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(;GM[1]FF[4]ST[2]RU[Chinese]OT[5x60 byo-yomi]C[guest124 [4d\]\: hi, microbe ]AP[CGoban:3] SZ[19]CA[gb2312]DT[2006-10-11]PC[The KGS Go Server at http\://www.gokgs.com/]PB[microbe0] BR[6d]PW[guest124]WR[4d]KM[7.5]TM[3600]RE[W+Resign]MULTIGOGM[1] ;B[pd]BL[3589.25]C[guest124 [4d\]\: have a good game rider [4k\]\: Hi jade. \:) microbe0 [6d\]\: you too ] ;W[dc]WL[3589.89];B[pq]BL[3565.01];W[cp]WL[3586.12]C[nicole [?\]\: is there a bet open on this one? niuer [?\]\: c4 is seducing\:) ] ;B[eq]BL[3544.37]C[nicole [?\]\: hehe, I guess. ];W[do]WL[3561.7]C[rider [4k\]\: c4 at D4 will invite Kobayashi fuseki, so C4 better? ] ;B[jp]BL[3531.56]C[rider [4k\]\: Seems like black still used Kobayashi fuseki. niuer [?\]\: cant tell the diff at my level\:) nicole [?\]\: k4 is seducing move as well\:)? ] ;W[qn]WL[3523.05]C[jadefish [?\]\: what is c4 and d5 about? rider [4k\]\: seducing moves? \:P nicole [?\]\: joseki jadefish [?\]\: oh niuer [?\]\: so many strong players here, i dare not say anything\:) rider [4k\]\: But why this choice? jadefish [?\]\: i never saw this joseki then jadefish [?\]\: u say ma nicole [?\]\: but k4 is not joseki BostonFish [4d\]\: 小微可能对Q5的变化不熟? ] ;B[po]BL[3445.76]C[nicole [?\]\: doesn't matter, strong player always keep silence, they cool jadefish [?\]\: wow, dish lihai tuzi [4d?\]\: niuer tuzi [4d?\]\: u r one of the strongest here rider [4k\]\: Black is playing like Kobayashi fuseki, but E3 is too far, may have problem. niuer [?\]\: i am only a bokkie nicole [?\]\: what is bokkie? tuzi [4d?\]\: rider is a good commentator niuer [?\]\: bookie nicole [?\]\: hehe\:) tuzi [4d?\]\: but somehow I feel often wu ren zi di\:) jadefish [?\]\: w nis not familar with q5, seems? rider [4k\]\: haha .. I am a good lier .. I'm only 4k. *blush* tuzi [4d?\]\: fish learned quite some from there, then tuzi [4d?\]\: ask me\:) nicole [?\]\: tuzi, how do you like k4? jadefish [?\]\: ask you what? jiapc [3d\]\: rider is uno ah jiapc [3d\]\: uno often teaches on nngs nicole [?\]\: w just s4 ah jiapc [3d\]\: fish mm, no need ask jadefish [?\]\: so, anyone know who is zhao? jiapc [3d\]\: just play tons of h9, u get familiar with those things rider [4k\]\: jiapc, that's why tuzi says I wu ren zi di. \:( jiapc [3d\]\: u must know it jiapc [3d\]\: fish mm, 8 gu jadefish [?\]\: i don't know yet. need some clue ] ;W[pn]WL[3330.81]C[jiapc [3d\]\: if we have a chao 8 tournament jadefish [?\]\: ft rider [4k\]\: R5 jiapc [3d\]\: fish can get the champion ] ;B[qo]BL[3432.64]C[rider [4k\]\: if follow Kobayashi. jiapc [3d\]\: hehe rider [4k\]\: P6 rider [4k\]\: Then Q10. tuzi [4d?\]\: hi tuzi [4d?\]\: who is a good cook here? ] ;W[on]WL[3308.58]C[tuzi [4d?\]\: I got some fancy stuff jadefish [?\]\: me~~~~~~~~~~~~ ] ;B[oo]BL[3426.51]C[tuzi [4d?\]\: good jadefish [?\]\: ft jiapc [3d\]\: fish can make cake tuzi [4d?\]\: I need a teacher ] ;W[nn]WL[3301.07]C[rider [4k\]\: P5 a variation? tuzi [4d?\]\: now tuzi [4d?\]\: fish? tuzi [4d?\]\: help? jadefish [?\]\: so far, i like b better jadefish [?\]\: help u what? tuzi [4d?\]\: fish jadefish [?\]\: i cook jiachang cai jadefish [?\]\: no fancy stuff tuzi [4d?\]\: I bought a pack of fish egg tuzi [4d?\]\: how to cook? ] ;B[qi]BL[3399.75]C[jadefish [?\]\: cook what? tuzi [4d?\]\: fresh fish egg rider [4k\]\: Have to do R11 instead of Q10 now that white is 4 instead of 3. tuzi [4d?\]\: when u cook fish soup jiapc [3d\]\: wokao tuzi [4d?\]\: sometimes jadefish [?\]\: no idea ya tuzi [4d?\]\: fish has egg in it jiapc [3d\]\: u ask fish to tell how to cook fish egg? tuzi [4d?\]\: so quite good niuer [?\]\: fish egg? rider [4k\]\: But white O5 how to answer? tuzi [4d?\]\: today I just bought some fish egg jadefish [?\]\: b better? jadefish [?\]\: r14? tuzi [4d?\]\: no ] ;W[qg]WL[3245.19]C[tuzi [4d?\]\: fish, b stretch much jadefish [?\]\: close enough BostonFish [4d\]\: R11有点过分吧. tuzi [4d?\]\: thin nicole [?\]\: niu ah, fish mm jiapc [3d\]\: here B has no further move, tuzi [4d?\]\: hmm? ] ;B[ql]BL[3383.36]C[niuer [?\]\: r11 strange ];W[pk]WL[3235.19]C[tuzi [4d?\]\: I think b should P11 tuzi [4d?\]\: microbe missed it rider [4k\]\: I think white must retain sente to do O5. ] ;B[qk]BL[3360.28];W[pi]WL[3233.36];B[ph]BL[3357.78];W[qh]WL[3229.41]C[nicole [?\]\: w nice move ] ;B[pj]BL[3355.1];W[oi]WL[3227.38];B[ok]BL[3342.62]C[nicole [?\]\: s11 ];W[ri]WL[3216.29] ;B[qj]BL[3338.72]C[niuer [?\]\: a dog fight already started JumboEgg [?\]\: kick tuzi pront [5k\]\: I like dog fight. pront [5k\]\: nice jiapc [3d\]\: mulan is not a guai mm any more JumboEgg [?\]\: watch the game, no fish egg jiapc [3d\]\: very fierce JumboEgg [?\]\: sigh JumboEgg [?\]\: I just lost my sense of weiqi mah jiapc [3d\]\: chase opponent from the beginning BostonFish [4d\]\: N9? JumboEgg [?\]\: didn't know what I was plaing jiapc [3d\]\: u were killing jiapc [3d\]\: in ur game nicole [?\]\: r3 JumboEgg [?\]\: no bah jiapc [3d\]\: ur play was like, i wanna kill u! JumboEgg [?\]\: just xia4 hu3 jiapc [3d\]\: ur opponent often said, how about let me make alive here? JumboEgg [?\]\: I'm not good at killing at all niuer [?\]\: n9 seems the vital point jiapc [3d\]\: then ur response was, give me a little more then i let u... JumboEgg [?\]\: nod nod jiapc [3d\]\: you are like Japanese taking northeasten of china ] ;W[og]WL[3043.51]C[JumboEgg [?\]\: ft jiapc [3d\]\: then beijing jiapc [3d\]\: then shanghai jiapc [3d\]\: one by one JumboEgg [?\]\: that's not a good analogy bah rider [4k\]\: aiyo .. why use such comparison? rider [4k\]\: agree with mulan. jiapc [3d\]\: later ppl realize that have to nuke u JumboEgg [?\]\: I'm a pacifist jiapc [3d\]\: u were just killing rider [4k\]\: b N4 get territory first. \:P jiapc [3d\]\: very brutal BostonFish [4d\]\: 轮到黑攻击了. N8. JumboEgg [?\]\: sigh rider [4k\]\: I like N8. jadefish [?\]\: mulan is good at qizi jadefish [?\]\: as I remembered jiapc [3d\]\: mulan was good at everything nicole [?\]\: Q14 JumboEgg [?