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(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[gb2312]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Chinese]SZ[19]KM[7.50]TM[3600]OT[5x60 byo-yomi] PW[xifeng]PB[missbear]WR[6d]BR[4d]DT[2006-10-15]PC[The KGS Go Server at http://www.gokgs.com/]C[xifeng [6d?\]: hello missbear [4d\]: hi , shifu xifeng [6d?\]: bear add oil! missbear [4d\]: have a good game missbear [4d\]: Go xifeng!!!! xifeng [6d?\]: No I am not ur shifu ]RE[B+5.50] ;B[qd]BL[3573.862]C[jadefish [?\]: me, me :) ] ;W[pp]WL[3596.254] ;B[dc]BL[3570.776] ;W[cp]WL[3594.308]C[alal [2d?\]: fish, is bear greeding to u? ] ;B[ce]BL[3564.362]C[alal [2d?\]: ok ] ;W[od]WL[3590.794]C[alal [2d?\]: greeting ] ;B[oc]BL[3561.204] ;W[nc]WL[3587.552] ;B[pc]BL[3559.478] ;W[nd]WL[3585.479]C[jadefish [?\]: en ] ;B[qf]BL[3557.911] ;W[ic]WL[3584.357]C[jadefish [?\]: u think halfsea and pront not online jadefish [?\]: if ff and bear play fast enough jadefish [?\]: we could win some money? :P alal [2d?\]: oh ] ;B[gc]BL[3531.353] ;W[ie]WL[3580.252]C[alal [2d?\]: i haven't bet yet jadefish [?\]: is it a good idea? ] ;B[eq]BL[3526.626]C[alal [2d?\]: hehe jadefish [?\]: don't worry, halfsea and pront not online jadefish [?\]: we have plenty of time ] ;W[hp]WL[3569.035]C[alal [2d?\]: ok jadefish [?\]: haha alal [2d?\]: :D jadefish [?\]: don't tell others alal [2d?\]: everyone knows now, once they joined this room :) jadefish [?\]: :( jadefish [?\]: let's trash talk, shuang ping jadefish [?\]: shua alal [2d?\]: ok ] ;B[fp]BL[3466.625]C[alal [2d?\]: hehe jadefish [?\]: wish coolbabe here alal [2d?\]: i'll tell him to come herer:) jadefish [?\]: no ] ;W[dn]WL[3513.912]C[jadefish [?\]: aiya rider [4k\]: hohoho. :) ] ;B[cr]BL[3461.308]C[jadefish [?\]: halfsea online now ] ;W[cj]WL[3512.359]C[rider [4k\]: aiyo .. only want coolbabe, not me. alal [2d?\]: hehe rider [4k\]: :( ] ;B[nq]BL[3452.269]C[rider [4k\]: Bye .. I'm cool, but I know I'm not a babe. :( alal [2d?\]: rider is hurt iiiiii: not an interesting game rider [4k\]: Yes. :'( alal [2d?\]: heartbroken alal [2d?\]: poor rider ] ;W[lq]WL[3468.223] ;B[pn]BL[3444.569]C[alal [2d?\]: they played so fast ] ;W[np]WL[3465.139]C[rider [4k\]: Because so far all ding shi. password [2d\]: 刷屏者一律封帐号30天 jadefish [?\]: ft iiiiii: not fast, \\ alal [2d?\]: hao jadefish [?\]: bear still want all 4 corners ] ;B[qq]BL[3400.547]C[jadefish [?\]: u c alal [2d?\]: but who is the bottle-washer jadefish [?\]: bottle? alal [2d?\]: shua ping jadefish [?\]: oh ] ;W[qp]WL[3427.651] ;B[pq]BL[3394.02] ;W[oq]WL[3425.947] ;B[or]BL[3391.789] ;W[op]WL[3425.171] ;B[nr]BL[3389.381]C[jadefish [?\]: s4? jadefish [?\]: n3\\ alal [2d?\]: 3.5 corner so far, ma ma hu hu lah ] ;W[mq]WL[3323.517]C[rider [4k\]: After 8 rounds, what happens? ] ;B[qj]BL[3352.786]C[rider [4k\]: top 8 goes to play off? ] ;W[rq]WL[3308.882] ;B[rr]BL[3349.628] ;W[rp]WL[3308.088] ;B[sr]BL[3346.437] ;W[gq]WL[3305.719] ;B[bq]BL[3330.195]C[rider [4k\]: ff playing too fast. ] ;W[bp]WL[3291.402] ;B[fr]BL[3328.014] ;W[gr]WL[3282.207]C[rider [4k\]: No ba .. with O2, why G2 now? too small. coolbabe [5d\]: bought another 5 for ff coolbabe [5d\]: cha le 2d na iiiiii: b not bad at all alal [2d?\]: who's colder, i'll bet on cold ] ;B[ch]BL[3191.961]C[xifeng [6d?\]: kao, 4 corners! missbear [4d\]: yah ] ;W[fq]WL[3257.697]C[missbear [4d\]: i got that at move 25 ] ;B[er]BL[3185.01]C[xifeng [6d?\]: just notice password [2d\]: 熊的地板铺得够敬业的 halfsea [3d\]: the bet is going to be closed halfsea [3d\]: hurry to bet ah rider [4k\]: who you bet on, halfsea? alal [2d?\]: fish's plan doesn't work ah jadefish [?\]: :( ] ;W[ep]WL[3217.553]C[rider [4k\]: what is fish's plan? alal [2d?\]: halfsea's here halfsea [3d\]: ft, b has so much cash, w in danger la halfsea [3d\]: I bet on ff halfsea [3d\]: seems danger rider [4k\]: :) alal [2d?\]: we hope no bm here, and they played fast, so... rider [4k\]: ff will 冯胸化吉。:) halfsea [3d\]: then the bet will be cancelled, haha alal [2d?\]: but halfsea's here now alal [2d?\]: hehe alal [2d?\]: hei dian ah password [2d\]: 打倒halfsea halfsea [3d\]: support me ah, don't da dao wo ] ;B[ng]BL[3068.546] ;W[pl]WL[3201.396]C[password [2d\]: ff受了dish的启发 ] ;B[ql]BL[3043.24] ;W[qm]WL[3199.599] ;B[rm]BL[2955.149]C[rider [4k\]: I support you, halfsea (because you support ff). :) windy [-\]: b is think windy [-\]: thick windy [-\]: w is thick i meant ] ;W[qk]WL[3089.232] ;B[rl]BL[2950.78]C[Civ [3k\]: Just bought 4 tickets on bear ] ;W[pj]WL[3088.458] ;B[rk]BL[2945.381] ;W[pk]WL[3087.361]C[rider [4k\]: *BONK Civ* Civ [3k\]: four corners already, and 66:33 odds... ] ;B[qi]BL[2869.626] ;W[qn]WL[3081.646] ;B[jd]BL[2849.184] ;W[pd]WL[3014.898]C[alal [2d?\]: hand civ alal [2d?\]: hehe Civ [3k\]: I wonder what's B's plan to get in the center ] ;B[qc]BL[2756.935]C[rider [4k\]: J16? rider [4k\]: or H17? halfsea [3d\]: J16 is a little risky ] ;W[jc]WL[2859.176]C[iiiiii: m17 ] ;B[lc]BL[2628.126]C[windy [-\]: anyone seen Grudge 2? jadefish [?\]: halfsea? rider [4k\]: almost midnight le, the NJ folks should be logging on soon (and drunk also). :P ] ;W[le]WL[2755.463]C[jadefish [?\]: zhao is back already ya rider [4k\]: OO rider [4k\]: because he already drink too much the night before? :D ] ;B[kd]BL[2550.744]C[coolbabe [5d\]: angry and decamp is having a high level game ] ;W[id]WL[2749.639]C[vancomycin [?\]: who is leading now iiiiii: no way, that game is mess rider [4k\]: this one more important. #2 vs #3. :) iiiiii: this game is not good too windy [-\]: hmm, they say Departed有辱华情节 iiiiii: chi bao le cheng de iiiiii: zai pa yi ge ma ta men, bu jiu de le iiiiii: pai a01 [3d\]: 黑棋即将崩溃? Civ [3k\]: really? iiiiii: k14 out first Civ [3k\]: maybe N18 first? rider [4k\]: No, N18 hurts black in corner. iiiiii: n18 small, lost sente iiiiii: w will get huge central iiiiii: b no way to get in iiiiii: w will be all thick iiiiii: out first iiiiii: let w go m18 ] ;B[mc]BL[2020.447]C[jadefish [?\]: center, hard to control ba, 四面漏风 iiiiii: this is crazy Civ [3k\]: jade, that's where high hand are "high" windy [-\]: 和老赵一样 ] ;W[mb]WL[2691.789]C[jadefish [?\]: well, ff himself taught me center no use ] ;B[jf]BL[2011.568]C[jadefish [?\]: cause 四面漏风 windy [-\]: 这种MKL叫自虐 ] ;W[ld]WL[2682.196] ;B[lb]BL[2004.41]C[guest124 [4d\]: poor b jadefish [?\]: bear tao tao tao ] ;W[nb]WL[2659.652]C[rider [4k\]: L17? ] ;B[kc]BL[2000.873] ;W[je]WL[2657.965] ;B[ke]BL[1999.457] ;W[kf]WL[2657.182] ;B[lf]BL[1998.368] ;W[kg]WL[2656.44] ;B[md]BL[1997.518] ;W[me]WL[2655.178] ;B[ne]BL[1991.981] ;W[mf]WL[2653.827] ;B[lg]BL[1986.275]C[Civ [3k\]: oops rider [4k\]: L18 ba alal [2d?