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(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[gb2312]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[7.50]TM[1800]OT[5x30 byo-yomi] PW[hhj76]PB[daheigou]WR[4d]BR[4d]DT[2006-10-18]PC[The KGS Go Server at http://www.gokgs.com/]RE[W+Time] ;B[pd]BL[1796.737] ;W[qp]WL[1798.088]C[daheigou [4d\]: hi hhj76 [4d\]: hi ] ;B[cd]BL[1791.327]C[hhj76 [4d\]: have a good game ] ;W[dp]WL[1793.523] ;B[cn]BL[1787.093] ;W[dj]WL[1790.983]C[daheigou [4d\]: yes ] ;B[dk]BL[1780.203] ;W[ek]WL[1766.941] ;B[ej]BL[1768.299] ;W[di]WL[1762.54] ;B[fk]BL[1761.635] ;W[el]WL[1760.258] ;B[dl]BL[1760.416] ;W[fl]WL[1721.242] ;B[em]BL[1703.077] ;W[fm]WL[1658.905] ;B[en]BL[1689.527]C[FrenchKiss [2k\]: D9 is not good ] ;W[fq]WL[1624.305]C[rider [4k\]: D9 is ok, but white D10 just wants to bully black. :P ] ;B[fj]BL[1619.842] ;W[eh]WL[1610.104] ;B[fh]BL[1557.798] ;W[fg]WL[1605.882] ;B[eg]BL[1533.302]C[FrenchKiss [2k\]: i doubt black is real 4d now rider [4k\]: black is probably stronger than that. ] ;W[dg]WL[1566.433]C[BliSof [2d\]: huh?? ] ;B[ef]BL[1509.79]C[BliSof [2d\]: B has eggs. BliSof [2d\]: B very confident ni reading. BliSof [2d\]: W must search hard now. rider [4k\]: This is tournament game. Both players 3 wins, this game is round 7. rider [4k\]: Tournament setting was to be 1 hr main, but black has to finish by 10:30, and white agreed to faster game. ] ;W[fi]WL[1225.836] ;B[gh]BL[1464.372] ;W[gi]WL[1208.121] ;B[ei]BL[1406.336]C[rider [4k\]: connect first then think. ] ;W[dh]WL[1171.952]C[rider [4k\]: even if dead have to connect to make it painful ] ;B[hi]BL[1387.576] ;W[gj]WL[1168.193] ;B[gk]BL[1385.435] ;W[hj]WL[1164.454]C[rider [4k\]: H9 then F6? ] ;B[hk]BL[1359.601] ;W[ij]WL[1160.206]C[FrenchKiss [2k\]: F6 no good FrenchKiss [2k\]: help W ] ;B[ik]BL[1292.929] ;W[df]WL[1148.516] ;B[ee]BL[1272.391] ;W[dm]WL[1074.424] ;B[ck]BL[1228.208] ;W[cj]WL[1037.671] ;B[bk]BL[1224.082]C[rider [4k\]: C9 sets up the net. rider [4k\]: but white gets to F6 in sente. ] ;W[be]WL[950.566] ;B[bd]BL[1174.785]C[rider [4k\]: hi babe. :) rider [4k\]: comments? :D coolbabe [5d\]: hi coolbabe [5d\]: a few minutes coolbabe [5d\]: b's mood not good rider [4k\]: use pin yin and make others crazy. :P coolbabe [5d\]: maybe b is much stronger ] ;W[de]WL[904.426]C[rider [4k\]: er .. use BAD pin yin and make others crazy. :D ] ;B[dd]BL[1171.208] ;W[ed]WL[903.032]C[coolbabe [5d\]: b easily crush rider [4k\]: B is stronger, but seems like today too aggressive. coolbabe [5d\]: i thought i will play spear hehe coolbabe [5d\]: already collapse la ba ] ;B[fd]BL[1107.001]C[rider [4k\]: so you play mulan, mulan weaker, yet you still lose? coolbabe [5d\]: after 12 ococlk rider [4k\]: oh wait .. mulan stronger. :) coolbabe [5d\]: yi tuan jiang hu coolbabe [5d\]: mulan ok ba coolbabe [5d\]: his moves ok rider [4k\]: ya .. I mistake. coolbabe [5d\]: been weak recently ] ;W[fe]WL[825.011] ;B[ec]BL[1099.311]C[rider [4k\]: You missed one game, that hurts you ah. ] ;W[ff]WL[822.872]C[coolbabe [5d\]: i was strong after i lost that game last night hehe ] ;B[ed]BL[1097.402] ;W[hh]WL[821.033]C[coolbabe [5d\]: zhong jian ba hua la rider [4k\]: so next game who you play? Blackbeard? :D