\]\: hoho, thank u shifu rider [4k\]\: was implies no longer good. \:P jiapc [3d\]\: now mulan only knows kill JumboEgg [?\]\: I'm good at spooning , too JumboEgg [?\]\: uno u smart ass JumboEgg [?\]\: got it right away, hiahia jadefish [?\]\: they play so slow jadefish [?\]\: microbe's game, always slow rider [4k\]\: fast le .. the meijin game even slower. \:D JumboEgg [?\]\: O11 jiapc [3d\]\: microbe is always slow jiapc [3d\]\: so fish jiapc [3d\]\: zhao is not married yet jiapc [3d\]\: u should introduce ur mm's to him FrenchKiss [8k\]\: B is too bad Disciple3 [9k\]\: P8 jiapc [3d\]\: wokao jiapc [3d\]\: P8 niuer [?\]\: O8 possiable jiapc [3d\]\: gao nicole [?\]\: p8 is "turtle pace" jiapc [3d\]\: oh Disciple3 [9k\]\: O8 is weak jiapc [3d\]\: so where is the head nicole [?\]\: N9? tuzi [4d?\]\: zhao is my old friend jiapc [3d\]\: ah? niuer [?\]\: tuzi, is N4 ok? jiapc [3d\]\: how come? tuzi [4d?\]\: classmate at CAS jiapc [3d\]\: I like N4 ] ;B[ll]BL[3000.43]C[Disciple3 [9k\]\: wow Disciple3 [9k\]\: sombody read something out lol rider [4k\]\: you like my move, jiapc? \:) tuzi [4d?\]\: b n4? jiapc [3d\]\: i'm weak niuer [?\]\: yeah, xian lao zai shuo\:) jiapc [3d\]\: knows N4 gain a little cash jiapc [3d\]\: can't trust my attack rider [4k\]\: I don't like M8. niuer [?\]\: N$ gain a lot, not a little bah\:) jiapc [3d\]\: zhao was from thu ba? rider [4k\]\: I think BostonFish's N8 feels tighter. jadefish [?\]\: really? jiapc [3d\]\: surprise to learn barry was from pku jiapc [3d\]\: fish, r u sure? jadefish [?\]\: he told me so rider [4k\]\: PKU? jiapc [3d\]\: he told u so? jiapc [3d\]\: kao jadefish [?\]\: beijing university is his word jiapc [3d\]\: that means nothing jadefish [?\]\: ft jadefish [?\]\: oh jiapc [3d\]\: do u feel you can trust any of his words? jiapc [3d\]\: i would say none BostonFish [4d\]\: why not ask xhy, he must know barry well. BostonFish [4d\]\: *xyh*, not xhy. sorry. jiapc [3d\]\: that's right. hehe jiapc [3d\]\: same jiapc [3d\]\: huang xiao ying, xiao huang ying jadefish [?\]\: oh, i really don't know anything about whom i interviewed ] ;W[kn]WL[2852.92]C[jiapc [3d\]\: either way, xyh69 is a yellow person. hehe jadefish [?\]\: u r yellow coolbabe [5d\]\: microbe is on its way to top8 and top4 jadefish [?\]\: he got his name from his parents jadefish [?\]\: en, i like b better xifeng [6d?\]\: Go guest124 go! niuer [?\]\: tuzi jadefish [?\]\: ft coolbabe [5d\]\: white solid also niuer [?\]\: who is zhao? jadefish [?\]\: yeah coolbabe [5d\]\: zhao ju? coolbabe [5d\]\: dont know another zhao jiapc [3d\]\: tuzi's classmate ah jiapc [3d\]\: tuzi knows jadefish [?\]\: really? coolbabe [5d\]\: zhao ju rating 6.3ish ] ;B[ln]BL[2899.25]C[jiapc [3d\]\: there is a cut here coolbabe [5d\]\: zhe li duan bu liao coolbabe [5d\]\: w o8 tiao jiapc [3d\]\: why? ] ;W[nl]WL[2826.4]C[jadefish [?\]\: haha jiapc [3d\]\: then M7? coolbabe [5d\]\: b qi tai chu jadefish [?\]\: what is chu? coolbabe [5d\]\: w can m5 xiao pian jadefish [?\]\: cu? niuer [?\]\: coolbabe coolbabe [5d\]\: what niuer coolbabe [5d\]\: actually, niuer niuer [?\]\: u make everyone tired \:) rider [4k\]\: coolbabe, Zhao, Ju is only AGA 5d, not 6.3. coolbabe [5d\]\: do u know tu xin yu? niuer [?\]\: to try to understand ur " pin yin" jiapc [3d\]\: his ping ying coolbabe [5d\]\: rider go check jadefish [?\]\: his pinyin 10k coolbabe [5d\]\: maybe 5.8 coolbabe [5d\]\: maybe 6.3 coolbabe [5d\]\: i said 6.3ish niuer [?\]\: what 6.3? coolbabe [5d\]\: i did not say he is aga 6d rider [4k\]\: No .... 5.0. ] ;B[ol]BL[2766.84]C[jiapc [3d\]\: this is gonna be an exhausting game coolbabe [5d\]\: i like m5 switch coolbabe [5d\]\: dont like run guys rider [4k\]\: yes jadefish, we all know coolbabe doesn't know pinyin. \:D coolbabe [5d\]\: nnd ] ;W[lo]WL[2731.84]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: satayed in us 2 long blackbeard [5d\]\: w too bad coolbabe [5d\]\: forgot every thing ] ;B[mn]BL[2752.32]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: not at all ];W[mo]WL[2714.35]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: n5 du zhu ] ;B[no]BL[2743.81];W[lm]WL[2696.35]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: l5 de gan huo rider [4k\]\: Now what? ] ;B[mm]BL[2741.38];W[ml]WL[2694.94];B[km]BL[2740.41];W[nm]WL[2694.06];B[lm]BL[2739.17] C[coolbabe [5d\]\: zhao likes this tuzi [4d?\]\: who is coolbabe? rider [4k\]\: someone cool ah. \:) tuzi [4d?\]\: zhao's classmate too? jadefish [?\]\: u want me to interview him? tuzi [4d?\]\: I think coolbabe [5d\]\: w o10 xian shou ] ;W[lk]WL[2660.71]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: m8 gen hen coolbabe [5d\]\: zhe xiang 6d zou de ma ] ;B[ko]BL[2702.06]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: m8 ba m5 mai le rider [4k\]\: coolbabe, told you zhao ju is 5.0, not 6.3-ish. coolbabe [5d\]\: n10 b had to make a life coolbabe [5d\]\: i told u zhao knows skills xyh1969 [4d\]\: tuzi, is zhao really gtpase? coolbabe [5d\]\: but not cool jadefish [?\]\: xyh? jadefish [?\]\: have u met gtpase in person? tuzi [4d?\]\: niuer? tuzi [4d?\]\: niuer coolbabe [5d\]\: m10 zai k5 xyh1969 [4d\]\: yes, i did niuer [?\]\: y jadefish [?\]\: once? tuzi [4d?\]\: xyh, yes, he is tuzi [4d?\]\: niuer xyh1969 [4d\]\: y tuzi [4d?\]\: I think R13 should be Q13 tuzi [4d?\]\: or R3 tuzi [4d?\]\: R13 bad jadefish [?\]\: then he might be gtpase \:) tuzi [4d?\]\: so now w bad coolbabe [5d\]\: i dinot see r13 xyh1969 [4d\]\: ft, i was wondering why gtpase didn't join this toureny coolbabe [5d\]\: zhao must regrest rider [4k\]\: maybe white got misled by joseki where black Q10, white R12? coolbabe [5d\]\: now jadefish [?\]\: oh \:) niuer [?\]\: en coolbabe [5d\]\: su shou yi ban coolbabe [5d\]\: tai huai le niuer [?\]\: r11 no good, while r13 even worse seems\:) coolbabe [5d\]\: yao k7 ba? tuzi [4d?\]\: r13 --> q13 tuzi [4d?\]\: better coolbabe [5d\]\: well coolbabe [5d\]\: then b live at s14 coolbabe [5d\]\: b happy 2 coolbabe [5d\]\: i like w's this lay out ] ;W[nj]WL[2483.69]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: but m9 tai huai le coolbabe [5d\]\: still can go tuzi [4d?