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(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[gb2312]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[7.50]TM[3600]OT[5x60 byo-yomi] PW[lsxt]PB[missbear]WR[5d]BR[3d]DT[2006-10-08]PC[The KGS Go Server at http://www.gokgs.com/]C[missbear [3d\]: hi lsxt [5d\]: hi missbear [3d\]: have a nice gam3 ]RE[B+6.50] ;B[qd]BL[3573.342] ;W[od]WL[3562.539] ;B[oc]BL[3553.266] ;W[nc]WL[3553.756] ;B[pc]BL[3549.998] ;W[md]WL[3552.93] ;B[qf]BL[3548.11] ;W[ic]WL[3549.849] ;B[cp]BL[3541.979] ;W[qq]WL[3467.868] ;B[dc]BL[3534.439]C[missbaer: go lsxt missbaer: go bear missbaer: hoho 3.3 play ] ;W[ce]WL[3426.185] ;B[gc]BL[3517.478]C[alal [1k?\]: haha, who's missbaer xyh1969 [4d\]: alal, how come you are older than lover? alal [1k?\]: I am xyh1969 [4d\]: so you are 71? alal [1k?\]: close ] ;W[fd]WL[3254.101] ;B[fc]BL[3506.656] ;W[cc]WL[3251.676] ;B[cb]BL[3502.35] ;W[dd]WL[3250.062] ;B[bc]BL[3499.37] ;W[ec]WL[3198.034] ;B[cd]BL[3495.358] ;W[db]WL[3196.686] ;B[cc]BL[3492.854] ;W[fb]WL[3191.795]C[missbaer: 69 and 71 missbaer: u guys so young missbaer: bear is cooked missbaer: how he can afford to lose g17f17 ] ;B[de]BL[3439.525] ;W[ed]WL[3189.094] ;B[cf]BL[3437.938]C[jiapc [3d\]: catch it jiapc [3d\]: sweat.. alal [1k?\]: bear just loves the corner too much ] ;W[eq]WL[3163.155]C[jiapc [3d\]: that's his brand jiapc [3d\]: how can he give a corner up? alal [1k?\]: :) jiapc [3d\]: hehe, W did 3 3 jiapc [3d\]: obviously, W wanna break B's rhythm missbaer: lsxt tried every means to shake bear's mentality missbaer: yes missbaer: and it works seems jiapc [3d\]: who is missba? ] ;B[iq]BL[3336.914]C[jiapc [3d\]: missbear's twin sister? alal [1k?\]: i have the same question missbaer: missbear's enemy ] ;W[dp]WL[3092.793] ;B[co]BL[3328.159] ;W[cq]WL[3087.138] ;B[bq]BL[3326.419] ;W[cr]WL[3086.342] ;B[cl]BL[3322.796]C[alal [1k?\]: seems it would be a yose game rider [4k\]: lsxt 加油,lsxt 加油。 alal [1k?\]: add oil missbear add oil missbear :) ] ;W[dm]WL[2871.529]C[jiapc [3d\]: why i like B better? ] ;B[cm]BL[3313.808]C[missbaer: lsxt gogogo jiapc [3d\]: is that because i'm too weak? ] ;W[kq]WL[2853.967]C[jiapc [3d\]: whoever wins this game, will play with brewer ] ;B[io]BL[3297.462] ;W[ko]WL[2818.985] ;B[im]BL[3289.2]C[jiapc [3d\]: finally B got a stone above 5 line missbaer: hehe missbaer: interesting observation missbaer: o4 big, no? jiapc [3d\]: i think about P4. hehe jiapc [3d\]: i'm weak jiapc [3d\]: don't know open jiapc [3d\]: just wanna keep some cash in pocket missbaer: yes missbaer: stock is not reliable missbaer: w using more time missbaer: a dangerous sign jiapc [3d\]: i guess in theory, W is better? jiapc [3d\]: B looks too low. jiapc [3d\]: but I like B jiapc [3d\]: W is hard to control jiapc [3d\]: once B starts MKL, stock is gone ] ;W[km]WL[2508.318]C[missbaer: u guys completely controlled by mkl missbaer: that's hopeless missbaer: reallt hopeless missbaer: should follow YDFR missbaer: that's the way for long-term improvement alal [1k?\]: how about b e6 missbaer: good move, alal ] ;B[po]BL[3160.335]C[decamp [5d\]: kao, already started decamp [5d\]: greeting to everyone alal [1k?\]: hi decamp jiapc [3d\]: decamp highhand decamp [5d\]: no decamp [5d\]: i weak decamp [5d\]: lost a lot jiapc [3d\]: tell us who is better? jiapc [3d\]: kao jiapc [3d\]: u 5d decamp [5d\]: and more terrible is decamp [5d\]: will play weiqilover later decamp [5d\]: anyone putting money on me? decamp [5d\]: i will disappoint u for sure jiapc [3d\]: and u push barry to 5d, too alal [1k?\]: why r u afraid of him? decamp [5d\]: oh decamp [5d\]: that thing decamp [5d\]: i can immediately derank him decamp [5d\]: if he gets naughty jiapc [3d\]: hehe missbaer: derank? missbaer: how jiapc [3d\]: weiqilover will play with u today? decamp [5d\]: u will see it, bear decamp [5d\]: oh wait decamp [5d\]: can u hear us, bear alal [1k?\]: yep, u guys should watch yesterday's show between chop and barry decamp [5d\]: jiac: yes,i willplay lover hours later alal [1k?\]: barry is switching between 5d and 10k? all the time in that ] ;W[pm]WL[2319.041]C[jiapc [3d\]: wokao jiapc [3d\]: MKL starts already ] ;B[pq]BL[3143.434] ;W[qp]WL[2313.801] ;B[pp]BL[3139.638] ;W[qo]WL[2305.292]C[jiapc [3d\]: this is like the taiwan show jiapc [3d\]: wo tao, tao, tao tao tao! decamp [5d\]: this not mkl bah decamp [5d\]: normal fight bah ] ;B[mq]BL[3096.386]C[decamp [5d\]: things quite symmetric here jiapc [3d\]: was Q7 good? jiapc [3d\]: why I feel P4 is better? decamp [5d\]: q7 is good i think decamp [5d\]: if p4 decamp [5d\]: w over concentrated in bottom decamp [5d\]: and L7 seems not good pront [5k\]: closing bet soon tuzi [4d?