coolbabe [5d\]: if spear wins coolbabe [5d\]: i will play spear coolbabe [5d\]: but .... rider [4k\]: right .. so if the but happens, you want to play who? rider [4k\]: alal is scary. rider [4k\]: blackbeard is strong. ] ;B[fn]BL[990.644]C[rider [4k\]: you already played tuzi. coolbabe [5d\]: well rider [4k\]: play loser ba. :) coolbabe [5d\]: beard, decamp coolbabe [5d\]: all close to my strength coolbabe [5d\]: is loser here? coolbabe [5d\]: loser not that strong ba? rider [4k\]: didn't see him. coolbabe [5d\]: halfsea should handle him rider [4k\]: you don't want to handle him? :D coolbabe [5d\]: i dont mind coolbabe [5d\]: but hard to meet him rider [4k\]: loser playing above his level. coolbabe [5d\]: he is way above ya rider [4k\]: ya .. 29 small points. rider [4k\]: decamp second in 4 wins with 27 coolbabe [5d\]: maybe spear will win coolbabe [5d\]: then i will play him coolbabe [5d\]: should be fun ] ;W[gm]WL[603.167]C[coolbabe [5d\]: hopefully did not need to start 2 late ] ;B[jk]BL[969.99]C[coolbabe [5d\]: hmm? coolbabe [5d\]: jia bu si ma? rider [4k\]: ya .. should H6. coolbabe [5d\]: man gan rider [4k\]: what is gan? coolbabe [5d\]: street fighter ] ;W[gn]WL[520.518]C[rider [4k\]: Still don't know which words you're using. :( ] ;B[ep]BL[932.516]C[coolbabe [5d\]: b hao su ya ] ;W[eq]WL[476.743]C[sasker [5d\]: h6 does not work coolbabe [5d\]: no coolbabe [5d\]: just asking coolbabe [5d\]: does not look like it work ] ;B[go]BL[860.15]C[coolbabe [5d\]: but with l10 coolbabe [5d\]: worth a look coolbabe [5d\]: i did not look deep ] ;W[ho]WL[452.987] ;B[gp]BL[848.721]C[whatever [2d\]: f5? coolbabe [5d\]: f5 good feeling jupy [1k\]: f5 is a little early? coolbabe [5d\]: may be a bit early ] ;W[in]WL[391.865] ;B[do]BL[827.945]C[rider [4k\]: no more. :D coolbabe [5d\]: but c4 happy ya rider [4k\]: g3 first? ] ;W[cp]WL[355.03]C[coolbabe [5d\]: no sasker [5d\]: xyh any formal game today ? rider [4k\]: no, xyh has to wait for round 8. coolbabe [5d\]: now w all settle rider [4k\]: That's why he bully me with H9. ] ;B[kn]BL[790.743]C[coolbabe [5d\]: f4 coolbabe [5d\]: h3 coolbabe [5d\]: bu hao? coolbabe [5d\]: f5 h3 rider [4k\]: H3 seems good. rider [4k\]: w H3. ] ;W[hq]WL[298.269]C[coolbabe [5d\]: hmm rider [4k\]: F5 still has aji. rider [4k\]: :) rider [4k\]: white connected or black will also get cut. ] ;B[gq]BL[728.308] ;W[gr]WL[295.174]C[rider [4k\]: G2 coolbabe [5d\]: u have to give opp respect coolbabe [5d\]: can not play like this rider [4k\]: black? jiapc [3d\]: F3 coolbabe [5d\]: da tou gui? rider [4k\]: F3 already occupied. rider [4k\]: fool, go wash your face, just wok up? :D jiapc [3d\]: hmm jiapc [3d\]: very tired rider [4k\]: :D sasker [5d\]: it seems that b can only hope MKL leh jiapc [3d\]: just grade the midterm jiapc [3d\]: highest: 81 jiapc [3d\]: lowest: 8 rider [4k\]: So many MKL this tournament, and so many MKL wins. rider [4k\]: what highest 81? jiapc [3d\]: score rider [4k\]: Speed on the way home? rider [4k\]: :D jiapc [3d\]: 2nd is 67 whatever [2d\]: which course? jiapc [3d\]: 3rd 65 ] ;B[fp]BL[598.23]C[jiapc [3d\]: 3 passed 60 line ] ;W[ir]WL[279.858]C[jiapc [3d\]: 60 means A in my class coolbabe [5d\]: fool soyoung rider [4k\]: I thought