\]\: coolbabe, r u zhao's classmate? coolbabe [5d\]\: no i am not coolbabe [5d\]\: i met him when he was in connecticut tuzi [4d?\]\: i c rider [4k\]\: he says zhao is YOUR classmate ah, tuzi. tuzi [4d?\]\: correct jadefish [?\]\: back in china, i think coolbabe [5d\]\: is not he is oregon or houston now? rider [4k\]\: But he's in TX, you're in CA. jadefish [?\]\: uno jadefish [?\]\: i told u le ya rider [4k\]\: wild draw four. rider [4k\]\: i c. angle [3d\]\: s10 niuer [?\]\: o10 at N10 a bit better? coolbabe [5d\]\: 3d lihai ] ;B[rm]BL[2549.93];W[jm]WL[2476.52];B[jn]BL[2534.33]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: tai zao le ] ;W[kl]WL[2474.42];B[kn]BL[2532.77]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: ji sha rider [4k\]\: S6 ba ] ;W[nc]WL[2463.19]C[rider [4k\]\: S6 xian shou ah. coolbabe [5d\]\: i would s6 if i were b ] ;B[kk]BL[2509.41]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: laolao coolbabe [5d\]\: o17 za hu shi? ];W[lj] WL[2440.28]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: zhe qi mei fa kan le rider [4k\]\: Yes, reverse sente and 15 points. ] ;B[jl]BL[2479.06]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: corner coolbabe [5d\]\: yi shou sha de gan jing ma? tuzi [4d?\]\: no coolbabe [5d\]\: no way Stormer [2k\]\: q16 looking sad ] ;W[qc]WL[2407.91];B[de]BL[2474.66]C[jadefish [?\]\: b corner too big coolbabe [5d\]\: s6 tai da le ] ;W[cg]WL[2392.05]C[tuzi [4d?\]\: ai tuzi [4d?\]\: why not F16 tuzi [4d?\]\: apparently tuzi [4d?\]\: zhao is confused rider [4k\]\: Because pincer by habit? \:D coolbabe [5d\]\: jiu shi tuzi [4d?\]\: 这个局面 rider [4k\]\: I would pincer too. \:D coolbabe [5d\]\: bu guo coolbabe [5d\]\: bai hou tuzi [4d?\]\: 上边是白的所有希望 tuzi [4d?\]\: 他怎么会走到左边去呢 coolbabe [5d\]\: zhao wants to fight rider [4k\]\: C17. rider [4k\]\: \:D flowershoe [?\]\: hi all coolbabe [5d\]\: f14 hao bu hao? rider [4k\]\: Let white get the corner, and take outside. coolbabe [5d\]\: f14 h14 jiu bu chuo tuzi [4d?\]\: 白如果走了s6 rider [4k\]\: You mean E14 ba. coolbabe [5d\]\: e 14 coolbabe [5d\]\: laolao rider [4k\]\: \:D tuzi [4d?\]\: 然后跳入 rider [4k\]\: F14 bu hao. \:P tuzi [4d?\]\: 白还是可以 ] ;B[cc]BL[2365.25]C[rider [4k\]\: I prefer C17. rider [4k\]\: \:D rider [4k\]\: poor microbe, play 4k move instead of 3d. niuer [?\]\: tuzi is even more worried than zhao\:) tuzi [4d?\]\: 现在最后一个机会白棋赶紧回头是岸 coolbabe [5d\]\: how? halfsea [3d\]\: ding duan coolbabe [5d\]\: ding duan? tuzi [4d?\]\: 在上边加高姿势 BostonFish [4d\]\: D16. rider [4k\]\: White C16 falls, so white can only C18 ba. halfsea [3d\]\: D16 tuzi [4d?\]\: 我觉得c18 coolbabe [5d\]\: bu ding mei fa xia ah tuzi [4d?\]\: 然后e18 tuzi [4d?\]\: 然后飞起来吧 climb\: y the squares niuer [?\]\: too late flowershoe [?\]\: fly no good climb\: feelin edgy o wat angle [3d\]\: d16 tuzi [4d?\]\: 白棋必须要在上边加高姿势 coolbabe [5d\]\: yao ding duan flowershoe [?\]\: c16 BostonFish [4d\]\: E18之后轮到黑走. 嘿嘿. coolbabe [5d\]\: c16 no good tuzi [4d?\]\: 或者白棋走L16代替补角 tuzi [4d?\]\: dish那个不错 niuer [?\]\: agree with dish here rider [4k\]\: C16 not good, white got small corner, black got the outside. flowershoe [?\]\: c16 xianshou tuzi [4d?\]\: 可是黑也不能过于深入 rider [4k\]\: C16 is what black hopes for. tuzi [4d?\]\: 假定黑F15跳 coolbabe [5d\]\: antime b s6 tuzi [4d?\]\: 白G16也还可以 rider [4k\]\: have to suffer a little for now and C18 I feel. tuzi [4d?\]\: 现在看空白不差 tuzi [4d?\]\: 厚薄黑棋好一点 climb\: ... niuer [?\]\: no bah coolbabe [5d\]\: cha duo le rider [4k\]\: If black plays S6, white definitely behind. flowershoe [?\]\: c16 d16 b17 f17 niuer [?\]\: that q16 stone is not fully dead yet rider [4k\]\: Now white is taking such risk to keep sente. rider [4k\]\: Should S6 first. climb\: .......( mini squares) coolbabe [5d\]\: b l9 almost protect g3 coolbabe [5d\]\: w no good ] ;W[cd]WL[2130.91];B[dd]BL[2362.56]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: had b trapped rider [4k\]\: hoho. \:D ] ;W[ce]WL[2128.78];B[cf]BL[2360.52]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: kao climb\: .......... coolbabe [5d\]\: this sequence rider [4k\]\: microbe plays flowershoe's move. coolbabe [5d\]\: this game rider [4k\]\: Unless white wants to D14 variation? BostonFish [4d\]\: 这个定式不适合. coolbabe [5d\]\: no way for b to lose le coolbabe [5d\]\: against w's moyo flowershoe [?\]\: c16 d16 b17 f17 让黑选择不好吗?不该走定式 ] ;W[df]WL[2045.9];B[bf]BL[2357.98];W[bc]WL[2043.68];B[cb]BL[2355.89]C[BostonFish [4d\]\: 还让黑拿了先手. ] ;W[be]WL[2039.59];B[ec]BL[2353.59]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: sigh ];W[bg]WL[2033.26];B[ef] BL[2351.66]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: w sld e15 ];W[dg]WL[2030.23];B[lc]BL[2349.18]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: any way halfsea [3d\]\: K17 rider [4k\]\: black should S6 first, after gaining the sente. coolbabe [5d\]\: m17 is fine ] ;W[nd]WL[1976.04]C[blackbeard [5d\]\: why s6? coolbabe [5d\]\: now s6 flowershoe [?\]\: n15 coolbabe [5d\]\: oian yi le coolbabe [5d\]\: why not? flowershoe [?\]\: b n15 BostonFish [4d\]\: S6逆收一个大官子21. coolbabe [5d\]\: or j16 rider [4k\]\: blackbeard, you want to play tuzi in next round? \:P mishima [12k\]\: is the r9 group really dead after white s6? ] ;B[le]BL[2313.7]C[blackbeard [5d\]\: no rider [4k\]\: 21 mu ah? I thought only 15. \:) mishima [12k\]\: i didn't think so blackbeard [5d\]\: I want to play pront blackbeard [5d\]\: master Pront rider [4k\]\: weak ah, why choose weak players? coolbabe [5d\]\: m15 tai qi fu ren la ] ;W[jc]WL[1944.65];B[hc]BL[2304.42]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: k17 2 deep jadefish [?\]\: why, blackbeard? mishima [12k\]\: so no point in playing s6 rider [4k\]\: you'll have to play another 3 win player, not a 1 win, blackbeard. blackbeard [5d\]\: His multigo is too good blackbeard [5d\]\: admire a lot ] ;W[ic]WL[1916.92]C[rider [4k\]\: play lsxt ba. blackbeard [5d\]\: I know rider [4k\]\: I agree his multigo is good. \:) rider [4k\]\: Been using it for years now. jadefish [?