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(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[gb2312]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Chinese]SZ[19]KM[7.50]TM[2700]OT[5x60 byo-yomi] PW[guest124]PB[brewer]WR[4d]BR[6d]DT[2006-10-17]PC[The KGS Go Server at http://www.gokgs.com/]C[brewer [6d?\]: hi guest124 [4d\]: hi brewer [6d?\]: have a nice game guest124 [4d\]: have a good game guest124 [4d\]: thanks ]RE[B+Resign] ;B[pd]BL[2678.146]C[jadefish [?\]: hi, dish ] ;W[dd]WL[2692.485] ;B[pq]BL[2675.861]C[BostonFish [5d\]: hi jadefish mm. ] ;W[cp]WL[2679.992]C[BostonFish [5d\]: hello niuer! ] ;B[ep]BL[2674.387]C[niuer [?\]: hi dish ] ;W[eq]WL[2631.806] ;B[fq]BL[2667.223]C[niuer [?\]: why not many ppl watch ? ] ;W[dq]WL[2618.83] ;B[fp]BL[2665.727] ;W[cn]WL[2617.126] ;B[jp]BL[2664.863] ;W[qn]WL[2611.094] ;B[qp]BL[2663.512] ;W[pj]WL[2608.314] ;B[qh]BL[2662.249] ;W[on]WL[2600.703] ;B[mp]BL[2660.488]C[jadefish [?\]: ye wei yang niuer [?\]: Dish, r u playing tonight? ] ;W[nc]WL[2497.987] ;B[kd]BL[2576.026] ;W[qc]WL[2473.768] ;B[pc]BL[2567.967] ;W[qd]WL[2471.692] ;B[pe]BL[2566.555] ;W[pb]WL[2469.262] ;B[ob]BL[2565.41] ;W[qb]WL[2468.435] ;B[oc]BL[2564.285] ;W[qf]WL[2467.268] ;B[pf]BL[2561.164] ;W[qg]WL[2465.579] ;B[pg]BL[2559.629] ;W[ph]WL[2463.767] ;B[qe]BL[2557.785] ;W[re]WL[2461.884] ;B[rh]BL[2556.556]C[andyusa [5d\]: zhao is good jadefish [?\]: ? andyusa [5d\]: S13 now andyusa [5d\]: no other choice le jadefish [?\]: can't s14 ma? FrenchKiss [3k\]: S13 better jadefish [?\]: jin qi? FrenchKiss [3k\]: ya jadefish [?\]: got u ] ;W[rg]WL[2338.764] ;B[pi]BL[2553.802] ;W[oh]WL[2336.018] ;B[oi]BL[2553.117]C[andyusa [5d\]: S13 a must andyusa [5d\]: for R11 ] ;W[nh]WL[2322.361]C[jadefish [?\]: ic ] ;B[qj]BL[2540.423]C[andyusa [5d\]: zhao not good now andyusa [5d\]: R13 very bad move gtgt001 [2k\]: kao gtgt001 [2k\]: formal? ] ;W[ne]WL[2274.139] ;B[mc]BL[2530.655]C[gtgt001 [2k\]: wan la gtgt001 [2k\]: wan la andyusa [5d\]: almost lost by now andyusa [5d\]: need super MKL to get back andyusa [5d\]: all my money gone! gtgt001 [2k\]: md FrenchKiss [3k\]: problem is R14 jadefish [?\]: how much gtgt001 [2k\]: all my $ gone gtgt001 [2k\]: I will lose more gtgt001 [2k\]: I bet all I have! ] ;W[ni]WL[2176.742] ;B[oj]BL[2523.128]C[gtgt001 [2k\]: Du Bo Hai Shi Ren! gtgt001 [2k\]: no more bet! gtgt001 [2k\]: who is brewer? ] ;W[op]WL[2150.636] ;B[oq]BL[2516.228] ;W[nb]WL[2147.401]C[FrenchKiss [3k\]: joe ] ;B[nd]BL[2482.449] ;W[md]WL[2142.186] ;B[mb]BL[2481.288]C[jadefish [?\]: all bms not here jadefish [?\]: no one to close the bet FrenchKiss [3k\]: W is not bad gtgt001 [2k\]: 5d said gtgt001 [2k\]: W bad ] ;W[od]WL[2086.707] ;B[na]BL[2477.777]C[gtgt001 [2k\]: zhao! add oil! jadefish [?