you meant your speed on the way back. :P rider [4k\]: Then I report police, speeding at 81. :) jiapc [3d\]: wokao jiapc [3d\]: spear luan gao ah coolbabe [5d\]: hahaha MARADONA [2k\]: g 13? rider [4k\]: Still ok ah. coolbabe [5d\]: better than spoon ba rider [4k\]: lots of place to fight. coolbabe [5d\]: not ok jiapc [3d\]: yi, no rider [4k\]: P4 now rider [4k\]: Start another fight. jiapc [3d\]: actually hhj76 luan gao boll [4k\]: G13-> H14 jiapc [3d\]: but spear didn't punish well coolbabe [5d\]: look at the fight jiapc [3d\]: hmm, D9 was the initial part coolbabe [5d\]: b upper corner no bigger than w lower jiapc [3d\]: it's spear luan gao coolbabe [5d\]: middle qijin dead rider [4k\]: boll strong 4k. :) rider [4k\]: MARADONA weak 2k. :D boll [4k\]: :)) boll [4k\]: the second AroundOneD [1k\]: B11 to kill ] ;B[kj]BL[376.424]C[rider [4k\]: kill what? rider [4k\]: G12 captured. rider [4k\]: Around1d weak 1k. :D AroundOneD [1k\]: oh AroundOneD [1k\]: sorry rider [4k\]: :P ] ;W[gg]WL[236.615]C[AroundOneD [1k\]: lust get in here AroundOneD [1k\]: just rider [4k\]: Yeah .. lust. >;) ] ;B[jo]BL[352.871] ;W[hp]WL[217.331] ;B[qk]BL[340.01]C[FrenchKiss [2k\]: O3 coolbabe [5d\]: no armodilla [2d?\]: Hello everyone coolbabe [5d\]: tian shi lai la jiapc [3d\]: spear one stone stronger than hhj Zealous [8k\]: haha PirateKing [8k\]: I like way white broke out with his d12 group. rider [4k\]: barry got demoted? :D jiapc [3d\]: should still be ok Zealous [8k\]: coolbabe: an angel has come ] ;W[mn]WL[147.718]C[coolbabe [5d\]: hhj76 not a vegie hehe armodilla [2d?\]: fool, what should I do with my 7th round game? rider [4k\]: You already lost by no show. ] ;B[mo]BL[270.08]C[rider [4k\]: You cannot just change time AFTER no show. jiapc [3d\]: it's 10pm, right? armodilla [2d?\]: it's 10 pm now jiapc [3d\]: u wait till 10:30 rider [4k\]: No, fool, he agreed to 9pm Sunday. jiapc [3d\]: then u can claim win by no show armodilla [2d?\]: ok rider [4k\]: he already lost. jiapc [3d\]: he said he didn't agree rider [4k\]: It was on the web page. rider [4k\]: I witness. jiapc [3d\]: he didn't reply at all ah rider [4k\]: It was 10-15 21:00 in BLACK, both sides agreed. jiapc [3d\]: windy said, he didn't reply for 6 days coolbabe [5d\]: babe did not understand n6 coolbabe [5d\]: would simple r14 coolbabe [5d\]: or o17 rider [4k\]: Check pront's log. jiapc [3d\]: pront doesn't have that log rider [4k\]: windy will never say that. armodilla [2d?\]: BLACK does not mean both side agree rider [4k\]: 1 round not 6 days. jiapc [3d\]: i need windy to present the confirmation email rider [4k\]: Yes, black means both sides agree. ] ;W[no]WL[42.017]C[rider [4k\]: no need ah, pront has log. armodilla [2d?\]: it also can be one side does not propose coolbabe [5d\]: but w o5 sld be fine rider [4k\]: No, one side is red. jiapc [3d\]: no, that's not true, barry rider [4k\]: Ask pront to check log. jiapc [3d\]: black means, both sides agreed rider [4k\]: I witness, it was black. jiapc [3d\]: but now we have no way to verify rider [4k\]: pront's log can verify. jiapc [3d\]: except if windy can show an email rider [4k\]: And I am witness to windy. jiapc [3d\]: pront said he can't armodilla [2d?