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(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[gb2312]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[7.50]TM[3600]OT[5x60 byo-yomi] PW[missbear]PB[happyloser]WR[3d]BR[2d]DT[2006-10-07]PC[The KGS Go Server at http://www.gokgs.com/]RE[W+Time] ;B[pd]BL[3590.94] ;W[dc]WL[3593.466]C[missbear [3d\]: hi missbear [3d\]: have a good game happyloser [2d?\]: happy moon festival! ] ;B[pq]BL[3577.262]C[missbear [3d\]: zhong qiu kuai le ] ;W[dq]WL[3585.034] ;B[id]BL[3566.051] ;W[ce]WL[3573.495] ;B[ip]BL[3559.991] ;W[po]WL[3548.412] ;B[np]BL[3556.803] ;W[qq]WL[3544.127] ;B[qr]BL[3555.869] ;W[qp]WL[3542.213] ;B[pl]BL[3554.463] ;W[rr]WL[3535.89] ;B[pr]BL[3552.937] ;W[qm]WL[3524.95] ;B[ql]BL[3540.069] ;W[pm]WL[3522.042] ;B[ol]BL[3529.519] ;W[nc]WL[3495.981] ;B[lc]BL[3513.012] ;W[qc]WL[3459.574] ;B[qd]BL[3510.726] ;W[pc]WL[3457.67] ;B[od]BL[3508.746] ;W[nb]WL[3456.258] ;B[me]BL[3491.341] ;W[ij]WL[3065.823] ;B[kj]BL[3403.98] ;W[do]WL[3009.831] ;B[ck]BL[3243.063] ;W[ci]WL[3000.8] ;B[bo]BL[3241.197] ;W[bq]WL[2868.589] ;B[fq]BL[3193.513] ;W[cn]WL[2852.847] ;B[nn]BL[2987.575]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: ai ya, not good ya xyh1969 [4d\]: what not good? gtgt001 [1k\]: seems my $200 lost ] ;W[jn]WL[2814.717] ;B[kp]BL[2928.281]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: bear add oil! xyh1969 [4d\]: happyloser add oil password [1d\]: xyh add oil password [1d\]: gtgt add oil ] ;W[ho]WL[2313.16] ;B[hp]BL[2893.018] ;W[he]WL[2194.3]C[blackbeard [5d\]: bear luan lai le blackbeard [5d\]: I think bear is good at MKL, not moyo ] ;B[hd]BL[2795.988] ;W[ge]WL[2178.73]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: loser has moyo right now xyh1969 [4d\]: oh, both ] ;B[rs]BL[2736.026] ;W[sr]WL[2173.758] ;B[rl]BL[2722.96]C[blackbeard [5d\]: s8 happy move ya ] ;W[rm]WL[2169.612] ;B[sm]BL[2721.903] ;W[sn]WL[2167.826] ;B[sl]BL[2721.124] ;W[ro]WL[2165.903] ;B[rd]BL[2652.651] ;W[rc]WL[2155.411] ;B[sc]BL[2648.022] ;W[sb]WL[2152.897] ;B[sd]BL[2647.275] ;W[lb]WL[2148.186]C[blackbeard [5d\]: t17 over le ] ;B[kc]BL[2528.166]C[blackbeard [5d\]: b kui le blackbeard [5d\]: lost sente blackbeard [5d\]: too important ] ;W[jh]WL[2084.183] ;B[kh]BL[2511.537]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: loser, add oil decamp [5d\]: kao decamp [5d\]: missed gambliing ] ;W[kg]WL[2004.679] ;B[lg]BL[2454.071] ;W[jg]WL[1975.719]C[decamp [5d\]: hoho decamp [5d\]: just bought 20 tickets for loser niuer [?\]: bear got a real big belly? decamp [5d\]: belly? ] ;B[lh]BL[2370.963]C[decamp [5d\]: black is very cunning decamp [5d\]: c9 and b5 decamp [5d\]: leave burden to w password [1d\]: black is better bah? decamp [5d\]: yes decamp [5d\]: that's why i used up all my money to bet on him ] ;W[ek]WL[1847.223]C[password [1d\]: hard for white to seal decamp [5d\]: yes decamp [5d\]: a lot of aji around c13 c12 h7 decamp [5d\]: while b has no moyo but solid territory decamp [5d\]: c9 b5 tricky decamp [5d\]: they force w to play moyo ] ;B[rb]BL[2244.459] ;W[qb]WL[1842.771] ;B[sa]BL[2242.783]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: decamp ] ;W[qa]WL[1821.736]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: jadefish wants to bet whether I know who u r gtgt001 [1k\]: $1000 gtgt001 [1k\]: should I bet? xyh1969 [4d\]: sigh, no big fight, worry about happy gtgt001 [1k\]: damn gtgt001 [1k\]: bear is white? windy [-\]: hmm decamp [5d\]: hi gt mitbbsfool [3d\]: L18? mitbbsfool [3d\]: sigh, i lost to civ 3k ] ;B[kb]BL[1980.626]C[decamp [5d\]: really, fool mitbbsfool [3d\]: my real level is known then decamp [5d\]: civ strong mitbbsfool [3d\]: 4k mitbbsfool [3d\]: i must be 4k or 5k ] ;W[la]WL[1803.982]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: hidden dragon ya gtgt001 [1k\]: hehe mitbbsfool [3d\]: L19 decamp [5d\]: o19 mitbbsfool [3d\]: P18 will be a hidden knife mitbbsfool [3d\]: o19 then w n19? mitbbsfool [3d\]: hmm, still can P18 mitbbsfool [3d\]: W in danger now? decamp [5d\]: hidden knife :-) decamp [5d\]: i will get rich if this w group dead decamp [5d\]: poor bear mitbbsfool [3d\]: yeah decamp [5d\]: if w p18 mitbbsfool [3d\]: bear put 150$, i put 100$, halfsea put 120$ decamp [5d\]: then b n18 mitbbsfool [3d\]: plus xyh put a lot of money in decamp [5d\]: i spent 200 on happyloser mitbbsfool [3d\]: 2 shuai shen + 1 du shen mitbbsfool [3d\]: 3 shen xian decamp [5d\]: thx rim, typr and catapault decamp [5d\]: they lend me money mitbbsfool [3d\]: how can bear win? decamp [5d\]: i really hope loser win decamp [5d\]: hope bear not mad with it decamp [5d\]: coz it is business :-) ] ;B[ka]BL[1771.064]C[mitbbsfool [3d\]: W cooked mitbbsfool [3d\]: L19 works mitbbsfool [3d\]: P18, O19 ] ;W[mb]WL[1773.098]C[decamp [5d\]: seki decamp [5d\]: b missed a chance mitbbsfool [3d\]: oh, coalive decamp [5d\]: should just o19 decamp [5d\]: kick loser mitbbsfool [3d\]: yeah mitbbsfool [3d\]: wokao mitbbsfool [3d\]: i'm so weak decamp [5d\]: and seki in gote mitbbsfool [3d\]: sigh, 5d is stronger than 5k ah decamp [5d\]: u won me decamp [5d\]: in even game decamp [5d\]: u decamp [5d\]: strong mitbbsfool [3d\]: won ge tou mitbbsfool [3d\]: i lost to civ 3k just now mitbbsfool [3d\]: nnd mitbbsfool [3d\]: today i'm really in mad mood mitbbsfool [3d\]: sorry for tuzi decamp [5d\]: i even lost to 9k in even game mitbbsfool [3d\]: he asked me a question and i gave him tough time decamp [5d\]: it is fine mitbbsfool [3d\]: today, i had 4 meeting scheduled mitbbsfool [3d\]: 1st one was 9:30am decamp [5d\]: u still hang around here mitbbsfool [3d\]: 5 ppl were waiting for me decamp [5d\]: u r "da jiang feng du" decamp [5d\]: "lin wei bu luan" mitbbsfool [3d\]: 5 mitbbsfool [3d\]: including a senior prof. decamp [5d\]: "ju zhong ruo qing" mitbbsfool [3d\]: I didn't hear my alarm decamp [5d\]: never mind mitbbsfool [3d\]: sigh decamp [5d\]: u will be his boss soon mitbbsfool [3d\]: got up at 9:42am mitbbsfool [3d\]: ran to school and arrived at 9:54am decamp [5d\]: hehe mitbbsfool [3d\]: they left at 9:50am windy [-\]: fool, you were late for class? decamp [5d\]: :-( mitbbsfool [3d\]: i was so mad mitbbsfool [3d\]: it never happened to me decamp [5d\]: why this happened? windy [-\]: who were those people? mitbbsfool [3d\]: i have been only sleeping 4 hours everyday mitbbsfool [3d\]: for two weeks mitbbsfool [3d\]: now my pay time windy [-\]: it happened to me before too mitbbsfool [3d\]: those are my collaborator group windy [-\]: luckily i was never late for any interviews, hoho mitbbsfool [3d\]: and one of my graduate student mitbbsfool [3d\]: so mad windy [-\]: were they mad? mitbbsfool [3d\]: as a consequence mitbbsfool [3d\]: i called them mitbbsfool [3d\]: rearranged the meeting at 11am decamp [5d\]: fool mitbbsfool [3d\]: cancelled a meeting with student decamp [5d\]: u r a cute guy windy [-\]: he loves you mitbbsfool [3d\]: went to their place mitbbsfool [3d\]: gave the talk decamp [5d\]: hoho mitbbsfool [3d\]: treat my student a lunch decamp [5d\]: no prof air windy [-\]: i would call you Professor CaoCao decamp [5d\]: went to student's place to meet mitbbsfool [3d\]: sigh mitbbsfool [3d\]: then tonight, i came back to play the game mitbbsfool [3d\]: was late for 5 mins decamp [5d\]: great sacrifice u made for this event decamp [5d\]: salute to u ] ;B[db]BL[1386.013]C[mitbbsfool [3d\]: then, my wife called mitbbsfool [3d\]: she is on her way driving mitbbsfool [3d\]: sleepy mitbbsfool [3d\]: asked me to keep her awake by phone mitbbsfool [3d\]: ok, i talk pront [4k\]: bear not looking good ah. mitbbsfool [3d\]: when i hang up, i saw no way to save my dragon windy [-\]: this is life, you have down days sometimes windy [-\]: just have to make it up during your up days decamp [5d\]: he mitbbsfool [3d\]: civ fiercely took my poor baby dragon ] ;W[ec]WL[1687.084]C[decamp [5d\]: so civ a murder :-) mitbbsfool [3d\]: nod decamp [5d\]: ban him mitbbsfool [3d\]: a murder decamp [5d\]: my wife calledme when i was playing with today's game decamp [5d\]: with knightsue coolbabe [5d\]: laolao windy [-\]: dude, think of those peole here who do not have wife yet coolbabe [5d\]: looks like white will win again decamp [5d\]: i was lucky my baby dragon not murdered decamp [5d\]: u mean bear, babe coolbabe [5d\]: yes coolbabe [5d\]: d18 bu hao decamp [5d\]: do u think w willhave the whole left? windy [-\]: depends on who is b decamp [5d\]: y coolbabe [5d\]: depends on who move first mitbbsfool [3d\]: btw, decamp, why u 75 fish mm? decamp [5d\]: me? decamp [5d\]: when? mitbbsfool [3d\]: yeah mitbbsfool [3d\]: hehe, u know when windy [-\]: if b is Gu li, then i have no worry :p decamp [5d\]: don't think i did it decamp [5d\]: no ] ;B[go]BL[1217.807]C[decamp [5d\]: i have not mitbbsfool [3d\]: u did it! ] ;W[gn]WL[1678.182]C[decamp [5d\]: u..... decamp [5d\]: i know halfsea [2d\]: hehe, fool, beiing a faculty must be tough. admire you decamp [5d\]: u r in bad mood decamp [5d\]: ok decamp [5d\]: i did it xyh1969 [4d\]: decamp is a bad boy, i knew it decamp [5d\]: sry for it decamp [5d\]: xyh? decamp [5d\]: we play? xyh1969 [4d\]: being a faculy is cool ah mitbbsfool [3d\]: tough for me decamp [5d\]: yes windy [-\]: being a faculty is an easy job decamp [5d\]: my dream job xyh1969 [4d\]: decamp, you too strong for me halfsea [2d\]: sure, it is cool, but it is tough xyh1969 [4d\]: no match eith u decamp [5d\]: no mitbbsfool [3d\]: nod, too strong decamp [5d\]: xyh strong mitbbsfool [3d\]: sigh halfsea [2d\]: only qualified people can be faculty halfsea [2d\]: hehe decamp [5d\]: u won me more than i won u windy [-\]: u just need some students to produce papers for you, then it's easy mitbbsfool [3d\]: in my eyes, halfsea AGA 6d, decamp AGA 7d xyh1969 [4d\]: i even do't know you , decamp :) mitbbsfool [3d\]: tuzi, maybe AGA 5d? decamp [5d\]: fool,where do u take in ur student mitbbsfool [3d\]: this world is turned over decamp [5d\]: in china? xyh1969 [4d\]: i am solid AGA 5d mitbbsfool [3d\]: revolution! windy [-\]: is niuer decamp? halfsea [2d\]: I am AGA 3.98d halfsea [2d\]: haha coolbabe [5d\]: tuzi aga 6.5d mitbbsfool [3d\]: i take chinese decamp [5d\]: niuer stronger than decamp decamp [5d\]: i c mitbbsfool [3d\]: no thu, pku students decamp [5d\]: u speak chinese with them? mitbbsfool [3d\]: i keep them away coolbabe [5d\]: brewer aga 7d decamp [5d\]: why? coolbabe [5d\]: + mitbbsfool [3d\]: yeah, i speak chinese with him. :) decamp [5d\]: they r ur fellow school ppl! windy [-\]: twoeye is aga 7d? coolbabe [5d\]: no mitbbsfool [3d\]: well, decamp [5d\]: why no thu pku decamp [5d\]: theh r good mitbbsfool [3d\]: they think they are good coolbabe [5d\]: the rest all aga 6ds xyh1969 [4d\]: twoeye is 8d actually decamp [5d\]: ther r, aren't they ] ;B[hn]BL[1068.262]C[coolbabe [5d\]: no aga 7d other than brewer xyh1969 [4d\]: but AGA rating sucks gtgt001 [1k\]: kao mitbbsfool [3d\]: not when they think so windy [-\]: dude, you can win US go congress if you are aga 8d gtgt001 [1k\]: so many messages gtgt001 [1k\]: I suggest decamp [5d\]: hoho decamp [5d\]: maybe ur rite, fool gtgt001 [1k\]: 1 message/1 min/id ] ;W[gm]WL[1646.031]C[decamp [5d\]: gt? decamp [5d\]: we play? mitbbsfool [3d\]: we had a smart kid in my advisor's group halfsea [2d\]: really? I didn't feel brewer that strong. :P decamp [5d\]: even game mitbbsfool [3d\]: he is very smart windy [-\]: that's it fool, your life will be very easy mitbbsfool [3d\]: but if u don't focus and feel u r good, u can't do good gtgt001 [1k\]: playing xbox live now xyh1969 [4d\]: fool from thu right? decamp [5d\]: ok mitbbsfool [3d\]: yeah decamp [5d\]: forget it mitbbsfool [3d\]: poor thu students decamp [5d\]: fool coolbabe [5d\]: g5 h6 tai xiao mitbbsfool [3d\]: we r good windy [-\]: when i was in college a grduate student told me this: when you become a professor, even if half of your students are stupid, you have another half that can produce papers, that's all you need decamp [5d\]: some ppl proud but they can still work out good stuff mitbbsfool [3d\]: if they wanna do that gtgt001 [1k\]: papers gtgt001 [1k\]: trash gtgt001 [1k\]: hehe gtgt001 [1k\]: brother me blackbeard [5d\]: hehe mitbbsfool [3d\]: gt published 18 papers in one year? decamp [5d\]: shut up, gt blackbeard [5d\]: happy gt gtgt001 [1k\]: has many decamp [5d\]: paper important gtgt001 [1k\]: no 5 years mitbbsfool [3d\]: 18 papers gtgt001 [1k\]: I have a book gtgt001 [1k\]: hehe decamp [5d\]: so u nx gtgt001 [1k\]: sold x00 copies on amazon xyh1969 [4d\]: who is leading? halfsea [2d\]: gt's language is always so terse, dude is cool halfsea [2d\]: haha gtgt001 [1k\]: hehe mitbbsfool [3d\]: today when i had lunch with my student windy [-\]: gt water too much windy [-\]: even on papers mitbbsfool [3d\]: i told him, don't learn those chinese trash producer gtgt001 [1k\]: female students? xyh1969 [4d\]: gtgt, your son sleeping now? coolbabe [5d\]: you mei you h8? gtgt001 [1k\]: yes, sleeping ] ;B[io]BL[897.791]C[mitbbsfool [3d\]: when u do ur research, do good stuff ] ;W[hm]WL[1634.651]C[mitbbsfool [3d\]: or don't do it decamp [5d\]: good gtgt001 [1k\]: fool windy [-\]: a very niu professor told me, just change your abstract at each conference and people will think you have a whole new paper decamp [5d\]: just liek playing go xyh1969 [4d\]: kao, nobody tell mewho is leading? decamp [5d\]: no good move,plal elsewhere blackbeard [5d\]: gt, how old our son? coolbabe [5d\]: k6 hao da gtgt001 [1k\]: the problem is too many ph.d students blackbeard [5d\]: close ba decamp [5d\]: xyh mitbbsfool [3d\]: B will win decamp [5d\]: i can tell u decamp [5d\]: b gonna win halfsea [2d\]: fool, I think I still have one friend doing phd in your school halfsea [2d\]: hehe gtgt001 [1k\]: today blackbeard [5d\]: I like b better coolbabe [5d\]: f6 first decamp [5d\]: coz my moeny on it gtgt001 [1k\]: my son 100 days old decamp [5d\]: yes halfsea [2d\]: he plays go well too decamp [5d\]: beard rite mitbbsfool [3d\]: oh, mitbbsfool [3d\]: B will win for sure decamp [5d\]: so many ppl talking decamp [5d\]: hard to follow mitbbsfool [3d\]: with halfsea and my money on him mitbbsfool [3d\]: bear is doomed halfsea [2d\]: he was microbe's classmate decamp [5d\]: different topics windy [-\]: both sides practice placing floor tiles mitbbsfool [3d\]: and du shen xyh put money on happyloser decamp [5d\]: hehe decamp [5d\]: is xyh real du shen? decamp [5d\]: this time i am with him halfsea [2d\]: xyh lend me $300, I wish xyh wins this bet mitbbsfool [3d\]: if i were bear, i resign when i hear that terible news halfsea [2d\]: hehe mitbbsfool [3d\]: fish must be crazy though mitbbsfool [3d\]: she promised to pay 10% xyh1969 [4d\]: mmd, left ehite too big xyh1969 [4d\]: must destroy it mitbbsfool [3d\]: bet 110 tickets halfsea [2d\]: the question is how, haha mitbbsfool [3d\]: she has to pay 110$ coolbabe [5d\]: why b wasted all his ko threat? mitbbsfool [3d\]: halfsea, halfsea [2d\]: I trust bear's yose mitbbsfool [3d\]: teach me, how to become a d from a k? tuzi [4d?\]: I'll be back in 20 mins halfsea [2d\]: haha tuzi [4d?\]: in case my oppo comes tuzi [4d?