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(;GM[1]FF[4]ST[2]RU[Japanese]OT[5x60 byo-yomi]C[guest124 [4d\]\: hi andyusa [5d\]\: hi guest124 [4d\]\: have a good game ] AP[CGoban:3]SZ[19]CA[gb2312]DT[2006-10-22]PC[The KGS Go Server at http\://www.gokgs.com/] PB[guest124]BR[4d]PW[andyusa]WR[5d]KM[7.5]TM[3600]RE[B+5.50]MULTIGOGM[1] ;B[pd]BL[3588.45];W[pp]WL[3598.11];B[dd]BL[3569.76];W[cp]WL[3588.84];B[ep]BL[3535.11] ;W[eq]WL[3585.03];B[fq]BL[3526.94];W[dq]WL[3580.89];B[qn]BL[3523.88];W[nq]WL[3578.02] ;B[gp]BL[3517.71];W[cn]WL[3575.15];B[kq]BL[3509.3];W[rp]WL[3573.1];B[pj]BL[3491.17] ;W[jc]WL[3542.61];B[mc]BL[3391.82];W[gc]WL[3533.78];B[ec]BL[3387.43];W[cf]WL[3531.29] ;B[df]BL[3327.87];W[dg]WL[3527.91];B[ef]BL[3323.16];W[ch]WL[3527.13];B[hd]BL[3300.17] C[aaaaabear\: who are you guys? aaa family? ];W[hc]WL[3262.33];B[jd]BL[3294.15] ;W[kd]WL[3223.07];B[kc]BL[3251.03];W[id]WL[3209.97];B[je]BL[3248.97];W[ie]WL[3209.32] ;B[jf]BL[3246.09];W[if]WL[3197.39];B[jg]BL[3237.85];W[ig]WL[3172.19];B[jh]BL[3080.95] ;W[bd]WL[3170.44];B[fg]BL[3064.87];W[fi]WL[3144.67];B[ih]BL[3034.89];W[hh]WL[3113.07] ;B[hg]BL[3002.43];W[hi]WL[3096.97];B[gg]BL[2881.13];W[fb]WL[2978.94]C[jadefish [?\]\: mulan? ] ;B[eb]BL[2816.18]C[JumboEgg [?\]\: shifu hao a00000\: why every body call fish ShiFu? ] ;W[fd]WL[2794.31]C[a00000\: how many apprentices does fish have? windy [-\]\: a lot ] ;B[ed]BL[2579.49];W[kb]WL[2782.31];B[lc]BL[2577.18];W[ib]WL[2773.1];B[be]BL[2552.08] C[a00000\: why, what can we learn from fish? ];W[ce]WL[2674.16];B[bc]BL[2547.48] ;W[cd]WL[2673.53];B[cc]BL[2545.76]C[aaaaabear\: who? aaaaabear\: who is mulan? aaaaabear\: you bad boys aaaaabear\: why ahead of me? ] ;W[re]WL[2452.3];B[qd]BL[2400.49];W[rd]WL[2422.81];B[rc]BL[2397.8]C[RedFox [5k\]\: R12 ] ;W[qh]WL[1760.64];B[qj]BL[2118.51];W[oi]WL[1746.1]C[RedFox [5k\]\: S13 is possible RedFox [5k\]\: if Q14, almost alive windy [-\]\: winning is #6 ] ;B[rg]BL[2035.76]C[aaaaabear\: p11 aaaaabear\: hmm, feel some thin aaaaabear\: oh aaaaabear\: s13 beggin to punish JumboEgg [?\]\: apparently JumboEgg [?\]\: lover is doing MKL JumboEgg [?\]\: but he just got 2 corners, so no good yah RedFox [5k\]\: P11 is ugly aaaaabear\: why mkl is so popular now? aaaaabear\: every one is doing that aaaaabear\: if every one do MKL, what can I do ne? JumboEgg [?\]\: u promoted it mah, bear RedFox [5k\]\: O12 is shape now aaaaabear\: but i need some one to unti MKL to let me MKL berklai [1k\]\: 5abear = misbear? aaaaabear\: yah aaaaabear\: to take advantage of pront's website aaaaabear\: haha berklai [1k\]\: oh JumboEgg [?\]\: hoho berklai [1k\]\: only xifeng's theory works aaaaabear\: if i am aaaaabear, i am #4, if i am missbear, i am #5 JumboEgg [?\]\: that doesn't matter bah aaaaabear\: it's skyking or kingkong aaaaabear\: big difference ] ;W[oj]WL[1460.72]C[aaaaabear\: so I xi xin ge mian JumboEgg [?\]\: P10 is nice aaaaabear\: change name to aaaaabear windy [-\]\: ha brewer [7d?\]\: hehe, you can have another game with him then. ] ;B[ok]BL[1995.32];W[nk]WL[1455.85]C[aaaaabear\: me? my RP is used up aaaaabear\: will lose for sure JumboEgg [?\]\: that's a good idea JumboEgg [?\]\: go bear JumboEgg [?\]\: say, if lsxt were tuzi, then you are ok leh RedFox [5k\]\: O10 cut aaaaabear\: tuzi? aaaaabear\: hehe, bear natually eat tuzi JumboEgg [?\]\: cause he starts with a 't', hehe ] ;B[nj]BL[1903.57];W[pk]WL[1449.33]C[RedFox [5k\]\: good ];B[ol]BL[1901.87]C[JumboEgg [?\]\: bear does eat tuzi, hoho aaaaabear\: oh, nice, so i like zhao a lot, haha aaaaabear\: but aaaaabear\: every one can eat egg \:( ] ;W[rj]WL[1424.39]C[JumboEgg [?