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(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[gb2312]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Chinese]SZ[19]KM[7.50]TM[2400]OT[5x60 byo-yomi] PW[lightbug]PB[PorkyKing]WR[2k]DT[2007-02-22]PC[The KGS Go Server at http://www.gokgs.com/]RE[B+Resign] ;B[pd]BL[2396.851]C[lightbug [2k\]: hello PorkyKing [?\]: hi ] ;W[dp]WL[2385.435] ;B[pp]BL[2365.897] ;W[dc]WL[2381.96] ;B[de]BL[2364.748] ;W[cg]WL[2365.267] ;B[ef]BL[2354.194]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: who is porkyking? ] ;W[gc]WL[2303.387] ;B[dh]BL[2330.913] ;W[ce]WL[2264.826] ;B[cf]BL[2273.124]C[MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: wow, fish is here mmx [2d\]: i love fish MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: where are other sisters? ] ;W[be]WL[2054.843] ;B[bf]BL[2264.151]C[MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: only 2 bears tonight? missbear [4d\]: hehe MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: yaofei will lose this game mmx [2d\]: are 3 wins enough to be top 3? MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: no bah mmx [2d\]: I guess Wolf 5 wins mmx [2d\]: kakaka 4 wins mmx [2d\]: rim, bear, and another guy, 3 wins MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: halfsea mmx [2d\]: so seems small points are important ] ;W[bc]WL[1924.775]C[MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: rim, bear, halfsea will 3 win or so mmx [2d\]: the winner of halfsea and shizhang bah? MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: yes mmx [2d\]: maybe halfsea will lose to shizhang MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: I think halfsea will win shizhang mmx [2d\]: shizhang is strong and at the same level as bear and rim ] ;B[dd]BL[2197.489]C[MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: but halfsea can win macelee, who is stronger than rim and bear mmx [2d\]: tell you a secret, shizhang is an AGA 6d mmx [2d\]: almost 7d saga: gota be kidding, unless u r that shizhang:) mmx [2d\]: but halfsea lost to bear and rim before too ] ;W[ec]WL[1841.071]C[MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: tell you another secret, halfsea is also aga 6d MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: when did halfsea lost to bear? mmx [2d\]: why kidding? bear and rim are also AGA 6d MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: never known mmx [2d\]: many times before mmx [2d\]: on TOM MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: and halfsea won bear before mmx [2d\]: not formal games mmx [2d\]: you see the qi pu? ] ;B[cn]BL[2138.939]C[MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: only formal games count ] ;W[fq]WL[1833.117]C[mmx [2d\]: halfsea almost lost in that game mmx [2d\]: and that one was informal too MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: rim is just 6.3d, why rim won the game with shizhang? ] ;B[bp]BL[2096.706]C[mmx [2d\]: MISSBEAR, I guess you are bluestorm MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: if shizhang is almost 7d ] ;W[cq]WL[1829.112] ;B[ck]BL[2090.122]C[MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: hmm.......... MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: hehe MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: why do you think I am bluestorm mmx [2d\]: shizhang lost in a very close game mmx [2d\]: so it is normal MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: I will ask him to come here a moment later mmx [2d\]: just a wild guess mmx [2d\]: haha mmx [2d\]: so you see, I am an AGA 5d, and I lost to Pront once MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: my identity is only known to my sister missbear mmx [2d\]: so in real games, it is hard to tell ] ;W[qn]WL[1726.804]C[password [3d\]: mmx, are you looking for me? mmx [2d\]: haha mmx [2d\]: you must open to windows for KGS now mmx [2d\]: two password [3d\]: faint password [3d\]: how? ] ;B[pl]BL[2018.053]C[mmx [2d\]: just two IEs mmx [2d\]: I often do that password [3d\]: let me try try mmx [2d\]: I have another M+ in the room now mmx [2d\]: :) mmx [2d\]: but you don't know who it is password [3d\]: oops, never know that mmx [2d\]: to be frank, I am bear, haha MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: I know you're bear mmx [2d\]: just got a couple beer, so exited a little MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: haha password [3d\]: hehe mmx [2d\]: but I don't know you, my dear sister. :) MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: sister? mmx [2d\]: yes mmx [2d\]: you are my sister saga: mmx==missbear? MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: if you're missbear, you should know who I am ah MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: why still think I am