\]: yi? vancomycin [?\]: black is dead halfsea [3d\]: ft, ju ran hui zhe yang? jadefish [?\]: 8? Civ [3k\]: my $80 gone... ] ;W[kb]WL[2623.982] ;B[kh]BL[1981.366]C[halfsea [3d\]: ti rider [4k\]: M19 vancomycin [?\]: sigh, fxiefeng is very strong ] ;W[la]WL[2599.243] ;B[jg]BL[1978.283]C[rider [4k\]: N13 halfsea [3d\]: fengfeng is stronger than brewer windy [-\]: ? rider [4k\]: or tenuki ] ;W[jk]WL[2566.696]C[rider [4k\]: Nice. ] ;B[nk]BL[1969]C[windy [-\]: like假棋 vancomycin [?\]: how to win back for black? jadefish [?\]: b not bad ba jadefish [?\]: 4 corners rider [4k\]: can't win back. ff wins. :) iiiiii: bear ate tooo much iiiiii: k14 out get sente, the game still is easy for b gtgt001 [1k\]: who is winning? iiiiii: now noone knows gtgt001 [1k\]: who? gtgt001 [1k\]: high hand say say gtgt001 [1k\]: who? gtgt001 [1k\]: al? gtgt001 [1k\]: ban hai? rider [4k\]: gt, how come you didn't take part? gtgt001 [1k\]: I betted W ] ;W[pm]WL[2331.144]C[windy [-\]: gt has wife and kid ] ;B[dm]BL[1963.172]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: betted a lot on W halfsea [3d\]: wah! alal [2d?\]: hi gt gtgt001 [1k\]: who is winning? xyh1969 [4d\]: me guest124 [4d\]: 白好应该没疑问 alal [2d?\]: gt fa le? halfsea [3d\]: bear 施展神功了 xyh1969 [4d\]: hi, alal gtgt001 [1k\]: mmd alal [2d?\]: hi 69 xyh1969 [4d\]: when shall we play? gtgt001 [1k\]: last time guest124 [4d\]: 不过好多少就难说了 guest124 [4d\]: I am weak gtgt001 [1k\]: I should following my feeling xyh1969 [4d\]: hi, zhao alal [2d?\]: r u drunk now? gtgt001 [1k\]: not listen high hand ] ;W[em]WL[2273.511]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: you got home already? guest124 [4d\]: hi xyh1969 guest124 [4d\]: yes, home now xyh1969 [4d\]: i am not drunk, alal guest124 [4d\]: I like the party alal [2d?\]: ok, too bad :) ] ;B[dl]BL[1937.058]C[alal [2d?\]: give me 15 min gtgt001 [1k\]: hopefully gtgt001 [1k\]: won some $$$$$$$$$ ] ;W[ej]WL[2263.745]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: i like the party too, thk for coming alal [2d?\]: let me finish dinner xyh1969 [4d\]: sure ] ;B[el]BL[1924.523]C[guest124 [4d\]: you are very welcome vancomycin [?\]: 耍大龙了? xyh1969 [4d\]: actually better eat me :) rider [4k\]: xyh, got food never invite me. :( alal [2d?\]: hehe rider [4k\]: :'( ] ;W[en]WL[2236.706]C[alal [2d?\]: i'll try halfsea [3d\]: how many ppl there on the party? xyh1969 [4d\]: rider, i invited you, but you always said it was too far ] ;B[fk]BL[1916.587] ;W[fj]WL[2232.802]C[guest124 [4d\]: hehe, in fact , the honor is mine rider [4k\]: If you invite windy, then we can take turns to drive. xyh1969 [4d\]: totally 22 adults, 4 kids rider [4k\]: Last time only me, now windy also in VA. :D rider [4k\]: How much food? jadefish [?\]: fool 2 xyh1969 [4d\]: maybe goduke also in VA? halfsea [3d\]: is windy a girl? coolbabe [5d\]: can i add on my bet? rider [4k\]: <-- interested only in amount of food, not number of people. :P xyh1969 [4d\]: as much as you want guest124 [4d\]: goduke is at duke, right? rider [4k\]: :D ] ;B[fm]BL[1855.53]C[coolbabe [5d\]: sounds like he was once in duke xyh1969 [4d\]: maybe goduke already graduate le? guest124 [4d\]: rider, how about the red leaves in VA ? jiapc [3d\]: ok guest124 [4d\]: I see, xyh1969 jiapc [3d\]: zhao already back? ] ;W[gk]WL[2204.997]C[jiapc [3d\]: admire rider [4k\]: Should be peak this weekend. guest124 [4d\]: yes, home now xyh1969 [4d\]: you know what, tonight in the party, more than five Tsinghua schoolmates guest124 [4d\]: hehe rider [4k\]: But I'm stuck trying to configure my new laptop for new work. jadefish [?\]: who? jadefish [?\]: fool, and? jiapc [3d\]: zhao is a giant jiapc [3d\]: zhao ] ;B[gl]BL[1825.682]C[jiapc [3d\]: zhao is a thu dd jiapc [3d\]: also wang jun, cao guoliang jadefish [?\]: zhao is classmate of tuzi? ] ;W[hk]WL[2186.878]C[jiapc [3d\]: nx coolbabe [5d\]: which wang jun? jiapc [3d\]: see board ba jiapc [3d\]: i post on go board le jadefish [?\]: oh jiapc [3d\]: except zhao's real name ] ;B[im]BL[1797.029]C[coolbabe [5d\]: so many people called wang jun jiapc [3d\]: which i guess he wanna hide? hehe iiiiii: b is drunk jiapc [3d\]: oh, that wang jun guest124 [4d\]: in fact , I played go with appoolloo in 1990 guest124 [4d\]: faint, such a long time ago jiapc [3d\]: he won Tong Yufeng vancomycin [?\]: zhao is chemistry major? guest124 [4d\]: haha coolbabe [5d\]: zhao shi bio guest124 [4d\]: 0.5 jiapc [3d\]: i post that on go board le guest124 [4d\]: yes, vancomycin guest124 [4d\]: who are you? jiapc [3d\]: niuer is nx jiapc [3d\]: niuer and xyh ] ;W[km]WL[2124.263]C[jiapc [3d\]: when they appear at the elevator vancomycin [?\]: i am also chemistry, so just curious jiapc [3d\]: they look like gtgt001 [1k\]: haha jiapc [3d\]: 侠客岛使者 jiapc [3d\]: 张三李四 windy [-\]: what is yong yufeng? gtgt001 [1k\]: double face spy? jiapc [3d\]: niuer is 张三 guest124 [4d\]: who are you, vancomycin? 几字班? vancomycin [?\]: tongyufeng vancomycin [?\]: i am not vancomycin [?\]: from qinghua guest124 [4d\]: yes, tong is very strong xyh1969 [4d\]: wait, wait? who won tong yufeng? guest124 [4d\]: 清华校队的 ] ;B[bl]BL[1727.898]C[jiapc [3d\]: wang jun vancomycin [?\]: zhao won tongyufeng guest124 [4d\]: wan jun guest124 [4d\]: 0.5 guest124 [4d\]: only one match xyh1969 [4d\]: did you guys know tong yufeng? jiapc [3d\]: worth some brag vancomycin [?\]: wangjun won tongyufeng jiapc [3d\]: it was in an official game jiapc [3d\]: of course guest124 [4d\]: after that tong won him several times vancomycin [?\]: i knew tongyufeng, but he doesn 't know me jiapc [3d\]: tong was quite famous in thu guest124 [4d\]: I see, vancomycin guest124 [4d\]: tong is quite good xyh1969 [4d\]: tong is in USA bah? guest124 [4d\]: he won tuzi several times in China jiapc [3d\]: xyh, is that 偶尔说一说 插一腿? guest124 [4d\]: tong is in Canada now jadefish [?\]: no ba xyh1969 [4d\]: Do you guys know Wang, jianguo then? jadefish [?\]: no to fool guest124 [4d\]: no, xyh xyh1969 [4d\]: no, differnt people, fool jiapc [3d\]: who is 插一腿呢? jadefish [?\]: where is he halfsea [3d\]: I know Wu Zixin guest124 [4d\]: fool, they are not the same vancomycin [?\]: tongyufeng was in case western reserve university, right? guest124 [4d\]: wu is strong too jiapc [3d\]: 今天高手不说话 vancomycin [?\]: chayidui is dongzelong guest124 [4d\]: was, but now in Canada I think guest124 [4d\]: vancomycin, you can google him vancomycin [?