\]: fool? FrenchKiss [3k\]: need to be creative to treat right bottom 3 stones niuer [?\]: GT, how much u bet on? ] ;W[ld]WL[2000.295]C[gtgt001 [2k\]: all I have jadefish [?\]: fool, close the bet ya gtgt001 [2k\]: forget la jiapc [3d\]: hmm niuer [?\]: all u have is how much ah? ] ;B[kc]BL[2461.2]C[jiapc [3d\]: i just put 100$ on brewer gtgt001 [2k\]: I forget jiapc [3d\]: hope that can help zhao? jadefish [?\]: u u u gtgt001 [2k\]: >> $100 andyusa [5d\]: close bet la jiapc [3d\]: ah? jiapc [3d\]: how much should i add ? coolbabe [5d\]: white da da de bu hao jiapc [3d\]: hehe FrenchKiss [3k\]: G17 jadefish [?\]: let me add some jiapc [3d\]: oh ] ;W[hc]WL[1968.796]C[gtgt001 [2k\]: even me jiapc [3d\]: anyway gtgt001 [2k\]: 2k andyusa [5d\]: close it before fish add gtgt001 [2k\]: feel W no good jiapc [3d\]: 2k? jadefish [?\]: ft niuer [?\]: fish will addon whom ah? coolbabe [5d\]: l14 tiao yi ge jiapc [3d\]: fish, add le? jiapc [3d\]: i close it now? jadefish [?\]: suan le jadefish [?\]: sure coolbabe [5d\]: i bet 5 or more on brewer jiapc [3d\]: ok, close le andyusa [5d\]: yes jadefish [?\]: ratis no good now coolbabe [5d\]: good return ya jiapc [3d\]: I just come back from 10.5 hours' driving. jiapc [3d\]: sigh gtgt001 [2k\]: 10.5? gtgt001 [2k\]: wokao jadefish [?\]: right on time to close the bet jiapc [3d\]: this is not human's life ah gtgt001 [2k\]: u gtgt001 [2k\]: gained weight gtgt001 [2k\]: life good ya gtgt001 [2k\]: hehe coolbabe [5d\]: how some no bet betwwen mulan and me coolbabe [5d\]: not fair ] ;B[mf]BL[2370.039]C[gtgt001 [2k\]: will u win? jiapc [3d\]: gain weight? nightbug [16k?\]: because you're not cool. :P jiapc [3d\]: not really coolbabe [5d\]: Mulan is cool ya gtgt001 [2k\]: Mulan is cool happyloser [2d?\]: you're cool too ] ;W[nf]WL[1942.137]C[blackbeard [5d\]: 白棋速败呀 ] ;B[kf]BL[2365.499]C[gtgt001 [2k\]: but mulan's wife is cooler gtgt001 [2k\]: hehe coolbabe [5d\]: i said white about 1 stone weak ba jiapc [3d\]: nod blackbeard [5d\]: 布局欠考虑 jiapc [3d\]: mulan's wife, is very pp nightbug [16k?\]: Why R4? jiapc [3d\]: mulan's daughter, the pp-est gtgt001 [2k\]: nod, nod ] ;W[ke]WL[1907.112]C[coolbabe [5d\]: is mu;an's wife japanese? nightbug [16k?\]: This one fits Kobayashi fuseki, should pincer? gtgt001 [2k\]: kao andyusa [5d\]: yes ] ;B[je]BL[2352.413] ;W[le]WL[1904.61]C[jiapc [3d\]: I always tell tuzi, marry a hunan girl gtgt001 [2k\]: mulan's wife is my neighbour andyusa [5d\]: mulan has a Japanese wife jiapc [3d\]: just see mulan's weife jiapc [3d\]: good model ah andyusa [5d\]: very PP, admire coolbabe [5d\]: w chi le yi dui fei zi gtgt001 [2k\]: hho gtgt001 [2k\]: when my wife was young gtgt001 [2k\]: ppmm too ] ;B[hd]BL[2306.389]C[jiapc [3d\]: W eats what? gtgt001 [2k\]: now old la coolbabe [5d\]: shoul bet all my 400 $S jiapc [3d\]: ur mm? jiapc [3d\]: gt, never saw ur wife ah jiapc [3d\]: u bad guy, never show her coolbabe [5d\]: h16 sheng me qi? gtgt001 [2k\]: hehe jiapc [3d\]: gold house hide ur wife nightbug [16k?