\]: guys jiapc [3d\]: thanks pront tuzi [4d?\]: who is missbaer decamp [5d\]: i have no more money to bet jiapc [3d\]: hehe decamp [5d\]: can any1 borrow me some money tuzi [4d?\]: who did u bet decamp [5d\]: me,tuzi decamp [5d\]: i see good w jiapc [3d\]: the 20$ a ticket policy is a funny trick jiapc [3d\]: later maybe still go back to 10$ a ticket jiapc [3d\]: ppl lose money too fast jiapc [3d\]: xyh lost all his money pront [5k\]: fool opened 20 bets. jiapc [3d\]: I only won 130$ alal [1k?\]: hehe, black casino decamp [5d\]: i spent 200 $ to buy loser against bear decamp [5d\]: but he lost decamp [5d\]: and i lost 2 jiapc [3d\]: who earned those money then? jiapc [3d\]: who? ] ;W[pr]WL[2137.702]C[niuer [?\]: why u bet on loser, decamp? alal [1k?\]: me!!, hehe ] ;B[or]BL[3089.368]C[decamp [5d\]: these buying bear ] ;W[qr]WL[2135.453]C[decamp [5d\]: bad decamp [5d\]: building own happiness over others's pain\\ niuer [?\]: since u bet on loser, so u have to lose:) ] ;B[kr]BL[3067.916] ;W[jr]WL[2132.189]C[decamp [5d\]: but ] ;B[jq]BL[3061.98]C[decamp [5d\]: i lost happily ] ;W[lr]WL[2130.009] ;B[kp]BL[3060.269] ;W[lq]WL[2128.905] ;B[lp]BL[3058.905] ;W[mr]WL[2128.295] ;B[nq]BL[3046.449]C[jiapc [3d\]: wokao niuer [?\]: happyloser? decamp [5d\]: what is going on here ] ;W[ir]WL[2121.486]C[decamp [5d\]: what w doing tuzi [4d?\]: this w is so weak decamp [5d\]: l5 l7 look like orphan alal [1k?\]: w's doing mkl jiapc [3d\]: suddenly, W put all his troops in the 2nd line decamp [5d\]: tuzi decamp [5d\]: don't say that ] ;B[hq]BL[3017.186]C[decamp [5d\]: i saw good w jiapc [3d\]: maybe lsxt get another guy to play for him? hehe decamp [5d\]: but w did have trouble now jiapc [3d\]: L1 first decamp [5d\]: guess w should let b connect decamp [5d\]: the connection is quite low decamp [5d\]: L2 is already submissive decamp [5d\]: w should not push further jiapc [3d\]: hmm shockjocks [3k\]: can white play k4? decamp [5d\]: k4? decamp [5d\]: looks weird jiapc [3d\]: cant ba? decamp [5d\]: very much lack the sense of flow decamp [5d\]: so by k4, w wants to eat q4 group? ] ;W[hr]WL[1974.059]C[decamp [5d\]: pain... jiapc [3d\]: wo pa, pa, pa pa pa! missbaer: w difficult jiapc [3d\]: I guess my money is gone jiapc [3d\]: i bet on lsxt ] ;B[qk]BL[2961.587]C[niuer [?\]: same feeling here:) capella [?\]: bear must be very happy, almost 3 corners decamp [5d\]: w K1 should be played at R12 jiapc [3d\]: i c jiapc [3d\]: high qi decamp [5d\]: now r9 good ] ;W[qm]WL[1891.433]C[decamp [5d\]: b is sensitive to territory jiapc [3d\]: here niuer is top, decampe is no. 2 decamp [5d\]: i am always no. N jiapc [3d\]: decamp, do you realize you is standing on top of a high mountain? niuer [?\]: how so? decamp is much better than me decamp [5d\]: high mountain? decamp [5d\]: like what? alal [1k?\]: if w r12, can w attack the r16 conrner jiapc [3d\]: we should let Guo Tingting interview decamp jiapc [3d\]: like Nie 9p decamp [5d\]: hehe niuer [?\]: gao shan jun ling bah? decamp [5d\]: dare not decamp [5d\]: dare not decamp [5d\]: guo ting ting only interciwe rich guy decamp [5d\]: i am poor jiapc [3d\]: journament te yue journalist decamp [5d\]: q11 and b in good position ] ;B[ln]BL[2834.143]C[jiapc [3d\]: we can give her financial aid decamp [5d\]: why not q11 decamp [5d\]: b is really starting mkl in reverse direction jiapc [3d\]: W should tuo xian jiapc [3d\]: can't fight here decamp [5d\]: basically, u start mkl when u behind ] ;W[dg]WL[1851.838]C[decamp [5d\]: but b different decamp [5d\]: maybe it is becasue he is ancestor of mkl decamp [5d\]: as he claims :-) jiapc [3d\]: missbear? decamp [5d\]: yes jiapc [3d\]: he brings his laptop to restroom to play missbaer: not me? niuer [?\]: lol missbaer: not missbaer? ] ;B[df]BL[2787.9] ;W[eg]WL[1846.478]C[decamp [5d\]: who are you, missbaer? decamp [5d\]: bear jiapc [3d\]: another restroom decamp [5d\]: bears m+? missbaer: no :-) decamp [5d\]: ic jiapc [3d\]: W has no group to attack le tuzi [4d?\]: funny decamp [5d\]: r12 is w's chance decamp [5d\]: what funny, tuzi decamp [5d\]: tuzi? tuzi [4d?\]: yes decamp [5d\]: what funny mah? decamp [5d\]: who is leading? tuzi [4d?