\]\: \:( aaaaabear\: brewer should be weak GoWithMe [5d?\]\: why? JumboEgg [?\]\: poor me brewer [7d?\]\: is the rule clear what if big and small score are the same? aaaaabear\: you think, brewer is related to beer aaaaabear\: every one can drink beer aaaaabear\: and eat egg brewer [7d?\]\: but someone may get drunk ah JumboEgg [?\]\: true JumboEgg [?\]\: hoho, so beer comes back on everyone RedFox [5k\]\: S11 JumboEgg [?\]\: on the other hand, some ppl do NOT eat egg mah aaaaabear\: zeze, no wonder i lost, my name is not power enough JumboEgg [?\]\: such as vegeterians windy [-\]\: soujin? JumboEgg [?\]\: could be aaaaabear\: weiqilover is very high in this game berklai [1k\]\: hoho ] ;B[qk]BL[1721.56]C[windy [-\]\: winner is #6 windy [-\]\: loser is out of top 8 windy [-\]\: so no prize JumboEgg [?\]\: no bah aaaaabear\: i need guest 124 to win ] ;W[rh]WL[1316.57]C[aaaaabear\: to keep me a tie #4 windy [-\]\: why no berklai [1k\]\: no.5 is still good ba aaaaabear\: no.4 is skyking ah berklai [1k\]\: no.1 is the champion ] ;B[qf]BL[1680.95]C[berklai [1k\]\: no.2-5 are skyking berklai [1k\]\: right? aaaaabear\: no aaaaabear\: no.2-4 sky king aaaaabear\: no.1 super sky king ] ;W[pf]WL[1281.3]C[aaaaabear\: no.5-8 king kong aaaaabear\: weiqilover's sequence here, very beautiful aaaaabear\: i learned a lot from these RedFox [5k\]\: B played too soft ] ;B[qg]BL[1595.47];W[ph]WL[1249.33]C[aaaaabear\: mmd, almost a skill showoff show now aaaaabear\: why can't I play so nice? ] ;B[qe]BL[1507.14]C[windy [-\]\: bear aaaaabear\: yes? windy [-\]\: brewer is playing with a real 7d aaaaabear\: ok windy [-\]\: in english game room aaaaabear\: let's learn learn ] ;W[rk]WL[1082.65];B[rl]BL[1441.85];W[mi]WL[1065.59]C[windy [-\]\: bear windy [-\]\: his opponent is a strong KGS 7D ] ;B[mj]BL[1344.42];W[lj]WL[1061.35];B[mk]BL[1342.68];W[lh]WL[1033.73]C[rider [4k\]\: which id is brewer using? ] ;B[ki]BL[1329.45];W[li]WL[1031.15]C[windy [-\]\: his id ];B[mg]BL[1292.36];W[ni] WL[979.954];B[ml]BL[1280.78];W[kk]WL[940.134];B[jk]BL[1265.79];W[jl]WL[922.19];B[ik] BL[1238.93];W[km]WL[916.216];B[hm]BL[1170.45];W[lg]WL[872.799];B[mf]BL[1163.14] ;W[lf]WL[869.088];B[le]BL[1053.91];W[me]WL[751.296];B[md]BL[1050.04];W[ne]WL[733.548] ;B[of]BL[1038.07];W[og]WL[689.879];B[nf]BL[985.926];W[de]WL[567.69];B[ee]BL[979.228] ;W[ac]WL[564.683];B[ab]BL[973.309];W[ad]WL[563.62];B[ei]BL[921.364];W[eh]WL[558.973] ;B[fh]BL[918.625];W[fj]WL[553.543];B[di]BL[911.393];W[eg]WL[541.325];B[ci]BL[888.595] ;W[bg]WL[479.571];B[bi]BL[860.817]C[halfsea [3d\]\: who die? rider [4k\]\: this is last game of the tournament. rider [4k\]\: it'll also decide if there's a tie for #4. ] ;W[ff]WL[278.007];B[fe]BL[851.019];W[ge]WL[275.642];B[he]BL[815.798]C[windy [-\]\: congrats to brewer 8d brewer [8d?\]\: hehe windy [-\]\: you need to lose a game to get rid of your question mark brewer [8d?\]\: will drop to 6d, or 5d in a moment rider [4k\]\: No .. get to 9d first. \:D windy [-\]\: i suggest you to wait for a 9d rider [4k\]\: \:) windy [-\]\: then lose to 9d, then you will have a solid 8d aaaaabear\: brewer is the idol!!!!! windy [-\]\: then you can keep the solid 8d for like 3 months brewer [8d?