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(;GM[1]FF[4]ST[2]RU[Chinese]OT[5x60 byo-yomi]C[Civ [2k\]\: \:) have fun pront [4k\]\: have a nice game! ] AP[CGoban:3]SZ[19]CA[gb2312]DT[2006-10-22]PC[The KGS Go Server at http\://www.gokgs.com/] PB[pront]BR[4k]PW[Civ]WR[2k]KM[7.5]TM[3600]RE[W+24.50]MULTIGOGM[1] ;B[qd]BL[3582.61]C[Civ [2k\]\: who is going to close bet ne? ];W[dd]WL[3586.49] ;B[pq]BL[3554.19]C[pront [4k\]\: I will close after move 50 ];W[oc]WL[3563.07];B[cp] BL[3489.13];W[po]WL[3558.2];B[qo]BL[3484.03];W[pp]WL[3501.67];B[qp]BL[3477.34];W[oq] WL[3498.56];B[qr]BL[3388.18];W[pr]WL[3473.18];B[qq]BL[3385.04];W[pn]WL[3443.15] ;B[qm]BL[3378.91];W[eq]WL[3420.31]C[armodilla [3d\]\: Hello everyone ];B[dq]BL[3236.23] ;W[ep]WL[3412.61];B[do]BL[3232.54];W[iq]WL[3392.32];B[cf]BL[3193.09];W[pe]WL[3382.54] ;B[pc]BL[3134.49]C[armodilla [3d\]\: weiqilover, how r u? ];W[od]WL[3295.07];B[rf] BL[3124.12]C[andyusa [5d\]\: hi ];W[fd]WL[3247.76];B[cc]BL[3120.12];W[cd]WL[3236.78] ;B[bd]BL[3114.15];W[dc]WL[3205.37]C[armodilla [3d\]\: are u going to no show win, man? ] ;B[bb]BL[3106.41];W[cb]WL[3202.53];B[bc]BL[3103.02];W[jd]WL[3179.47];B[nq]BL[3072.64] ;W[op]WL[3137.18];B[nr]BL[3063.98];W[or]WL[3126.55];B[mo]BL[3051.51];W[lq]WL[3107.49] ;B[lp]BL[2974.4];W[np]WL[3080.94];B[mp]BL[2966.5];W[mq]WL[3077.28];B[kq]BL[2964.55] ;W[mr]WL[3072.72];B[lr]BL[2898.28];W[ns]WL[3047.19];B[jp]BL[2895.16]C[rider [4k\]\: R2 not good? ] ;W[jr]WL[2994.92]C[aaaaabear\: kao ];B[kr]BL[2886.03]C[aaaaabear\: all kinds of a stuff ] ;W[ip]WL[2989.02]C[aaaaabear\: i am not even at top now\]\\\\\] rider [4k\]\: pront follow bear's philosophy of getting 4 corners = win? rider [4k\]\: Who is aaaaabear? ] ;B[ll]BL[2739.04];W[pm]WL[2914.39];B[ql]BL[2728.88];W[ko]WL[2907.2];B[jo]BL[2715.18] C[armodilla [3d\]\: he is brewer ];W[kn]WL[2869.6];B[jn]BL[2638.01]C[rider [4k\]\: barry not bad ah, got the upset by winning namdog. armodilla [3d\]\: why is it upset? ] ;W[km]WL[2831.91]C[rider [4k\]\: Because you've been playing poorly! hohoho. \:) rider [4k\]\: http\://avisng.dyndns.org\:8013/go/ratings2.html ] ;B[kp]BL[2576.12]C[rider [4k\]\: This was rating if I don't use any seeding. rider [4k\]\: Don't look at the actual rank, but look at relative position. ] ;W[mn]WL[2782.14]C[rider [4k\]\: So based on that, it was upset. \:D armodilla [3d\]\: That rating is ridiculous armodilla [3d\]\: bad rating anyway ] ;B[gn]BL[2534.62];W[hn]WL[2746.88];B[jm]BL[2511.86]C[rider [4k\]\: It is, because I seed everyone as 1d, which is obviously wrong. armodilla [3d\]\: I am very strong, man armodilla [3d\]\: don't doubt it rider [4k\]\: But it shows how good/bad you played in this tournament. rider [4k\]\: Only AGA 3d, weaker than a lot here. \:) armodilla [3d\]\: well, higher than you rider [4k\]\: Not if I use KITT. \:P cybermage [11k?\]\: why are the ppl in this rooom? event? rider [4k\]\: Yes, cybermage .. this is part of XYH Cup. ] ;W[kl]WL[2623.3];B[hm]BL[2505.25];W[ho]WL[2598.99];B[gl]BL[2500.01]C[cybermage [11k?