\]\: uno, do u know pront can sing flowershoe [?\]\: o15 ? rider [4k\]\: no I don't. halfsea [3d\]\: anyone can sing. \:) ] ;B[pf]BL[2261.33]C[blackbeard [5d\]\: ha rider [4k\]\: I thought he was a mute. rider [4k\]\: \:P jadefish [?\]\: u can't sing as well as pront ya coolbabe [5d\]\: p14 tong chi? halfsea [3d\]\: that might be true, but I CAN halfsea [3d\]\: hehe jadefish [?\]\: well, microbe lihai ya coolbabe [5d\]\: or o14 tong chi? rider [4k\]\: halfsea play blackbeard next round then. jiapc [3d\]\: pront sings better than Qi Qin rider [4k\]\: halfsea, you wish you play blackbeard or tuzi? decamp [5d\]\: seems w chose wrong joseki coolbabe [5d\]\: or p15? decamp [5d\]\: w should get sente coolbabe [5d\]\: kan bu qing sbcap [4d\]\: O14 rider [4k\]\: Q13 ba. rider [4k\]\: sometimes obvious is good. tuzi [4d?\]\: no tuzi [4d?\]\: P14 ] ;W[nf]WL[1795.2]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: q13 bu dui coolbabe [5d\]\: tou bei wu zhu bu shaung happyloser [2d?\]\: S15 jiapc [3d\]\: wokao flowershoe [?\]\: s15 jiapc [3d\]\: high hands all jump in sbcap [4d\]\: upper hand xifeng [6d?\]\: 绣花鞋? jiapc [3d\]\: xyh said, happyloser is very good at offense tuzi [4d?\]\: s15? halfsea [3d\]\: why Q14? coolbabe [5d\]\: cause he is behind 2 much sbcap [4d\]\: If b can't do something here, then it wasted one move rider [4k\]\: coolbabe, can say in Chinese what you mean? coolbabe [5d\]\: atleast later k14 misi upper guys coolbabe [5d\]\: if b dies free ] ;B[kf]BL[2151.55]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: w catch up coolbabe [5d\]\: h16 j14 coolbabe [5d\]\: w happy ya ] ;W[hd]WL[1762.26]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: but why give 2 much so early ];B[gc]BL[2148.22] ;W[if]WL[1735.38]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: m15 i have a word coolbabe [5d\]\: dont like it coolbabe [5d\]\: j16 much better halfsea [3d\]\: b's diao zi you dian luan, hehe coolbabe [5d\]\: w s6 coolbabe [5d\]\: then bu jiao sbcap [4d\]\: diao3 zi? sbcap [4d\]\: how do you know? You tried it? halfsea [3d\]\: diao4 zi coolbabe [5d\]\: halfsea is not 3d halfsea [3d\]\: I am 3k coolbabe [5d\]\: at least aga 5d strength ba halfsea [3d\]\: no no sbcap [4d\]\: aga5d is 3d here halfsea [3d\]\: I saw your comments on my last game, very lian hong ah halfsea [3d\]\: really played bad ] ;B[ie]BL[2023.91]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: i like your moves ];W[je]WL[1725.6];B[jf]BL[2021.58] C[coolbabe [5d\]\: but i did not dare to mkl that deep sbcap [4d\]\: L16? coolbabe [5d\]\: h14 ba halfsea [3d\]\: haha, my mkl is improving halfsea [3d\]\: \:) rider [4k\]\: how now? coolbabe [5d\]\: l16 no good rider [4k\]\: qi zi? coolbabe [5d\]\: b j13 coolbabe [5d\]\: ni yao bu yao? sbcap [4d\]\: yao coolbabe [5d\]\: lao shi h14 sbcap [4d\]\: then K13 M16 miai coolbabe [5d\]\: l16 protect b s15? coolbabe [5d\]\: na jiu tai gao le ] ;W[hf]WL[1580.01]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: lao shi dain coolbabe [5d\]\: qi gai zeng me xia jiu zeng me xia jadefish [?\]\: dian coolbabe [5d\]\: dian jadefish [?\]\: zen me coolbabe [5d\]\: no halfsea [3d\]\: dian where? coolbabe [5d\]\: dian ba k15 mai le rider [4k\]\: jadeifhs correcting coolbabe's pinyin. halfsea [3d\]\: dian bu hao bah? tuzi [4d?\]\: jadefish is high hand halfsea [3d\]\: hard for b anyway rider [4k\]\: in pinyin. \:) ] ;B[ge]BL[1954.34]C[halfsea [3d\]\: ft coolbabe [5d\]\: hehehe halfsea [3d\]\: microbe likes jadefish rider [4k\]\: My pinyin also higher hand than coolbabe. tuzi [4d?\]\: uno Funchucks [2k?\]\: Is W okay if B plays Q13? tuzi [4d?\]\: ur pinyin no good either ] ;W[he]WL[1552.31]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: dian taihuai le coolbabe [5d\]\: dian made w strong rider [4k\]\: ft halfsea [3d\]\: b shen me ye mei zou zhao rider [4k\]\: Still better than coolbabe ba. \:) coolbabe [5d\]\: tnnd coolbabe [5d\]\: in ws territory rider [4k\]\: his pinyin is like 30k. \:D coolbabe [5d\]\: live jiu bu cuo le ] ;B[jh]BL[1857.79]C[halfsea [3d\]\: D9 big coolbabe [5d\]\: n18 ba blackbeard [5d\]\: f14 ] ;W[hi]WL[1520.96]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: can n18 protect s15? halfsea [3d\]\: good move Funchucks [2k?\]\: what's with all the pinyin stuff, are people having trouble inputting chinese? halfsea [3d\]\: w sente, then go left halfsea [3d\]\: da you le rider [4k\]\: Maybe because some doesn't have Chinese fonts? blackbeard [5d\]\: h11 not good blackbeard [5d\]\: help b go home blackbeard [5d\]\: it's a big target coolbabe [5d\]\: b already home xyh1969 [4d\]\: you mean should k11? coolbabe [5d\]\: li 2 cai 3 coolbabe [5d\]\: you shi da fei blackbeard [5d\]\: I think F14 blackbeard [5d\]\: w is safe anyway coolbabe [5d\]\: f14 gan ma? coolbabe [5d\]\: chi yi ge? rider [4k\]\: Leave K11 as option for later. coolbabe [5d\]\: no option xyh1969 [4d\]\: no wonder i felt zhao is stronger than me. He is gtpase ah blackbeard [5d\]\: cut b later xifeng [6d?\]\: w + 26.5 coolbabe [5d\]\: i can not figure out waht will happen if b s15 rider [4k\]\: who is gtpase? coolbabe [5d\]\: zhao ju rider [4k\]\: i mean .. id is which server? rider [4k\]\: Tom? coolbabe [5d\]\: the strongest zhao ba rider [4k\]\: No. rider [4k\]\: Got stronger Zhao. coolbabe [5d\]\: any zhao better than this zhao? rider [4k\]\: Many. coolbabe [5d\]\: zhao whom? halfsea [3d\]\: zhao zhixun is the strongest coolbabe [5d\]\: zhao zhi xun? rider [4k\]\: Strongest AGA Zhao is Zhao Xudong, 7.5d coolbabe [5d\]\: i admire zhixun's escaping technique and mkl halfsea [3d\]\: I played with him once halfsea [3d\]\: hehe rider [4k\]\: halfsea, who? halfsea [3d\]\: don't feel zhao is xudong halfsea [3d\]\: zhao xudong coolbabe [5d\]\: aga 7d+ ba rider [4k\]\: So you got kicked how bad? \:D rider [4k\]\: Or does he spoon like tuzi? \:P halfsea [3d\]\: hehe, it was an AGA game, with handi halfsea [3d\]\: I won by H4, nothing to show off blackbeard [5d\]\: what, H4 rider [4k\]\: He meant it was a H4 game. halfsea [3d\]\: yes, I was AGA 3d at that time, he was 7.5 something blackbeard [5d\]\: too much rider [4k\]\: AGA didn't think so. \:P halfsea [3d\]\: yes xyh1969 [4d\]\: it's like macelee handi halfsea 4 halfsea [3d\]\: H3 should be a good match, I think coolbabe [5d\]\: how is b's p18 xyh1969 [4d\]\: or blackbeard h4 halfsea ] ;B[ki]BL[1484.4]C[rider [4k\]\: macelee in AGA will only handi halfsea 3. xifeng [6d?