\]\: come on bear, you almost win that game. ] ;W[gd]WL[180.195]C[rider [4k\]\: bear? ];B[gf]BL[801.453];W[bb]WL[175.866];B[cb] BL[796.56];W[aa]WL[175.142]C[windy [-\]\: game over le aaaaabear\: almost win? didn't even have a chance windy [-\]\: andy is #6 ] ;B[ek]BL[782.452]C[rider [4k\]\: At least B12 first, no? windy [-\]\: bear, do you know brewer? aaaaabear\: i know who he is aaaaabear\: hehe aaaaabear\: but windy [-\]\: u met him in real life? rider [4k\]\: is this the real bear? aaaaabear\: no windy [-\]\: why not aaaaabear\: since he likes to keep the secret, i would tell ] ;W[fk]WL[85]C[hhj76 [4d\]\: white seems in danger ];B[el]BL[754.339]C[rider [4k\]\: Oh. windy [-\]\: where does ff live ] ;W[fl]WL[65.884]C[aaaaabear\: central ];B[fm]BL[748.915]C[windy [-\]\: ic windy [-\]\: which city rider [4k\]\: US? aaaaabear\: of cause aaaaabear\: you ask ff bah aaaaabear\: i am not that sure windy [-\]\: since barry drives to there windy [-\]\: must be close rider [4k\]\: barry met ff? windy [-\]\: didn't he said he eats in ff place rider [4k\]\: fast food rider [4k\]\: ft rider [4k\]\: \:D windy [-\]\: so neither of them cooks windy [-\]\: then there is no point of me meeting them rider [4k\]\: You sure he didn't mean ff as in fast food? windy [-\]\: no cook, no meet ] ;OW[5]W[hj]WL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: G8? windy [-\]\: brewer JumboEgg [?\]\: h9 seems better brewer [8d?\]\: ? ] ;B[gl]BL[705.728]C[windy [-\]\: 你应该去砍小韩 ];OW[5]W[ca]WL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: mulan, I don't doubt you. So zhao played lh move. \:D windy [-\]\: 那个韩国8D比较硬,不好砍 aaaaabear\: black may have chance to kill m10 group? brewer [8d?\]\: thx, JumboEgg [?\]\: hoho rider [4k\]\: D19 JumboEgg [?\]\: no worry brewer [8d?\]\: hehe, probably I will be chopped then. armodilla [3d\]\: gogogo windy [-\]\: play takemeba first windy [-\]\: taiwanese windy [-\]\: he has interesting opening rider [4k\]\: or D18? aaaaabear\: is takemeba joey? windy [-\]\: no windy [-\]\: he is a student at Columbia University aaaaabear\: who is him? rider [4k\]\: Is Joey Taiwanese? aaaaabear\: joey is rider [4k\]\: Oh. windy [-\]\: his last name is Wang aaaaabear\: i c rider [4k\]\: Who? rider [4k\]\: Takemeba? windy [-\]\: dunno his real name armodilla [3d\]\: b died? aaaaabear\: the game is far from over windy [-\]\: but he played in go congress before windy [-\]\: and was among the top aaaaabear\: what aaaaabear\: what's his aga rank? rider [4k\]\: B not enough libs to kill F8 and save F12? aaaaabear\: black can play m6 later aaaaabear\: let the white show show 2 eyes windy [-\]\: i dunno windy [-\]\: why don't u ask him, hoho rider [4k\]\: Highest Wang in AGA is Wang Lu (Jeffrey). rider [4k\]\: 8.8d windy [-\]\: dude, that's definitely not him rider [4k\]\: Next is Vincent Wang rider [4k\]\: 8.0 d oceanfrog [4k\]\: I know vincent in person rider [4k\]\: The 3rd is from MD. oceanfrog [4k\]\: old taiwanese rider [4k\]\: Is he takemeba? oceanfrog [4k\]\: don't think so windy [-\]\: not old rider [4k\]\: And 4th Wang is tuzi. \:D windy [-\]\: he is 26 years old windy [-\]\: or so rider [4k\]\: Pretty sure takemeba is not tuzi rider [4k\]\: doesn't spoon enough to be tuzi. \:D armodilla [3d\]\: how str is rider? windy [-\]\: i am searching right now windy [-\]\: hold on windy [-\]\: can't find it windy [-\]\: why don't you all ask him niuer [?\]\: what r u searching, windy? rider [4k\]\: Because he's not here? rider [4k\]\: takemeba is William Yang rider [4k\]\: Not Wang rider [4k\]\: *BONK windy* ] ;B[ea]BL[95.25]C[armodilla [3d\]\: Since I am No.1 in VA, rider should be like No. 50 in VA ] ;OW[5]W[db]WL[60];B[hk]BL[90.943];OW[5]W[dc]WL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: If I can be #50, I happy le. hhj76 [4d\]\: oops, black collapse windy [-\]\: then he is not Yang Huiren for sure A00 [2k?\]\: Hi from Romania! My name is Cornel Burzo and I am one of the top european players 6d EGF, (8d AGA). So AGA 8d = EGF 6d? aaaaabear\: m6? aaaaabear\: no bah ] ;B[gk]BL[33.235]C[windy [-\]\: maybe aaaaabear\: macelee is EGF6d, AGA6d ];OW[5] W[da]WL[60]C[aaaaabear\: hard to say ];B[gj]BL[25.189];OW[5]W[gi]WL[60]C[brewer [8d?