bluetorm? mmx [2d\]: ft, you must have told a wrong bear MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: haha mmx [2d\]: tuzi and fish sometimes uses my account MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: fake bear mmx [2d\]: not faked ] ;W[on]WL[1518.442]C[mmx [2d\]: this one is real ] ;B[nq]BL[2010.221] ;W[rp]WL[1516.052]C[missbear [4d\]: mmd MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: I think you're jadefish missbear [4d\]: stop that missbear [4d\]: kao ] ;B[qm]BL[1996.506]C[missbear [4d\]: i do have some m+, not you ah, mmx password [3d\]: huhu missbear [4d\]: hoho mmx [2d\]: this is so called left fights right, haha MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: kick him out,sister missbear [4d\]: i can't MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: sister, do you know who I am? missbear [4d\]: yah MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: I mean, my bbs id? ] ;W[rn]WL[1463.354]C[missbear [4d\]: i think so password [3d\]: ok, guys, enjoy yourselves mmx [2d\]: hehe mmx [2d\]: I am alal password [3d\]: no interest in flirting with you password [3d\]: bye password [3d\]: xxsl mmx [2d\]: bye mmx [2d\]: good night ] ;B[qq]BL[1959.522]C[MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: mmx is alal? MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: haha mmx [2d\]: yeah ] ;W[qf]WL[1437.286]C[MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: why do you think I am bluestorm? MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: only because I praise halfsea? mmx [2d\]: as I said, just a wild guess andyusa [4d\]: lightbug will lose MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: or you tell because you think my style of playing is like his? jadefish [?\]: i guess he is babe MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: I am not babe, I am an adult ] ;B[qh]BL[1892.084]C[mmx [2d\]: does babe is as good as me using Pin YIN? mmx [2d\]: haha ] ;W[qc]WL[1428.694]C[MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: mmx cannot be babe MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: either mmx [2d\]: babe is asleep now MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: babe's pinyin is as good as fish's ] ;B[qd]BL[1867.867]C[mmx [2d\]: too late there ] ;W[pc]WL[1426.334] ;B[od]BL[1863.519]C[jadefish [?\]: ft ] ;W[rd]WL[1424.388] ;B[re]BL[1861.227] ;W[rc]WL[1423.178] ;B[qe]BL[1860.311]C[mmx [2d\]: fish is Nan Fang Ren also, right? ] ;W[nc]WL[1417.036]C[MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: sure jadefish [?\]: i meant MISSBEAR is babe andyusa [4d\]: lightbug is not a match for porkyking ] ;B[om]BL[1845.838]C[MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: ĩ mmx [2d\]: Jiang Nan mms are pretty pretty jadefish [?\]: also, mi4bear is babe jadefish [?\]: am i right? andyusa [4d\]: no MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: fish mm is cute jadefish [?\]: ft andyusa [4d\]: you are wrong jadefish [?\]: how do u know? MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: I saw your pic andyusa [4d\]: mi4babe and mi4bear were online at the same time mmx [2d\]: I believe babe doesn't do such M+ things mmx [2d\]: he is busy and too old to do those mmx [2d\]: haha jadefish [?\]: oic jadefish [?\]: but MISSBEAR can't be billch andyusa [4d\]: mmx is alal MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: I am no longer young ah, I have many vests MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: I am not billch MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: ok MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: I confess jadefish [?\]: u r? MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: my bbs ID is wicandlend andyusa [4d\]: decamp jadefish [?\]: ft MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: a m+ of halfsea jadefish [?\]: really? andyusa [4d\]: I am actually decamp MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: don't you think my ID is very good? mmx [2d\]: ft, halfsea is very humble mmx [2d\]: not like you mmx [2d\]: hehe mmx [2d\]: praising yourself MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: that is good for hiding mmx [2d\]: andy is not decamp mmx [2d\]: decamp is Chuanchuan mmx [2d\]: my old friend andyusa [4d\]: we exchanged M+ mmx [2d\]: nice to meet you then, old friend MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: mmx, some day I will spank you mmx [2d\]: haha MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: for you wild guessing MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: but not today mmx [2d\]: I am very unknown on bbs MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: me either mmx [2d\]: not famous andyusa [4d\]: porkyking is again playing fancy moves MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: do you