\]: my piggies the pp'est. :) coolbabe [5d\]: zao le ma ] ;W[gc]WL[1869.276]C[gtgt001 [2k\]: mmd gtgt001 [2k\]: go la coolbabe [5d\]: kao gtgt001 [2k\]: zhao! gtgt001 [2k\]: add oil! gtgt001 [2k\]: good luck gtgt001 [2k\]: nnd ] ;B[id]BL[2284.325]C[jiapc [3d\]: B very wen jian ah andyusa [5d\]: zhao has little chance ] ;W[jf]WL[1842.417]C[coolbabe [5d\]: dan hu hao ba coolbabe [5d\]: kao chou andyusa [5d\]: this game is now in brewer's pace coolbabe [5d\]: kao wan jiu gai hu zhong yang ] ;B[kg]BL[2250.194]C[coolbabe [5d\]: brewer/angry will play l13 coolbabe [5d\]: babe will play j14 coolbabe [5d\]: to babe coolbabe [5d\]: l13 you bing rider [4k\]: http://avisng.dyndns.org:8013/go/img_503028.jpg rider [4k\]: pp'est. :) ] ;W[jb]WL[1749.851]C[blackbeard [5d\]: anyone see Gowithme? ] ;B[nd]BL[2229.98]C[blackbeard [5d\]: oh kashapa [14k\]: LOL ] ;W[nc]WL[1718.319] ;B[mg]BL[2222.289]C[blackbeard [5d\]: k18又随手了 ] ;W[ng]WL[1708.836] ;B[ig]BL[2212.165]C[jiapc [3d\]: wow jiapc [3d\]: if I read this, I should bet all my money in! jiapc [3d\]: how can W do MKL now? rider [4k\]: http://avisng.dyndns.org:8013/go/img_502044.jpg blackbeard [5d\]: mk which? jiapc [3d\]: this need 3 bear's wine to make the turnover niuer [?\]: bet all ur money will break the retio jiapc [3d\]: hi, niuer jiapc [3d\]: The NJ local system suck! rider [4k\]: good net. niuer [?\]: agree:) jiapc [3d\]: I followed google map jiapc [3d\]: which led me to some local place jiapc [3d\]: to save 10 miles? who knows. jiapc [3d\]: just thought, no problem, just follow jiapc [3d\]: I didn't know when the road was changed to another one ] ;W[jh]WL[1577.382]C[rider [4k\]: then go through a street that is full of suspicious people? :D coolbabe [5d\]: zhe qi mei fa kan le jiapc [3d\]: until I went into some forest-like area, I realize, kao, i'm lost! jiapc [3d\]: I went back and asked around coolbabe [5d\]: jiapc=fool ma? rider [4k\]: yes. jiapc [3d\]: ppl gave me different answers jiapc [3d\]: plus coolbabe [5d\]: fool ya coolbabe [5d\]: open a bet ba jiapc [3d\]: U-turn has to be done at the right! ] ;B[jg]BL[2148.858]C[coolbabe [5d\]: 10.5 hr drie niuer [?\]: fool seems getting very excited? jiapc [3d\]: kao rider [4k\]: you said mei fa kan, and then you want bet? ] ;W[pk]WL[1564.643]C[coolbabe [5d\]: u sld go sleep la jiapc [3d\]: skipped lunch jiapc [3d\]: and dinner ] ;B[qk]BL[2140.35] ;W[pl]WL[1559.471] ;B[nj]BL[2138.154]C[niuer [?