\]\: bear, your small score is in danger ah... ] ;B[ej]BL[6.955]C[aaaaabear\: \:(((( windy [-\]\: that aga rating is only a temperary one A00 [2k?\]\: e19 sold the game. why not d19? aaaaabear\: bad brewer, killed me and laugh at me rider [4k\]\: which aga rating? windy [-\]\: w wins aaaaabear\: if black m6, where is the second eye?????? ] ;OW[5]W[fa]WL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: Barry, there are 5 AGA higher than you in VA. \:D rider [4k\]\: Highest is 7d Wang Yaming. armodilla [3d\]\: I am not only AGA 3d A00 [2k?\]\: is that takemeba? armodilla [3d\]\: I can be as high as 6d if I play more games windy [-\]\: why don't u ask him rider [4k\]\: No. windy [-\]\: is ff fast food? rider [4k\]\: Takemeba didn't hide his name, he is William Yang, not Wang. armodilla [3d\]\: FF is Fairfax, man rider [4k\]\: hoho. \:) windy [-\]\: i thought ff is fengfeng rider [4k\]\: \:D ] ;OB[4]B[dh]BL[60];OW[5]W[cg]WL[60]C[windy [-\]\: so fengfeng opens a fastfood in fairfax is ff opens a ff in ff rider [4k\]\: ft windy [-\]\: brewer, you should go chop cornel rider [4k\]\: Nah .. 2k, not worth it. \:D ] ;OB[4]B[sk]BL[60];OW[5]W[jo]WL[60]C[windy [-\]\: who is wy7241? windy [-\]\: or 7421 rider [4k\]\: China windy [-\]\: i forgot the number windy [-\]\: is he Maple? rider [4k\]\: I think. ] ;OB[4]B[lo]BL[60]C[windy [-\]\: w in danger rider [4k\]\: A pro? windy [-\]\: game over ] ;OW[5]W[ko]WL[60];OB[4]B[ll]BL[60];OW[5]W[kl]WL[60];OB[4]B[lp]BL[60];OW[5]W[ln] WL[60];OB[4]B[mn]BL[60];OW[5]W[jq]WL[60]C[aaa3\: for which side? ];OB[4]B[ip]BL[60] ;OW[5]W[io]WL[60]C[armodilla [3d\]\: w is leading ];OB[4]B[iq]BL[60];OW[5]W[oe] WL[60]C[windy [-\]\: not if this group dies ];OB[4]B[pg]BL[60];OW[5]W[ng]WL[60] ;OB[4]B[pe]BL[60];OW[5]W[mh]WL[60];OB[4]B[pf]BL[60]C[armodilla [3d\]\: looks safe now ] ;OW[5]W[qi]WL[60]C[armodilla [3d\]\: R11 good windy [-\]\: so when they give out awards? ] ;OB[4]B[sj]BL[60];OW[5]W[im]WL[60]C[armodilla [3d\]\: What awards? windy [-\]\: this tourament awards aaa3\: championship A00 [2k?\]\: 八大杰出青年 windy [-\]\: first place armodilla [3d\]\: oh windy [-\]\: second place and so on armodilla [3d\]\: i donno windy [-\]\: a kiss from xyh? aaa3\: haha rider [4k\]\: \:) rider [4k\]\: That's why it's called xyh cup. \:) rider [4k\]\: 4th place only gets a hug. windy [-\]\: 吻别 aaa3\: mit dollars rider [4k\]\: boring. armodilla [3d\]\: How about 8th place? rider [4k\]\: windy's suggestion better. rider [4k\]\: 8th place gets handshake. \:P armodilla [3d\]\: How about 15th place? ] ;OB[2]B[qq]BL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: A kick. \:) rider [4k\]\: For doing so bad. rider [4k\]\: \:D ] ;OW[5]W[qp]WL[60]C[armodilla [3d\]\: How about 20th? JumboEgg [?\]\: uno, that's funny ] ;OB[2]B[oq]BL[60]C[JumboEgg [?\]\: I would suggest to give the last one the biggest prize rider [4k\]\: Actually, I think Faketeeth deserves a prize. rider [4k\]\: He stuck it out through all 8 rounds. rider [4k\]\: No matter how bad the results. A00 [2k?\]\: barry and chop tie for the 23rd? 真是一对冤家阿 rider [4k\]\: \:D rider [4k\]\: ya .. their prize is to kiss each other, not xyh. \:D armodilla [3d\]\: I am better than chop ] ;OW[4]W[op]WL[60]C[JumboEgg [?\]\: that's gross, hoho aaa3\: u can join their kiss then ] ;OB[2]B[pq]BL[60]C[JumboEgg [?\]\: hmmm rider [4k\]\: Both you and chop 26 small points. jadefish [?\]\: will this game done in 20mins? ] ;OW[4]W[or]WL[60]C[armodilla [3d\]\: but I have an opponent who only played 7 games, chop has not rider [4k\]\: No, they'll ko, just to break the record for number of moves. \:D JumboEgg [?