\]: w uses ancient play decamp [5d\]: such as? tuzi [4d?\]: d4 tuzi [4d?\]: etc tuzi [4d?\]: d16 decamp [5d\]: good or bad? tuzi [4d?\]: hard to say tuzi [4d?\]: but tuzi [4d?\]: D15 is ... tuzi [4d?\]: I don't like it ] ;B[jf]BL[2518.801]C[tuzi [4d?\]: I feel b is behind niuer [?\]: i feel w was good before the bottom fight tuzi [4d?\]: even now tuzi [4d?\]: still i feel w better niuer [?\]: that b f17 g17 2 stones let w cut off is definatly bad for b ] ;W[jd]WL[1786.744]C[decamp [5d\]: y tuzi [4d?\]: oh absolutely decamp [5d\]: very bad for b decamp [5d\]: dunno know why b chose that tuzi [4d?\]: that is shame niuer [?\]: w did not give Q5 stone an efficient attack which sort of letting b catch back now ] ;B[ne]BL[2475.401]C[tuzi [4d?\]: now w has a lot of fixed space niuer [?\]: maybe L7 is questionable tuzi [4d?\]: while b had nothing potential tuzi [4d?\]: b is not leading on space tuzi [4d?\]: while no moyo tuzi [4d?\]: hard ] ;W[nd]WL[1753.699]C[decamp [5d\]: but he has no weak group decamp [5d\]: r8 is niuer [?\]: L7 played at Q5, maybe good enough? decamp [5d\]: yes decamp [5d\]: niiuer niuer [?\]: y? decamp [5d\]: L7 does not make much sense niuer [?\]: at that time, secured corner is more ergent tuzi [4d?\]: seriously tuzi [4d?\]: C5 tuzi [4d?\]: according to book tuzi [4d?\]: 不连贯 tuzi [4d?\]: 夹击意味着攻击 niuer [?\]: and since left w group choose that josaki, it's not easy for b to attack D4 group tuzi [4d?\]: 给对方才 tuzi [4d?\]: c3 tuzi [4d?\]: 是让对方安定 niuer [?\]: which is perfect for w to spend a move to secure the corner tuzi [4d?\]: so we could see that tuzi [4d?\]: b has conflicting mind niuer [?\]: tuzi decamp [5d\]: J3 means attack,tuzi? niuer [?\]: u mean b's pincer at J3 is attack? ] ;B[ok]BL[2293.919]C[tuzi [4d?\]: yes niuer [?\]: j3 is too far, more like a " fen tou" i'd say:) decamp [5d\]: yes decamp [5d\]: agree tuzi [4d?\]: no, at least tuzi [4d?\]: jiaji means gongji decamp [5d\]: just prevent w from building moyo tuzi [4d?\]: even it is not as severe as 1 or 2 pincer tuzi [4d?\]: also tuzi [4d?\]: b's move niuer [?\]: but when w play at D4, b not much better choice ah tuzi [4d?\]: 低位爬行 ] ;W[pe]WL[1688.385]C[tuzi [4d?\]: 四角穿心理论 decamp [5d\]: hehe tuzi [4d?\]: 可惜, 我还是觉得这个理论完全不work xyh1969 [4d\]: q15 good or not? decamp [5d\]: u r summarising bear's theory tuzi [4d?\]: 低位爬行, 如何能好? tuzi [4d?\]: xyh? ] ;B[pf]BL[2252.361]C[tuzi [4d?\]: hey niuer [?\]: that's bear's style tuzi [4d?\]: do u want to play? decamp [5d\]: good bah, at least not bad ] ;W[qe]WL[1682.39] ;B[re]BL[2244.258] ;W[of]WL[1681.661]C[decamp [5d\]: tuzi vs xyh now? xyh1969 [4d\]: b behind, my feeling niuer [?\]: w played too soft decamp [5d\]: formal game? tuzi [4d?\]: I am just wondering ] ;B[og]BL[2230.136]C[tuzi [4d?\]: maybe xyh is still busy niuer [?\]: if w choice q7 attack ] ;W[ng]WL[1676.512]C[tuzi [4d?\]: yi? tuzi [4d?\]: white.... niuer [?\]: then when b attach r3 at q3 tuzi [4d?\]: is doing what ] ;B[oh]BL[2213.48]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: right now? would you rather to watch this excitinggame? niuer [?\]: w should think sth like q4 tuzi [4d?\]: ok tuzi [4d?\]: sure niuer [?\]: r4 is not serve xyh1969 [4d\]: I will go to firends's house around 5pm tuzi [4d?\]: w q15 and following tuzi [4d?\]: bad tuzi [4d?\]: oh, sure decamp [5d\]: kao tuzi [4d?\]: then we play at evening? niuer [?\]: later w should block b connect to left group decamp [5d\]: w helped b to enclose right xyh1969 [4d\]: ok tuzi [4d?\]: it's no p ] ;W[rk]WL[1614.063]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: will w s8 now then? xyh1969 [4d\]: after these several moves, b is ok now decamp [5d\]: xyh niuer [?\]: b very jiao hua ah tuzi [4d?\]: no decamp [5d\]: i bouthghy some ticket for u tuzi [4d?\]: u can only say w too weak xyh1969 [4d\]: what decamp? tuzi [4d?\]: q15 r15 decamp [5d\]: i put some money on u tuzi [4d?\]: what is that? xyh1969 [4d\]: for me? will go to water ah decamp [5d\]: coz it is ur money ;-) tuzi [4d?\]: hard to say tuzi [4d?\]: I often make spoon decamp [5d\]: NO WAY TO PUT ON TUZI tuzi [4d?\]: like last night niuer [?\]: b left 2 poor stone and induce w to attack, while already sealed the left decamp [5d\]: nodnod ] ;B[rl]BL[2133.611] ;W[ql]WL[1611.462] ;B[rj]BL[2130.047] ;W[pk]WL[1608.086]C[decamp [5d\]: tuzi, u 'd better make more spoons ] ;B[qj]BL[2127.719]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: don't make sppons in our game pls, try to kill me like a tuzi ] ;W[pj]WL[1607.052]C[tuzi [4d?