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(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[gb2312]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[7.50]TM[3600]OT[5x60 byo-yomi] PW[andyusa]PB[decamp]WR[5d]BR[5d]DT[2006-10-09]PC[The KGS Go Server at http://www.gokgs.com/]RE[W+Resign] ;B[pd]BL[3596.561]C[decamp [5d\]: hi decamp [5d\]: wish us a nice game andyusa [5d\]: hi ] ;W[pp]WL[3574.147] ;B[dd]BL[3585.85]C[decamp [5d\]: no more small eye :-) ] ;W[cp]WL[3547.699] ;B[ep]BL[3580.136] ;W[eo]WL[3545.53] ;B[cq]BL[3504.893] ;W[dp]WL[3543.252] ;B[dq]BL[3502.412] ;W[fo]WL[3542.638] ;B[fq]BL[3497.461] ;W[hp]WL[3541.628] ;B[hr]BL[3465.276] ;W[cf]WL[3506.694] ;B[do]BL[3353.646]LB[fc:A][di:B]C[D5 cut maybe not good since w can get sente to play A and black is slow in opening Perhaps black should consider pincer at B] ;W[dn]WL[3499.208] ;B[co]BL[3351.908]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: what's small eye? ] ;W[bp]WL[3497.954] ;B[bo]BL[3349.251]C[B5 is a mistake. Black should play B6] ;W[bq]WL[3474.664]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: what's b3? However, the B5 mistake triggered out w's more severe mistake - B3] ;B[cm]BL[3292.912]C[pront [5k\]: addoil! andyusa [5d\]: ahhh? decamp [5d\]: my b5 is a misclick decamp [5d\]: should be b6 :-( andyusa [5d\]: this confused me decamp [5d\]: u thought it was b6? decamp [5d\]: i clicked too fast andyusa [5d\]: right andyusa [5d\]: never mind Now w suffered huge loss in left-lower corner] ;W[br]WL[3259.203] ;B[cr]BL[3253.956]C[happyloser [2d?\]: confused. B3 new hand? happyloser [2d?\]: missbear must like black a lot ] ;W[ck]WL[3192.402] ;B[dm]BL[3222.796] ;W[ir]WL[3179.471] ;B[gr]BL[3219.217] ;W[fc]WL[3150.934] ;B[ee]BL[3203.209] ;W[cc]WL[3147.74] ;B[fm]BL[3189.198]C[jiapc [3d\]: bet, bet! ] ;W[el]WL[3137.838]C[jiapc [3d\]: still can bet on this ] ;B[em]BL[3186.42]C[jiapc [3d\]: decamp will win this one! ] ;W[iq]WL[3123.022] ;B[nq]BL[3155.309] ;W[oq]WL[3102.489] ;B[np]BL[3148.157] ;W[qn]WL[3101.528] ;B[kq]BL[3133.336]LB[kp:A]TR[dn][eo][fo][hp][iq][ir]C[Black may play at A - black should not plan to push white left group too hard since there is some aji in corner and w is not weak as it appears. By playing A, b botttom group is lighter and closer to the centre.] ;W[kp]WL[3045.623] ;B[lq]BL[3105.638] ;W[jp]WL[3017.348] ;B[nm]BL[3060.901]LB[on:A]C[O7 is not as good as A By playing A, black can get sente and play first to play around H7 region with two purposes - push w's bottom group while supporting E15 stones] ;W[on]WL[3005.261] ;B[nn]BL[3057.91] ;W[im]WL[2999.593]LB[gd:B][pl:A]C[Now A is more important than B since black's bottom group is already heavy] ;B[gd]BL[3035.822] ;W[cd]WL[2995.018] ;B[gc]BL[3019.271] ;W[nk]WL[2933.425]C[jiapc [3d\]: will close this bet la jiapc [3d\]: last chance to win $ on this game This is very severe to black.] ;B[mk]BL[2919.688] ;W[mj]WL[2930.57] ;B[ml]BL[2899.568]C[FishGrill [3k\]: b is leading, but still a game ] ;W[lj]WL[2916.266]LB[jl:A]C[Black should