\]\: Q3 lost 10 pts ] ;OB[2]B[pr]BL[60];OW[4]W[nr]WL[60];OB[2]B[rq]BL[60];OW[4]W[rr]WL[60]C[windy [-\]\: what is d doing? ] ;OB[2]B[ri]BL[60]C[aaa3\: b escaped? ];OW[4]W[pi]WL[60]C[JumboEgg [?\]\: where to run? windy [-\]\: VT has better engineering and football than UVA rider [4k\]\: chop better than you, barry, at least he did better in this tournament. \:D aaa3\: t3 rider [4k\]\: http\://avisng.dyndns.org\:8013/go/ratings2.html armodilla [3d\]\: not really rider [4k\]\: \:P ] ;OB[2]B[sp]BL[60];OW[4]W[ro]WL[60]C[JumboEgg [?\]\: lover is in good shape now windy [-\]\: what's this? rider [4k\]\: What's what? rider [4k\]\: It's dead corner. \:D windy [-\]\: i have 7 games not, 8 rider [4k\]\: That's rated. rider [4k\]\: Excluded win by no show as suggested by chop ] ;OB[2]B[sr]BL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: That's not tournament standing. ];OW[4]W[rs]WL[60] C[rider [4k\]\: That's rating. \:D ];OB[2]B[ps]BL[60]C[windy [-\]\: what about macelee? windy [-\]\: he lost the only game and he is ranked high? rider [4k\]\: he played one and lost. windy [-\]\: he could be 30k ] ;OW[4]W[np]WL[60]C[JumboEgg [?\]\: hoho rider [4k\]\: the program needs seeding. ] ;OB[2]B[mr]BL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: That page, I seed everyone as 1d. rider [4k\]\: To be fair. ] ;OW[4]W[so]WL[60];OB[2]B[sq]BL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: There's another page where I seed it based on the player's claim. windy [-\]\: piggee also windy [-\]\: 0.7 uncertainty ] ;OW[4]W[mq]WL[60];OB[2]B[lr]BL[60]C[A00 [2k?\]\: did b need to play r3 to win? windy [-\]\: why hasn't yula claimed the win against macelee yet? ] ;OW[3]W[os]WL[60];OB[2]B[bm]BL[60];OW[3]W[hf]WL[60];OB[2]B[ii]BL[60];OW[3]W[fc] WL[60]C[A00 [2k?\]\: b5 rider [4k\]\: J10 ba ];OB[2]B[ij]BL[60];OW[3]W[ff]WL[60] C[rider [4k\]\: B5 > 28 points? rider [4k\]\: G12 A00 [2k?\]\: will b win if he has the 28 pts? ] ;OB[2]B[bn]BL[60];OW[3]W[bo]WL[60];OB[2]B[gh]BL[60];OW[3]W[cm]WL[60];OB[2]B[bl] BL[60];OW[3]W[na]WL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: Probably not. \:P JumboEgg [?\]\: still a close game? rider [4k\]\: Will b win if he B5? armodilla [3d\]\: not close armodilla [3d\]\: w win rider [4k\]\: Yes, seems that way. rider [4k\]\: Unless time. ] ;OB[2]B[la]BL[60];OW[3]W[lb]WL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: Time hard to tell. ];OB[2]B[mb] BL[60];OW[3]W[ma]WL[60]C[armodilla [3d\]\: if b don't be crazy in bottom right, it's close A00 [2k?\]\: if b5 is sente, if doesn't matter how many pts it worth aaaaabear\: m19 so fancy rider [4k\]\: Why B play M19? rider [4k\]\: ft ah aaaaabear\: but i don't like it rider [4k\]\: Just O18 ] ;OB[2]B[oa]BL[60]C[aaaaabear\: i don't like fancy play rider [4k\]\: doesn't work when B does not have O17 ] ;OW[3]W[ka]WL[60];OB[2]B[nb]BL[60]C[aaaaabear\: just the same thing rider [4k\]\: Why W didn't go up? aaaaabear\: go up, gote aaa3\: time windy [-\]\: if w wins windy [-\]\: then bear is truly #5 ] ;OW[3]W[jp]WL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: True. aaaaabear\: guest124 played some tournament before for sure aaaaabear\: look at his du miao skill aaaaabear\: put down stones at 57 rider [4k\]\: \:D ] ;OB[2]B[jr]BL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: Probably using the time to think next few moves. windy [-\]\: he is showing off his internet connection ] ;OW[3]W[la]WL[60]C[aaaaabear\: scarily experienced windy [-\]\: i bet he won't do that if he uses satellite dish rider [4k\]\: \:D armodilla [3d\]\: \:\:\:O rider [4k\]\: You're using cable too, right, windy? ] ;OB[2]B[ob]BL[60]C[A00 [2k?