\]: kao tuzi [4d?\]: no way decamp [5d\]: let xyh win niuer [?\]: and w is not so easy to make huge moyo at center ] ;B[pi]BL[2118.783] ;W[oj]WL[1604.816] ;B[nh]BL[2113.523]C[decamp [5d\]: game is gonna be long decamp [5d\]: i am reallyb sleepy xyh1969 [4d\]: ok, maybe s9 better than s8 ] ;W[mg]WL[1572.877]C[decamp [5d\]: xyh tuzi, u gonna play? tuzi [4d?\]: no tuzi [4d?\]: evening ] ;B[mh]BL[2094.649]C[decamp [5d\]: so 5 or 6 hrs later? xyh1969 [4d\]: b has 50 now tuzi [4d?\]: 8 hrs later at least xyh1969 [4d\]: w has 40? decamp [5d\]: around that decamp [5d\]: left b has some potential decamp [5d\]: centre k14 is a burden decamp [5d\]: so almost even xyh1969 [4d\]: if i were b, i will try to attack d13 to look for chance ] ;W[lh]WL[1487.367] ;B[lg]BL[2080.958]C[decamp [5d\]: d13 unattackable bah decamp [5d\]: coz k14 is weak decamp [5d\]: now mkl offii=cially starts ! xyh1969 [4d\]: attck to make k14 strong decamp [5d\]: doggy fight begins ] ;W[oe]WL[1452.455] ;B[lf]BL[2061.976]C[niuer [?\]: what's w doing? xyh1969 [4d\]: m12 no need bah? ] ;W[me]WL[1445.87] ;B[jh]BL[2054.936] ;W[li]WL[1442.871]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: w is trying to lose this game niuer [?\]: hard to believe decamp [5d\]: m12 decamp [5d\]: m13 good enuf ah\\ ] ;B[nj]BL[2006.95]C[decamp [5d\]: this way k14 will be removed effortlessly xyh1969 [4d\]: honestly, i often play moves like m12 decamp [5d\]: hehe xyh1969 [4d\]: why lxst leran my style? decamp [5d\]: agree decamp [5d\]: and i have special things for ur play,xyh jiapc [3d\]: not the real lsxt decamp [5d\]: have u tasted it yet? jiapc [3d\]: he must find another one to play for him decamp [5d\]: new opening ] ;W[lo]WL[1380.906]C[niuer [?\]: w q15 tai su decamp [5d\]: three jump in centre jiapc [3d\]: next round, bear will face brewer then ] ;B[mo]BL[1991.856]C[tuzi [4d?\]: then got killed? xyh1969 [4d\]: i don't think so, this must be really lsxt bah ] ;W[kn]WL[1363.639]C[decamp [5d\]: tuzi, ] ;B[jo]BL[1980.966]C[decamp [5d\]: they are powerful tuzi [4d?\]: who is powerful xyh1969 [4d\]: brwer already beat ff, angry and twoeye erislover [4k\]: Excuse my ignorance, but what does "bah" mean? decamp [5d\]: they killing nnot being killed tuzi [4d?\]: no tuzi [4d?\]: the game of brewer and 2eye xyh1969 [4d\]: only tuzi loser have chance to kill him le bah? tuzi [4d?\]: he should have got killed badly tuzi [4d?\]: loser lost 2 games already? tuzi [4d?\]: or just 1 windy [-\]: hi xyh1969 [4d\]: 2 jiapc [3d\]: if tuzi play moves like yesterday windy [-\]: why is bear's small point so little jiapc [3d\]: i consider tuzi as a cooked meat niuer [?\]: if u guys let brewer make 8 wins, it would be a shame for BBS decamp [5d\]: hehe xyh1969 [4d\]: erislover, bah is Chinese english jiapc [3d\]: brewer is sharp in catching spoon niuer [?\]: u guys should fight for reputaion of BBS, seriously erislover [4k\]: I figured it was foriegn, just seemed to be so random the way it is used niuer [?\]: someone need to stop brewer jiapc [3d\]: hehe xyh1969 [4d\]: brewer is stronger than I thought jiapc [3d\]: niuer shang! decamp [5d\]: who can stop brewer? tuzi [4d?\]: kao jiapc [3d\]: we can't count on tuzi decamp [5d\]: if u guy pay me money, i will take this job niuer [?\]: u guys all had chance to beat brewer jiapc [3d\]: let's push niuer to the front line tuzi [4d?\]: I just almost got accident on freeway niuer [?\]: he is not that strong as u thought tuzi [4d?\]: really low blood sugar decamp [5d\]: too much scoccer? jiapc [3d\]: why u go to freeway in weekend? tuzi [4d?\]: I went to irvine tuzi [4d?\]: play soccer tuzi [4d?\]: and came back ah jiapc [3d\]: oh decamp [5d\]: is freeway a US term? tuzi [4d?\]: 50 miles drive tuzi [4d?\]: in jammed traffic decamp [5d\]: not sth like highway? jiapc [3d\]: u should stay at Irvine niuer [?\]: u mean last night, u almost had an accident, tuzi? tuzi [4d?\]: i was hungry, tired jiapc [3d\]: find a local mm jiapc [3d\]: stay there a night tuzi [4d?\]: then, u know, car moves from time to time jiapc [3d\]: recreation tuzi [4d?\]: my eyes can't help close ] ;W[lm]WL[1150.784]C[jiapc [3d\]: poor tuzi tuzi [4d?\]: sometimes it was really eclose decamp [5d\]: jiapc tuzi [4d?\]: almost zhui wei a few times decamp [5d\]: how to find a local mm? jiapc [3d\]: told u, u should find a mm at Irvine tuzi [4d?