\]: pls let him know I'll be back mitbbsfool [3d\]: tuzi, ur opponent wont come le mitbbsfool [3d\]: so late halfsea [2d\]: I can teach you if you pay me $400 mitbbsfool [3d\]: anyway, i'll count u win by no show if tomorrow 5pm he didn't reply xyh1969 [4d\]: sigh, why no dog fight this game? mitbbsfool [3d\]: or maybe even till tomorrow morning xyh1969 [4d\]: what if gowithme does reply then? mitbbsfool [3d\]: he proposed a time on tomorrow night, that's not a valid request anyway mitbbsfool [3d\]: then they play the game in the morning coolbabe [5d\]: f6 ban bu ban? mitbbsfool [3d\]: gowithme proposed tonight but he changed it later mitbbsfool [3d\]: to tomorrow spunkmonk: does p18 kill top white mitbbsfool [3d\]: not reasonable, i think xyh1969 [4d\]: highhands like decamp, blackbeard must be fooling me, why it look like a tough game for black, to me coolbabe [5d\]: u bet coolbabe [5d\]: seki mitbbsfool [3d\]: P18, gote 5 pts mitbbsfool [3d\]: patience, xyh mitbbsfool [3d\]: with halfsea, me and u mitbbsfool [3d\]: three shen xian here mitbbsfool [3d\]: bear no chance blackbeard [5d\]: b's points are solid blackbeard [5d\]: w not blackbeard [5d\]: like j14 blackbeard [5d\]: f6 ] ;B[im]BL[446.556]C[coolbabe [5d\]: j14 dangerous ba ] ;W[il]WL[1626.092]C[blackbeard [5d\]: why? coolbabe [5d\]: bu f6 jiu ban? coolbabe [5d\]: mei jin ] ;B[fn]BL[356.61]C[mitbbsfool [3d\]: xyh, where is mulan? ] ;W[fm]WL[1619.334]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: left side c9 b5 stone dead too easy coolbabe [5d\]: bu jian? coolbabe [5d\]: pei le hao duo mu xyh1969 [4d\]: no idea, maybe he has trouble to access internet gtgt001 [1k\]: seems coolbabe is strong gtgt001 [1k\]: hehe xyh1969 [4d\]: tomorrw i will be busy, afraid will have no time o play him before deadline le :( coolbabe [5d\]: another aga 6.5d ba le mitbbsfool [3d\]: ok mitbbsfool [3d\]: count mulan lose then coolbabe [5d\]: only brewer strong mitbbsfool [3d\]: but he should post on board coolbabe [5d\]: the rest "pei tai zi du shu' mitbbsfool [3d\]: otherwise, in jail next round halfsea [2d\]: hope fengfeng v.s. brewer can have huge bet xyh1969 [4d\]: he is in China now, so can't post on mitbbs mitbbsfool [3d\]: oh mitbbsfool [3d\]: did he reply on pront's site/ ] ;B[bi]BL[237.309]C[coolbabe [5d\]: hehehe mitbbsfool [3d\]: if he replied but just can't show up, missbear [3d\]: wokao blackbeard [5d\]: a little late le xyh1969 [4d\]: not yet, maybe something urgent coming upp for him mitbbsfool [3d\]: hmm, just count him lose missbear [3d\]: copy my MKL mitbbsfool [3d\]: still keep him in tournament then mitbbsfool [3d\]: i'm in bad mood halfsea [2d\]: so big bathroom ,bu tao bai bu tao ] ;W[bj]WL[1579.937]C[mitbbsfool [3d\]: no enough patience to deal with these no show business le xyh1969 [4d\]: mualn and I good friend, we will try to make the game played mitbbsfool [3d\]: i know mitbbsfool [3d\]: all good friends mitbbsfool [3d\]: gowithme helped me before bigrain [1k?\]: all bad friends blackbeard [5d\]: the most important game is to play with 69 xyh1969 [4d\]: hehe mitbbsfool [3d\]: macelee, we talk on msn often ] ;B[cj]BL[166.867]C[mitbbsfool [3d\]: mulan, we saw each other in real life mitbbsfool [3d\]: and he has pretty wife and cute daughter xyh1969 [4d\]: haha bigrain [1k?