\]: tongyufeng was from 生物无力所 halfsea [3d\]: Wu Zixin and Du Jingyu, who is stronger? vancomycin [?\]: 生物物理所 xyh1969 [4d\]: i knew Tongyufeng because I know Wang,jianguo, they are teammates guest124 [4d\]: vancomycin, are you from ibp? vancomycin [?\]: at that time i was also in CAS, so i knoew him jiapc [3d\]: oh guest124 [4d\]: I see vancomycin [?\]: no, i was from IC CAS gtgt001 [1k\]: damn jiapc [3d\]: van know tuzi and zhao then halfsea [3d\]: me, from CAS too, seems Wu was there too gtgt001 [1k\]: I'm from CAS jiapc [3d\]: yeah guest124 [4d\]: haha :) xifeng [6d?\]: faint gtgt001 [1k\]: I'm from IACAS and ISCAS jiapc [3d\]: nx xyh1969 [4d\]: 2 years ago, tong yufeng sent me an e-mail to ask if I have contact with Wangjianguo vancomycin [?\]: i was in CAS from 1997-2000. missbear [4d\]: xifeng add oil, you CAN eat it all!!!!! xyh1969 [4d\]: kao, this world so small gtgt001 [1k\]: which inst.??? xyh1969 [4d\]: who is winning? jadefish [?\]: who is wangjianguo vancomycin [?\]: poor missbear jadefish [?\]: what did he study in thu? coolbabe [5d\]: looks like i am going to lose all my bet vancomycin [?\]: gtgt, i am crazyman gtgt001 [1k\]: CAS, which inst.???? gtgt001 [1k\]: mmd gtgt001 [1k\]: u jiapc [3d\]: 今天多亏老黄的邻居 gtgt001 [1k\]: crazy????!!! jiapc [3d\]: 不然我可郁闷了 xyh1969 [4d\]: Wangjianguo is wjg_jgc, known as 御风 in 361 guest124 [4d\]: coolbabe,你压了谁? gtgt001 [1k\]: how many MJ u have? jadefish [?\]: ic xyh1969 [4d\]: what happen, fool? coolbabe [5d\]: ff vancomycin [?\]: i only use this majia on kgs jiapc [3d\]: 今天我输给你们那个老美了啊 guest124 [4d\]: I know御风,he is strong too jiapc [3d\]: Rob xyh1969 [4d\]: haha, poor fool vancomycin [?\]: jiapc is fool? jiapc [3d\]: 我满盘追杀他 jiapc [3d\]: 一块都没有杀死 gtgt001 [1k\]: yes gtgt001 [1k\]: he is fool jiapc [3d\]: 结果我什么空都没有 xyh1969 [4d\]: now fool can say barry is weak le :) guest124 [4d\]: comfort , jiapc jadefish [?\]: why? xyh1969 [4d\]: i mean can't :) guest124 [4d\]: who is barry? jadefish [?\]: fool won barry? iiiiii: where is that smallrain, is he in this time? jadefish [?\]: oh ] ;W[dq]WL[1771.155]C[jiapc [3d\]: 后来只好让zhao来报仇 iiiiii: xyh? xyh1969 [4d\]: who is iiiii? jiapc [3d\]: 幸亏捡了老黄邻居一盘 andyusa [5d\]: who is zhao? jadefish [?\]: dont know jiapc [3d\]: 那盘MKL放光芒 ] ;B[dr]BL[1694.783]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: hehe iiiiii: hehe. where is small rain jiapc [3d\]: 本来已经不行了 ] ;W[cq]WL[1765.671]C[andyusa [5d\]: 69, who is zhao? jiapc [3d\]: 卖个破绽让敌人来吃 ] ;B[eo]BL[1685.638]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: smallrain not in this tournament xyh1969 [4d\]: he is too high for all of the players here jiapc [3d\]: 记过吃崩了 ] ;W[fn]WL[1750.929]C[iiiiii: i see. he is better jiapc [3d\]: sigh zengcheng [2d\]: 你在中国吗 xyh1969 [4d\]: zhao is zhao yah guest124 [4d\]: yes, smallrain is tooooooooooo strong jiapc [3d\]: xyh's friends vancomycin [?\]: smallrain is wanglu? jiapc [3d\]: 随便拉一个出来 coolbabe [5d\]: b was trapped xyh1969 [4d\]: zhao, you tell them who you are bah? coolbabe [5d\]: bet safe la jadefish [?\]: no jadefish [?\]: wait for me show jiapc [3d\]: 在这个tournament也能杀个前四啊 jadefish [?\]: zhao, no tell them who u r zengcheng [2d\]: 我赢3段很多盘,怎麽还是2段啊 guest124 [4d\]: haha :) 不过我不用m+知道的人也不多吧 jadefish [?\]: :) xifeng [6d?\]: 扫地不伤蝼蚁命,爱惜飞蛾纱罩灯 vancomycin [?\]: zhao, u r from THU chemistry 6字班, right? guest124 [4d\]: sure, jadefish gtgt001 [1k\]: wokao gtgt001 [1k\]: ff jadefish [?\]: i didn't know u r shidi ya gtgt001 [1k\]: hehe missbear [4d\]: no, i want to eat you all gtgt001 [1k\]: NX guest124 [4d\]: no, vancomycin missbear [4d\]: show show what MKL is guest124 [4d\]: I am older than that jadefish [?\]: fool said u r shidi vancomycin [?\]: i c, coolbabe [5d\]: b missed timing to g5 guest124 [4d\]: 黑崩了吧 ] ;B[dp]BL[1559.847]C[vancomycin [?\]: my classmates were from 3字班 guest124 [4d\]: I see, I know some guys in 3 zi ban jiapc [3d\]: wokao jiapc [3d\]: angry won decamp by 17.5 pts vancomycin [?\]: why there is no ydfr in this game ] ;W[go]WL[1623.926]C[guest124 [4d\]: who is ydfr? jiapc [3d\]: is B behind much? alal [2d?\]: xyh alal [2d?\]: i'm ready ] ;B[co]BL[1503.671]C[alal [2d?\]: neck washed jiapc [3d\]: wokao jiapc [3d\]: xyh just came back from party jiapc [3d\]: not in good mood ah zengcheng [2d\]: 谢峰好美的女孩子 windy [-\]: what party jiapc [3d\]: brain washed by high hands alal [2d?\]: i know, but he want to chop me ah jiapc [3d\]: oh jiapc [3d\]: play then rider [4k\]: windy, would you have driven up to NJ with me? jadefish [?\]: fool, i got 4 pics already la jiapc [3d\]: if xyh wanna chop u, let him chop xyh1969 [4d\]: ok, alal, chop me now jiapc [3d\]: oh alal [2d?\]: ok jiapc [3d\]: zhao gave u? windy [-\]: no jadefish [?\]: and i saw u smile while playing xyh's neighbor windy [-\]: i don't like long driving now jiapc [3d\]: zhao is a huge boy rider [4k\]: why xyh not good mood after party? what did you do to him, fool? godman [1d\]: 太厉害了 jadefish [?\]: no zhao in the pic ya ] ;W[bo]WL[1524.985]C[jadefish [?\]: i saw ouer, niuer jadefish [?\]: xyh jiapc [3d\]: coz zhao took the pic jadefish [?\]: u jadefish [?\]: oh rider [4k\]: cannot have zhao in pic ah, otherwise, block everyone else. :P guest124 [4d\]: yes, jadefish windy [-\]: u going to post the pictures up? ] ;B[cn]BL[1488.319] ;W[do]WL[1522.571]C[jadefish [?\]: zhao will od that, windy guest124 [4d\]: rider, do I know you? ] ;B[bn]BL[1477.399] ;W[br]WL[1521.059]C[jadefish [?\]: i just got the preview :) windy [-\]: how many are in the party rider [4k\]: no, but I heard you're a giant. :D guest124 [4d\]: faint "giant" rider [4k\]: jadefish, send URL to pictures to me pls. jiapc [3d\]: yeah rider [4k\]: I don't read post. jadefish [?\]: ft jiapc [3d\]: i wrote that on board rider [4k\]: uno.nngs@gmail.com jadefish [?\]: :P jiapc [3d\]: sigh jadefish [?\]: u read bbs ba windy [-\]: what's the party about? jiapc [3d\]: after i met xyh's friend jiapc [3d\]: i know jiapc [3d\]: we r frog in well jiapc [3d\]: sigh jadefish [?\]: the same reason the tournament about? jiapc [3d\]: happy though guest124 [4d\]: fool, their club are the top 1 club in US jadefish [?\]: i saw u r very happy jadefish [?\]: big smile halfsea [3d\]: fool, we play go just for fun jiapc [3d\]: hehe guest124 [4d\]: that is because he was winning jiapc [3d\]: what can i do except smile? jadefish [?\]: right, post that on bbs halfsea [3d\]: level is not important jiapc [3d\]: yeah jiapc [3d\]: at that time, i was leading big vancomycin [?\]: ydfr 以德服人 guest124 [4d\]: and you won jiapc [3d\]: i lead 30 pts at that time rider [4k\]: missbear resign soon I predict. :P jadefish [?