run out via playing A] ;B[ok]BL[2885.569] ;W[oj]WL[2879.917]C[jiapc [3d\]: bet closed ] ;B[nl]BL[2871.564] ;W[nj]WL[2878.385]C[jiapc [3d\]: B wins jiapc [3d\]: it's like picking up money from the groud. ] ;B[pk]BL[2858.274]C[These black's moves are bad since white M10 group got strengthened.] ;W[pj]WL[2863.008] ;B[pm]BL[2834.068]LB[qk:A][ol:B]C[A big mistake coz w can A hane to target cut B B should play A and take white's peep at Q7] ;W[qk]WL[2852.262] ;B[ql]BL[2831.141] ;W[ol]WL[2714.724] ;B[pl]BL[2827.291] ;W[om]WL[2711.929] ;B[or]BL[2765.538]LB[pn:A]SQ[mk][ml][nl][nm][nn][np][kq][lq][nq]C[xifeng [6d?\]: look like money drop back to the ground again? jiapc [3d\]: en Black cannot play A now or the marked group will be in danger] ;W[pn]WL[2681.056]C[jiapc [3d\]: need some pick-up technique now ] ;B[qj]BL[2737.763]C[jiapc [3d\]: wokao ] ;W[rk]WL[2661.003]C[jiapc [3d\]: fierce fight here TSFTD [7k\]: w wins it... jiapc [3d\]: r3 ba ] ;B[qi]BL[2716.488] ;W[rl]WL[2659.827] ;B[qq]BL[2705.378]SQ[ok][pk][pl][ql][pm]C[B's marked stones die - a huge loss coz w very very thick] ;W[qf]WL[2658.425] ;B[pf]BL[2702.772]C[jiapc [3d\]: money is still on ground jiapc [3d\]: B needs to pick it up again jiapc [3d\]: good zhuan huan jiapc [3d\]: not bad TSFTD [7k\]: someone needs to recode SE... it reads c2 as dead, and b2 as alive... ] ;W[pe]WL[2555.565]C[happyloser [2d?\]: what happened here? jiapc [3d\]: Q15 is sharp! jiapc [3d\]: praise this move jiapc [3d\]: have to P15, P16 jiapc [3d\]: give up the 3 stones Q15 very good ] ;B[oe]BL[2562.843] ;W[qe]WL[2553.952]C[jiapc [3d\]: don't fight here jiapc [3d\]: it's not a good shape for fight ] ;B[od]BL[2544.726]C[jiapc [3d\]: ok jiapc [3d\]: transfer again ] ;W[pg]WL[2535.746]C[jiapc [3d\]: Q13, interesting ] ;B[of]BL[2535.838] ;W[qd]WL[2534.609] ;B[qc]BL[2523.242] ;W[rc]WL[2533.258] ;B[rb]BL[2485.278]C[TSFTD [7k\]: ??? jiapc [3d\]: B wants R13 jiapc [3d\]: or maybe just a sente? jiapc [3d\]: L16 will be attractive ] ;W[qb]WL[2402.486] ;B[pc]BL[2478.733] ;W[ra]WL[2401.814] ;B[ke]BL[2452.898]C[jiapc [3d\]: wow, L15 FishGrill [3k\]: C11 FishGrill [3k\]: or G18 ] ;W[je]WL[2114.867]LB[jd:A]C[jiapc [3d\]: starts to shua LM Black should play A since K15 cannot be totally captured] ;B[jf]BL[2350.62] ;W[ie]WL[2083.586] ;B[if]BL[2344.627] ;W[he]WL[2082.658] ;B[kf]BL[2341.483] ;W[jc]WL[2044.428] ;B[kd]BL[2332.063] ;W[ib]WL[2043.185]LB[jd:A]SQ[gc][dd][gd][ee]C[Now the marked black stones in trouble B should play K15 A to make some points in top ] ;B[fb]BL[2327.084]C[TSFTD [7k\]: w seems to have a huge lead... ] ;W[lb]WL[1856.495] ;B[rd]BL[2321.257] ;W[sb]WL[1854.598] ;B[qg]BL[2319.643]C[R13 is bad coz b will get gote Left and top is of priority] ;W[rg]WL[1728.764] ;B[qh]BL[2317.12] ;W[re]WL[1727.93] ;B[oh]BL[2314.997] ;W[bl]WL[1704.415] ;B[bm]BL[2276.957] ;W[db]WL[1667.319] ;B[ec]BL[2272.619] ;W[di]WL[1536.233]C[jiapc [3d\]: shua LM succeed? Now b difficult] ;B[dg]BL[2231.969]LB[nb:G][cg:A][gg:F][ch:C][dh:B][ei:D][dj:E][in:H]C[jiapc [3d\]: no jiapc [3d\]: still decided in yose TSFTD [7k\]: shua LM? shockjocks [3k\]: that is chinese B hopes to force the A-G sequence and play H] ;W[df]WL[1452.098] ;B[ef]BL[2229.153]C[TSFTD [7k\]: but what does it mean? shockjocks [3k\]: it is like play like a hooligan xi11west [1d\]: means ..... to fight ] ;W[eg]WL[1242.588] ;B[eh]BL[2203.413] ;W[fg]WL[1240.393] ;B[dh]BL[2201.153] ;W[gf]WL[1206.5] ;B[fd]BL[2173.055]C[shockjocks [3k\]: literally it is behave like a hooligan, but as xi11west said simiar to fight hard anyway, enven shamelessly TSFTD [7k\]: arigatou shockjocks [3k\]: what is arigatou? TSFTD [7k\]: thank you TSFTD [7k\]: can also be spelled arigato gtgt001 [1k\]: formal game? shockjocks [3k\]: what is arigato then? TSFTD [7k\]: ... same word, different spelling, can be transliterated differently (kinda like color/colour) shockjocks [3k\]: what is the meaning? is it English? TSFTD [7k\]: oh, you mean origin? its japanese (spelled in romanji) -- it means thank you shockjocks [3k\]: oh, i see, no problem shockjocks [3k\]: you are welcome shockjocks [3k\]: is andy still here? FishGrill [3k\]: F10 jadefish [?\]: hi gt ] ;W[fi]WL[475.581] ;B[dj]BL[2118.952]LB[ci:A]C[missbear [4d\]: shifu missbear [4d\]: black was leading big time missbear [4d\]: but now missbear [4d\]: hard to say missbear [4d\]: white spoon big left down corner missbear [4d\]: then black sending out small spoons missbear [4d\]: now hard to say le jadefish [?\]: :( gtgt001 [1k\]: formal game? gtgt001 [1k\]: formal game? shockjocks [3k\]: yes, formal gtgt001 [1k\]: haha gtgt001 [1k\]: my bet will win again gtgt001 [1k\]: whoever I bet, will win shockjocks [3k\]: you bet who gtgt001 [1k\]: B windy [-\]: who is better? gtgt001 [1k\]: en W should play A to let b three stones go ] ;W[dk]WL[43.732]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: N made mistakes alal [1k?\]: w spent a long time on f11 ] ;B[ei]BL[1762.087]C[shockjocks [3k\]: will andy have time trouble? ] ;W[fj]WL[41.058] ;B[bj]BL[1759.358]C[jadefish [?\]: oh jadefish [?\]: gt? gtgt001 [1k\]: yes gtgt001 [1k\]: what's up? gtgt001 [1k\]: i know who B is gtgt001 [1k\]: that's why I bet B gtgt001 [1k\]: hoho jadefish [?\]: u really know le? jadefish [?\]: then why u didn't bet with me on that day jadefish [?\]: u knew after the day, right? gtgt001 [1k\]: u bet too much jadefish [?\]: //sniff gtgt001 [1k\]: I do not want to take advantage of u jadefish [?\]: well, if u r 100% sure, u can bet whatever u want ya jadefish [?\]: ft jadefish [?\]: u gtgt001 [1k\]: B is half lao xiang jadefish [?\]: ok, you msg me who u think he is ya ] ;W[ci]WL[60]OW[4]C[jadefish [?\]: which half jiapc [3d\]: hehe jiapc [3d\]: fish, u r fooled by decamp jiapc [3d\]: gt knows the truth ] ;B[cj]BL[1729.584]C[jiapc [3d\]: don't bet with him. :) gtgt001 [1k\]: hehe gtgt001 [1k\]: fish mm gtgt001 [1k\]: Jiang Hu Xian E ya ] ;W[bk]WL[60]OW[4]C[jadefish [?\]: ft jadefish [?\]: well jadefish [?\]: decamp didn't fool me jadefish [?\]: gt might get fooled this time jadefish [?\]: so jiapc, u know the truth? jadefish [?