\]: oh, yeah. U turn is very tricky to other stats rider [4k\]: how can ah? Food is most important. ] ;W[mj]WL[1546.895] ;B[nl]BL[2132.963]C[jiapc [3d\]: sigh, time is more important for me jiapc [3d\]: I paid for my careless coolbabe [5d\]: estimate zhao hands up within 30 minutes jiapc [3d\]: I should just follow the way I went there jiapc [3d\]: not the google map jiapc [3d\]: niuer, yesterday Li Jie h6 won rim? coolbabe [5d\]: who is brewer? coolbabe [5d\]: katana/mike zeng? blackbeard [5d\]: 10.5 hr, from NJ to Indy? niuer [?\]: that was 1-sec /per move bah? coolbabe [5d\]: sure reinds me of oldmike jiapc [3d\]: fish mm knows brewer coolbabe [5d\]: but i thought he retired jiapc [3d\]: 10 sec/move niuer [?\]: 10sec niuer [?\]: 6h, no surprise ah jiapc [3d\]: hehe coolbabe [5d\]: niuer ] ;W[mk]WL[1420.858] ;B[ol]BL[2129.524]C[coolbabe [5d\]: is carlson tu still in nj niuer [?\]: Jli gave AGA 8d 4h in such setting niuer [?\]: yeah, u know him? coolbabe [5d\]: tu xin yu? ] ;W[ql]WL[1379.663]C[niuer [?\]: y coolbabe [5d\]: nit sure if that is him happyloser [2d?\]: N11? coolbabe [5d\]: i saw one game between him and wu xin ] ;B[ml]BL[2107.569]C[coolbabe [5d\]: about 10 years ago niuer [?\]: wu xin? coolbabe [5d\]: college champ coolbabe [5d\]: college 6d coolbabe [5d\]: chen yi cup title holder niuer [?\]: guess i don't know this " wu xin" niuer [?\]: i see jiapc [3d\]: if brewer won this game, he got the champion one round in advance? coolbabe [5d\]: he knows niuer [?\]: should be jiapc [3d\]: hehe jiapc [3d\]: surprise ba coolbabe [5d\]: qi yi jing mei fa xia le coolbabe [5d\]: b gets sente coolbabe [5d\]: 33 yi dian coolbabe [5d\]: if w no group gets killed coolbabe [5d\]: angry should win that game ] ;W[kh]WL[1253.175]C[coolbabe [5d\]: dog had a good chance niuer [?\]: feel zhao did not play his real level in this game joonki [10k?\]: w not too good ] ;B[kl]BL[2084.454]C[jiapc [3d\]: Zhao got frighten already coolbabe [5d\]: zhao's level is about the same as xyh ba jiapc [3d\]: poor zhao jiapc [3d\]: yeah jiapc [3d\]: around xyh level coolbabe [5d\]: i think so coolbabe [5d\]: 4 years ago niuer [?\]: but xyh is very strong ah:) coolbabe [5d\]: i played with him jiapc [3d\]: u met zhao before? coolbabe [5d\]: zhao is stable ] ;W[lm]WL[1189.102]C[coolbabe [5d\]: that is the part i like him jiapc [3d\]: sigh ] ;B[ll]BL[2078.042]C[jiapc [3d\]: now B only needs to play su hand ] ;W[kj]WL[1179.142]C[coolbabe [5d\]: zhao was a post doc in uconn i thought jiapc [3d\]: really? ] ;B[rm]BL[2054.571]C[coolbabe [5d\]: s7 w si la ba jiapc [3d\]: brewer will get the killing god title coolbabe [5d\]: zhao' game against microbe coolbabe [5d\]: robe zao gao blackbeard [5d\]: 杀了吧,结束战斗 happyloser [2d?