\]: u know niuer [?\]: at this stage, i feel game is alredy fall into bear's favorate jiapc [3d\]: i don't tuzi [4d?\]: sometimes in traffic Icecave20k: O7 jiapc [3d\]: but tuzi is an expert in mm thing tuzi [4d?\]: cars in front of me stopped decamp [5d\]: hehe tuzi [4d?\]: but my eyes are still closed tuzi [4d?\]: kao decamp [5d\]: i agree tuzi [4d?\]: really dangerous windy [-\]: oh tuzi [4d?\]: when I realized that jiapc [3d\]: hehe, don't worry tuzi decamp [5d\]: tuzi's top expertise not weiqi or soccer tuzi [4d?\]: very close already decamp [5d\]: but mm jiapc [3d\]: i did that before tuzi [4d?\]: so last night tuzi [4d?\]: how can u expect me to play good mah tuzi [4d?\]: but even so I still managed to eat him tuzi [4d?\]: just... tuzi [4d?\]: spoon jiapc [3d\]: but everytime u always spoon tuzi [4d?\]: b thinks what ne tuzi [4d?\]: O7 tuzi [4d?\]: man tuzi [4d?\]: put it on decamp [5d\]: what? decamp [5d\]: tuzi, u lost to gowith me? jiapc [3d\]: do you tell us you always car accident before every game? alal [1k?\]: and not one, but two spoons tuzi. tuzi [4d?\]: oh, decamp tuzi [4d?\]: it is for fun tuzi [4d?\]: alal? tuzi [4d?\]: 2? decamp [5d\]: is it a tournament game? tuzi [4d?\]: I think that ko is the only one tuzi [4d?\]: no, decamp tuzi [4d?\]: what 2 decamp [5d\]: ok tuzi [4d?\]: al? alal [1k?\]: yeah, why don't u just eat it before tuzi [4d?\]: i can atari tuzi [4d?\]: then he exploded in center alal [1k?\]: eat the qi jin tuzi [4d?\]: how? tuzi [4d?\]: didn't even look tuzi [4d?\]: I loaded tuzi [4d?\]: alal tuzi [4d?\]: pls come tuzi [4d?\]: tell em where it is alal [1k?\]: i remembered when he atari you can eat his qi jin julienien [6k\]: sleeping? ] ;B[lj]BL[1576.228]C[niuer [?\]: bear fa li le niuer [?\]: sigh niuer [?\]: my money seems doomed into sea:) AtariLuc [16k\]: L 10? ] ;W[mn]WL[851.322] ;B[kj]BL[1544.118] ;W[no]WL[844.16] ;B[mp]BL[1540.114]C[windy [-\]: who is bigrain? ] ;W[cg]WL[768.613]C[alal [1k?\]: bigrain is bigrain :D ] ;B[br]BL[1486.972] ;W[bg]WL[762.832]C[windy [-\]: he is the only kyu with 3 wins so far windy [-\]: pretty amazing ] ;B[be]BL[1473.808] ;W[bk]WL[690.608]C[alal [1k?\]: he'll face dish in this round windy [-\]: looks like white wins this one alal [1k?\]: i'll bet on dish ] ;B[ck]BL[1426.294] ;W[bj]WL[688.527] ;B[fp]BL[1410.483]C[windy [-\]: do u know namdog? alal [1k?\]: no, but that's an old id ] ;W[fq]WL[595.657] ;B[gq]BL[1399.953] ;W[gr]WL[592.891] ;B[do]BL[1397.232]C[capella [?\]: bear is so niu klausP [1k\]: I am not sure about this, windy ] ;W[fk]WL[482.169]C[tuzi [4d?\]: who did lsxt find for him when he is in china? tuzi [4d?\]: this replacement seems really weak klausP [1k\]: is f9 too deep? ] ;B[ob]BL[1343.721]C[decamp [5d\]: w not bad bah, tuz ] ;W[nb]WL[475.967] ;B[na]BL[1340.821] ;W[ma]WL[475.173] ;B[oa]BL[1338.896]C[decamp [5d\]: game is not finished yet ] ;W[mb]WL[468.745] ;B[cj]BL[1297.681]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: b is thicker decamp [5d\]: y ] ;W[fi]WL[429.328]C[AtariLuc [16k\]: what do you mean thiker? IIIX [10k?\]: thicker as in "I'm 4d, you can't understand" IIIX [10k?\]: ;) AtariLuc [16k\]: hahah ] ;B[ci]BL[1189.279] ;W[bi]WL[424.33]C[alal [1k?\]: that means have less weak groups AtariLuc [16k\]: im learning txs alal [1k?\]: np ] ;B[gj]BL[1118.787] ;W[fj]WL[420.797]C[klausP [1k\]: thickness means that the opponent has no sente moves against a thick position ] ;B[fm]BL[1115.972]C[decamp [5d\]: oh niuer [?\]: cant understand decamp [5d\]: b plays submissively here decamp [5d\]: game closer niuer [?\]: why peek? ] ;W[nk]WL[356.917]C[decamp [5d\]: yes decamp [5d\]: the peep is bad ] ;B[mj]BL[1097.688]C[klausP [1k\]: which move was less submissive? niuer [?\]: why not sth like F8 directly? decamp [5d\]: now w is playing mkl decamp [5d\]: dunno know decamp [5d\]: but feel w gains sth niuer [?\]: c11 may not be good klausP [1k\]: what means mkl? decamp [5d\]: n10... decamp [5d\]: this way b gonna lose niuer [?\]: b8 was sente before tuzi [4d?\]: u sure, decamp? tuzi [4d?\]: did u count? decamp [5d\]: i count b needs to make 10 pts around h5 region decamp [5d\]: but now... decamp [5d\]: and w got o9 decamp [5d\]: and w got sente xyh1969 [4d\]: w need to make up at around h15? decamp [5d\]: b less than 60 decamp [5d\]: w around 53 decamp [5d\]: very close klausP [1k\]: Komi is 7,5 decamp [5d\]: w is calculating yose xi11west [1k\]: b can run out @ g16? klausP [1k\]: reading it all out niuer [?