\]: we choose a judge gtgt001 [1k\]: c how many games I played with him and won him how many times gtgt001 [1k\]: so, he told me la jadefish [?\]: well jadefish [?\]: then bet with me jadefish [?\]: 1000 ] ;B[ej]BL[1656.933]C[jiapc [3d\]: fish mm, where is your tang uncle? gtgt001 [1k\]: no take advantage of u ] ;W[ek]WL[60]OW[4]C[jadefish [?\]: ft ] ;B[bg]BL[1653.265]C[jadefish [?\]: well jadefish [?\]: u take ba jadefish [?\]: bet gtgt001 [1k\]: haha, no take jadefish [?\]: take ba gtgt001 [1k\]: no jadefish [?\]: cause i want to take advantage of you gtgt001 [1k\]: hahaha jadefish [?\]: let's bet gtgt001 [1k\]: no jadefish [?\]: u sucks ] ;W[bf]WL[60]OW[4]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: yes gtgt001 [1k\]: u r right gtgt001 [1k\]: haha ] ;B[cg]BL[1595.573]LB[fh:A][gh:B][fk:C]C[C13 mistake B should follow A-B-C sequence and w will be shutdown] ;W[gk]WL[60]OW[3]C[catapult00 [1d?\]: F9 was good for decamp, andy doesn't have time do the calculation gtgt001 [1k\]: D13 maybe too xiao ji? jadefish [?\]: gt? gtgt001 [1k\]: catapult jadefish [?\]: after this game, we let decamp decide who wins jadefish [?\]: is it fair? gtgt001 [1k\]: no bet jadefish [?\]: why? gtgt001 [1k\]: no bet with girl jadefish [?\]: u have my authorization to take any advantage u could ] ;B[ag]BL[1483.396]C[jadefish [?\]: but this time, u lose 100% gtgt001 [1k\]: so, no bet with girls gtgt001 [1k\]: hoho now close game for b and w ] ;W[ng]WL[60]OW[3] ;B[og]BL[1480.848] ;W[mf]WL[60]OW[3] ;B[me]BL[1473.685] ;W[mc]WL[60]OW[3] ;B[mg]BL[1304.172]LB[md:A]C[This is bad and b paid huge cost for this Black should just play A] ;W[nf]WL[60]OW[2]C[jadefish [?\]: gt? ] ;B[nh]BL[1134.252] ;W[lg]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[lf]BL[1132.481] ;W[mh]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[ne]BL[1130.94] ;W[mg]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[md]BL[1120.017]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: y? jadefish [?\]: so u won decamp before? gtgt001 [1k\]: he H9 me ] ;W[rq]WL[60]OW[2]C[jadefish [?\]: no jadefish [?\]: on nngs jadefish [?\]: u won him on nngs? niuer [?\]: b miss read seems gtgt001 [1k\]: can't remeber gtgt001 [1k\]: but maybe I won several gtgt001 [1k\]: most time, he won ] ;B[rr]BL[1058.079]C[niuer [?\]: m14 should at N12 jadefish [?\]: several? jadefish [?\]: gt, we have to bet cause i think u r wrong ] ;W[nc]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[kc]BL[1052.975]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: no bet with girl gtgt001 [1k\]: no-no gtgt001 [1k\]: ;) gtgt001 [1k\]: niu2 gtgt001 [1k\]: who is leading? say say? ] ;W[fp]WL[7.863] ;B[eq]BL[1049.931]C[jadefish [?\]: did decamp just gave some time to andy? FishGrill [3k\]: y jadefish [?\]: he is a gentleman jadefish [?\]: not like gt ] ;W[aj]WL[60]OW[5]C[niuer [?