\]\: How accurate is the AGA rating? can a AGA5d H2 another AGA 5d? coolbabe [5d\]\: o18 bu gan jing la ma? rider [4k\]\: Or 2 .. halfsea, you AGA 4d yet? ] ;W[ee]WL[1488.89];B[ed]BL[1480.02];W[bb]WL[1486.35]C[halfsea [3d\]\: almost, 3.9+ now coolbabe [5d\]\: sun le coolbabe [5d\]\: xia guan zi rider [4k\]\: So mace will still give you H3 in AGA. \:P coolbabe [5d\]\: xiao rider [4k\]\: But you'll kick him. \:D xyh1969 [4d\]\: is white leading much? coolbabe [5d\]\: depends on whether b s15 xifeng [6d?\]\: what's mace's rank coolbabe [5d\]\: and s6 rider [4k\]\: 6d. halfsea [3d\]\: I believe I can go up to 5d if I keep playing AGA ] ;B[db]BL[1431.97]C[halfsea [3d\]\: hehe jadefish [?\]\: ff? halfsea [3d\]\: some 5ds are weak coolbabe [5d\]\: gan bu gan d8 blackbeard [5d\]\: w not leading ba xifeng [6d?\]\: 什么事? coolbabe [5d\]\: f3 first etc halfsea [3d\]\: go to excercise le, c u later xi11west [1d\]\: s6? rider [4k\]\: bye, halfsea. coolbabe [5d\]\: with b's q13 jadefish [?\]\: ff? xifeng [6d?\]\: here coolbabe [5d\]\: w middle tastes bad xyh1969 [4d\]\: halfsea? rider [4k\]\: Yes, xi11, we've been asking for S6 for a long long time. \:) xifeng [6d?\]\: mace is not even AGA 7d? Then aga7d should be very strong ya rider [4k\]\: tuzi is AGA 7d. coolbabe [5d\]\: aga 7d is strong coolbabe [5d\]\: tuzi's ranking hit 7d xifeng [6d?\]\: tuzi is 7.2d rider [4k\]\: He's been 7d for a long long time ah. jadefish [?\]\: ff? coolbabe [5d\]\: dont know if he get the title or not xifeng [6d?\]\: but I feel mace is stronger ya coolbabe [5d\]\: my bad then xi11west [1d\]\: f5? coolbabe [5d\]\: i have no knowledge of that rider [4k\]\: Maybe because mace lee has not played AGA for a long long time also. blackbeard [5d\]\: Mace can reach AGA 7d coolbabe [5d\]\: i dont like b s6 rider [4k\]\: G3? coolbabe [5d\]\: so i will coolbabe [5d\]\: s6 xifeng [6d?\]\: Is angryfist AGA 7d? coolbabe [5d\]\: i dont like b f5 rider [4k\]\: change my mind .. F4. coolbabe [5d\]\: no, ff coolbabe [5d\]\: his rating is about 6.7 ba xifeng [6d?\]\: Who is AGA7d+ in this tournament? rider [4k\]\: angryfist is not AGA ba. coolbabe [5d\]\: some one seems to have a list \:-) jadefish [?\]\: ff xifeng [6d?\]\: tuzi, meebao. rider [4k\]\: Only tuzi that I know. coolbabe [5d\]\: meebao is? ] ;W[pg]WL[1167.79]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: kao rider [4k\]\: Why suddenly Q13? rider [4k\]\: Not consistent ah. coolbabe [5d\]\: yao zou ye xian s6 ya ] ;B[dl]BL[1399.75]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: d8 tai da ];W[fp]WL[1150.02]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: the upper fight coolbabe [5d\]\: w gained a lot ] ;B[fq]BL[1369.82];W[gp]WL[1146.54]C[xifeng [6d?\]\: I was told that meebao is AGA8d ya ] ;B[gq]BL[1361.33]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: sanpped corner and made black daguan lian hui rider [4k\]\: What's his name? xifeng [6d?\]\: forgot who said so ] ;W[hp]WL[1128.85];B[hq]BL[1358.21]C[xifeng [6d?\]\: I don't know either ];W[fl] WL[1114.6]C[xyh1969 [4d\]\: ofs it was me coolbabe [5d\]\: later w s6 ];B[fm]BL[1336.47] C[coolbabe [5d\]\: enter corner ];W[em]WL[1082.23];B[el]BL[1327.77]C[nicole [?\]\: b is going to win bah? nicole [?\]\: 98 stop one move ah ] ;W[kj]WL[1001.85];B[jj]BL[1323.58];W[ik]WL[999.676]C[blackbeard [5d\]\: close game coolbabe [5d\]\: hao xyh1969 [4d\]\: l9 wa too slow bah? blackbeard [5d\]\: w q 13 too slow coolbabe [5d\]\: kao nicole [?\]\: I9? coolbabe [5d\]\: q13 is calm and necessary nicole [?\]\: why, coolbabe? blackbeard [5d\]\: 要不也不能那里补 coolbabe [5d\]\: cause i dont like b q13 nicole [?\]\: w can just s15 coolbabe [5d\]\: i not like b n11 either ] ;B[jk]BL[1222.57];W[ii]WL[996.427]C[rider [4k\]\: Then coolbabe, why not Q13 much earlier instead of O14 ne? ] ;B[ji]BL[1213.44]C[xyh1969 [4d\]\: m15 bad move, right? nicole [?\]\: let's see bah coolbabe [5d\]\: ni gao shu wu the feeling of letting b o14 nicole [?\]\: feel w has to kill 2 black now coolbabe [5d\]\: o15 ] ;W[dm]WL[940.465]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: kao kill? ];B[fk]BL[1206.21];W[gl]WL[938.494] C[coolbabe [5d\]\: if kill , qi beng xia le nicole [?\]\: w has no enough cash otherwise rider [4k\]\: I don't think those 2 stones are that big if white can connect and make black run. coolbabe [5d\]\: white already connect coolbabe [5d\]\: b not feeling good blackbeard [5d\]\: now MKL time coolbabe [5d\]\: ruined such a huge lead xyh1969 [4d\]\: what if q13 not bu? nicole [?\]\: hehe if w win coolbabe [5d\]\: at least b has p18 blackbeard [5d\]\: then bN11 a little tao yao nicole [?\]\: then q13 will become "xian zhao miao shou" lah. coolbabe [5d\]\: but b will s15 etc coolbabe [5d\]\: middle ' 2 ci tai shuang le' coolbabe [5d\]\: d18 tai huai le coolbabe [5d\]\: f15 much better coolbabe [5d\]\: jiu gai tuo xian xyh1969 [4d\]\: black already lost bah? rider [4k\]\: I feel the same. xifeng [6d?\]\: I am confident at Zhao's fighting skill coolbabe [5d\]\: hehe coolbabe [5d\]\: he stole one game from me once ] ;B[gk]BL[939.411]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: ka cha nicole [?\]\: hehe xifeng [6d?\]\: h9 coolbabe [5d\]\: h9 bu dui coolbabe [5d\]\: yao ka cha nicole [?\]\: h9 zhi ci yi shou bah rider [4k\]\: H9 works ba rider [4k\]\: Black cannot make life in there. coolbabe [5d\]\: h9 shui chi shui xi11west [1d\]\: h9 b h8 h7 sente cut coolbabe [5d\]\: h8 xian shou bei duan coolbabe [5d\]\: g12 zao yi ge xifeng [6d?\]\: 就算他能活,也要h9.