\]: O4 niuer [?\]: who will play brewer in last round? coolbabe [5d\]: i bought 1 zhu for zhao as a friend coolbabe [5d\]: lsxt or dish ] ;W[mo]WL[1062.681]C[coolbabe [5d\]: but + for brewer coolbabe [5d\]: fr strength coolbabe [5d\]: lsxt 's odd will be better than zhao niuer [?\]: none of my bet r winning, so far seems i'll lose everything blackbeard [5d\]: 这是brewer杀的第几条龙了? coolbabe [5d\]: that is the weird part ] ;B[lp]BL[1982.358]C[coolbabe [5d\]: how can people bet on zhao? niuer [?\]: i even bet" no one will make 8 wins" but seems brewer will make it coolbabe [5d\]: thestrength is not there coolbabe [5d\]: tuzi might be able to niuer [?\]: i hope dish can stop brewer:) coolbabe [5d\]: dish can not past lsxt i think blackbeard [5d\]: they are same level xyh1969 [4d\]: coolbabe would be a good match coolbabe [5d\]: angry zao gao that game coolbabe [5d\]: coolbabe no good either coolbabe [5d\]: spoons 2 often coolbabe [5d\]: angry should win that game niuer [?\]: who spoons 2 often, babe? coolbabe [5d\]: babe xyh1969 [4d\]: well, if w can escape, w is ok coolbabe [5d\]: not really coolbabe [5d\]: b's field is solid coolbabe [5d\]: w seems alive xyh1969 [4d\]: how? r5 q4? coolbabe [5d\]: i dont know coolbabe [5d\]: feel w has a resilient shape niuer [?\]: w's r13 should be s14 i guess coolbabe [5d\]: may die 2 xyh1969 [4d\]: r13 losing move blackbeard [5d\]: fool, open another bet ba, whether the w dragon will die? niuer [?\]: london is a real gambler ah:) coolbabe [5d\]: r17 /q12 jiapc [3d\]: hehe coolbabe [5d\]: all bad choices jiapc [3d\]: fool need take a nap now niuer [?\]: open such bet pls:) jiapc [3d\]: 10.5 hours coolbabe [5d\]: shuang fei huo jia coolbabe [5d\]: w super ok jiapc [3d\]: only candy jiapc [3d\]: that bet jiapc [3d\]: i have to stay there coolbabe [5d\]: after b r10 coolbabe [5d\]: w gets seperated jiapc [3d\]: wait till u guys all bet coolbabe [5d\]: difficult jiapc [3d\]: then close jiapc [3d\]: troublesome ] ;W[kb]WL[700.451] ;B[lc]BL[1978.858] ;W[jc]WL[678.219] ;B[jd]BL[1976.387]C[jiapc [3d\]: W will have at least one dragon die jiapc [3d\]: I'll see which one when I wake up ] ;W[hi]WL[642]C[jiapc [3d\]: and collect my money ] ;B[gg]BL[1962.36]C[coolbabe [5d\]: now coolbabe [5d\]: w has to make a life coolbabe [5d\]: b already lives xyh1969 [4d\]: it's hard to make coolbabe [5d\]: then lost niuer [?\]: w cant give up p6 group coolbabe [5d\]: it was expected ] ;W[gd]WL[580.464]C[jupy [1k\]: so, after this game, brewer is the champion of the tourney? ] ;B[ge]BL[1940.219]C[niuer [?\]: should be, he got super high small score joonki [10k?\]: yes ] ;W[fe]WL[557.092]C[coolbabe [5d\]: only missbear can have another 7 win ba ] ;B[ff]BL[1931.994]C[niuer [?