\]: when can I bit 69 ? waiting and dreaming mitbbsfool [3d\]: what can i do? mitbbsfool [3d\]: rule is, no reply, jail mitbbsfool [3d\]: jail twice, out ] ;W[bk]WL[1528.331]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: hehe, that why i think fool is really a good organizer missbear [3d\]: anti MKL missbear [3d\]: bu shuang mitbbsfool [3d\]: i think i have a little rp ] ;B[cp]BL[117.352]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: happyloser is good at attack, maybe not zhi Gu, i am worry my money now ] ;W[dp]WL[1514.151]C[mitbbsfool [3d\]: so when i suspend ppl, they won't be too mad xyh1969 [4d\]: hehe bigrain [1k?\]: i put money on bear mitbbsfool [3d\]: but even if they are mad, ican't help mitbbsfool [3d\]: oh mitbbsfool [3d\]: maybe bigrain is a bigger du shen? mitbbsfool [3d\]: let's see the result first mitbbsfool [3d\]: I won bigrain once ] ;B[cd]BL[56.735]C[mitbbsfool [3d\]: but i guess i can't win bigrain any more mitbbsfool [3d\]: I'm a 4k now ] ;W[cc]WL[1498.789]C[bigrain [1k?\]: i just remember i lost 100 at micro coolbabe [5d\]: b ??? coolbabe [5d\]: ji le? xyh1969 [4d\]: ft, what's b doing? ] ;B[be]BL[37.455]C[blackbeard [5d\]: b want a big MK tywin [2d\]: If you listen carefully, you can hear the b stones saying "please kill me". blackbeard [5d\]: small one , no fun bigrain [1k?\]: haha xyh1969 [4d\]: sequence very important ah halfsea [2d\]: w has time adv. which is very important to deal with MKL xyh1969 [4d\]: what does tywin mean? thank you fro your win or letting me win? ] ;W[bh]WL[1385.696]C[happyloser [2d?\]: wo zou cuo le1 niuer [?\]: if bear can kill everything on left, then w is leading? coolbabe [5d\]: chi hua happyloser [2d?\]: wo C12, B13 sente lsxt [5d\]: right lsxt [5d\]: that way easy to live ] ;B[cf]BL[60]OB[5]C[tywin [2d\]: I mean it looks like b will die horribly. Everywhere on the left, too split up. mitbbsfool [3d\]: who can be more LM than bear? ] ;W[de]WL[1374.799] ;B[bc]BL[60]OB[5]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: sigh, my money in danger gtgt001 [1k\]: u bet bear? lsxt [5d\]: I think black is good bigrain [1k?\]: boss, which side did you buy? niuer [?\]: who u bet on 69? lsxt [5d\]: happy loser will win coolbabe [5d\]: b 13 ba xyh1969 [4d\]: ofcourse on happyloser ] ;W[cb]WL[1326.638]C[niuer [?\]: why? niuer [?\]: not look good for bear? lsxt [5d\]: b13 xyh1969 [4d\]: right niuer [?\]: how so? bear is 3 win ah? halfsea [2d\]: b13 = resign lsxt [5d\]: black almost alive BostonFish [4d\]: why c18 not b18? coolbabe [5d\]: b c12 of coz lsxt [5d\]: why? lsxt [5d\]: b13 is fine ] ;B[ch]BL[60]OB[5]C[coolbabe [5d\]: no ] ;W[ai]WL[1306.953]C[xyh1969 [4d\]: hi, fish BostonFish [4d\]: hi xyh~~~ coolbabe [5d\]: hai si si di? gtgt001 [1k\]: sigh ] ;B[bg]BL[60]OB[5]C[gtgt001 [1k\]: my $$$$$$$$$$$$ windy [-\]: can b win? xyh1969 [4d\]: is b alive now? coolbabe [5d\]: ko ba ] ;W[dh]WL[1273.701]C[coolbabe [5d\]: maybe still dead xyh1969 [4d\]: ko = alive windy [-\]: bä»
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