\]\: and XYH stands for ? rider [4k\]\: Xiao Ying, Huang. \:D cybermage [11k?\]\: yeah i was trying to be funny but then i realized english really has little words starting with X armodilla [3d\]\: XYH = Xenophobia Yearly Hook cybermage [11k?\]\: ahh we got 1 word \:) rider [4k\]\: Don't listen to Barry. ] ;W[ch]WL[2487.4];B[pl]BL[2477.58]C[armodilla [3d\]\: Who is Barry, man? cybermage [11k?\]\: c 9 would be soo nicer \:) ] ;W[df]WL[2440.11];B[cg]BL[2469.89]C[rider [4k\]\: You don't even know your own name now, Barry Chen? \:D ] ;W[dg]WL[2412.09]C[armodilla [3d\]\: I am armodilla. ];B[go]BL[2462.68];W[gq]WL[2356.12] C[A00 [?\]\: Barry Chen is very weak. He is not worth to be mentioned by armo rider [4k\]\: hohoho. \:) armodilla [3d\]\: Exactly ] ;B[cj]BL[2395.23]C[armodilla [3d\]\: Rider, which city r u in? armodilla [3d\]\: Fairfax? ] ;W[ce]WL[2343.53]C[rider [4k\]\: Ya. ];B[be]BL[2391.45]C[armodilla [3d\]\: damn man, you should tell me earlier ] ;W[fm]WL[2332.69]C[rider [4k\]\: Why? ];B[gm]BL[2383.74]C[armodilla [3d\]\: I can drive to FF and u can treat me a lunch rider [4k\]\: Are you in VA also? ] ;W[bh]WL[2316.78]C[armodilla [3d\]\: I am in C-ville rider [4k\]\: Why I treat you? rider [4k\]\: You should treat me ah. ] ;B[af]BL[2369.78]C[rider [4k\]\: You in C-ville? rider [4k\]\: windy in Man. armodilla [3d\]\: b/c I am also a weiqi player man ] ;W[ag]WL[2298.15]C[A00 [?\]\: a14 is the perfect move right now ];B[bf]BL[2366.36] C[rider [4k\]\: We'll go C-ville and beat you up. \:D armodilla [3d\]\: where is MAn? rider [4k\]\: South West of C-ville. armodilla [3d\]\: Let's go FF and you treat us a dinner rider [4k\]\: I still don't know why I am treating you ah. rider [4k\]\: I don't treat naughty boys. rider [4k\]\: \:D ] ;W[dj]WL[2217.86]C[armodilla [3d\]\: you too stingy, man rider [4k\]\: Be nice and maybe I'll change my mind. \:) ] ;B[ck]BL[2323.15]C[windy [-\]\: what happened? armodilla [3d\]\: You are a nice guy, man ] ;W[fo]WL[2165.56]C[rider [4k\]\: windy, did you know Barry is in centreville? rider [4k\]\: You stay there or just visiting, Barry? armodilla [3d\]\: not centreville armodilla [3d\]\: stay rider [4k\]\: ft. rider [4k\]\: Then what is C-ville? armodilla [3d\]\: Charlotteville, man rider [4k\]\: Oh. rider [4k\]\: That's far ah. \:) ] ;B[fn]BL[2268.32]C[armodilla [3d\]\: not far armodilla [3d\]\: just 90 min driving from FF ] ;W[pg]WL[2122.97]C[windy [-\]\: it's still in Virginia ];B[hi]BL[2253.46]C[windy [-\]\: close to university of virgina? armodilla [3d\]\: inside UVA ] ;W[fj]WL[2091.63]C[windy [-\]\: ic rider [4k\]\: Still studying there? armodilla [3d\]\: you can say that ] ;B[di]BL[2235.15]C[windy [-\]\: i saw the story of a guy in UVA from the washington post rider [4k\]\: grad school then? armodilla [3d\]\: yeah windy [-\]\: he finished his bachelor's degree in one year armodilla [3d\]\: what