ever notice an ID named 'wicandlend'? MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: never bah MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: haha mmx [2d\]: prokyking is a little overplaying andyusa [4d\]: white should Q5 andyusa [4d\]: fancy to fancy mmx [2d\]: maybe because he often plays with lower hands mmx [2d\]: but he is actually strong MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: yeah mmx [2d\]: just not so lucky MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: alal is familiar with him mmx [2d\]: yes, he is my collegue ] ;W[nn]WL[1049.896]C[MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: so you admit you're alal? MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: good mmx [2d\]: I introduced him to this tournament mmx [2d\]: yes mmx [2d\]: I am alal MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: ok, I take back what I said MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: I would not spank you mmx [2d\]: once in real life, porkyking won tuzi saga: to proof u r indeed alal, pls login as alal now! mmx [2d\]: so he thought he could be 5d MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: instead, I will kick you MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: haha mmx [2d\]: which is the highest in western MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: highest in western is JLi MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: not tuzi mmx [2d\]: I mean in the tournament, 5d is the highest in western group mmx [2d\]: of cource, JLi is the strongest mmx [2d\]: don't know if he plays with LoneWolf MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: that's not fairplay ah mmx [2d\]: you should ask rim about this mmx [2d\]: rim is familiar with them mmx [2d\]: and he will play wolf this round MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: alal, who is your next opponent? ] ;B[hq]BL[1590.365]C[mmx [2d\]: no idea andyusa [4d\]: what are they thinking? mmx [2d\]: maybe the loser of these two ] ;W[bq]WL[1023.339]C[missbear [4d\]: i am sure mmx is not alal MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: why mmx [2d\]: why? andyusa [4d\]: mmx missbear [4d\]: 'cause you don't talk like him mmx [2d\]: what's up? ] ;B[kp]BL[1546.265] ;W[dj]WL[1020.855]C[andyusa [4d\]: just logon as alal now mmx [2d\]: ppl have double faces all the time MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: lol ] ;B[cj]BL[1532.012]C[mmx [2d\]: I just got some beers, so... ] ;W[dg]WL[1018.662]C[mmx [2d\]: not alway behave like that mmx [2d\]: sorry ] ;B[eg]BL[1515.55]C[jadefish [?\]: alal in sf? MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: mmx, ask alal to logon ] ;W[ch]WL[1015.964] ;B[ci]BL[1511.288]C[MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: hurry maokengliu [5d\]: haha mmx [2d\]: why? mmx [2d\]: no need ah maokengliu [5d\]: yah, alal is in sf now andyusa [4d\]: hai andyusa [4d\]: poor lightbug MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: if mmx is not alal, I guess he maybe apie andyusa [4d\]: yes andyusa [4d\]: he is apie mmx [2d\]: who is apie? maokengliu [5d\]: alal doesn't talk this much MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: hehe andyusa [4d\]: a babe mmx [2d\]: is he as strong as me? saga: apie== apple pie maokengliu [5d\]: lover, do you have a TOM id? maokengliu [5d\]: huh? ] ;W[af]WL[927.272]C[maokengliu [5d\]: haha mmx [2d\]: lover is TOM 6d maokengliu [5d\]: i have a full MKL id here mmx [2d\]: I guess maokengliu [5d\]: no MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: 5d now maokengliu [5d\]: top of maintain id maokengliu [5d\]: not the go server mmx [2d\]: lover is really strong, I admire him ] ;B[bg]BL[1474.257]C[mmx [2d\]: so eager to see if he can win the kid maokengliu [5d\]: kao maokengliu [5d\]: lover goes to change m+ le> maokengliu [5d\]: ? ] ;W[bh]WL[900.194]C[maokengliu [5d\]: where is him? mmx [2d\]: if he can, the western will be tian xia da luan MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: apie, what is your TOM id? ] ;B[df]BL[1463.234] ;W[eh]WL[892.51]C[mmx [2d\]: alal ] ;B[di]BL[1461.272] ;W[ag]WL[887.924] ;B[cd]BL[1458.729]C[MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: you cannot be alal ] ;W[bd]WL[884.868]C[mmx [2d\]: another one is called fatmonkey ] ;B[cc]BL[1453.178]C[mmx [2d\]: and hanqiaoyebosheng mmx [2d\]: sorry MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: just like I am not bluestorm/halfsea mmx [2d\]: boxiaosheng MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: white crash maokengliu [5d\]: it's ok ] ;W[cb]WL[824.129]C[maokengliu [5d\]: just cut the tail mmx [2d\]: yes, as I said, porkyking is a killer of lower hands mmx [2d\]: no offence to the white mmx [2d\]: just when he plays with ppl weaker than him, he is a killer ] ;B[bi]BL[1415.377] ;W[ae]WL[820.132]C[MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: so halfsea is stronger than him? ] ;B[ah]BL[1401.134]C[mmx [2d\]: ft mmx [2d\]: why not A15? mmx [2d\]: at the same level mmx [2d\]: or similar mmx [2d\]: my impression was halfsea is weaker a little mmx [2d\]: but halfsea can play very well sometimes mmx [2d\]: so hard to say saga: mmx saga: de bi de mmx [2d\]: what is that? xyh1969 [4d\]: what's pork doing? mmx [2d\]: he was drunk mmx [2d\]: hoho ] ;W[rq]WL[689.033] ;B[rr]BL[1391.438]C[mmx [2d\]: 69, so long no see MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: mmx, if you are alal, answer one question mmx [2d\]: pls ] ;W[qp]WL[661.403]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: apie bie lai wu yang ] ;B[pq]BL[1387.242]C[mmx [2d\]: haha MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: do you have an ID on yicheng named 'gmail'? mmx [2d\]: 69, we just played a game mmx [2d\]: hoho xyh1969 [4d\]: when? mmx [2d\]: a few days ago MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: answer me mmx [2d\]: yes, I do xyh1969 [4d\]: i c MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: how many games did you play with that? xyh1969 [4d\]: someone stole my mgxyh id xyh1969 [4d\]: who di it? MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: mmx? mmx [2d\]: no so many MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: tell me ] ;W[nm]WL[579.385]C[mmx [2d\]: less than 10 mmx [2d\]: not me MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: why you stopped playing with it? mmx [2d\]: coz I gave to fish mm MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: hehe MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: alal gave it to me mmx [2d\]: so you are fish ] ;B[pn]BL[1304.055] ;W[po]WL[576.176]C[MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: ft ] ;B[oo]BL[1292.594] ;W[pm]WL[574.147] ;B[oc]BL[1288.309] ;W[ob]WL[566.661] ;B[pn]BL[1286.63]C[mmx [2d\]: 69, is Yu Feng Ping Xu still playing? ] ;W[qo]WL[462.634]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: what u mean? mmx [2d\]: I haven't seen him for some time ] ;B[pm]BL[1251.205]C[mmx [2d\]: just wonder why he didn't join this tournament ] ;W[rm]WL[454.903] ;B[rl]BL[1239.845]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: bcs he not familar with KGS , and JAVA made his laptop very slow mmx [2d\]: hehe, poor him mmx [2d\]: he is very strong ] ;W[ok]WL[387.517]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: apie, how many m+s do you have? mmx [2d\]: not so many, about 5 ] ;B[pk]BL[1214.697]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: you mean in Tom> mmx [2d\]: no, here xyh1969 [4d\]: i c mmx [2d\]: 69, how is your fu bai life in China? ] ;W[so]WL[339.54]C[mmx [2d\]: very envy xyh1969 [4d\]: so so la ] ;B[nl]BL[1193.536] ;W[ml]WL[332.993]C[mmx [2d\]: you can watch Chun Lan cup mmx [2d\]: remember to take some pictures, hehe xyh1969 [4d\]: next month? mmx [2d\]: yes maokengliu [5d\]: chun lan cup is in shanghai xyh1969 [4d\]: I wish I will have time maokengliu [5d\]: not in fu zhou mmx [2d\]: no, first 2 games will be in Fu Zhou maokengliu [5d\]: oh maokengliu [5d\]: i c ] ;B[mm]BL[1115.594]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: maokengliu is happyloser right? mmx [2d\]: yes mmx [2d\]: it is a regret not to see happyloser in the tournament maokengliu [5d\]: kao maokengliu [5d\]: this is missbear maokengliu [5d\]: i think i make that public already mmx [2d\]: hoho ] ;W[mn]WL[184.274]C[mmx [2d\]: every one is joking here, haha mmx [2d\]: so funny ] ;B[lm]BL[1091.549]C[maokengliu [5d\]: zeze maokengliu [5d\]: suan le ] ;W[ol]WL[170.636] ;B[nk]BL[1081.111] ;W[oj]WL[169.248]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: any more game tonight? missbear [4d\]: no le mmx [2d\]: guess no missbear [4d\]: only this one left ] ;B[nj]BL[1050.589] ;W[pj]WL[167.345]C[MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: I can prove that missbear is maokengliu ] ;B[qk]BL[1048.197]C[missbear [4d\]: kao mmx [2d\]: white zhi li po sui missbear [4d\]: i just relog in mmx [2d\]: PorkyKing can be happy tonight ] ;W[ni]WL[81.456] ;B[lk]BL[1042.462] ;W[mi]WL[66.913] ;B[ll]BL[1036.873]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: who made so many fake missbear? ] ;W[ph]WL[58.387]C[MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: me xyh1969 [4d\]: who are u? ] ;B[qi]BL[1027.1]C[MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: I am the first to fake ] ;W[np]WL[49.746]C[MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: and others follows ] ;B[op]BL[1022.035]C[MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: followed MlSSBEAR [2d?\]: sorry for my poor English lightbug [2k\]: thx PorkyKing [?\]: thanks ])
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