\]: i did not count ] ;B[ai]BL[1044.262]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: who is winning, u feel? ] ;W[am]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[an]BL[1037.178] ;W[al]WL[60]OW[5]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: ? gtgt001 [1k\]: W made mistake ] ;B[rp]BL[1014.912]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: cool! gtgt001 [1k\]: S4 ] ;W[bi]WL[60]OW[5]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: NX ] ;B[bh]BL[1011.79]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: W cry catapult00 [1d?\]: no use catapult00 [1d?\]: spoon gtgt001 [1k\]: now ] ;W[en]WL[60]OW[5]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: wo fang xin la ] ;B[bs]BL[1006.68] ;W[cn]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[bn]BL[1004.915]C[niuer [?\]: kao niuer [?\]: GTGT gtgt001 [1k\]: hehe niuer [?\]: such an evil man:) gtgt001 [1k\]: za la? niuer [?\]: only cared his BBS money:) gtgt001 [1k\]: hehe gtgt001 [1k\]: I believe my feeling niuer [?\]: some day, ur " liang wan jin da mi quan wan le" ] ;W[mo]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[no]BL[1001.863]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: hehe niuer [?\]: u always win? gtgt001 [1k\]: won 3 in a row niuer [?\]: so far i havn't won anythingyet gtgt001 [1k\]: looks like will 2 more tonight ] ;W[qp]WL[60]OW[5]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: 5 in a row niuer [?\]: good guess:) gtgt001 [1k\]: no guess ] ;B[sq]BL[974.206]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: just know who are playing ] ;W[pq]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[pr]BL[964.906] ;W[af]WL[60]OW[5]LB[ce:A]C[Now the game is quite close B want to take sente 2 pt gain and played D15] ;B[ce]BL[953.686]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: A9 gtgt001 [1k\]: waaaaaaa alal [1k?\]: spoon? gtgt001 [1k\]: B miao shou die chu ya niuer [?\]: some problems? gtgt001 [1k\]: no good gtgt001 [1k\]: should A9 jiapc [3d\]: uo gtgt001 [1k\]: simple niuer [?\]: the ko is painful xifeng [6d?\]: a12 is a suiside bomb ] ;W[ah]WL[60]OW[4]C[jiapc [3d\]: A12 jiapc [3d\]: then Q11? niuer [?\]: oh, mamamiya Unexpected ko Black did not plan this coz the ko seems heavy to w too] ;B[be]BL[941.809] ;W[pi]WL[60]OW[4]LB[ae:A][ih:C][ph:B]C[alal [1k?\]: ahh missbear [4d\]: what? B should clear the ko w plays B then b plays C B central dragon cannot die ] ;B[ph]BL[932.389]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: ? ] ;W[fh]WL[60]OW[4]C[fearless74 [1k?\]: what ] ;B[ai]BL[929.244]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: tai jin zhang la missbear [4d\]: white? ] ;W[lc]WL[60]OW[4]C[alal [1k?\]: time pressre gtgt001 [1k\]: haha fearless74 [1k?\]: waste a ko gtgt001 [1k\]: Q11 ] ;B[kb]BL[890.45]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: my son ] ;W[ah]WL[60]OW[4]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: Tu Nai la!!!!!!!!!! jadefish [?\]: ur second son? gtgt001 [1k\]: first jadefish [?\]: oh jadefish [?\]: i thought he is old enough to off milk le jiapc [3d\]: how old is fish's son? gtgt001 [1k\]: 101 days jadefish [?\]: ft xifeng [6d?