story? armodilla [3d\]\: 1 year??? rider [4k\]\: That is not Barry. \:) windy [-\]\: yeah, he is currently doing Master's, will finish that in one year too armodilla [3d\]\: who is that guy? rider [4k\]\: His RP much better, saw him on a show too. \:P armodilla [3d\]\: I wanna beat that guy windy [-\]\: but i am not sure about PhD, that's unlikely windy [-\]\: that guy is very famous now ] ;W[ei]WL[2040.17];B[ci]BL[2227.92]C[windy [-\]\: he is Asian, that's for sure ] ;W[dh]WL[2038.12]C[rider [4k\]\: Don't say famous .. Barry will be jealous. ];B[dk] BL[2224.44]C[cybermage [11k?\]\: how can he finish BA in 1 year? rider [4k\]\: BS I think. windy [-\]\: well, BS, dual major ] ;W[jl]WL[2010.54]C[rider [4k\]\: I mean Bachelor of Science, not bull-shit. \:) ] ;B[il]BL[2218.6]C[windy [-\]\: he had two majors in one year ];W[hj]WL[1998.78] C[cybermage [11k?\]\: THats all illogical he has to take 120 credits armodilla [3d\]\: How to get enough credits for BS dual major in 1 year, man? ] ;B[ij]BL[2210.66]C[rider [4k\]\: And he did. windy [-\]\: he came to UVA with 71 credits of AP ] ;W[ii]WL[1991.88]C[windy [-\]\: took 21 credits the first semester, then 37 the second semester cybermage [11k?\]\: OHHH he got credits from HS armodilla [3d\]\: So he transfered from another school? armodilla [3d\]\: Oh he took 71 credits in High Sch? windy [-\]\: 37 credits is about 12-13 courses, that's not few for one semester cybermage [11k?\]\: That individual must of had no life but STUDY!!! windy [-\]\: not true armodilla [3d\]\: He is crazy. cybermage [11k?\]\: not true? rider [4k\]\: But famous. \:D windy [-\]\: when he was taking 21 credits the first semester, he found himself with more time than when he was in high school, he ended up playing video games rider [4k\]\: We also have no life, being here proves it. \:D windy [-\]\: so he decided to take 37 credits the next semester cybermage [11k?\]\: yeah i understand about COllege cybermage [11k?\]\: i am talking about HS ] ;B[ji]BL[2109.61]C[cybermage [11k?\]\: not true rider i am just watching rider [4k\]\: same thing. \:) windy [-\]\: he has dual major ] ;W[ih]WL[1961.31]C[armodilla [3d\]\: That guy should be beat up windy [-\]\: i think it's math and physics ] ;B[jk]BL[2096.44]C[rider [4k\]\: It's Saturday, evening or night, if you have life, you should be partying. \:D cybermage [11k?\]\: nah man let him be, we need nerds like that cybermage [11k?\]\: thats not original rider ] ;W[hk]WL[1936.96]C[windy [-\]\: http\://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/09/19/AR2006091901779.html windy [-\]\: this is the article cybermage [11k?\]\: i have partied enough to know a good book with 3 hot women alone in your house is just as good as a party armodilla [3d\]\: Let me take a look aaaaabear\: pront 4 corners ] ;B[ik]BL[2060.33];W[jh]WL[1907.17];B[kk]BL[2055.12]C[rider [4k\]\: 5 stones small, but need to be careful of B Q1. ] ;W[ml]WL[1871.1]C[armodilla [3d\]\: David Banh armodilla [3d\]\: Is this a Korean name? windy [-\]\: no rider [4k\]\: Sounds Vietnamese. windy [-\]\: south asia name armodilla [3d\]\: Ok it's Viet name cybermage [11k?