\]\: is dish really that bad? ];OW[3]W[cl]WL[60]C[windy [-\]\: yeah windy [-\]\: dish has higher latency windy [-\]\: you die more often in counterstrike rider [4k\]\: \:D ] ;OB[2]B[bq]BL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: FIOS is best, but I can't get it. rider [4k\]\: hoho .. MKL? windy [-\]\: say you and your opponent both pull the trigger, you die first if you have higher latency ] ;OW[3]W[ck]WL[60]C[armodilla [3d\]\: b is crazy now aaaaabear\: wokao aaaaabear\: no wonder rider [4k\]\: Trying to win by time. \:P windy [-\]\: i tried battlefield 2142 aaaaabear\: black is planninfg for this windy [-\]\: it's just okay ] ;OB[2]B[cr]BL[60]C[windy [-\]\: don't think it's worth buying ];OW[3]W[dr]WL[60] C[aaaaabear\: sigh aaaaabear\: aaaaabear doesn't work ];OB[2]B[bk]BL[60];OW[3]W[fr] WL[60]C[aaaaabear\: lxst will the #4 ];OB[2]B[gr]BL[60]C[aaaaabear\: let me change back my name then missbear [4d\]\: aaaaabear gone windy [-\]\: there is an international gaming competition each year windy [-\]\: counter strike is one of the games ] ;OW[3]W[ao]WL[60]C[armodilla [3d\]\: then bbbbbbbear comes windy [-\]\: the best players all over the world come to US to play missbear [4d\]\: haha windy [-\]\: they are very good ] ;OB[2]B[fs]BL[60];OW[3]W[ds]WL[60]C[missbear [4d\]\: very good MKL stuff aaa3\: best pro? missbear [4d\]\: at least let white think think rider [4k\]\: black trying to make dead shape in B2 area? missbear [4d\]\: d5 first? armodilla [3d\]\: d5 ] ;OB[1]B[ar]BL[60];OW[3]W[bs]WL[60];OB[1]B[br]BL[60]C[A00 [2k?\]\: battlefield is not an official game for the WCG right? rider [4k\]\: w at least seki this way. windy [-\]\: dunno aaa3\: b forget time windy [-\]\: China is ranked #11 in WCG rider [4k\]\: No .. b got lag. \:D JumboEgg [?\]\: a3 is ok missbear [4d\]\: why no d5? ] ;OW[3]W[eo]WL[60]C[missbear [4d\]\: why not d5 first????????????????????????????? JumboEgg [?\]\: d5 better for yose missbear [4d\]\: why put down stones before 50 seconds? windy [-\]\: China was 5th place in soccer and 3rd place in starcraft rider [4k\]\: because he wants to give small points to lsxt? \:P ] ;OB[1]B[dp]BL[60];OW[3]W[do]WL[60];OB[1]B[fp]BL[60];OW[3]W[cq]WL[60]C[missbear [4d\]\: colive? windy [-\]\: battlefield should not be made as a WCG game because it crashes more often than other games rider [4k\]\: A4 missbear [4d\]\: or die? armodilla [3d\]\: bear is crazy for the small point now JumboEgg [?\]\: no die hhj76 [4d\]\: white alive missbear [4d\]\: yah rider [4k\]\: make crazy ko. \:D missbear [4d\]\: go go go zhao hhj76 [4d\]\: and not colive ] ;OB[1]B[aq]BL[60]C[missbear [4d\]\: die die die weiqilover missbear [4d\]\: white die? JumboEgg [?\]\: this is good rider [4k\]\: Ya .. not seki missbear [4d\]\: huh? missbear [4d\]\: die? rider [4k\]\: B die missbear [4d\]\: die???????? missbear [4d\]\: huh??????????? armodilla [3d\]\: seki now rider [4k\]\: No. hhj76 [4d\]\: oops missbear [4d\]\: no missbear [4d\]\: seki missbear [4d\]\: sigh missbear [4d\]\: but not bad ] ;OW[3]W[en]WL[60]C[missbear [4d\]\: neer put down stones before 50 seconds past A00 [2k?