\]: 69 sharp ah:) decamp [5d\]: h15 around is a big move decamp [5d\]: coz already yose stage niuer [?\]: not sure ] (;W[ol]WL[43.403]C[klausP [1k\]: is p8 that big? decamp [5d\]: at least thick alal [1k?\]: i'm thinking of g14, seems left w not alive yet decamp [5d\]: cannot be bad decamp [5d\]: but not sure if biggest decamp [5d\]: g14 xifeng [6d?\]: g14 looks nice, alal strong xyh1969 [4d\]: p8, too bad decamp [5d\]: there is a cut around f12 decamp [5d\]: jeje decamp [5d\]: hehe alal [1k?\]: hehe xi11west [1k\]: g16 is enough for b bah niuer [?\]: bear? missbear [4d\]: yes niuer [?\]: is p8 slow? missbear [4d\]: yes niuer [?\]: b also gain missbear [4d\]: black is thick ] ;B[ie]BL[961.535]C[decamp [5d\]: bad ] ;W[gd]WL[29.877]C[niuer [?\]: y ] ;B[da]BL[951.588] ;W[eb]WL[28.431]C[xifeng [6d?\]: oh, b g16 looks better ] ;B[cs]BL[912.68]C[niuer [?\]: c1 is huge:) missbear [4d\]: :) ] ;W[ds]WL[15.655]C[klausP [1k\]: c1 is big ] ;B[bs]BL[907.454]C[missbear [3d\]: 3 corners alal [1k?\]: hehe, ff prefer to fight ] ;W[dr]WL[60]OW[5]C[windy [-\]: ff, u played namdog before windy [-\]: was he strong? xifeng [6d?\]: yes xifeng [6d?\]: strong enough xyh1969 [4d\]: y, very strong niuer [?\]: also ur cut at O6 is good missbear [4d\]: :) ] ;B[bl]BL[859.565]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: as strong as windy windy [-\]: that's good xyh1969 [4d\]: b 66? ] ;W[ep]WL[60]OW[5]C[alal [1k?\]: stronger than wondy, i would say :) ] ;B[eo]BL[855.039]C[alal [1k?\]: windy windy [-\]: stronger than berklai? alal [1k?\]: at least close, i think windy [-\]: that's good alal [1k?\]: u'll have chance ] ;W[gm]WL[60]OW[5]C[windy [-\]: at least i will not fall asleep during the game xyh1969 [4d\]: close game, but bear's yose could be better xyh1969 [4d\]: my monkey in danger again niuer [?\]: it's tough for w to gain any pts in yose, while easy for b to increase pts missbear [4d\]: white not alive yet missbear [4d\]: thin everywhere ] ;B[gl]BL[828.443] ;W[fl]WL[60]OW[5]C[xifeng [6d?\]: I except that namdog can win 3 games ] ;B[gn]BL[820.738] ;W[em]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[hm]BL[811.733] ;W[fn]WL[60]OW[5]C[windy [-\]: 27 tickets sold for bear xifeng [6d?\]: monkey? ] ;B[gm]BL[780.196] ;W[fo]WL[60]OW[5] ;B[gp]BL[777.437] ;W[en]WL[60]OW[5]C[klausP [1k\]: why should 3d yose beat 5d yose? decamp [5d\]: ah decamp [5d\]: is is ok? alal [1k?\]: lunch time, this game goes for 2 hrs already windy [-\]: namdog played stronger opponent than i did in the past decamp [5d\]: w tried very hard ] ;B[ch]BL[729.637]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: w very thin here xyh1969 [4d\]: maybe tried too hard decamp [5d\]: maybe can only play e12 windy [-\]: the three games he lost to were to a 6d, a 5d and a 5d, the three games i lost were to a 5d, a 1d and a 1k ] ;W[gi]WL[60]OW[5]C[niuer [?\]: i feel u should play b12:) niuer [?\]: maybe u think u lead too much niuer [?\]: and wana be real safe:) missbear [4d\]: yeah missbear [4d\]: i counted missbear [4d\]: no way to lose missbear [4d\]: just connect and make 2 eyes missbear [4d\]: then win ] ;B[hj]BL[709.501]C[decamp [5d\]: hehe decamp [5d\]: h10... windy [-\]: but strangely his small points were only 2 more than me klausP [1k\]: looks small xyh1969 [4d\]: bear must thoght he leading decamp [5d\]: seems so decamp [5d\]: he has more time windy [-\]: bear always have time advantage decamp [5d\]: coz he does not think in opening decamp [5d\]: he plays simple moves to get corner windy [-\]: or doesnt need to think windy [-\]: that's why playing 3-3 is a good strategy decamp [5d\]: his stragety is\\\\ windy [-\]: it makes him think niuer [?\]: it's already connected bah? ] ;W[bh]WL[60]OW[4]C[decamp [5d\]: get corner , make eyes, play yose decamp [5d\]: very simple but robust windy [-\]: like Yu bin windy [-\]: at lower level decamp [5d\]: hehe windy [-\]: or Cho chikun decamp [5d\]: b12 decamp [5d\]: w got it niuer [?\]: bear niuer [?\]: plus u had O6:) missbear [4d\]: h10 has it's value missbear [4d\]: then o6 cut missbear [4d\]: right missbear [4d\]: white didn't see o6 for sure missbear [4d\]: i count h10 as sente missbear [4d\]: he tuoxian, then i cut le niuer [?\]: G13 sente now? niuer [?