\]\: He didn't have time to do a lot of stuff," she said. "He [would\] just go home, do homework, take another extra homework and do it. He ate dinner for 15 minutes or ate dinner still looking at a book. windy [-\]\: today i think no genius is bigger than erik demaine cybermage [11k?\]\: proves what i said .. NO LIFE windy [-\]\: you need to produce stuff, not learning is not enough to be a genius rider [4k\]\: There's his photo ..he has 4 eyes, that means life ah. rider [4k\]\: 2 eyes enough to have life. cybermage [11k?\]\: ;) armodilla [3d\]\: So his family name is ΕΛ in Chinese? cybermage [11k?\]\: true windy cybermage [11k?\]\: but all geniuses like that they are hired by a COrp cybermage [11k?\]\: and become 1 more slave of the Corp system rider [4k\]\: probably, Barry. windy [-\]\: like erik, he went to college when he was 12 years old ] ;B[dr]BL[1843.79]C[cybermage [11k?\]\: so where is erik now? armodilla [3d\]\: 12-year-old college student? rider [4k\]\: hoho .. pront saying let's yose? ] ;W[er]WL[1854.9]C[rider [4k\]\: too early no? cybermage [11k?\]\: does he has 30 billion dollars? ] ;B[es]BL[1833.22]C[windy [-\]\: no, erik got his PhD when he was 20 years old and became the youngest professor at MIT ] ;W[fs]WL[1852.71]C[armodilla [3d\]\: That's so crazy ];B[ds]BL[1829.65]C[cybermage [11k?\]\: so where are the MONEY lol ] ;W[gr]WL[1834.86]C[windy [-\]\: he is 26 years old today and he has published more papers and written more books than professors twice of his age cybermage [11k?\]\: and and.. that gives him what? He is still not running this world cybermage [11k?\]\: whats; up with that cybermage [11k?\]\: all knowledge just to write more knowledge.. and not apply it? windy [-\]\: that gives him enough reputation he needs rider [4k\]\: Yeah, just be a geek and code up cgoban and you can run THIS world. \:P ] ;B[hc]BL[1752.62]C[cybermage [11k?\]\: now thats better rider ];W[db]WL[1831.78] C[cybermage [11k?\]\: then just be yet another PROfessor at MIT ];B[ba]BL[1740.93] C[windy [-\]\: not everyone wants to run the world rider [4k\]\: D4. windy [-\]\: otherwise the world would be a chaos rider [4k\]\: but pinky and the brains want to do it. rider [4k\]\: \:D armodilla [3d\]\: Well, rider, remember to treat windy and me a dinner ] ;W[ic]WL[1793.92]C[cybermage [11k?\]\: nah Windy every man should want to run the world armodilla [3d\]\: when I am bored, I will go to FF and enjoy the dinner rider [4k\]\: I'll treat windy, his RP is good, you .. you've been too naughty. \:D cybermage [11k?\]\: so all women will be his \:)( ] ;B[kc]BL[1716.2]C[armodilla [3d\]\: That's not good windy [-\]\: for engineering place university of virginia is better cybermage [11k?