\]\: bear is officially the no.5 in North America. barry has to step down missbear [4d\]\: even it's a must do ] ;OB[1]B[hn]BL[60]C[missbear [4d\]\: kao? if i am top 500 in North America, i will happy to jump rider [4k\]\: Why H6? ] ;OW[3]W[lm]WL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: w D7 is life? windy [-\]\: wow, Team3D lost this year hhj76 [4d\]\: if colive, then black would win missbear [4d\]\: why always play fancy ne? ] ;OB[1]B[dm]BL[60]C[missbear [4d\]\: just simple moves, same ];OW[3]W[mm]WL[60]C[missbear [4d\]\: i hate fance play missbear [4d\]\: just risky and no use ] ;OB[1]B[nm]BL[60];OW[3]W[nn]WL[60];OB[1]B[mo]BL[60];OW[3]W[om]WL[60];OB[1]B[nl] BL[60];OW[3]W[pm]WL[60]C[armodilla [3d\]\: it's close game now missbear [4d\]\: see? rider [4k\]\: K6 alive? rider [4k\]\: Oh .. connected. rider [4k\]\: \:D missbear [4d\]\: h6 JumboEgg [?\]\: b is going to win missbear [4d\]\: fancyy missbear [4d\]\: fancy is bad rider [4k\]\: hoho. rider [4k\]\: this is big ] ;OB[1]B[qm]BL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: ft rider [4k\]\: Q18? ];OW[3]W[on]WL[60];OB[1] B[no]BL[60];OW[3]W[oo]WL[60]C[A00 [2k?\]\: ?? windy [-\]\: so where did w make mistake? jiapc [3d\]\: yi? ] ;OB[1]B[pl]BL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: Why not Q18??? rider [4k\]\: Q18 kill that black O7 group, over. ] ;OW[3]W[qr]WL[60]C[missbear [4d\]\: q18? missbear [4d\]\: what's q18? rider [4k\]\: Instead of 6 ] ;OB[1]B[in]BL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: Q8 ];OW[3]W[jn]WL[60]C[armodilla [3d\]\: b 5 lib ] ;OB[1]B[il]BL[60];OW[3]W[jm]WL[60]C[missbear [4d\]\: m10 missbear [4d\]\: 2 mu ] ;OB[1]B[kj]BL[60];OW[3]W[lk]WL[60];OB[1]B[lq]BL[60]C[armodilla [3d\]\: still w win ] ;OW[3]W[qs]WL[60];OB[1]B[ss]BL[60];OW[3]W[rr]WL[60]C[armodilla [3d\]\: T12 ];OB[1] B[rn]BL[60]C[A00 [2k?\]\: why s2? rider [4k\]\: B wins, bear gets the tie for #4. \:) ] ;OW[3]W[kf]WL[60]C[brewer [8d?\]\: is this the last game? ];OB[1]B[ke]BL[60]C[JumboEgg [?\]\: yes missbear [4d\]\: yes brewer [8d?\]\: hmm rider [4k\]\: ya .. why S2 ? \:D missbear [4d\]\: decide my sky king or king kong title halfsea [3d\]\: time rider [4k\]\: ft rider [4k\]\: \:D ] ;OW[3]W[sh]WL[60]C[armodilla [3d\]\: E2 ];OB[1]B[cj]BL[60];OW[3]W[sg]WL[60];OB[1] B[sf]BL[60];OW[3]W[ho]WL[60];OB[1]B[go]BL[60];OW[3]W[hp]WL[60];OB[1]B[hq]BL[60] ;OW[3]W[es]WL[60];OB[1]B[er]BL[60];OW[3]W[em]WL[60];OB[1]B[dl]BL[60];OW[3]W[fr] WL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: G1 rider [4k\]\: not worth the ko, too heavy missbear [4d\]\: if guest124 win, i donate him $500 rider [4k\]\: hohoho. \:) armodilla [3d\]\: hahaha ] ;OB[1]B[gs]BL[60];OW[3]W[fn]WL[60]C[armodilla [3d\]\: b is losing ah, mr. bear JumboEgg [?\]\: hoho rider [4k\]\: B leads ba ] ;OB[1]B[gn]BL[60]C[JumboEgg [?\]\: bear, prepare ur $500 now ];OW[3]W[ms]WL[60] C[hhj76 [4d\]\: missbear will be #4 also rider [4k\]\: Only if B wins. hhj76 [4d\]\: seems so A00 [2k?\]\: n1 is big GoWithMe [5d?\]\: ? rider [4k\]\: Yes, N1 is big. missbear [4d\]\: time ] ;OB[1]B[ks]BL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: Time is bigger. \:P ];OW[3]W[si]WL[60]C[missbear [4d\]\: watch your time please missbear [4d\]\: phew missbear [4d\]\: mmd ] ;OB[1]B[ah]BL[60]C[missbear [4d\]\: too nervous rider [4k\]\: missbear more excited than zhao. \:) GoWithMe [5d?\]\: b winning, JumboEgg [?\]\: u can tell, hehe missbear [4d\]\: more nervous than playing myself ] ;OW[3]W[rj]WL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: \:D ];OB[1]B[ag]BL[60];OW[3]W[af]WL[60];OB[1]B[dk] BL[60]C[missbear [4d\]\: what is d9? missbear [4d\]\: huh? rider [4k\]\: 1 point gote armodilla [3d\]\: d9 one point missbear [4d\]\: mmd GoWithMe [5d?\]\: wow, brewer got 8d now ] ;OW[3]W[bh]WL[60]C[missbear [4d\]\: zhao, please ah missbear [4d\]\: play 2 mu yose missbear [4d\]\: not 1 mu or dan guan ] ;OB[1]B[ai]BL[60];OW[3]W[an]WL[60]C[missbear [4d\]\: dang ];OB[1]B[am]BL[60]C[missbear [4d\]\: dang ] ;OW[3]W[cs]WL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: Chinese rules right? missbear [4d\]\: t6 missbear [4d\]\: t6 ] ;OB[1]B[sn]BL[60]C[GoWithMe [5d?