气势问题啊 coolbabe [5d\]\: 'ni hai chi ge P ya coolbabe [5d\]\: nonono coolbabe [5d\]\: e9 nicole [?\]\: too small lah coolbabe [5d\]\: gan diao lian ge jiu lead le nicole [?\]\: w qing song zhuan shen rider [4k\]\: I like ff's H9 better. coolbabe [5d\]\: hai shi gai s6 xifeng [6d?\]\: depends on guest124's style coolbabe [5d\]\: assume w s6 and b answer s10 coolbabe [5d\]\: h9 bu shi qi nicole [?\]\: hehe\:) xifeng [6d?\]\: if his style is like microbe's , he will e9 jadefish [?\]\: who is leading now? xifeng [6d?\]\: 正统派的棋手总有点小富即安的倾向 coolbabe [5d\]\: e9 w solid lead coolbabe [5d\]\: tnnd coolbabe [5d\]\: no wonder u lose to brewer le rider [4k\]\: H9 white solid win. \:D coolbabe [5d\]\: ni bi angry hai tan ] ;W[ek]WL[695.992]C[nicole [?\]\: admire coolbabe rider [4k\]\: I say black win now. coolbabe [5d\]\: b de niu duan nicole [?\]\: I still don't agree with e9 though coolbabe [5d\]\: tai huai le coolbabe [5d\]\: w wrapped it up with b moving first coolbabe [5d\]\: f w h9 coolbabe [5d\]\: with b;s g12 coolbabe [5d\]\: easy alive niuer [?\]\: coolbabe coolbabe [5d\]\: just feeling coolbabe [5d\]\: maybe ff had deep calculation coolbabe [5d\]\: the point is w's e9 already in lead coolbabe [5d\]\: so he does not need h9 niuer [?\]\: 好话都让你说尽了! xifeng [6d?\]\: I didn't not read here. But I will start my reading at H9 for sure xifeng [6d?\]\: Only if H9 doesn't will I consider E9 niuer [?\]\: 坏事你也都做绝了\:) blackbeard [5d\]\: H9 不走太不爽 coolbabe [5d\]\: h9 guanzi 2 mu? coolbabe [5d\]\: and leave b a chance to make 30? xyh1969 [4d\]\: i like these two players, use up their time coolbabe [5d\]\: zhao wins coolbabe [5d\]\: tnnd blackbeard [5d\]\: H9 not 2 points rider [4k\]\: I say microbe win. \:D xifeng [6d?\]\: Then I will play weiqilover, haha coolbabe [5d\]\: wo jiu yi shuo coolbabe [5d\]\: ni dang zhen la coolbabe [5d\]\: i dont fel h9 can eat b whole group coolbabe [5d\]\: so i will take what is important niuer [?\]\: coolbabe coolbabe [5d\]\: niuer ni shuo coolbabe [5d\]\: wo shut up niuer [?\]\: i never get serious for what u said\:) rider [4k\]\: ff, you may play dish also. blackbeard [5d\]\: no MKL now xyh1969 [4d\]\: who will i play then? niuer [?\]\: just feel" u r too damn cool" rider [4k\]\: Oh .. winner of this gets to 4 wins. coolbabe [5d\]\: wo kibitz hai xing xifeng [6d?\]\: e9 gives b 4 sentes atari, and only gains like 10pts? It is solid but also small rider [4k\]\: if microbe win, you may play microbe, but if zhao win, you won't play zhao (because you already won him). \:) niuer [?\]\: h9 is definatly much better than e9 coolbabe [5d\]\: lol coolbabe [5d\]\: bu shuole ] ;B[fn]BL[492.545]C[rider [4k\]\: ??? niuer [?\]\: if these b stones cant be killed, w should think of quiting go playing rider [4k\]\: Nice. xifeng [6d?\]\: ok, h9, b g12, w f10. so b can not g12 Ithink rider [4k\]\: I think white going to play tt instead. ] ;W[hl]WL[625.774]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: f6 bu gei rider [4k\]\: Cho U playing MKL le in Meijin. coolbabe [5d\]\: tai gu o fen la coolbabe [5d\]\: mkl first at f6 jadefish [?\]\: does w need to kill all 3 b groups here to win? coolbabe [5d\]\: f6 might be a good move coolbabe [5d\]\: felt w qi jin coolbabe [5d\]\: h9 shi bu shi jin? coolbabe [5d\]\: bu shi coolbabe [5d\]\: so w safe coolbabe [5d\]\: w you ge h7 coolbabe [5d\]\: tnnd xi11west [1d\]\: 不太好吃 coolbabe [5d\]\: b suffer big time coolbabe [5d\]\: game seems over to me blackbeard [5d\]\: b so greedy coolbabe [5d\]\: not greedy rider [4k\]\: microbe 加油,microbe 加油。 blackbeard [5d\]\: now how to go home? coolbabe [5d\]\: he did not know where to go xifeng [6d?\]\: b h6, w e10. or b j10, w H6? rider [4k\]\: D9 then F11? ] ;B[fi]BL[278.293]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: zi neng tai le ];W[dk]WL[606.091];B[cl]BL[274.711] ;W[ck]WL[585.959]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: way way over ];B[cm]BL[257.702]C[xifeng [6d?\]\: e5 ] ;W[dn]WL[562.054]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: e5 shang bian bei duan le jadefish [?\]\: ff likes shuang a lot coolbabe [5d\]\: m18 ke yi hui jia? ] ;B[hk]BL[207.414]C[Funchucks [2k?\]\: looks pretty hopeless ];W[gn]WL[554.531]C[xifeng [6d?\]\: d6 low efficient coolbabe [5d\]\: kai xian shou bei duan blackbeard [5d\]\: w is really not greedy, blackbeard [5d\]\: good opponents coolbabe [5d\]\: hao zai e14 runa tou rider [4k\]\: G7 works? coolbabe [5d\]\: ruan rider [4k\]\: No. \:( rider [4k\]\: poor black. blackbeard [5d\]\: b not poor coolbabe [5d\]\: very poor coolbabe [5d\]\: at this moment coolbabe [5d\]\: against before blackbeard [5d\]\: w is noce enough le coolbabe [5d\]\: he had huge lead jadefish [?\]\: compare with before rider [4k\]\: J8 in sente, then N18? nicole [?\]\: b should start to think about how to setup a trap for upper w lah ] ;B[eg]BL[51.114]C[xifeng [6d?\]\: L16 blackbeard [5d\]\: 白棋太手软了 nicole [?\]\: e13 too direct ] ;W[lb]WL[464.989]C[blackbeard [5d\]\: 养虎为患了 nicole [?\]\: now no chance lah coolbabe [5d\]\: l16 kan nu qing niuer [?\]\: m16 instead of M18 is better coolbabe [5d\]\: hou shou huo bu shuang blackbeard [5d\]\: sure ] ;OB[5]B[mb]BL[60]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: yes m16 better ];W[mc]WL[459.353];OB[5]B[kb] BL[60];W[ld]WL[457.62];OB[5]B[kc]BL[60]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: but w want sente ];W[kd] WL[456.084];OB[5]B[la]BL[60]C[nicole [?\]\: should q17 first b coolbabe [5d\]\: look at this xifeng [6d?\]\: w lost tons of points ] ;W[nb]WL[426.958]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: no points there ];OB[5]B[ib]BL[60];W[jb]WL[422.514] ;OB[5]B[ja]BL[60];W[hb]WL[414.367];OB[5]B[ia]BL[60]C[jadefish [?\]\: aiya coolbabe [5d\]\: s6 coolbabe [5d\]\: and claim xifeng [6d?\]\: at least n17 should be at m16 xifeng [6d?\]\: o19 coolbabe [5d\]\: w want sente nicole [?\]\: o19 sente now ] ;W[na]WL[355.284];OB[5]B[gb]BL[60]C[xifeng [6d?\]\: b has n15, very annoying coolbabe [5d\]\: w has n19 ] ;W[rn]WL[334.611]C[nicole [?