\]\: l17 is insane rider [4k\]\: It's not. windy [-\]\: how many chinese are in UVA? armodilla [3d\]\: around 500 rider [4k\]\: pront knows what he is doing. rider [4k\]\: And I think I know too. \:) ] ;W[jb]WL[1746.92]C[armodilla [3d\]\: UVA has bad E school windy [-\]\: virginia tech has 1200 chinese ] ;B[jc]BL[1706.41]C[windy [-\]\: sorry, i meant the tech armodilla [3d\]\: VT has better E school windy [-\]\: VT has large chinese gatherings each year armodilla [3d\]\: yeah, I think so windy [-\]\: but it's even further from where i live rider [4k\]\: you're near windy. C-ville is mucho further. \:D armodilla [3d\]\: VT is far in the southwestern corner of VA ] ;W[ib]WL[1686.46];B[kd]BL[1701.05];W[je]WL[1679.63]C[windy [-\]\: i drove past charlettsville a couple of times before windy [-\]\: it's about 2 hours windy [-\]\: blacksburge is about 5 hours ] ;B[lf]BL[1681.83]C[armodilla [3d\]\: Once I drove to VT and it spent me 150 min rider [4k\]\: M14 .. yes. rider [4k\]\: I drove all the way to Austin. \:P armodilla [3d\]\: rider is crazy rider [4k\]\: Well, I can just let KITT drive himself. windy [-\]\: u should do plane rider [4k\]\: Company didn't pay relocation. \:( ] ;W[lh]WL[1615.14]C[windy [-\]\: air ticket is not cheap rider [4k\]\: air ticket is cheaper, but I need to move stuffs. windy [-\]\: two way from here to Dallas is like $1200 rider [4k\]\: Not so expensive. windy [-\]\: two way from here to China is like $800 armodilla [3d\]\: I need to put my clothes in the drying machine, see ya ] ;B[mh]BL[1597.7]C[rider [4k\]\: round trip to CA, using different airports is like 1k, if I use OAK only, it'll be 500 cybermage [11k?\]\: wow expenisve cybermage [11k?\]\: i;m flying to different continet and its 800 rider [4k\]\: Going tomorrow. cybermage [11k?\]\: back and forth ] ;W[lg]WL[1556.62]C[rider [4k\]\: like windy said. China is 800 ];B[nf]BL[1577.98] C[windy [-\]\: VT is about 3 hours from UVA ];W[mg]WL[1497.45];B[ob]BL[1574.85] C[windy [-\]\: i am 2 hours from UVA, that's 5 from VT ];W[nb]WL[1488.96];B[pb] BL[1572.01];W[md]WL[1483.17]C[rider [4k\]\: Yes, VT is far. \:) cybermage [11k?\]\: black resign rider [4k\]\: black P18 was bad. rider [4k\]\: R12 rider [4k\]\: Better yet .. Q1 rider [4k\]\: \:D rider [4k\]\: Or O6 first. rider [4k\]\: see if white willing to give up tail ] ;B[ng]BL[1429.45];W[mf]WL[1447.13];B[ne]BL[1418.1];W[nh]WL[1417.27];B[oh]BL[1401.77] ;W[mi]WL[1391.82];B[og]BL[1396.66];W[rg]WL[1345.42];B[qf]BL[1379.47];W[pf]WL[1341.03] ;B[qg]BL[1377.23];W[ph]WL[1333.19];B[oi]BL[1374.88]C[cybermage [11k?\]\: what rank are these guys? rider [4k\]\: 2k and 4k? \:D ] ;W[me]WL[1294.11]C[rider [4k\]\: black leads now ];B[qh]BL[1349.52]C[rider [4k\]\: what? rider [4k\]\: still pushing in that direction? rider [4k\]\: greedy ] ;W[pi]WL[1271.14];B[oj]BL[1345.88]C[cybermage [11k?\]\: its very close still cybermage [11k?\]\: but i have feeling w will though.. rider [4k\]\: both playing very seriously, probably playing at a higher level than their KGS rank. \:) cybermage [11k?