60];OB[1]B[ko]BL[60]C[Luis [7k\]\: white wins 4.5 moku ] ;OW[2]W[mn]WL[60]C[wqedge [2k\]\: 我脑子想C19那里还可以多便宜一个单官,想岔了 andyusa [4d\]\: done? Haddock [4d\]\: finished andyusa [4d\]\: ok coolbabe [5d\]\: b 62 Haddock [4d\]\: thx ] ;OB[1]B[]BL[60]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: 10.5 ba andyusa [4d\]\: thx ];OW[2]W[]WL[60]TB[mr] [ig][aa][ha][ab][ib][bc][cc][hg][pg][rg][hh][jh][ph][qh][sh][ii][ji][ki][pi][qi] [ri][rj][sj][am][bm][cm][dm][em][fn][bo][lq][oq][nr][or][qr][ls][ns][os][ps][qs] [rs][ss]TW[cs][qb][es][fs][hs][ma][na][oa][pa][ra][sa][mb][ds][nb][sb][lc][rc][ld] [md][nd][sd][ah][bh][dh][di][dj][nj][mk][hl][jl][kl][hm][qn][sn][ro][so][hp][ar] [hq][br][cr][dr][er][fr][gr][ir][as][bs]C[Luis [7k\]\: 4.5 JumboEgg [3d\]\: 10.5 Haddock [4d\]\: thnx qwertyu\: congratulations hongyuan coolbabe [5d\]\: yose small spoons qwertyu\: good game andyusa [4d\]\: lihai JumboEgg [3d\]\: gg both qwertyu\: but you played a few bad moves mmx [2d\]\: hy lihai coolbabe [5d\]\: othwise it is a 1 or 2 point b ahead on board qwertyu\: you played bad in beginning, hongyuan coolbabe [5d\]\: andy 2 slow in middle Haddock [4d\]\: 情人果然唐们真传,我几乎要累死了 coolbabe [5d\]\: wasted a hand andyusa [4d\]\: en coolbabe [5d\]\: sui shou coolbabe [5d\]\: no hou xu shou duan andyusa [4d\]\: 上边被抢了两手 south [3d\]\: good game coolbabe [5d\]\: r17 jian hui lai ])
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