\]\: bear is cute ];OW[3]W[qs]WL[60];OB[1]B[ls] BL[60];OW[3]W[rs]WL[60]C[missbear [4d\]\: good missbear [4d\]\: r2 ];OB[1]B[qr] BL[60];OW[3]W[rs]WL[60]C[halfsea [3d\]\: b wins missbear [4d\]\: mmd missbear [4d\]\: lei si wo le missbear [4d\]\: two kos ] ;OB[1]B[er]BL[60]C[missbear [4d\]\: good missbear [4d\]\: done le berklai [1k\]\: b win? missbear [4d\]\: no more MKL le armodilla [3d\]\: w wins ] ;OW[3]W[rr]WL[60]C[GoWithMe [5d?\]\: you sure? ];OB[1]B[fr]BL[60];OW[3]W[ri]WL[60] ;OB[1]B[rk]BL[60]C[missbear [4d\]\: s9 missbear [4d\]\: no mistake please missbear [4d\]\: please rider [4k\]\: Still have 时空流。:) ] ;OW[3]W[ns]WL[60];OB[1]B[pn]BL[60];OW[3]W[qs]WL[60]C[missbear [4d\]\: black need to connect anywhere? ] ;OB[1]B[dn]BL[60];OW[3]W[co]WL[60]C[missbear [4d\]\: no need ];OB[1]B[kh]BL[60] ;OW[3]W[mp]WL[60];OB[1]B[kg]BL[60];OW[3]W[po]WL[60];OB[1]B[qo]BL[60];OW[3]W[kp] WL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: B+2.5 \:D ];OB[1]B[fo]BL[60]C[missbear [4d\]\: f5 first missbear [4d\]\: right missbear [4d\]\: please missbear [4d\]\: no spoon missbear [4d\]\: no spoon rider [4k\]\: B4 1 point. guest124 [4d\]\: w win? missbear [4d\]\: white pass missbear [4d\]\: black b4 missbear [4d\]\: xixi rider [4k\]\: no .. B4 is 1 point. GoWithMe [5d?\]\: haha missbear [4d\]\: white pass ] ;OW[3]W[bp]WL[60]C[missbear [4d\]\: \:( rider [4k\]\: \:D GoWithMe [5d?\]\: oops, bear missbear [4d\]\: no click inside missbear [4d\]\: click pass now missbear [4d\]\: no mistake brewer [8d?\]\: hehe rider [4k\]\: b A1. \:P berklai [1k\]\: japanese rule rider [4k\]\: \:D missbear [4d\]\: pass missbear [4d\]\: pass berklai [1k\]\: it doesnot matter ba rider [4k\]\: Oh no. GoWithMe [5d?\]\: doesn't matter ] ;OB[1]B[tt]BL[60]C[missbear [4d\]\: PPPPPPPPPPPPAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSS rider [4k\]\: They set Japanese rules? ] ;OW[3]W[tt]WL[60]TB[ld][nd][od][rd][me][ne][oe][re][se][sd][rf][hh][fi][gi][hi] [ji][aj][bj][dj][fj][hj][jj][ak][fk][nk][pk][al][fl][hl][sl][gm][rm][sm][gq][hr] [rb][ir][kr][hs][is][js][pa][qa][ra][sa][pb][qb][ql][sb][nc][oc][pc][qc][sc][kd] TW[ba][ea][ga][ha][ia][ja][ab][cb][eb][hb][jb][bc][cc][ec][ic][dd][ed][hd][ae][be] [ee][fe][he][bf][df][ef][nh][oh][kn][sp][oq][pq][qq][rq][pr][qr][sr][ps][ss][gb] [sq]C[rider [4k\]\: Then I want to change estimate. rider [4k\]\: W+2.5 GoWithMe [5d?\]\: ??? rider [4k\]\: \:D missbear [4d\]\: yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! berklai [1k\]\: impressive game rider [4k\]\: Scare bear. \:P armodilla [3d\]\: W+2 rider [4k\]\: congratulations .. bear #4 tie. halfsea [3d\]\: great game for b guest124 [4d\]\: thanks missbear [4d\]\: missbear is a sky king now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! brewer [8d?\]\: gg andyusa [4d\]\: thanks armodilla [3d\]\: AH missbear [4d\]\: hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaahhaahhaha missbear [4d\]\: lalala armodilla [3d\]\: weiqilover too weak missbear [4d\]\: i am sky king berklai [1k\]\: kao rider [4k\]\: Thanks everyone .. last game of this tournament. guest124 [4d\]\: nice game missbear [4d\]\: sky king, sky king rider [4k\]\: Where is fool? berklai [1k\]\: wolf shouting now berklai [1k\]\: midnight le lessplay [-\]\: gg rider [4k\]\: Thanks fool for organizing. missbear [4d\]\: lalala, lalala, missbear is a sky king windy [-\]\: gg guest124 [4d\]\: review? rider [4k\]\: Now we can all go and catch up on sleep!! ])
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