\]\: although... close.. still close hard tro say ] ;W[mb]WL[1206.59]C[rider [4k\]\: tournament always brings out the best. cybermage [11k?\]\: not ture rider [4k\]\: You play worse? cybermage [11k?\]\: sometimes there is just a bad game lol rider [4k\]\: choke under pressure? \:D cybermage [11k?\]\: not worse.. ] ;B[rj]BL[1304.68];W[ak]WL[1196.93]C[cybermage [11k?\]\: you can still make a major mistake ;) rider [4k\]\: True. cybermage [11k?\]\: so its Tournametns usually brings out the best ] ;B[bk]BL[1280.62];W[aj]WL[1193.51];B[al]BL[1276.7];W[ai]WL[1190.83];B[bm]BL[1257.34] C[rider [4k\]\: B8 rider [4k\]\: or 7. ];W[eo]WL[1184.35];B[en]BL[1231.66]C[cybermage [11k?\]\: q 1 now is nice rider [4k\]\: D4 ] ;W[qn]WL[1161.72];B[rn]BL[1224.16];W[lk]WL[1146.57]C[rider [4k\]\: Still O6 ];B[ej] BL[1214.3]C[windy [-\]\: w wins cybermage [11k?\]\: r1 still works now ];W[gi]WL[1116.93] ;B[ca]BL[1199.01];W[da]WL[1110.08];B[pd]BL[1196.04];W[oe]WL[1103.78]C[rider [4k\]\: b O6 ah. \:} cybermage [11k?\]\: that would not do much since of m 8 ] ;B[nn]BL[1166.95]C[rider [4k\]\: There! \:) cybermage [11k?\]\: ohh right take there i see ] ;W[no]WL[1081.11]C[rider [4k\]\: N7 ];B[mm]BL[1153.34]C[rider [4k\]\: \:D cybermage [11k?\]\: did i just see that?? windy [-\]\: take ] ;W[lm]WL[1053.13]C[rider [4k\]\: take ];B[ln]BL[1146.16]C[cybermage [11k?\]\: now what lol windy [-\]\: tenuki rider [4k\]\: nothing. \:( cybermage [11k?\]\: q1 rider [4k\]\: black failed. \:| windy [-\]\: R1 windy [-\]\: 3 points sente cybermage [11k?\]\: no.. r1 ] ;W[ps]WL[1007.06];B[nl]BL[1133.91]C[rider [4k\]\: R1, b Q1 cybermage [11k?\]\: i know cybermage [11k?\]\: w just needed to aks faster ] ;W[lj]WL[974.541]C[rider [4k\]\: R1 is big rider [4k\]\: R1 ];B[qs]BL[1095.07]C[cybermage [11k?\]\: f9 rider [4k\]\: Chinese rules too. \:) ] ;W[nk]WL[955.482]C[cybermage [11k?\]\: or D4? rider [4k\]\: this will get interesting. \:D ] ;B[ok]BL[1080.79];W[om]WL[946.946]C[cybermage [11k?\]\: ignore? rider [4k\]\: No rider [4k\]\: O7 double atari rider [4k\]\: O10 first ] ;B[gp]BL[1050.01]C[cybermage [11k?\]\: 1 point? rider [4k\]\: pront's yose is better. cybermage [11k?\]\: well 2 points potentially cybermage [11k?\]\: H8 is posible rider [4k\]\: H4 ] ;W[ek]WL[868.465]C[rider [4k\]\: OO rider [4k\]\: white counts that he doesn't have enough? cybermage [11k?\]\: b L11 is better then g4 ] ;B[el]BL[1029.56];W[fk]WL[854.68];B[hp]BL[1024.76];W[io]WL[847.306]C[rider [4k\]\: F8 cybermage [11k?\]\: yeah n1 ] ;B[fl]BL[949.106];W[ol]WL[830.195]C[cybermage [11k?\]\: r10? ];B[nm]BL[914.312] ;W[on]WL[824.776];B[nj]BL[906.531]C[rider [4k\]\: spoon rider [4k\]\: atari ah. rider [4k\]\: white didn't call atari1 !! ] ;W[mn]WL[812.354]C[cybermage [11k?\]\: am i seeing this? rider [4k\]\: SPOON cybermage [11k?\]\: OMG ] ;B[hq]BL[889.937]C[cybermage [11k?