\]: and u took b ] ;B[bs]BL[1305.907]C[jiapc [3d\]: oh, we pick box randomly ] ;W[aq]WL[1514.764]C[jadefish [?\]: oic jiapc [3d\]: sigh ] ;B[ep]BL[1303.747]C[vancomycin [?\]: sigh, 4 corners lost one jiapc [3d\]: i lost to that US guy rider [4k\]: ff spoon? rider [4k\]: A5 jiapc [3d\]: why spoon? andyusa [5d\]: a2 vancomycin [?\]: ko andyusa [5d\]: better tha a3 andyusa [5d\]: a2; eye kills no eye jiapc [3d\]: no andyusa [5d\]: a3, maybe a ko for life vancomycin [?\]: fool, where are the pictures jiapc [3d\]: A2 can't ba? jiapc [3d\]: i dont have the photos jiapc [3d\]: zhao has it jiapc [3d\]: he only sent to fish mm jiapc [3d\]: u know jiapc [3d\]: zhao was from thu jadefish [?\]: pay me $50 jadefish [?\]: 50bbs$ jiapc [3d\]: he follows thu tradition vancomycin [?\]: jade is really a 奸商 jadefish [?\]: ft jiapc [3d\]: mm first windy [-\]: ko windy [-\]: hoho rider [4k\]: jadefish, send to my email pls. :) xyh1969 [4d\]: jiapc, my neigbour is also your schoolmate yah jiapc [3d\]: yeah jiapc [3d\]: ur neighbor, from mech guest124 [4d\]: 黄老大那里也有些照片 jiapc [3d\]: ko ba xyh1969 [4d\]: mech? jiapc [3d\]: A5 guest124 [4d\]: 如果fool和黄老大都没意见,我就贴几张 jiapc [3d\]: 机械系 xyh1969 [4d\]: tie, tie guest124 [4d\]: 你们的email? xyh1969 [4d\]: no, he was from Chem jiapc [3d\]: 我从来不在乎贴照片 vancomycin [?\]: yes, show the pics ] ;W[gp]WL[1324.001]C[guest124 [4d\]: 先给你们过个目? rider [4k\]: OO jiapc [3d\]: 啊? jiapc [3d\]: 化学? windy [-\]: jade did you go to their party? jiapc [3d\]: 那zhao认识啊? ] ;B[ao]BL[1284.86]C[jiapc [3d\]: hmm xyh1969 [4d\]: 对,有机化学 ] ;W[cs]WL[1312.793]C[jiapc [3d\]: 曹果两是机械的 xyh1969 [4d\]: y jiapc [3d\]: zhao 不认识你邻居啊 niuer [?\]: hi , fool and zhao. it was great pleasure to meet you guys in real life, especially at xyh69's farewell party:) jadefish [?\]: then zhao knows chop le guest124 [4d\]: ok, xyh and fool ,我照的不多 ] ;B[ds]BL[1257.477]C[vancomycin [?\]: 有机化学啊, 和我同行啊 jadefish [?\]: zhao~~~~~ guest124 [4d\]: 贴张fool的,贴张黄老大的吧 jadefish [?\]: so u know chop le? guest124 [4d\]: yes? rider [4k\]: zhao, if you're emailing, add uno.nngs@gmail.com pls. :) guest124 [4d\]: 当然 jiapc [3d\]: ff sure what he's doing? jadefish [?\]: u r chop's shidi? guest124 [4d\]: 我两下过几百盘 coolbabe [5d\]: ff spoon la vancomycin [?\]: rider is uno on nngs? coolbabe [5d\]: kao niuer [?\]: zhao already got back home? coolbabe [5d\]: lost 140 da yang guest124 [4d\]: yes, niuer rider [4k\]: yes, vancomycin. guest124 [4d\]: nice to meet you tonight windy [-\]: nice pictures jadefish [?\]: u and chop, who is whose shidi ] ;W[ap]WL[1255.642]C[vancomycin [?\]: i remember i played with UNO on nngs before niuer [?\]: same here:-) guest124 [4d\]: 难得我俩都似曾相识呀 coolbabe [5d\]: a4 jadefish [?\]: zhao? coolbabe [5d\]: another spoon jiapc [3d\]: 牛二, very niu guest124 [4d\]: haha guest124 [4d\]: yes, jadefish? ReadAll: F1吧 jadefish [?\]: u and chop rider [4k\]: I'm now weaker. jiapc [3d\]: niuer said, next time when we have a tournament jadefish [?\]: who is whose shidi guest124 [4d\]: yes? jiapc [3d\]: he'll join niuer [?\]: how far is ur place from that restaurant, zhao? guest124 [4d\]: he is my shi di jiapc [3d\]: what's A4? jadefish [?\]: really? jadefish [?\]: then how can u be fool's shidi? guest124 [4d\]: 50 miles, niuer guest124 [4d\]: no triffic at night jadefish [?\]: well, anyway guest124 [4d\]: hehe ] ;B[ar]BL[1181.386]C[vancomycin [?\]: zhao is also in rutgers? ] ;W[as]WL[1251.855] ;B[gn]BL[1177.605] ;W[fo]WL[1249.444] ;B[ar]BL[1175.799]C[guest124 [4d\]: no, Philly jadefish [?\]: niuer, i saw ur pic le niuer [?\]: philiy down town? vancomycin [?\]: princeton? windy [-\]: awesome ko for the win guest124 [4d\]: no, niuer, university city vancomycin [?\]: yes, this ko will determin who win bah FakeTeeth [6k\]: where r the pics? jadefish [?\]: haha vancomycin [?\]: bear is my idol ReadAll: 吃右下转换吧 jadefish [?\]: luo ben over le coolbabe [5d\]: c16 ba coolbabe [5d\]: chi bu dao windy [-\]: pictures are not posted up yet jadefish [?\]: i like fool's smile pic best guest124 [4d\]: 我也喜欢那张 FakeTeeth [6k\]: fish, any 残羹冷炙? vancomycin [?\]: xyh, when will u leave? jiapc [3d\]: faint jiapc [3d\]: i haven't see it yet ] ;W[cc]WL[1137.028]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: oct. 30 ] ;B[bq]BL[1170.029] ;W[db]WL[1134.487]C[jadefish [?\]: zhao did a great job ] ;B[dd]BL[1150.886] ;W[eb]WL[1130.374]C[vancomycin [?\]: bear is leading bah ] ;B[bc]BL[1145.888]C[windy [-\]: now b has 3 corners jadefish [?\]: ff bei mk le ] ;W[cb]WL[1114.396]C[vancomycin [?\]: poor ff coolbabe [5d\]: c16 better xyh1969 [4d\]: zhao, when you arrive, spear already left le? windy [-\]: you guys all drove to NJ today? xyh1969 [4d\]: what, bear chppoed ff? coolbabe [5d\]: b close to 60 godman [1d\]: white why not use C16 as kozai coolbabe [5d\]: he used c17 jiapc [3d\]: spear left very early ] ;B[gj]BL[1034.418]C[godman [1d\]: I prefer C16 coolbabe [5d\]: bad coolbabe [5d\]: ladder coolbabe [5d\]: i see jiapc [3d\]: hehe coolbabe [5d\]: wo de 140 da yang ya jiapc [3d\]: didn't bear see the ladder? jiapc [3d\]: no jiapc [3d\]: no ladder windy [-\]: no ladder coolbabe [5d\]: he used m14 first coolbabe [5d\]: kind of trick ReadAll: missbear要赢了,银子没了 :( ] ;W[dh]WL[1041.711]C[jadefish [?\]: i bet on bear jadefish [?\]: :) coolbabe [5d\]: ok la jadefish [?\]: hahaha coolbabe [5d\]: g11 not crucial windy [-\]: 生活战斗在黄老大身边的大佬们 (1.1k jiapc [3d\]: 今天插一腿没有来? jadefish [?\]: fool? jadefish [?\]: i upload ur smile to bbs la? jiapc [3d\]: 随便 jiapc [3d\]: 我无所谓 jiapc [3d\]: 领导照片不可以随便放 jiapc [3d\]: 我自己的不值钱 jadefish [?\]: ft rider [4k\]: I thought we have everyone's photo on xyh's old website already ah, this is just update. :) jadefish [?\]: i ben u 5mins ba FakeTeeth [6k\]: 都放吧,大家一起葱白 jiapc [3d\]: 今天去了个台湾dd jadefish [?\]: ? rider [4k\]: were you there, Faketeeth? FakeTeeth [6k\]: no jiapc [3d\]: 被曹国梁放倒了 FakeTeeth [6k\]: on my bed this afternoon guest124 [4d\]: 刚贴了 guest124 [4d\]: 曹力量很大呀 ] ;B[di]BL[860.665]C[guest124 [4d\]: 我们下过三盘,我都输了 ] ;W[ci]WL[1029.531]C[guest124 [4d\]: 刚贴了两张照片,一张fool,一张xyh xifeng [6d?\]: d11 too cow ] ;B[cg]BL[818.782] ;W[eh]WL[1013.84]C[missbear [4d\]: better than a4, negative 1 mu ] ;B[gi]BL[807.329]C[xifeng [6d?\]: haha rider [4k\]: now L15, can do either K12 or M12 cut. windy [-\]: 照片我看到了 coolbabe [5d\]: no wonder missbear won so many games windy [-\]: 哪个是fool? rider [4k\]: where? windy [-\]: http://www.mitbbs.com/mitbbs_article.php?board=Go&id=12270836&ftype=3 coolbabe [5d\]: mkl everywhere guest124 [4d\]: bear sooo strong missbear [4d\]: tmmd, shuang 1 bah first, then zai shuo windy [-\]: which one is fool missbear [4d\]: i am liu mang, who fear whom?