\]: w's shape very thin missbear [4d\]: it is sente all the time missbear [4d\]: i have chance to kill the whole thing missbear [4d\]: but debate a little, gave up and yose ] ;B[nn]BL[650.302]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: how many points for b12? decamp [5d\]: if b does not play strong... windy [-\]: u need a good yose to pull the style off, bear has good yose decamp [5d\]: b12? decamp [5d\]: 6 ] ;W[nm]WL[60]OW[4] ;B[on]BL[646.737] ;W[pn]WL[60]OW[4] ;B[oo]BL[643.623] ;W[rm]WL[60]OW[4]C[decamp [5d\]: w needs a move in centre ] ;B[sk]BL[641.015]C[xi11west [1k\]: how come 6? xyh1969 [4d\]: that's the differnce betwen 4d and 5d, 4d doesn't knows b12 is 6 points while 5d knows ] ;W[al]WL[60]OW[4] ;B[am]BL[634.356] ;W[ak]WL[60]OW[4]C[decamp [5d\]: now 7 decamp [5d\]: coz b nees an extra move ] ;B[cn]BL[618.647]C[decamp [5d\]: ...... decamp [5d\]: b really thinking he leads a lot? windy [-\]: ni sou 6 points? rider [4k\]: K8? xi11west [1k\]: gote 3 pts, so ni shou is 6? rider [4k\]: what is 'ni' shou? xyh1969 [4d\]: only 62 for black windy [-\]: reverse sente rider [4k\]: Ya .. but which word is 'ni'? rider [4k\]: 你? :D windy [-\]: bear is good at yose and he has more time, so he has the edge ] ;W[jl]WL[60]OW[3]C[windy [-\]: 逆 rider [4k\]: Woohoo .. lsxt played a 4k move. rider [4k\]: I see .. reverse. decamp [5d\]: w needs to protect centre decamp [5d\]: this big decamp [5d\]: cleared b n8 decamp [5d\]: but... windy [-\]: i can decamp [5d\]: what if b e11 ] ;B[sm]BL[548.108]C[rider [4k\]: Then white has to E10, cut at F13 have to fight it out? windy [-\]: i can't wait to see how Philly fans react when Terrell Owens returns to their home game in 15 minutes decamp [5d\]: got it, rider\\ decamp [5d\]: maybe b is waiting for this ] ;W[rn]WL[60]OW[2]C[xi11west [1k\]: s6? lsxt [5d\]: you win decamp [5d\]: seems e11 not a problem ] ;B[gg]BL[506.643]C[rider [4k\]: I don't like today's game, windy. No free pizza toppings. :( ] ;W[fg]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[hi]BL[485.151]C[rider [4k\]: G14? decamp [5d\]: g12 is fine ] ;W[gh]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[hg]BL[479.587] ;W[hh]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[ih]BL[476.228]C[tuzi [4d?\]: b leading 10-15p tuzi [4d?\]: sure win le rider [4k\]: really? tuzi [4d?\]: yes ] ;W[pd]WL[60]OW[2]C[tuzi [4d?\]: i count 15p ] ;B[rc]BL[472.507]C[tuzi [4d?\]: but tuzi [4d?\]: because w still has some potential ] ;W[go]WL[60]OW[2]C[tuzi [4d?\]: should be less than that ] ;B[ho]BL[469.217] ;W[sn]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[sl]BL[464.861] ;W[ke]WL[60]OW[2]C[tuzi [4d?\]: H16 ] ;B[ei]BL[441.666]C[tuzi [4d?\]: and G15 tuzi [4d?\]: make some pts ] ;W[ej]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[eh]BL[437.23] ;W[fh]WL[60]OW[2]C[tuzi [4d?\]: d9 ] ;B[dk]BL[431.683] ;W[el]WL[60]OW[2]C[tuzi [4d?\]: h16 G15 tuzi [4d?\]: P11 tuzi [4d?\]: b should play P11 BlackSmurf [6k\]: why does b play these forcing moves?cant they be useful as ko threats? windy [-\]: that measn brewer vs. missbear for the winner of this tournament tuzi [4d?\]: oh, only 1p tuzi [4d?\]: no need ObsidianGo [?\]: f14 tuzi [4d?\]: K9 tuzi [4d?\]: all small yose ] ;B[jk]BL[325.939]C[alal [1k?\]: so b wins for sure tuzi [4d?\]: hehe tuzi [4d?\]: y ] ;W[il]WL[60]OW[2]C[rider [4k\]: I count even and white has more potential. My counting must be terrible. alal [1k?\]: i won too!!! ] ;B[ik]BL[308.372] ;W[kf]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[kg]BL[305.925]C[rider [4k\]: Congratulations alal. :) alal [1k?\]: hehe, thx decamp [5d\]: o1 tuzi [4d?\]: b 70 now decamp [5d\]: g14 then o1 rider [4k\]: But I thought your game not due to start until 10pm? ] ;W[ns]WL[60]OW[2]C[alal [1k?\]: not my game uno ] ;B[os]BL[298.037]C[klausP [1k\]: b14 is sente for black ] ;W[nr]WL[60]OW[2]C[rider [4k\]: Oh. alal [1k?\]: but my bet rider [4k\]: Silly bet. ] ;B[le]BL[293.909] ;W[ld]WL[60]OW[2]C[alal [1k?\]: hehe ] ;B[je]BL[292.338] ;W[kd]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[mf]BL[289.278] ;W[nf]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[hd]BL[285.718] ;W[hc]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[ge]BL[284.189] ;W[fe]WL[60]OW[2]C[rider [4k\]: But you should kick knightseu, even tuzi can kick him, so you can too. :) ] ;B[gf]BL[274.157]C[decamp [5d\]: b14 saxo [1k\]: yes ] ;W[id]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[he]BL[270.693]C[rider [4k\]: What? ] ;W[ps]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[oq]BL[266.701] ;W[ea]WL[60]OW[2]C[rider [4k\]: Why not F14 cut? ] ;B[bf]BL[258.157] ;W[ff]WL[60]OW[2]C[klausP [1k\]: b14 threatens that saxo [1k\]: cause of b14 tuzi [4d?