\]: not really jupy [1k\]: Dish joonki [10k?\]: w needs to hang in there, can't be a veggie bird coolbabe [5d\]: to me , bear:ff is the best tournament game rider [4k\]: Yes coolbabe. rider [4k\]: But bear will never have more small points than brewer. coolbabe [5d\]: ff had so many opps rider [4k\]: So if brewer wins, he can lose next game, or even miss it completely. jupy [1k\]: dish is 6-5 right now coolbabe [5d\]: any time coolbabe [5d\]: b add a kick coolbabe [5d\]: w will resign ] ;W[fi]WL[492.224] ;B[ee]BL[1924.712] ;W[fd]WL[490.253] ;B[de]BL[1919.436] ;W[cd]WL[475.718] ;B[dh]BL[1908.332] ;W[np]WL[439.818]C[coolbabe [5d\]: to live there ] ;B[nq]BL[1904.122]C[coolbabe [5d\]: w can start from r5 coolbabe [5d\]: use n6 sente ] ;W[lo]WL[414.784] ;B[ko]BL[1900.949]C[coolbabe [5d\]: m5 bu dong ] ;W[rl]WL[316.979]C[coolbabe [5d\]: gen b sha qi? coolbabe [5d\]: good paln ] ;B[rn]BL[1880.077]C[rider [4k\]: ?? coolbabe [5d\]: can hardly work rider [4k\]: which b group is killable? coolbabe [5d\]: middle ya coolbabe [5d\]: where else rider [4k\]: how to ah? coolbabe [5d\]: but w shape no good if cut b rider [4k\]: L8 already further than white. ] ;W[qo]WL[256.573]C[gtgt001 [2k\]: how is W now? ] ;B[ro]BL[1875.462]C[gtgt001 [2k\]: how is W now? gtgt001 [2k\]: 5d, say say ] ;W[km]WL[245.285]C[rider [4k\]: W is very dead. coolbabe [5d\]: n7 xyh1969 [4d\]: rider is 5d? coolbabe [5d\]: jiu si la coolbabe [5d\]: or o6 ] ;B[jm]BL[1835.791]C[coolbabe [5d\]: shape so bad gtgt001 [2k\]: sigh coolbabe [5d\]: can not su chong zhuo huo coolbabe [5d\]: start from r5 maybe possible rider [4k\]: if w K8, b L6 first. ] ;W[mm]WL[169.582] ;B[jk]BL[1814.464]C[coolbabe [5d\]: k7 very confident xyh1969 [4d\]: brewer is soft tonight coolbabe [5d\]: kao gtgt001 [2k\]: alive? rider [4k\]: alive gote blackbeard [5d\]: 改调戏了 coolbabe [5d\]: brewer wu qu coolbabe [5d\]: maybe also weak as tuzi said? coolbabe [5d\]: n7 de bu ji coolbabe [5d\]: o6 de bu gao ] ;W[pp]WL[94.877]C[gtgt001 [2k\]: W still have chance to win? gtgt001 [2k\]: or no way? blackbeard [5d\]: no coolbabe [5d\]: da si qi jiu zhe me huo la ] ;B[jj]BL[1778.093] ;W[ji]WL[86.148]C[gtgt001 [2k\]: no way? ] ;B[gj]BL[1771.023] ;W[hj]WL[79.084] ;B[gi]BL[1767.4] ;W[il]WL[74.507] ;B[jl]BL[1762.921]C[blackbeard [5d\]: no, 黑棋厚且空多 coolbabe [5d\]: maybe b did not want make w too 'nan kan' ] ;W[gk]WL[60]OW[5]C[coolbabe [5d\]: b hou dao ya ] ;B[hh]BL[1753.414]C[gtgt001 [2k\]: kao happyloser [2d?