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? jadefish [?\]: this game, bear mkl jadefish [?\]: but game with brewer, he didn't rider [4k\]: no group photo? missbear [4d\]: 沧海一笑 jadefish [?\]: i didn't get one missbear [4d\]: 风风 死光了 windy [-\]: is the first one fool? jadefish [?\]: ft rider [4k\]: All look so young, envy ah. windy [-\]: who are the two people in the second picture? pront [4k\]: wokao pront [4k\]: 形势大变啊 rider [4k\]: pront also had his photo on his webpage previously. rider [4k\]: with his wife. pront [4k\]: 不愧是 bear windy [-\]: pront has wife too? jadefish [?\]: the smile one is fool halfsea [3d\]: nnd, my $$ jadefish [?\]: windy halfsea [3d\]: all gone jiapc [3d\]: ah? jiapc [3d\]: kao missbear [4d\]: 头可断 血可流 ,mkl的精神不能丢 jadefish [?\]: :) xifeng [6d?\]: 不许唱歌 guest124 [4d\]: fool, your email? jiapc [3d\]: halfsea, please bet on brewer next round jiapc [3d\]: nnd windy [-\]: jade, who is the one with the back facing camera rider [4k\]: Still there on your website .. I'll post to room, not here. :D coolbabe [5d\]: ff, spoon after spoon jadefish [?\]: how should i know ya guest124 [4d\]: windy, he is xyh's neighbour coolbabe [5d\]: starting from g5 gtgt001 [1k\]: kao guest124 [4d\]: he may not have a id in bbs gtgt001 [1k\]: what happend?????!!!!! gtgt001 [1k\]: what happend?????!!!!! windy [-\]: 呵呵 gtgt001 [1k\]: what happend?????!!!!! coolbabe [5d\]: lost all my bet gtgt001 [1k\]: bear sings a song again? windy [-\]: 大家看不懂了吧 missbear [4d\]: pront,为师傅出力的时候到了!!!! niuer [?\]: zhao, who did u play with tonight? i couldn't even remember jiapc [3d\]: 老美 jiapc [3d\]: Rob rider [4k\]: OO guest124 [4d\]: 他根我说了名字,我忘了 niuer [?\]: not that jiapc [3d\]: zhao替我报仇啊 pront [4k\]: 我,我来支一招。:) guest124 [4d\]: I played two games tonight rider [4k\]: Got 老外also? niuer [?\]: oh i see ] ;W[fg]WL[610.174]C[niuer [?\]: zhang, xun xifeng [6d?\]: 沙不了 gtgt001 [1k\]: kao jiapc [3d\]: 哦 gtgt001 [1k\]: bu kan la gtgt001 [1k\]: heart burning guest124 [4d\]: one was with Robert, the other was with a Chinese guy from Edison jiapc [3d\]: 张迅,我记得 niuer [?\]: how's the result with that chinese guy? guest124 [4d\]: 应该是 jiapc [3d\]: 我问了他两次名字 guest124 [4d\]: 我输了,下的太很, ] ;B[bd]BL[757.28]C[guest124 [4d\]: I am weak :( niuer [?\]: zhang xun was from shanghai guest124 [4d\]: 他多强 rider [4k\]: F16? jiapc [3d\]: 黄老身边的 ] ;W[fd]WL[602.785]C[jiapc [3d\]: 个个强 rider [4k\]: wooohoo .. I played a ff move. :) guest124 [4d\]: do you know his aga rating? jadefish [?\]: o, zhao, do u have chop's pic ] ;B[fe]BL[737.973]C[niuer [?\]: sth like 6.5 bah guest124 [4d\]: no, jadefish :( guest124 [4d\]: I see jadefish [?\]: :( jiapc [3d\]: fish要相亲? jadefish [?\]: ft rider [4k\]: ft jadefish [?\]: yaoyan jiapc [3d\]: 要这么多照片干涉么? guest124 [4d\]: 我下得太狠了,如果知道他 AGA rating 6.5就柔点下了 guest124 [4d\]: my rating is only 5.0 maybe windy [-\]: 都是高手 guest124 [4d\]: hehe, too weak jiapc [3d\]: 黄老身边的啊 niuer [?\]: u and him should be very close jiapc [3d\]: 他们那个老美 niuer [?\]: 69 beat him few times jiapc [3d\]: 我本来准备欺负一把的 guest124 [4d\]: 希望吧, 呵呵 jiapc [3d\]: sigh jiapc [3d\]: 楞是杀不死 niuer [?\]: but that zhang un should be quite strong before guest124 [4d\]: I see, niuer niuer [?\]: really fool? jiapc [3d\]: 我没有见过这么强的老美, jiapc [3d\]: 一般老美都脆得狠 guest124 [4d\]: 你们俱乐部藏龙卧虎,把那个老美郁闷坏了 guest124 [4d\]: hehe niuer [?\]: u must be too nice jiapc [3d\]: 不过也许我杀法太粗糙 ] ;W[gd]WL[468.696] ;B[kl]BL[730.177]C[guest124 [4d\]: 我和一个Boston的老美下过一盘,差点出来3劫 ] ;W[jl]WL[459.725] ;B[jm]BL[723.476]C[jiapc [3d\]: wokao niuer [?\]: that american guy's name is " rob" rider [4k\]: H12? ] ;W[ii]WL[446.379]C[missbear [4d\]: 统统杀 jiapc [3d\]: fengfeng这要崩? guest124 [4d\]: 记不清楚了,大概3年前下的 rider [4k\]: ff leading if can live every group. windy [-\]: rob? niuer [?\]: he used to be the leader( in charge of) highland go club before i cam to NJ guest124 [4d\]: 他是去NYC比赛,回来去我们club下棋 guest124 [4d\]: a cowboy? ] ;B[gg]BL[667.499]C[niuer [?\]: u mean that lao mei? guest124 [4d\]: the guy in Boston? jiapc [3d\]: bear缠绕攻击 niuer [?\]: i don't know which one u mean? jiapc [3d\]: fengfeng芳心大乱啊 pront [4k\]: bear 在打心理战, windy [-\]: bear is aga 4d? rider [4k\]: 6d windy [-\]: oh guest124 [4d\]: 不好意思,我说的是下过的那个Boston的老美,带了牛仔帽 guest124 [4d\]: 像个牛仔 niuer [?\]: oh ic jiapc [3d\]: bear拿过catsun杯冠军的 windy [-\]: zhao guest124 [4d\]: yes, windy? jiapc [3d\]: 响当当的aga 6d windy [-\]: 下次你也带个牛仔帽 guest124 [4d\]: fool, 5d or 6d ? guest124 [4d\]: haha, windy :) jiapc [3d\]: fool is AGA 2d jiapc [3d\]: hmm jiapc [3d\]: no, jiapc [3d\]: AGA 1k ] ;W[ig]WL[342.232]C[jiapc [3d\]: that Rob is AGA 1d jiapc [3d\]: I lost to him tonight rider [4k\]: really? jiapc [3d\]: so I'm AGA 1k guest124 [4d\]: 我是说bear拿的那次冠军,是5d组还是6d组? guest124 [4d\]: kick , fool tuzi [4d\]: niuer? jiapc [3d\]: oh niuer [?\]: y jiapc [3d\]: 5d group guest124 [4d\]: 太地雷了也不好 guest124 [4d\]: I see tuzi [4d\]: how's this game so far rider [4k\]: I play even game with AGA 1d in clubs, win 50%. niuer [?\]: fool, u can give that rob 2h jiapc [3d\]: sigh rider [4k\]: you must win AGA 1d ah. jiapc [3d\]: i thought so rider [4k\]: At least 99% :P jiapc [3d\]: but... niuer [?\]: u must overlook him tonight:) jiapc [3d\]: can't kill him rider [4k\]: Maybe that was the 1%. :) niuer [?\]: i did not count , tuzi jiapc [3d\]: 杀棋, 太难了 niuer [?\]: his is weak at fighting jiapc [3d\]: 今天要不是xyh的邻居要杀我 jiapc [3d\]: 我后来也输了 niuer [?\]: but pretty good at openning and common shapes jiapc [3d\]: 但是他都做活了 jiapc [3d\]: 我根本懒得围空 niuer [?\]: he helped fengyun to teach those kids guest124 [4d\]: hehe jiapc [3d\]: 心说杀死一块就赢了 tuzi [4d\]: fool杀棋有问题, 围空也有问题 jiapc [3d\]: 结果, 等围空的时候已经不行了 guest124 [4d\]: 可惜今天没见到丰云 jiapc [3d\]: kick tuzi coolbabe [5d\]: why not go to her home? guest124 [4d\]: 这棋还得下1个小时? jiapc [3d\]: kao niuer [?\]: 95% of NJ weiqi players all showed up le tuzi [4d\]: yes jiapc [3d\]: 不会吧? tuzi [4d\]: 1 hr? jiapc [3d\]: 我明天要给talk guest124 [4d\]: hehe, coolbabe,我们也好久没见了 coolbabe [5d\]: at least jiapc [3d\]: ok coolbabe [5d\]: right guest124 [4d\]: 下次有机会一起去看丰云下棋吧 coolbabe [5d\]: dont know how to play le coolbabe [5d\]: against who? niuer [?\]: zhao, u can come to play NJ open ah guest124 [4d\]: 无所谓了,我没见过她 niuer [?