\]: http://www.ruijiang.com/go/viewrounds.php?tntid=6 armodilla [2d?\]: please look at this site armodilla [2d?\]: one side is black ] ;B[np]BL[182.747]C[coolbabe [5d\]: windy did ask about barry jiapc [3d\]: anyway, for me, i only look at proof coolbabe [5d\]: but barry is not around rider [4k\]: yes, coolbabe. coolbabe [5d\]: so no fair for barry ba ] ;W[oo]WL[14.022]C[rider [4k\]: And I went website and time was black agreed by both. coolbabe [5d\]: that i did not know jiapc [3d\]: windy can't show proof, he is at disadvantage ] ;B[op]BL[160.559]C[rider [4k\]: then barry can show proof? jiapc [3d\]: oh, one thing about pront's code rider [4k\]: ft ah jiapc [3d\]: uno u may not know coolbabe [5d\]: p5 armodilla [2d?\]: actually I don't care about this win. if he really want, he can have it jiapc [3d\]: everybody has some default time ] ;W[mp]WL[30]OW[5]C[jiapc [3d\]: if ur opponent propose a time within that ] ;B[mq]BL[156.363]C[coolbabe [5d\]: than angel can handle a weakie and have a good ending jiapc [3d\]: system shows black sasker [5d\]: hmmmm ] ;W[lo]WL[30]OW[5]C[coolbabe [5d\]: kao ] ;B[qq]BL[153.406]C[coolbabe [5d\]: zhe li gei ba le? rider [4k\]: so windy proposed barry's default time. jiapc [3d\]: hehe ] ;W[rq]WL[30]OW[5]C[jiapc [3d\]: spear luan gao ah ] ;B[pq]BL[141.657]C[jiapc [3d\]: it's fun that rider [4k\]: barry's job to respond ah. jiapc [3d\]: i won only one game berklai [1k\]: spear = daheigou? rider [4k\]: yes, berklai. jiapc [3d\]: and it was hhj76. ] ;W[rr]WL[30]OW[5] ;B[lq]BL[139.078]C[jiapc [3d\]: later hhj76 earned small points for me ] ;W[pp]WL[30]OW[5] ;B[or]BL[129.189] ;W[mj]WL[30]OW[5]C[coolbabe [5d\]: spead gets annoyed armodilla [2d?\]: I don't want to make this tournament unhappy. So, if he really want this win, give him the win. coolbabe [5d\]: spear sasker [5d\]: it seems that spear's wife is around. haha coolbabe [5d\]: can not play like this la ] ;B[ml]BL[78.446] ;W[nl]WL[30]OW[5]C[jiapc [3d\]: i don't care sasker [5d\]: too impatient jiapc [3d\]: i only make the judgement when there is a dispute jiapc [3d\]: if it can be solved in a civilized way, i keep my eyes close and mouth shut armodilla [2d?\]: I see ] ;B[nm]BL[33.993] ;W[nk]WL[30]OW[5] ;B[mm]BL[30.773]C[coolbabe [5d\]: w shi weak ya jiapc [3d\]: hmm ] ;W[pl]WL[30]OW[5]C[coolbabe [5d\]: maybe spear will get it back? sasker [5d\]: shi weak........ haha coolbabe [5d\]: hehe jiapc [3d\]: babe, how much small points u earned for me? coolbabe [5d\]: so far no good coolbabe [5d\]: only 4 i think coolbabe [5d\]: hopefully i will add 1 jiapc [3d\]: surprise for me ah coolbabe [5d\]: hehe coolbabe [5d\]: after 12 am jiapc [3d\]: 4 is not bad at all coolbabe [5d\]: duan lu ] ;B[pm]BL[30]OB[4]C[coolbabe [5d\]: did not meet any strong hand ] ;W[qm]WL[30]OW[5]C[coolbabe [5d\]: real strong hand i mean ] ;B[pn]BL[30]OB[4]C[coolbabe [5d\]: so the result is so so coolbabe [5d\]: feel angry and brewer is stronger ] ;W[qn]WL[30]OW[5] ;B[po]BL[30]OB[4] ;W[qo]WL[30]OW[5] ;B[ol]BL[30]OB[4] ;W[ok]WL[30]OW[5] ;B[om]BL[30]OB[4] ;W[kp]WL[30]OW[5]C[rider [4k\]: brewer definitely played well, deserve to win. coolbabe [5d\]: kao coolbabe [5d\]: l4 pao ge p ya ] ;B[pk]BL[30]OB[4] ;W[ql]WL[30]OW[5]C[coolbabe [5d\]: hhj