\]\: best game my ass in tournametns rider [4k\]\: pront always does this. \:( ] ;W[hr]WL[807.277]C[rider [4k\]\: Except pront. rider [4k\]\: \:( cybermage [11k?\]\: LOL cybermage [11k?\]\: b resign! rider [4k\]\: No way for black to have enough now. ] ;B[ki]BL[855.91]C[cybermage [11k?\]\: wow i am disapointed and thisd 4k..did he not like play for 2 moth before this game? ] ;W[qj]WL[776.661]C[rider [4k\]\: maybe not here. rider [4k\]\: maybe he goes Tom. \:) rider [4k\]\: stronger players to play there. rider [4k\]\: R9 windy [-\]\: over rider [4k\]\: It's over. rider [4k\]\: after that 8 points spoon ] ;B[rk]BL[782.123];W[qi]WL[760.64]C[rider [4k\]\: ft ];B[qk]BL[747.695]C[rider [4k\]\: R9 won't ahve this. cybermage [11k?\]\: after that horrible invasion at l18 he should have resigned then ] ;W[qe]WL[752.446];B[re]BL[743.046];W[ri]WL[743.371];B[rh]BL[740.252];W[kj]WL[726.878] ;B[jj]BL[732.462];W[kh]WL[719.76];B[si]BL[729.651];W[oa]WL[693.577];B[pa]BL[721.641] ;W[na]WL[692.064];B[nd]BL[719.29];W[nc]WL[690.364];B[gk]BL[718.126];W[gj]WL[680.516] ;B[dp]BL[705.791];W[fp]WL[664.175]C[cybermage [11k?\]\: pront must be crying now ] ;B[mj]BL[675.845];W[lo]WL[648.467];B[mk]BL[665.82];W[nl]WL[641.82];B[li]BL[644.2] ;W[ll]WL[639.741];B[js]BL[629.073];W[is]WL[636.105];B[ks]BL[626.219];W[pj]WL[604.576] ;B[pk]BL[623.826];W[in]WL[589.885];B[im]BL[619.084];W[ms]WL[580.97];B[dj]BL[614.638] ;W[ls]WL[571.808]C[aaa3\: who is winning? rider [4k\]\: Civ ];B[bg]BL[595.595];W[ah] WL[568.042];B[bi]BL[577.173];W[bj]WL[554.894]C[rider [4k\]\: O11 ];B[ni]BL[564.115] ;W[mh]WL[549.911];B[jq]BL[561.402]C[rider [4k\]\: P14 ];W[ir]WL[548.209];B[of]BL[557.008] ;W[hl]WL[538.547]C[rider [4k\]\: H12 rider [4k\]\: \:D ];B[em]BL[545.946];W[tt] WL[538.547];B[tt]BL[545.946]TB[rd][rp][aa][qa][ra][sa][ab][qb][rb][sb][ac][qc][rc] [sc][ad][sd][ae][se][sf][rg][sg][sh][sj][sk][bl][cl][dl][rl][sl][am][cm][dm][fm] [rm][sm][an][bn][cn][dn][sn][ao][bo][co][ro][so][ap][bp][sp][aq][bq][cq][rq][sq] [ar][br][cr][rr][sr][as][bs][cs][rs][ss]TW[fq][nq][fr][ec][gs][hs][os][ea][fa][ga] [ha][ia][ja][ka][la][ma][eb][fb][gb][hb][nr][kb][lb][fc][gc][hc][jc][kc][lc][mc] [ed][gd][hd][id][kd][ld][de][ee][fe][ge][he][ie][ke][le][ef][ff][gf][hf][if][jf] [kf][lf][eg][ig][fg][gg][hg][jg][kg][eh][fh][gh][hh][fi][hi][mm][nm][ln][nn][oo] C[Civ [2k\]\: thx, pront pront [4k\]\: thanks pront [4k\]\: pure MKL aaaaabear\: thx for the good game pront [4k\]\: but not good at Tao. aaaaabear\: \:) pront [4k\]\: hehe aaa3\: mkl is dao Civ [2k\]\: pick up a spoon in the final pront [4k\]\: yeah pront [4k\]\: but that's about 10 points? windy [-\]\: gg pront [4k\]\: so not the determine spoon Civ [2k\]\: may be larger than 10 pts, but less than 20 for sure pront [4k\]\: yeah. Civ [2k\]\: any high hand review for us? pront [4k\]\: that's all right. pront [4k\]\: thanks guys for watching. pront [4k\]\: got to rest. \:) Civ [2k\]\: okay. thanks. pront [4k\]\: bye Civ [2k\]\: 88 ])
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