\]\: n15 don't matter bah nicole [?\]\: just n16 ];OB[5] B[rj]BL[60]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: n19 ba niuer [?\]\: b really screwed up his leading games tuzi [4d?\]\: w wins? xifeng [6d?\]\: lost some pts ya coolbabe [5d\]\: or n15? jadefish [?\]\: who wins? tuzi [4d?\]\: to me w wins blackbeard [5d\]\: b coolbabe [5d\]\: w win a lot tuzi [4d?\]\: without counting tuzi [4d?\]\: i think w wins rober [5k?\]\: I think w +15 (more or less) melonazo [6k\]\: b (brown) coolbabe [5d\]\: no need to count jiapc [3d\]\: hehe ] ;W[gf]WL[263.599]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: d3 hai shi d2? jiapc [3d\]\: poor microbe rober [5k?\]\: I need to count \:) jiapc [3d\]\: I bet on him jiapc [3d\]\: so he dies tuzi [4d?\]\: w 76pts roughly xi11west [1d\]\: g14? ] ;OB[5]B[di]BL[60]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: g14 bu n15 coolbabe [5d\]\: ok tuzi [4d?\]\: b 70 around tuzi [4d?\]\: but ] ;W[bi]WL[227.546]C[tuzi [4d?\]\: I count less for w tuzi [4d?\]\: so w eventually should have more tuzi [4d?\]\: i count b get s5 tuzi [4d?\]\: but that is almost not possible coolbabe [5d\]\: and c2? nicole [?\]\: G14 wu qu ] ;OB[5]B[rp]BL[60]C[tuzi [4d?\]\: c2 didn't count for anyone coolbabe [5d\]\: s4 xiao ya tuzi [4d?\]\: now w gets it tuzi [4d?\]\: it is sente niuer [?\]\: why w play G14? jadefish [?\]\: why can't b s5? coolbabe [5d\]\: later w still has s4 tuzi [4d?\]\: s4 is good taste tuzi [4d?\]\: fish tuzi [4d?\]\: u 10k player can't understand ] ;W[fe]WL[183.71]C[tuzi [4d?\]\: what is w thinking coolbabe [5d\]\: kao ];OB[5] B[ij]BL[60]C[tuzi [4d?\]\: ai tuzi [4d?\]\: pls c2 coolbabe [5d\]\: xiao guan zi zou lai zou qu tuzi [4d?\]\: no tuzi [4d?\]\: d2 coolbabe [5d\]\: 'd2 or d3 coolbabe [5d\]\: either one w will huge win coolbabe [5d\]\: da hao ba coolbabe [5d\]\: d2 tuzi [4d?\]\: maybe c2 is good enough coolbabe [5d\]\: b zai zou jiu bu ying la TieuMuc [5k\]\: excuse me coolbabe [5d\]\: s12 dada de mu TieuMuc [5k\]\: why this game not handicap? xifeng [6d?\]\: tournament game coolbabe [5d\]\: c2 maybe better TieuMuc [5k\]\: ohh, thx coolbabe [5d\]\: since it was a good move for b? xifeng [6d?\]\: d2 is better ] ;OW[5]W[dr]WL[60]C[xifeng [6d?\]\: see ];OB[5]B[me]BL[60]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: d2 wu hou xu shou duan nicole [?\]\: a little bit dangrous d2 though coolbabe [5d\]\: n15 2 later la ] ;OW[5]W[ne]WL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: hoho .. black has chance now? coolbabe [5d\]\: w has e12 latter ] ;OB[5]B[dq]BL[60];OW[5]W[cq]WL[60]C[nicole [?\]\: ah ];OB[5]B[er]BL[60]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: no chance at all ] ;OW[5]W[rh]WL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: L15? coolbabe [5d\]\: s12 coolbabe [5d\]\: w solid win ] ;OB[5]B[bj]BL[60]C[tuzi [4d?\]\: b should s12 nicole [?\]\: c3 tuzi [4d?\]\: b9 rider [4k\]\: black L15? coolbabe [5d\]\: jiu shu ] ;OW[5]W[bk]WL[60]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: sai w has t4 coolbabe [5d\]\: jiu shi coolbabe [5d\]\: b9 i mean rider [4k\]\: Oh. Need G16 first. ] ;OB[5]B[cr]BL[60]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: gan ];OW[5]W[br]WL[60];OB[5]B[ds]BL[60];OW[5] W[sp]WL[60];OB[5]B[rq]BL[60]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: zain18 ];OW[5]W[sq]WL[60]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: zhe qi ying fan le tuzi [4d?\]\: hoho tuzi [4d?\]\: b can only s2 xifeng [6d?\]\: painful ] ;OB[5]B[ro]BL[60]C[tuzi [4d?\]\: yi? tuzi [4d?\]\: suan le tuzi [4d?\]\: just t5 ] ;OW[5]W[sm]WL[60]C[tuzi [4d?\]\: kao tuzi [4d?\]\: w so ... ];OB[5]B[sl]BL[60];OW[5] W[sn]WL[60]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: dui ya coolbabe [5d\]\: leave t5 later ];OB[5]B[sj] BL[60]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: n19 ];OW[5]W[so]WL[60];OB[5]B[mi]BL[60];OW[5]W[li]WL[60] C[tuzi [4d?\]\: microbe play these 56 mvoes coolbabe [5d\]\: middle mei mu tuzi [4d?\]\: shame jadefish [?\]\: tuzi? tuzi [4d?\]\: y halfsea [3d\]\: ? xi11west [1d\]\: ?? halfsea [3d\]\: N9? coolbabe [5d\]\: gan diao 3 ge coolbabe [5d\]\: hou shou coolbabe [5d\]\: w still lead coolbabe [5d\]\: hao da ] ;OB[5]B[ni]BL[60]C[msdn [3d\]\: n9 to kill those three coolbabe [5d\]\: hmm? tuzi [4d?\]\: now can't kill xi11west [1d\]\: 黑自尽一气阿 halfsea [3d\]\: kan bu dong le blackbeard [5d\]\: funny tuzi [4d?\]\: N12 now? coolbabe [5d\]\: n12 so obvious rider [4k\]\: xi11 calc so fast? halfsea [3d\]\: microbe yun le bah? rider [4k\]\: nx ] ;OW[5]W[mh]WL[60]C[tuzi [4d?\]\: good tuzi [4d?\]\: hehe guest124 [4d\]\: m11 sucks rider [4k\]\: P10 atari coolbabe [5d\]\: zhao throw a little sppon nicole [?\]\: faint coolbabe [5d\]\: microbe said i dont want it halfsea [3d\]\: microbe gave back a bigger one ] ;OB[5]B[nh]BL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: So meng? tuzi [4d?\]\: tizi tuzi [4d?\]\: P12 tuzi [4d?\]\: works? microbe0 [6d\]\: sigh..I am waiting for spoons coolbabe [5d\]\: hehehe coolbabe [5d\]\: he got it halfsea [3d\]\: tou bah tou bah bu shi zui ] ;OW[5]W[oh]WL[60]C[tuzi [4d?\]\: hehe tuzi [4d?\]\: seems I am right rider [4k\]\: got the spoon? ] ;OB[5]B[lh]BL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: \:D ];OW[5]W[ng]WL[60];OB[5]B[mg]BL[60]C[tuzi [4d?\]\: kao nicole [?\]\: faint tuzi [4d?\]\: kao! ] ;OW[5]W[mj]WL[60];OB[5]B[mh]BL[60]C[msdn [3d\]\: kao tuzi [4d?\]\: b should N9 nicole [?\]\: kao!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xifeng [6d?\]\: ?? blackbeard [5d\]\: hehe coolbabe [5d\]\: b sente 3 4 mu not 2 bad alal [1k?\]\: haha tuzi [4d?\]\: still get 4 stones msdn [3d\]\: sha le ] ;OW[5]W[oj]WL[60]C[halfsea [3d\]\: ft niuer [?\]\: whay not N9??? halfsea [3d\]\: shen me qi? rider [4k\]\: Why not N9 ah? rider [4k\]\: ya!? chouqi002 [2d\]\: KAOOOO!!!!! ] ;OB[5]B[gd]BL[60]C[tuzi [4d?\]\: w should n9 rider [4k\]\: ft tuzi [4d?\]\: calm down halfsea [3d\]\: is this weiqi? ] ;OW[5]W[eh]WL[60]C[tuzi [4d?