\]: every year , end of Feb. at princeton Univ. coolbabe [5d\]: george still rules ba guest124 [4d\]: I am too weak for NJ open :( coolbabe [5d\]: huang lao le windy [-\]: coolbabe go to party too? coolbabe [5d\]: no guest124 [4d\]: no,kick coolbabe coolbabe [5d\]: weekend is kid's tie rider [4k\]: So it's zhao, xyh, fool, and who else that is here? coolbabe [5d\]: time ] ;B[fh]BL[356.381]C[guest124 [4d\]: hehe, comfort coolbabe coolbabe [5d\]: xyh's nj gang guest124 [4d\]: spear guest124 [4d\]: appoolloo missbear [4d\]: muhahahahhahahahaha rider [4k\]: Oh .. spear is there also? niuer [?\]: u can play high dan group, and don't have to be championship ah, just play for fun and meet some new friends? guest124 [4d\]: faint bear missbear [4d\]: xifeng,你也有今天? rider [4k\]: aiyo .. how can evil laugh like that. missbear. windy [-\]: ? ] ;W[ff]WL[303.317]C[guest124 [4d\]: 好的,niuer tuzi [4d\]: en? guest124 [4d\]: 如果到时有时间一定去 xyh1969 [4d\]: missbear 风了? guest124 [4d\]: 就算不下也可以看看 tuzi [4d\]: looks to me b is getting killed coolbabe [5d\]: hehehe FakeTeeth [6k\]: drunk xifeng [6d?\]: 有啊 niuer [?\]: if we had such kind of party or activities, u r always welcome to join us, zhao:) coolbabe [5d\]: b was dead lon time ago ] ;B[gf]BL[306.283]C[guest124 [4d\]: thanks a lot, dude xifeng [6d?\]: bear nx jiapc [3d\]: xyh走了 coolbabe [5d\]: sequence jiapc [3d\]: niuer来了 jiapc [3d\]: 很好 coolbabe [5d\]: sequence jiapc [3d\]: 毛泽东 ] ;W[fi]WL[269.098] ;B[gh]BL[301.876]C[rider [4k\]: missbear 走火入魔了。 niuer [?\]: i still feel very sad for xyh's leaving, we gonna lose a lot fun coolbabe [5d\]: bear pao le coolbabe [5d\]: if w did not e13 ] ;W[ge]WL[206.931]C[pront [4k\]: yeah, bear is acting weird. coolbabe [5d\]: pao bu liao? ] ;B[eg]BL[282.08]C[coolbabe [5d\]: qi chu? tuzi [4d\]: I think white needs H8 sente? ] ;W[ee]WL[201.344] ;B[dg]BL[278.905] ;W[ei]WL[200.279] ;B[ek]BL[273.753] ;W[dj]WL[199.079]C[tuzi [4d\]: babe? coolbabe [5d\]: right rider [4k\]: Can white get an extra lib on the side? pront [4k\]: 是不是前面五连胜让他特别想赢下来? coolbabe [5d\]: but 2 late la tuzi [4d\]: w if has h8 tuzi [4d\]: then ] ;B[bj]BL[247.332]C[tuzi [4d\]: can eat b ] ;W[bi]WL[195.532]C[coolbabe [5d\]: hahaha ] ;B[ck]BL[242.647]C[windy [-\]: ? tuzi [4d\]: A10 tuzi [4d\]: b dead? coolbabe [5d\]: must shockjocks [3k\]: bear alive? ] ;W[aj]WL[171.266]C[tuzi [4d\]: if b connects coolbabe [5d\]: bear alive tuzi [4d\]: ... gtgt001 [1k\]: who is winning? coolbabe [5d\]: but upper godman [1d\]: w jiapc [3d\]: ko again? rider [4k\]: hoho .. w can win, black must ko. gtgt001 [1k\]: haha gtgt001 [1k\]: cool windy [-\]: ko gtgt001 [1k\]: $ back la windy [-\]: gt, who did you bet coolbabe [5d\]: only one threats tuzi [4d\]: hoho, gt xyh1969 [4d\]: sigh, didn't get a chance to bet on this game xifeng [6d?\]: MKL strong. i admit you are the MKL master now gtgt001 [1k\]: bu kan la gtgt001 [1k\]: hehe halfsea [3d\]: who better? rider [4k\]: ff also taunting. :P coolbabe [5d\]: b was way better coolbabe [5d\]: after the ko gtgt001 [1k\]: when I left, the game always goes to the side I prefer coolbabe [5d\]: but he stuffed some dead stones halfsea [3d\]: haha, go, gt rider [4k\]: so which side you prefer, gt? coolbabe [5d\]: so w catch up gtgt001 [1k\]: W gtgt001 [1k\]: will be back gtgt001 [1k\]: hehe rider [4k\]: then you better go away. :) gtgt001 [1k\]: $$$$$$$$$$$$$ rider [4k\]: Yeah. :) gtgt001 [1k\]: did I hear the sound of $$$$$$$$$$$$????? ] ;B[ih]BL[68.306]C[coolbabe [5d\]: yi wa jiu pa le rider [4k\]: ?? rider [4k\]: B9 rider [4k\]: Kill C12 group ah. rider [4k\]: definitely B9. :) rider [4k\]: game over. jiapc [3d\]: why? rider [4k\]: if b B12, then H12 also not late. coolbabe [5d\]: b9 only ma? jiapc [3d\]: why not H12? rider [4k\]: Because B9 sente to kill C12 group. :) rider [4k\]: That's enough to win. ] ;W[hh]WL[53.574]C[jiapc [3d\]: if W can kill G12 group rider [4k\]: ff didn't think so. :( ] ;B[ij]BL[60.771]C[jiapc [3d\]: why not? rider [4k\]: still B9 first. rider [4k\]: you teach me, fool, live clean first, then worry later. rider [4k\]: in knight's game. rider [4k\]: That O2. jiapc [3d\]: oh jiapc [3d\]: but not in fight ah rider [4k\]: *BONK fool* rider [4k\]: That was fight also. jiapc [3d\]: in big fight, every move has to be tight rider [4k\]: But had a J5 cut. jiapc [3d\]: that was not in tight jiapc [3d\]: in knight's game rider [4k\]: Now, B9 have kill on C13. jiapc [3d\]: knight need to make alive rider [4k\]: same here. jiapc [3d\]: here, both sides not alive yet coolbabe [5d\]: b 9 ba jiapc [3d\]: H8 no sente ah zcaptain [?\]: b9 ] ;W[jh]WL[60]OW[4] ;B[ik]BL[52.447]C[coolbabe [5d\]: sold 2 guys 2 big ] ;W[bk]WL[60]OW[4] ;B[ke]BL[41.386]C[coolbabe [5d\]: ??? coolbabe [5d\]: b14 sha si le mei you? ] ;W[jj]WL[60]OW[4] ;B[hj]BL[28.153]C[jiapc [3d\]: wanna ko again? coolbabe [5d\]: no ko jiapc [3d\]: ok jiapc [3d\]: why? ] ;W[if]WL[60]OW[4]C[jiapc [3d\]: if B J14? ] ;B[kq]BL[15.621]C[coolbabe [5d\]: ???? zcaptain [?\]: kao, bear MKL A jiapc [3d\]: bear is fearless tuzi [4d\]: is left side b alive? pront [4k\]: NXNX tuzi [4d\]: what if w A14 ] ;W[kp]WL[60]OW[4]C[jiapc [3d\]: no need alive tuzi [4d\]: b14 tuzi [4d\]: why? zcaptain [?\]: why not b14 tuzi [4d\]: yeah jiapc [3d\]: coz bear plays MKL coolbabe [5d\]: bear completely mad la tuzi [4d\]: white b14 tuzi [4d\]: kills jiapc [3d\]: MKL jiapc [3d\]: if die, just a dead body ] ;B[kr]BL[60]OB[5]C[jiapc [3d\]: u kill tons of bodies jiapc [3d\]: now ff just wanna end this game godman [1d\]: L2 ? jiapc [3d\]: he is tired of blood rider [4k\]: M1? godman [1d\]: can b live here ?or even get something ? rider [4k\]: M2 enough probably. ] ;W[jq]WL[60]OW[4]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: w can kill middle black bah? rider [4k\]: yes, feels like possible. coolbabe [5d\]: one at a time rider [4k\]: But B14 first. jiapc [3d\]: u mean N13 cut? ] ;B[lp]BL[60]OB[5]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: around there rider [4k\]: this is dangerous. jiapc [3d\]: nx godman [1d\]: m2 rider [4k\]: G3 group needs to connect. ] ;W[lr]WL[60]OW[4]C[tuzi [4d\]: no way tuzi [4d\]: Q2 coolbabe [5d\]: w fine tuzi [4d\]: can't get back jiapc [3d\]: xyh talk smile wind rise tuzi [4d\]: anyway jiapc [3d\]: alal resign ] ;B[jp]BL[60]OB[5] ;W[ko]WL[60]OW[4] ;B[iq]BL[60]OB[5]C[rider [4k\]: puretao win again. rider [4k\]: That guy .. not 6k ah. coolbabe [5d\]: k5 rider [4k\]: Bigger sandbagger than alal. :) coolbabe [5d\]: let him connect coolbabe [5d\]: or k2 coolbabe [5d\]: good taste coolbabe [5d\]: later ko back missbear [4d\]: 手段多才是mkl的 精髓 niuer [?\]: bear must feel high now:) iiiiii: ko again? tuzi [4d\]: M2 tuzi [4d\]: bad tuzi [4d\]: just K4 tuzi [4d\]: what will happen coolbabe [5d\]: k5 coolbabe [5d\]: no k4 rider [4k\]: ff no time. :( niuer [?