\]: what if black L6? blackbeard [5d\]: 调戏也不厚道 rider [4k\]: white cut le. ] ;W[ij]WL[60]OW[5]C[coolbabe [5d\]: hehe ] ;B[fk]BL[1733.88]C[coolbabe [5d\]: i would ahve resigned if i were w ] ;W[gl]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[hm]BL[1729.128]C[coolbabe [5d\]: but lets give w some hope coolbabe [5d\]: late bite back rider [4k\]: you got no fighting spirit ah, not cool. :D coolbabe [5d\]: kao rider [4k\]: die die also can try MKL. :P gtgt001 [2k\]: nod, nod gtgt001 [2k\]: so much $$ bet on W gtgt001 [2k\]: should not resign now gtgt001 [2k\]: fight, fight coolbabe [5d\]: not wise bet ] ;W[im]WL[60]OW[4]C[coolbabe [5d\]: they are not the same weight gtgt001 [2k\]: kao ] ;B[in]BL[1713.962]C[gtgt001 [2k\]: before the game gtgt001 [2k\]: how do I know rider [4k\]: H6 ] ;W[ik]WL[60]OW[4]C[coolbabe [5d\]: u ahve not watch how brewer play against angry? coolbabe [5d\]: or feng feng gtgt001 [2k\]: sigh ] ;B[fj]BL[1693.957]C[coolbabe [5d\]: brwer at least aga strong 6d ] ;W[kn]WL[60]OW[4] ;B[jn]BL[1689.398]C[blackbeard [5d\]: more than aga7d coolbabe [5d\]: that i dont know ] ;W[hn]WL[60]OW[4]C[gtgt001 [2k\]: bu kan la ] ;B[nn]BL[1683.945]C[rider [4k\]: hoho. :) gtgt001 [2k\]: xin tong blackbeard [5d\]: w trouble le rider [4k\]: nothing. gtgt001 [2k\]: $ becomes water in my eyes gtgt001 [2k\]: sigh coolbabe [5d\]: hahahaha coolbabe [5d\]: gtgt , ni zhen de bu dong? coolbabe [5d\]: babe said brewer strong since the third round gtgt001 [2k\]: sigh gtgt001 [2k\]: hug my son qu ye ] ;W[nm]WL[60]OW[3]C[coolbabe [5d\]: kuai qu ] ;B[om]BL[1679.824]C[coolbabe [5d\]: mine all sleep la ] ;W[mn]WL[60]OW[3] ;B[gn]BL[1674.246] ;W[fl]WL[60]OW[3]C[FrenchKiss [3k\]: C9 ] ;B[dk]BL[1663.161] ;W[hl]WL[60]OW[3] ;B[pn]BL[1655.964] ;W[oo]WL[60]OW[3] ;B[qm]BL[1652.086]C[rider [4k\]: hoho .. take tail. happyloser [2d?\]: over coolbabe [5d\]: babe said half hour jadefish [?\]: b no gu qi, can't even mkl ba niuer [?\]: so babe is the best here? coolbabe [5d\]: stop, niuer ] ;W[bf]WL[60]OW[2]C[coolbabe [5d\]: brewer and angry all better than babe gtgt001 [2k\]: I can not win babe gtgt001 [2k\]: but coolbabe [5d\]: babe just another beard gtgt001 [2k\]: if babe plays with me coolbabe [5d\]: or decamp ] ;B[sg]BL[1626.923]C[gtgt001 [2k\]: babe will be weak soon ] ;W[rf]WL[60]OW[2]C[gtgt001 [2k\]: hoho coolbabe [5d\]: u r damp right gtgt001 [2k\]: I can not win coolbabe [5d\]: babe gained a bit by playing ahnk_xie ] ;B[ho]BL[1605.659]C[gtgt001 [2k\]: but I can make others weak coolbabe [5d\]: xyh jadefish [?\]: h5 is like to say 'resign'? coolbabe [5d\]: is xiyg still in canada? coolbabe [5d\]: no xyh1969 [4d\]: guess so coolbabe [5d\]: h5/c15 jian he jadefish [?