\]\: w should n9 rider [4k\]\: got the spoon and don't take it. rider [4k\]\: Ya .. but b was waiting for spoon, got it but didn't want it? msdn [3d\]\: xia yun le niuer [?\]\: b n13 should n9 bah? tuzi [4d?\]\: w should n9, guys coolbabe [5d\]\: resign here le nicole [?\]\: microbe should get "yi de fu ren" award tuzi [4d?\]\: so it is normal ] ;OB[5]B[gh]BL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: Yes niuer, absolutely. tuzi [4d?\]\: it is about right tuzi [4d?\]\: just both wrong tuzi [4d?\]\: eat 2, man xi11west [1d\]\: b n9 bu work ba tuzi [4d?\]\: when w O13 rider [4k\]\: At least got 8 points. tuzi [4d?\]\: b n9 blackbeard [5d\]\: 该黑的输 coolbabe [5d\]\: hou shou coolbabe [5d\]\: n9 zao si blackbeard [5d\]\: 昏头了 coolbabe [5d\]\: hai de r7 rider [4k\]\: And it's 8 points sente. msdn [3d\]\: hmm, seem b N9 those b also in danger coolbabe [5d\]\: n9 was there earlier rider [4k\]\: But now b still has the same danger, no? coolbabe [5d\]\: now b can not o9 la xifeng [6d?\]\: w just f13 n19 s2 b1 ] ;OW[3]W[fg]WL[60]C[halfsea [3d\]\: o9 is a good move, if w doesn't respond, b can then N9, good coolbabe [5d\]\: b1 da hai shi e11 da? ] ;OB[5]B[ej]BL[60]C[niuer [?\]\: sigh, what 's b doing in 2nd half game? coolbabe [5d\]\: not second half rider [4k\]\: C11 da. \:P ] ;OW[3]W[ih]WL[60];OB[5]B[ke]BL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: I like shuang also. niuer [?\]\: what do u mean? blackbeard [5d\]\: B D8 too deep le ] ;OW[3]W[jd]WL[60];OB[5]B[bs]BL[60]C[rider [4k\]\: White 4 stones got danger. niuer [?\]\: isn't b way ahead in 1st half? ] ;OW[3]W[ar]WL[60]C[blackbeard [5d\]\: yes coolbabe [5d\]\: j12 tai xiao rider [4k\]\: C10? blackbeard [5d\]\: but B L9, K8 small le ] ;OB[5]B[dp]BL[60]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: n19 much bigger blackbeard [5d\]\: seems not lead that much xifeng [6d?\]\: my theory is that if you are stronger at the first half, you have to be weaker at the second half when comparing with the same level players. ] ;OW[3]W[cn]WL[60]C[gtgt001 [1k\]\: dudes ];OB[5]B[cj]BL[60]C[blackbeard [5d\]\: tend to be optimistic gtgt001 [1k\]\: how is my money????!!!!! ] ;OW[3]W[aj]WL[60];OB[5]B[ci]BL[60]C[gtgt001 [1k\]\: win or lose? coolbabe [5d\]\: b 68ish jadefish [?\]\: who u bet on blackbeard [5d\]\: w wins coolbabe [5d\]\: b 70ish gtgt001 [1k\]\: woooooooooooooooo ] ;OW[3]W[ch]WL[60];OB[5]B[md]BL[60]C[gtgt001 [1k\]\: won!!!!! ];OW[3]W[id]WL[60] ;OB[5]B[ma]BL[60]C[blackbeard [5d\]\: ha rider [4k\]\: That's why I preferred C11. \:D gtgt001 [1k\]\: get some back ] ;OW[3]W[rr]WL[60]C[gtgt001 [1k\]\: haha ];OB[5]B[qr]BL[60]C[coolbabe [5d\]\: n19 tai da le jadefish [?\]\: w winning coolbabe [5d\]\: r7 o9? gtgt001 [1k\]\: guest is Zhao? coolbabe [5d\]\: liu zhe you ko da ma? jadefish [?\]\: en, gt gtgt001 [1k\]\: haha gtgt001 [1k\]\: fang xin la rider [4k\]\: N19 3 pts sente? xifeng [6d?\]\: gt gambling god jadefish [?\]\: drew will be happy gtgt001 [1k\]\: no halfsea [3d\]\: dude, nx gtgt001 [1k\]\: lost twice gtgt001 [1k\]\: dacamp gtgt001 [1k\]\: and tuzi coolbabe [5d\]\: j12 no good even if he wins gtgt001 [1k\]\: all lost ] ;OW[2]W[mf]WL[60]C[niuer [?\]\: 两万斤大米全完啦! gtgt001 [1k\]\: shoudl win both ] ;OB[5]B[lf]BL[60]C[gtgt001 [1k\]\: then they both Yan Hua gtgt001 [1k\]\: then, my $$$ becomes water niuer [?\]\: GT gtgt001 [1k\]\: niu2 ] ;OW[2]W[gm]WL[60]C[ToyStore [10k\]\: was just gonna say black play there niuer [?\]\: r u rich now? gtgt001 [1k\]\: no gtgt001 [1k\]\: poor ] ;OB[5]B[ip]BL[60]C[gtgt001 [1k\]\: u mean on MIT? niuer [?\]\: i always heard u won ah? coolbabe [5d\]\: w 5 mu ahead on baord gtgt001 [1k\]\: no gtgt001 [1k\]\: won 3 coolbabe [5d\]\: hai zou ? gtgt001 [1k\]\: then lost 2 ToyStore [10k\]\: whats mit? gtgt001 [1k\]\: then seems can win this ToyStore [10k\]\: mit? ] ;OW[2]W[ca]WL[60]C[niuer [?\]\: how come u always win? ];OB[5]B[da]BL[60]C[ToyStore [10k\]\: mmorpg? ] ;OW[2]W[ba]WL[60]C[gtgt001 [1k\]\: kao niuer [?\]\: why ever time i bet, i lost? microbe0 [5d\]\: good play gtgt001 [1k\]\: I lost twce guest124 [4d\]\: thanks gtgt001 [1k\]\: haha gtgt001 [1k\]\: nx zhao tuzi [4d?\]\: leading 20p gtgt001 [1k\]\: won! tuzi [4d?\]\: at least jiapc [3d\]\: zhao too nx guest124 [4d\]\: thanks gtgt001 jiapc [3d\]\: wokao coolbabe [5d\]\: kai ju hao sunya, zhao ju microbe0 [5d\]\: I think I didn't play well at the beginning jiapc [3d\]\: microbe is not weak ah guest124 [4d\]\: review? tuzi [3d?\]\: zhao lihai jiapc [3d\]\: zhao just nxer rider [4k\]\: So we can roll dice for next round le? coolbabe [5d\]\: tnnd, zhao a big sppon in the begining ToyStore [10k\]\: white is leading microbe0 [5d\]\: but I had a pretty good day today so I guess my luck has been used up \:) tuzi [3d?\]\: fool, make next round? coolbabe [5d\]\: spoon coolbabe [5d\]\: next round babbe against tuzi gtgt001 [1k\]\: tuzi microbe0 [5d\]\: too tired jiapc [3d\]\: money, gone! jiapc [3d\]\: nnd rider [4k\]\: hohoho. .. coolbabe vs tuzi. \:) guest124 [4d\]\: sure gtgt001 [1k\]\: haha jiapc [3d\]\: i bet on microbe gtgt001 [1k\]\: poor fool guest124 [4d\]\: thanks again for the game gtgt001 [1k\]\: poor fool coolbabe [5d\]\: w was calm xifeng [6d?\]\: go go go gtpase rider [4k\]\: coolbabe after watching this game hopes not to play microbe. \:P coolbabe [5d\]\: microbe's spoon coolbabe [5d\]\: i like niuer [?\]\: such a game, w can win, amazing\:) guess i need to study hard for MKL gtgt001 [1k\]\: haha gtgt001 [1k\]\: niu2 coolbabe [5d\]\: and i like his fighting spirit coolbabe [5d\]\: endless gtgt001 [1k\]\: even u know MKL? xifeng [6d?\]\: MKL rules gtgt001 [1k\]\: no microbe0 [5d\]\: actually, I think W played well at the beginning gtgt001 [1k\]\: MKL rocks! coolbabe [5d\]\: well if he jump microbe0 [5d\]\: despite losing some stones jiapc [3d\]\: will wistar play? coolbabe [5d\]\: and not ban da jiapc [3d\]\: he proposed a time on pront's site coolbabe [5d\]\: he leads jiapc [3d\]\: so he is still alive ])
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