\]: i never saw bear " so talktive":-) tuzi [4d\]: i mean coolbabe [5d\]: but k2 seems good tuzi [4d\]: I mean ] ;W[jr]WL[60]OW[2]C[tuzi [4d\]: white does not m2 tuzi [4d\]: just K4 tuzi [4d\]: connect ] ;B[ir]BL[60]OB[5] ;W[ks]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[ip]BL[60]OB[5]C[coolbabe [5d\]: w ust k4? ] ;W[is]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[hs]BL[60]OB[5] ;W[hr]WL[60]OW[2]C[coolbabe [5d\]: b leave a big guan zi tuzi [4d\]: nothing coolbabe [5d\]: chi tong la tuzi [4d\]: no way tuzi [4d\]: because tuzi [4d\]: q2 u can't connect anyway tuzi [4d\]: can't get it back jiapc [3d\]: not a ko here ah ] ;B[jo]BL[60]OB[5]C[tuzi [4d\]: no ko jiapc [3d\]: B just connect back jiapc [3d\]: W coolbabe [5d\]: leave it there rider [4k\]: G1, can't help. ] ;W[gs]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[kn]BL[60]OB[5] ;W[lm]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[lo]BL[60]OB[5]C[rider [4k\]: B14 now. coolbabe [5d\]: what is ff doing? zcaptain [?\]: kao ] ;W[kq]WL[60]OW[2]C[rider [4k\]: no. ] ;B[ln]BL[60]OB[5]C[zcaptain [?\]: b14 is not good now rider [4k\]: N4 missbear [4d\]: 神出鬼没 ] ;W[mp]WL[60]OW[2]C[berklai [1d?\]: kao zcaptain [?\]: bear MKL lihai a ] ;B[bh]BL[60]OB[5]C[rider [4k\]: w behind, need to kill one group now. berklai [1d?\]: bear using 心理战术 ] ;W[hn]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[hm]BL[60]OB[5]C[coolbabe [5d\]: bad again coolbabe [5d\]: n7 hen da missbear [4d\]: 妙手迭出 pront [4k\]: 哈哈 godman [1d\]: 白是不是应该投了? tuzi [4d\]: I don't like this zcaptain [?\]: b14! rider [4k\]: missbear taunting again, penalty 10 yards. ] ;W[pi]WL[60]OW[2]C[coolbabe [5d\]: sld ban player talk xifeng [6d?\]: 不错 ] ;B[ah]BL[60]OB[5] ;W[ai]WL[60]OW[2]C[windy [-\]: if bear wins, he can be #2 coolbabe [5d\]: ff had a lot of chances rider [4k\]: missbear in this tournament disappoints me. coolbabe [5d\]: my 140 rider [4k\]: first the win by time, now all these taunting. coolbabe [5d\]: ff' f5 coolbabe [5d\]: easily sold the game ] ;B[ph]BL[60]OB[4]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: they are good firends, did this for fun, i guess, windy ] ;W[ni]WL[60]OW[2]C[windy [-\]: ? windy [-\]: what did i say? ] ;B[nh]BL[60]OB[4]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: you said bear dispoint you? ] ;W[mm]WL[60]OW[2]C[tuzi [4d\]: why can't just cut??? windy [-\]: ft tuzi [4d\]: N13 O12? tuzi [4d\]: can't cut? guys? windy [-\]: rider said that tuzi [4d\]: I don't understand windy [-\]: why you always confuse me with uno, hehe xyh1969 [4d\]: oh, sorry ] ;B[mi]BL[60]OB[4]C[rider [4k\]: ya .. old man is here, young chap is there. iiiiii: hands up, w ] ;W[ki]WL[60]OW[2]C[windy [-\]: xyh xyh1969 [4d\]: me too old le, windy [-\]: i saw your pose in the picture rider [4k\]: you still young ah. :) xyh1969 [4d\]: oh gtgt001 [1k\]: wokao ] ;B[li]BL[60]OB[4]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: za la? gtgt001 [1k\]: Bian Tian again? ] ;W[oh]WL[60]OW[2]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: ff got killed le, right? xyh1969 [4d\]: is it possible that ff and bear switched their ids? hhj76 [4d\]: white lead rider [4k\]: that'll be mean. iiiiii: lead what? xyh1969 [4d\]: iiiii = bb? coolbabe [5d\]: b 70+ rider [4k\]: really? ] ;B[og]BL[60]OB[3] ;W[oi]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[pe]BL[60]OB[3]C[iiiiii: do not guess, xyh ] ;W[mj]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[lj]BL[60]OB[3] ;W[lk]WL[60]OW[2]C[rider [4k\]: if I wasn't told barry was barry, he behave like bb. ] ;B[mk]BL[60]OB[3] ;W[nj]WL[60]OW[2]C[iiiiii: i am here, you never can be an old one tuzi [4d\]: hehe tuzi [4d\]: w can get L10 tuzi [4d\]: sente:) coolbabe [5d\]: and b18 r19 ] ;B[mg]BL[60]OB[2]C[iiiiii: you improve your go skill a lot, i hope you improve your salery in the same way, xyh tuzi [4d\]: b14 ] ;W[qa]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[qb]BL[60]OB[2]C[windy [-\]: is pront here? ] ;W[pa]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[ra]BL[60]OB[2] ;W[ob]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[pb]BL[60]OB[2] ;W[oa]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[kk]BL[60]OB[2] ;W[ll]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[kj]BL[60]OB[2] ;W[ji]WL[60]OW[2]C[coolbabe [5d\]: huh? godman [1d\]: n6 ] ;B[mn]BL[60]OB[2]C[rider [4k\]: Guoming, you just want to show off your high salary? tuzi [4d\]: ? ] ;W[nm]WL[60]OW[2]C[coolbabe [5d\]: w sld n6 coolbabe [5d\]: and ko there tuzi [4d\]: why can't w do b14? ] ;B[nn]BL[60]OB[2]C[tuzi [4d\]: pls ] ;W[on]WL[60]OW[2]C[tuzi [4d\]: b14 tuzi [4d\]: then ko? ] ;B[bb]BL[60]OB[2]C[coolbabe [5d\]: b14 gan diao liang ge? vancomycin [?\]: still not over??? zcaptain [?\]: kao rider [4k\]: Close game. ] ;W[rb]WL[60]OW[2]C[rider [4k\]: B18 was big. ] ;B[rc]BL[60]OB[2]C[zcaptain [?\]: bear can see comments here ] ;W[sa]WL[60]OW[2]C[coolbabe [5d\]: w sld b18 rider [4k\]: no coolbabe [5d\]: first rider [4k\]: unless he cheats, but he won't. ] ;B[rn]BL[60]OB[2] ;W[sc]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[sd]BL[60]OB[2]C[rider [4k\]: ho .. ko. rider [4k\]: :D windy [-\]: s15 rider [4k\]: Right. xyh1969 [4d\]: ko now? godman [1d\]: 白要拚了,不然没机会了 alal [2d?\]: no ko coolbabe [5d\]: s15 0.5 mu maybe tuzi [4d\]: w still leads ] ;W[re]WL[60]OW[2]C[godman [1d\]: c19 很大阿 tuzi [4d\]: but not many ] ;B[qe]BL[60]OB[2]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: maybe not a ko, jie bu gui? ] ;W[rd]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[sb]BL[60]OB[2] ;W[pg]WL[60]OW[2]C[iiiiii: hehe ] ;B[qh]BL[60]OB[2] ;W[sc]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[rf]BL[60]OB[2]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: what? w leads? rider [4k\]: Ops. :( windy [-\]: what's w doing godman [1d\]: 白没有用。黑可以打下去 xyh1969 [4d\]: let me count count ] ;W[of]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[pf]BL[60]OB[2] ;W[kf]WL[60]OW[2]C[rider [4k\]: L14? rider [4k\]: resign ba. ] ;B[kg]BL[60]OB[2] ;W[ba]WL[60]OW[2]C[rider [4k\]: still play? vancomycin [?\]: bear will win? rider [4k\]: lost le rider [4k\]: b lost le ] ;B[sb]BL[60]OB[2]C[rider [4k\]: b center dead rider [4k\]: b just hope to time win. rider [4k\]: like 2 games ago. ] ;W[mh]WL[60]OW[2]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: center dead? jiapc [3d\]: what are u talking about? ] ;B[lh]BL[60]OB[2]C[rider [4k\]: yes. ] ;W[sc]WL[60]OW[2]C[alal [2d?\]: ft rider alal [2d?