\]: 12 pts on board alal [1k?\]: coz b14 sente tuzi [4d?\]: 12p on board rider [4k\]: No, doesn't. tuzi [4d?\]: E19 bad tuzi [4d?\]: should b14 ] ;B[lk]BL[240.369]C[tuzi [4d?\]: so simple move ] ;W[ca]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[ba]BL[236.453] ;W[ll]WL[60]OW[2]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: ft, bear toooooo strong rider [4k\]: Black can live even if white B14 in sente. ] ;B[mk]BL[233.009]C[tuzi [4d?\]: man ] ;W[ml]WL[60]OW[2]C[tuzi [4d?\]: p11 xyh1969 [4d\]: admire ] ;B[oi]BL[231.179] ;W[af]WL[60]OW[2] ;B[ae]BL[228.028] ;W[ag]WL[60]OW[2]C[tuzi [4d?\]: ? ] ;B[jn]BL[219.264]C[tuzi [4d?\]: what admire xyh1969 [4d\]: admire bear rider [4k\]: Oh .. but w live too. silly me. windy [-\]: bear is aga 6d? rider [4k\]: No. rider [4k\]: 3d. tuzi [4d?\]: b 74p ] ;W[gk]WL[60]OW[2]C[windy [-\]: only 3d? ] ;B[hk]BL[213.439]C[tuzi [4d?\]: 15p on board klausP [1k\]: by now SE is right => black wins rider [4k\]: Let me check. tuzi [4d?\]: E19 too chou tuzi [4d?\]: it should be b14 rider [4k\]: bear is same level as mace lee, so maybe 5d. tuzi [4d?\]: some difference tuzi [4d?\]: no tuzi [4d?\]: macelee is stronger xyh1969 [4d\]: tuzi > mace > bear alal [1k?\]: :) klausP [1k\]: bear played such a calm winning game xyh1969 [4d\]: but in tournament game, maybe different ] ;W[jm]WL[60]OW[1] ;B[da]BL[208.703]C[rider [4k\]: missbear is AGA 6d. wow. :) ] ;W[si]WL[60]OW[1] ;B[ri]BL[199.923] ;W[ca]WL[60]OW[1]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: black 7.5 points win ] ;B[dh]BL[192.675] ;W[dj]WL[60]OW[1] ;B[da]BL[190.627] ;W[qb]WL[60]OW[1] ;B[qc]BL[187.959] ;W[ca]WL[60]OW[1]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: p8 was not good, my opinion ] ;B[fr]BL[183.899] ;W[fs]WL[60]OW[1] ;B[da]BL[181.919] ;W[sj]WL[60]OW[1] ;B[sh]BL[179.421]C[decamp [5d\]: absolutely right ] ;W[ca]WL[60]OW[1] ;B[ks]BL[175.66] ;W[js]WL[60]OW[1] ;B[da]BL[173.664] ;W[sj]WL[60]OW[1] ;B[si]BL[172.111] ;W[ca]WL[60]OW[1] ;B[ls]BL[169.23] ;W[ms]WL[60]OW[1] ;B[da]BL[166.918]C[decamp [5d\]: b 14 pts on board ] ;W[jg]WL[60]OW[1]C[decamp [5d\]: will win 5 finally? ] ;B[kh]BL[153.271] ;W[ca]WL[60]OW[1] ;B[kr]BL[150.535] ;W[ks]WL[60]OW[1] ;B[da]BL[148.06]C[decamp [5d\]: i guess w will L9 decamp [5d\]: once he wins the current ko rider [4k\]: No .. will win time as usual. :P ] ;W[an]WL[60]OW[1] ;B[bm]BL[146.151]C[rider [4k\]: this is becoming habit for bear. ] ;W[ca]WL[60]OW[1] ;B[er]BL[143.085] ;W[es]WL[60]OW[1] ;B[da]BL[141.332]C[decamp [5d\]: b4 hemb [9k\]: why would w l9? he doesn't gain anything even if he wins it, does he? klausP [1k\]: L9 is nonsense ] ;W[bp]WL[60]OW[1]C[decamp [5d\]: chinese counting ] ;B[bo]BL[136.7] ;W[ca]WL[60]OW[1] ;B[hl]BL[120.6]C[rider [4k\]: No, game is set as Japanese counting ] ;W[da]WL[60]OW[1] ;B[kk]BL[118.769] ;W[om]WL[60]OW[1] ;B[kl]BL[116.613]C[decamp [5d\]: ah? ] ;W[dn]WL[60]OW[1] ;B[ee]BL[114.726] ;W[dl]WL[60]OW[1] ;B[ef]BL[112.87]C[decamp [5d\]: o ic ] ;W[ek]WL[60]OW[1] ;B[di]BL[109.087]C[decamp [5d\]: if chinese, w should l9 alal [1k?\]: no wonder se works again rider [4k\]: SE only knows how to do Japanese. missbear [3d\]: finished? ] ;W[]WL[60]OW[1]C[godman [1d\]: so many people ] ;B[]BL[109.087]TW[fa][ga][ha][ia][ja][ka][la][gb][hb][ib][jb][kb][lb][fc][gc][jc][kc][lc][mc][ne][ah][ai][aj][ok][nl][pl][mm][ln][qn][ro][so][rp][sp][dq][rq][sq][er][fr][kr][rr][sr][gs][hs][is][ls][qs][rs][ss]TB[aa][pa][qa][ra][sa][ab][bb][pb][qb][rb][sb][ac][sc][ad][bd][rd][sd][ce][se][hf][if][rf][sf][ig][jg][pg][qg][rg][sg][lh][ph][qh][rh][ii][ji][ki][li][mi][ni][qi][ij][jj][sj][rk][an][bn][hn][in][ao][no][ap][bp][hp][ip][jp][np][op][aq][ar][as]C[alal [1k?\]: y, a bug decamp [5d\]: why kgs does not fix it alal [1k?\]: windy, ur opp is here rider [4k\]: Wow .. didn't win by time?! missbear [4d\]: thanks decamp [5d\]: good game lsxt [4d\]: thx decamp [5d\]: w has good result on top ]) (;W[on]C[niuer [?\]: somewhere around h15 more ergent? ]) (;W[he] ;B[on] ;W[om]C[niuer [?\]: or any other better choice? ] ;B[nn] ;W[nm]C[niuer [?\]: h15, can w J14? ]) (;W[if] ;B[ig] ;W[hf] ;B[je] ;W[ie] ;B[kd] ;W[kc]))
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