\]: tu nai? that's a very cow thing ya jadefish [?\]: oic FishGrill [3k\]: not good for W andyusa [5d\]: thanks for adding time for me! decamp [5d\]: no problem ] ;B[sc]BL[697.085]C[TSFTD [7k\]: take c12 catapult00 [1d?\]: no gtgt001 [1k\]: t17 good? ] ;W[sd]WL[60]OW[3] ;B[ai]BL[692.801] ;W[pb]WL[60]OW[3]LB[ld:A]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: Q18? jadefish [?\]: m16 B has no ko threat. Guess that why w started the ko B should response A coz w centre very thick ] ;B[ae]BL[646.703] ;W[ld]WL[60]OW[3]LB[kb:B][ic:A]C[Now b central dragon in danger B has an illusion that B can get safe by playing A after B playing B Just an illusion.] ;B[le]BL[641.389]C[fearless74 [1k?\]: black in danger gtgt001 [1k\]: J17 gtgt001 [1k\]: B has J17? jadefish [?\]: what is about the ko now gtgt001 [1k\]: what KO? ] ;W[jh]WL[60]OW[3]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: J17! TSFTD [7k\]: jadefish, the ko is over niuer [?\]: wow jadefish [?\]: got u gtgt001 [1k\]: niu2 ] ;B[ob]BL[619.227]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: J17 works? xifeng [6d?\]: no gtgt001 [1k\]: BJ17 gtgt001 [1k\]: what W will do? xifeng [6d?\]: h17 ] ;W[nb]WL[60]OW[3]C[TSFTD [7k\]: j17 does not work TSFTD [7k\]: h17 response gtgt001 [1k\]: a? fearless74 [1k?\]: H17 is bad ] ;B[ih]BL[574.778]C[jadefish [?\]: this can't be good to b ba ] ;W[hg]WL[60]OW[3] ;B[ig]BL[564.075]C[fearless74 [1k?\]: game over ] ;W[ji]WL[60]OW[3] ;B[hj]BL[554.304]C[TSFTD [7k\]: fearless, why is h17 bad, and what is w response to j17 if it doesnt work? jadefish [?\]: b lost? niuer [?\]: gt gtgt001 [1k\]: sigh niuer [?\]: ur money:) gtgt001 [1k\]: wo de qian ya niuer [?\]: all the sudden gtgt001 [1k\]: all gone ] ;W[hl]WL[60]OW[3]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: sigh ] ;B[jj]BL[541.863]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: zhe za zhen de? ] ;W[ii]WL[60]OW[3] ;B[hh]BL[538.972] ;W[hf]WL[60]OW[3] ;B[hi]BL[527.167]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: run gtgt001 [1k\]: run ] ;W[kl]WL[60]OW[3]C[jadefish [?\]: where to run gtgt001 [1k\]: decamp brother gtgt001 [1k\]: run! ] ;B[jl]BL[516.056] ;W[jm]WL[60]OW[3]C[jadefish [?\]: p9 stones dead TSFTD [7k\]: can anyone explain why h17 is bad response to j17? jadefish [?\]: otherwise, .... ] ;B[hk]BL[359.233] ;W[gl]WL[60]OW[3]C[jadefish [?\]: j8? catapult00 [1d?\]: w j9 ] ;B[lk]BL[320.618] ;W[kk]WL[60]OW[3] ;B[kj]BL[301.006]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: MKL! gtgt001 [1k\]: fa yang guang da TSFTD [7k\]: this doesnt work... alal [1k?\]: sigh, tuzi spooned again ] ;W[jk]WL[60]OW[3]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: what? jadefish [?\]: poor ] ;B[ic]BL[287.671] ;W[hc]WL[60]OW[3] ;B[id]BL[282.956] ;W[jd]WL[60]OW[3]C[alal [1k?\]: well ,maybe it's xyh played too well decamp [5d\]: thx decamp [5d\]: good game andyusa [5d\]: thanks! andyusa [5d\]: thanks for adding time Conclusion: This is an intense game with mitakes from both sides. ])
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