\]: where jiapc [3d\]: uno? xyh1969 [4d\]: oh, it was uno's comments xyh1969 [4d\]: no wonder vancomycin [?\]: what do u mean center die? ] ;B[ef]BL[60]OB[2]C[rider [4k\]: how is it not dead? rider [4k\]: Oh. ] ;W[fe]WL[60]OW[2]C[rider [4k\]: I should go sleep. rider [4k\]: Q13. :D vancomycin [?\]: haha ] ;B[de]BL[60]OB[2]C[minimumg [2d\]: w is a girl? rider [4k\]: 1:30am lah .. *blush* alal [2d?\]: hehe rider [4k\]: yes, and very pp too. :P windy [-\]: no, that's his girlfriend rider [4k\]: And available, you should date him. ] ;W[ca]WL[60]OW[2]C[rider [4k\]: er .. her. ] ;B[kd]BL[60]OB[2]C[windy [-\]: my bad windy [-\]: i meant her girlfriend ] ;W[kc]WL[60]OW[2]C[vancomycin [?\]: who is windy ] ;B[al]BL[60]OB[2] ;W[dk]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[cl]BL[60]OB[2] ;W[ak]WL[60]OW[2]C[rider [4k\]: windy is not from Chicago, surprisingly. Erasmus [?\]: lol godman [1d\]: 黑稍微好一些。 xyh1969 [4d\]: b winning bah vancomycin [?\]: e17? windy [-\]: continue the ko xyh1969 [4d\]: let's check how much money bet on bear ] ;B[ec]BL[60]OB[2]C[coolbabe [5d\]: b 10 mu de yang zi ] ;W[fc]WL[60]OW[2]C[rider [4k\]: W+0.5 ] ;B[ro]BL[60]OB[2]C[xifeng [6d?\]: 晕,c19孙一木 godman [1d\]: 输赢很细微。不过窝觉得黑赢面要大 coolbabe [5d\]: w play ko ] ;W[ab]WL[60]OW[2]C[rider [4k\]: don't ft now .. still W+0.5. :) coolbabe [5d\]: at n6 coolbabe [5d\]: or b18 ] ;B[sb]BL[60]OB[2]C[coolbabe [5d\]: can win it xyh1969 [4d\]: cool, who better? ] ;W[pr]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[qr]BL[60]OB[2] ;W[sc]WL[60]OW[2]C[coolbabe [5d\]: b 10 at least on board rider [4k\]: really? coolbabe [5d\]: my bet is gone ] ;B[no]BL[60]OB[2]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: thkx god i didn't catch the bet ] ;W[qo]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[sb]BL[60]OB[2]C[windy [-\]: mkl is pretty good coolbabe [5d\]: ff ] ;W[gm]WL[60]OW[2]C[coolbabe [5d\]: did not know how to wrap coolbabe [5d\]: lower left corner ] ;B[ra]BL[60]OB[2] ;W[fl]WL[60]OW[2]C[coolbabe [5d\]: jin zhu qi da chi jiu wan le vancomycin [?\]: j8 coolbabe [5d\]: b can h11 coolbabe [5d\]: no need vancomycin [?\]: time!!! ] ;B[hl]BL[60]OB[1]C[guest124 [4d\]: bear is counting ] ;W[fm]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[oo]BL[60]OB[1]C[guest124 [4d\]: who is leading? vancomycin [?\]: bear ] ;W[po]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[ms]BL[60]OB[1]C[rider [4k\]: N2 ] ;W[mr]WL[60]OW[2]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: kao ] ;B[ps]BL[60]OB[1]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: all my $ gone coolbabe [5d\]: ff chou ya coolbabe [5d\]: not easy to win bear ] ;W[cd]WL[60]OW[2]C[vancomycin [?\]: so bear will be #2 in this tournament guest124 [4d\]: b 78 gtgt001 [1k\]: ff got nothing after opening coolbabe [5d\]: ff had beaten bear down to death everywhere ] ;B[be]BL[60]OB[1]C[rider [4k\]: so really credit brewer ah. :) coolbabe [5d\]: ff at least 1 dan above bear godman [1d\]: 黑俨然一副赢棋不闹事的态度 ] ;W[in]WL[60]OW[2]C[vancomycin [?\]: ydfr ] ;B[jn]BL[60]OB[1] ;W[io]WL[60]OW[2]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: DD bear godman [1d\]: h14 gtgt001 [1k\]: sigh coolbabe [5d\]: lower left corner gtgt001 [1k\]: DD! gtgt001 [1k\]: DD MKL! ] ;B[hf]BL[60]OB[1]C[coolbabe [5d\]: chou dao jia le ] ;W[he]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[qg]BL[60]OB[1]C[tuzi [4d\]: 这个棋好像白输了现在 coolbabe [5d\]: ko ] ;W[so]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[sn]BL[60]OB[1] ;W[sp]WL[60]OW[2]C[coolbabe [5d\]: c16 much powerful than c17 ] ;B[ac]BL[60]OB[1] ;W[fs]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[oe]BL[60]OB[1] ;W[nf]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[aa]BL[60]OB[1] ;W[ns]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[os]BL[60]OB[1] ;W[ab]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[lc]BL[60]OB[1] ;W[md]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[aa]BL[60]OB[1] ;W[jd]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[kf]BL[60]OB[1] ;W[ab]WL[60]OW[2]C[windy [-\]: b wins big ] ;B[fb]BL[60]OB[1] ;W[gb]WL[60]OW[2]C[godman [1d\]: f18 一对劫财 ] ;B[aa]BL[60]OB[1] ;W[ls]WL[60]OW[2]C[windy [-\]: wait ] ;B[ns]BL[60]OB[1] ;W[ab]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[om]BL[60]OB[1] ;W[ol]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[aa]BL[60]OB[1]C[coolbabe [5d\]: b 13 mu on board ] ;W[hq]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[hi]BL[60]OB[1] ;W[ab]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[fa]BL[60]OB[1] ;W[ga]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[aa]BL[60]OB[1] ;W[hg]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[gk]BL[60]OB[1] ;W[ab]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[il]BL[60]OB[1]C[coolbabe [5d\]: hehe ] ;W[ih]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[aa]BL[60]OB[1]C[coolbabe [5d\]: last hope coolbabe [5d\]: is gone ] ;W[mo]WL[60]OW[2]C[godman [1d\]: 黑故意欺负白劫财不够 guest124 [4d\]: bear nx ya coolbabe [5d\]: ff lost this ] ;B[ed]BL[60]OB[1] ;W[ab]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[ea]BL[60]OB[1]C[coolbabe [5d\]: can easily lose next game ] ;W[da]WL[60]OW[2]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: komi is 13.5? ] ;B[aa]BL[60]OB[1]C[coolbabe [5d\]: huge lead blow away rider [4k\]: 7.5 ah. godman [1d\]: 故意耗到多一个劫财。太过分了 rider [4k\]: E1 windy [-\]: r1 ] ;W[sq]WL[60]OW[2]C[tuzi [4d\]: 10 哦那board ] ;B[ab]BL[60]OB[1]C[godman [1d\]: 现在不能耗了 ] ;W[]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[es]BL[60]OB[1]C[xifeng [6d?\]: 靠 ] ;W[]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[]BL[60]OB[1]TW[ea][fa][ha][ia][ja][ka][ma][na][fb][hb][ib][jb][lb][gc][hc][lc][mc][hd][di][bj][oj][mk][nk][ok][ml][nl][om][gn][pn][ho][kr][hs][js]TB[sa][rb][sc][ad][rd][ae][re][se][af][bf][cf][df][sf][ag][bg][pg][rg][sg][mh][rh][sh][ri][si][rj][sj][hk][sk][sl][am][bm][cm][sm][an][bo][ap][bp][cp][aq][cq][dq][br][pr][as][cs][qs][rs][ss]C[coolbabe [5d\]: ff gai shu coolbabe [5d\]: da lao ye men coolbabe [5d\]: zheng ge girl pic rider [4k\]: *comfort ff* missbear [4d\]: 哈哈哈哈哈 vancomycin [?\]: bear NX xifeng [5d\]: thanks vancomycin [?\]: congratulations to bear missbear [4d\]: thanks xifeng coolbabe [5d\]: ff godman [1d\]: 可怜阿…… missbear [4d\]: long live mkl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! coolbabe [5d\]: lower left corner coolbabe [5d\]: big spoon coolbabe [5d\]: jin qi da zhu coolbabe [5d\]: jian de na yi men ya strike [5d\]:
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