\]: xyh talking to me? ] ;W[ci]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[el]BL[1596.802]C[BostonFish [5d\]: brewer toooooo strong! ] ;W[lh]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[dp]BL[1591.312]C[blackbeard [5d\]: smart fish, b said it a lot of times coolbabe [5d\]: m12 yao bu ma? ] ;W[cq]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[er]BL[1584.194] ;W[dr]WL[60]OW[2]C[coolbabe [5d\]: n12 bu shu fu? ] ;B[fr]BL[1582.876]C[tuzi [4d\]: these 2 played fast ] ;W[di]WL[60]OW[2]C[coolbabe [5d\]: no, tuzi ] ;B[ei]BL[1580.524]C[coolbabe [5d\]: brewer obviously better ] ;W[ch]WL[60]OW[2]C[tuzi [4d\]: kao ] ;B[dg]BL[1573.916]C[tuzi [4d\]: i said fast coolbabe [5d\]: tuzi bu xin ya ] ;W[bk]WL[60]OW[2]C[tuzi [4d\]: not who better ya coolbabe [5d\]: hehe ] ;B[sf]BL[1567.593]C[coolbabe [5d\]: that is right coolbabe [5d\]: kao ] ;W[rd]WL[60]OW[2]C[coolbabe [5d\]: trapped me ] ;B[rb]BL[1559.877] ;W[ra]WL[60]OW[2]C[coolbabe [5d\]: brewer hao nice ] ;B[cl]BL[1539.935] ;W[bl]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[cm]BL[1538.958]C[coolbabe [5d\]: let w collect all field ] ;W[bn]WL[60]OW[2]C[coolbabe [5d\]: left ] ;B[dn]BL[1537.11]C[coolbabe [5d\]: wo lai dian mu blackbeard [5d\]: b lead30? tuzi [4d\]: no tuzi [4d\]: oh coolbabe [5d\]: w close to 60 tuzi [4d\]: q8 dead tuzi [4d\]: kao ] ;W[fm]WL[60]OW[2]C[tuzi [4d\]: then play g t jadefish [?\]: :) ] ;B[bm]BL[1529.592]C[tuzi [4d\]: jiaoqiang ] ;W[am]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[ih]BL[1527.644]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: tuzi, got it? coolbabe [5d\]: b 80 + ] ;W[ii]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[lk]BL[1525.311]C[coolbabe [5d\]: 20 + on board ] ;W[lj]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[mh]BL[1523.688] ;W[mi]WL[60]OW[2]C[coolbabe [5d\]: tuzi' spoon or babe's poon ] ;B[ck]BL[1516.779]C[coolbabe [5d\]: no sppon will help la coolbabe [5d\]: babe gains ] ;W[nk]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[ok]BL[1514.002]C[coolbabe [5d\]: more MIT$$$ ] ;W[cj]WL[60]OW[2]C[coolbabe [5d\]: maybe i should donate ] ;B[cg]BL[1507.786] ;W[bg]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[ce]BL[1506.574] ;W[be]WL[60]OW[2]C[coolbabe [5d\]: some to half sea ] ;B[ic]BL[1502.683]C[coolbabe [5d\]: ma de coolbabe [5d\]: q5 the biggest coolbabe [5d\]: no one likes it ] ;W[ib]WL[60]OW[2]C[blackbeard [5d\]: babe? ] ;B[po]BL[1500.449]C[coolbabe [5d\]: zhang zui coolbabe [5d\]: zang hua guest124 [4d\]: thanks coolbabe [5d\]: zhao seems in sleeping mode brewer [6d?\]: good game guest124 [4d\]: Q12 brewer [6d?\]: thx blackbeard [5d\]: 白棋没发挥,可惜 guest124 [4d\]: after Q12, coolbabe [5d\]: q12 guo fen guest124 [4d\]: yes guest124 [4d\]: and k18 coolbabe [5d\]: i dont like r17 either guest124 [4d\]: should be M17 first maybe guest124 [4d\]: what is your suggestion? guest124 [4d\]: review ? coolbabe [5d\]: fei jiao ma brewer [6d?\]: please coolbabe [5d\]: ba qi zou hou ])
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