is playing like brewer ] ;B[kr]BL[30]OB[4]C[rider [4k\]: hhj strong in fast game? coolbabe [5d\]: he seems ok so far ] ;W[ln]WL[30]OW[4]C[coolbabe [5d\]: w huge and huge lead ba ] ;B[km]BL[30]OB[3]C[coolbabe [5d\]: need a million spoons to give it back ] ;W[jq]WL[30]OW[4]C[rider [4k\]: no ah .. just need ONE, but a BIG one. :P ] ;B[pi]BL[30]OB[3] ;W[oh]WL[30]OW[4] ;B[oi]BL[30]OB[3] ;W[ni]WL[30]OW[4]C[coolbabe [5d\]: b??? coolbabe [5d\]: gan duan ma ] ;B[ph]BL[30]OB[3]C[coolbabe [5d\]: m11 b already stiff la ] ;W[lh]WL[30]OW[4] ;B[kh]BL[30]OB[3] ;W[kg]WL[30]OW[4]C[coolbabe [5d\]: sigh ] ;B[lg]BL[30]OB[3]C[rider [4k\]: N12? coolbabe [5d\]: w feling good ] ;W[mg]WL[30]OW[4]C[coolbabe [5d\]: feling ] ;B[lf]BL[30]OB[3]C[coolbabe [5d\]: but coolbabe [5d\]: feeling ] ;W[ki]WL[30]OW[4]C[rider [4k\]: white not enough libs to fight like this I feel. ] ;B[li]BL[30]OB[3] ;W[jh]WL[30]OW[4] ;B[mh]BL[30]OB[3] ;W[kh]WL[30]OW[4]C[rider [4k\]: ko ba rider [4k\]: oh. coolbabe [5d\]: no ko rider [4k\]: no ko. rider [4k\]: Nice. coolbabe [5d\]: dead rider [4k\]: resign le. coolbabe [5d\]: zao gao ma ] ;B[lj]BL[30]OB[2]C[coolbabe [5d\]: spear will 'qi quan la' rider [4k\]: N11 ba ] ;W[mi]WL[30]OW[4] ;B[mk]BL[30]OB[2] ;W[nh]WL[30]OW[4] ;B[im]BL[30]OB[2] ;W[hm]WL[30]OW[4]C[rider [4k\]: Enough room? hops [3k\]: think so rider [4k\]: Doesn't feel like it. sasker [5d\]: no hops [3k\]: bummer coolbabe [5d\]: k6 ba rider [4k\]: L8 dagger 5. jiapc [3d\]: J7, fine ba? rider [4k\]: time lost le. rider [4k\]: *comfort spear* daheigou [3d\]: thx hhj76 [4d\]: need time? coolbabe [5d\]: spear zao gao ma jiapc [3d\]: what time set? hhj76 [4d\]: sorry rider [4k\]: 30 mins, but both agreed. jiapc [3d\]: 30s/move? jiapc [3d\]: ok armodilla [2d?\]: even if I have some fault for not count-proposing time, I still think windy is kind of rude. jadefish [?\]: this is a tournament game? hhj76 [4d\]: i didnot notice that rider [4k\]: black needs to finish by 10:30, white agrees. jiapc [3d\]: guess spear has a wife emergence problem rider [4k\]: Yes, jadefish. jadefish [?\]: ic daheigou [3d\]: have to leave now, thanks for watching hhj76 [4d\]: thanks jadefish [?\]: sigh, if decamp could 30sec game with wqlover, shoudl win hhj76 [4d\]: sorry for the time jiapc [3d\]: B died here daheigou [3d\]: no problem, I lose anyway, the dragon is dead hhj76 [4d\]: thank you jiapc [3d\]: guess spear is too rush hhj76 [4d\]: the time is not good for you coolbabe [5d\]: kao coolbabe [5d\]: i spend 10 minutes coolbabe [5d\]: and figure i will play spear coolbabe [5d\]: now need to redo it rider [4k\]: so now you play hhj ba. :) coolbabe [5d\]: dont know la rider [4k\]: you can't predict anyway. coolbabe [5d\]: sure u can rider [4k\]: still have one more game that will affect your game. coolbabe [5d\]: i counted it both ways rider [4k\]: Gowithme and blackbeard. rider [4k\]: Oh. rider [4k\]: :D rider [4k\]: Now count another 2 ways ah. :) hhj76 [4d\]: the time is really too short hhj76 [4d\]: almost no time to think armodilla [2d?\]: I am not happy with windy jadefish [?\]: comfort armodilla [2d?\]: He is rude jadefish [?\]: u rude first? armodilla [2d?\]: I am not rude first ])
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