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(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[gb2312]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[7.50]TM[3600]OT[5x60 byo-yomi] PW[brewer]PB[goduke]WR[3d]BR[6d]DT[2006-10-04]PC[The KGS Go Server at http://www.gokgs.com/]C[brewer [3d?\]: hi ]RE[W+Time] ;B[od]BL[3592.783] ;W[dp]WL[3598.084]C[goduke [6d\]: hi ] ;B[op]BL[3589.458] ;W[dd]WL[3596.258] ;B[oj]BL[3587.956]C[greenhorn [10k?\]: strange fuseki ] ;W[mq]WL[3552.342] ;B[jp]BL[3534.499]C[sanliT: b did? greenhorn [10k?\]: o'course ] ;W[oq]WL[3499.242] ;B[pq]BL[3525.499] ;W[pp]WL[3498.22]C[sanliT: soo what b purpose? jadefish [?\]: hi niuer ] ;B[qq]BL[3494.241]C[niuer [?\]: hi ] ;W[qp]WL[3457.333] ;B[rp]BL[3483.453] ;W[ro]WL[3453.688]C[jadefish [?\]: who do u think will win the game ] ;B[rq]BL[3430.064] ;W[oo]WL[3446.371] ;B[np]BL[3426.577] ;W[nq]WL[3445.714] ;B[no]BL[3425.172] ;W[pn]WL[3438.353]C[adwue [6k\]: depends on their moves sanliT: o'cours niuer [?\]: u ask me, fish? ] ;B[nn]BL[3313.182] ;W[pm]WL[3411.477] ;B[rn]BL[3278.506] ;W[nm]WL[3368.877]C[jadefish [?\]: en, sure :) ] ;B[lp]BL[3260.143] ;W[kr]WL[3363.789] ;B[jr]BL[3256.266] ;W[lr]WL[3337.059] ;B[jq]BL[3203.93] ;W[mm]WL[3330.258] ;B[ln]BL[3200.51] ;W[pr]WL[3324.218] ;B[qr]BL[3198.635] ;W[ps]WL[3319.846] ;B[qo]BL[3196.785] ;W[po]WL[3318.481]C[ByanGwok02 [7k\]: white is crying ] ;B[qn]BL[3195.373] ;W[rm]WL[3274.353] ;B[qm]BL[3179.558] ;W[ql]WL[3272.844] ;B[so]BL[3178.555] ;W[pl]WL[3271.057] ;B[qj]BL[3127.67] ;W[kl]WL[3250.44]C[ByanGwok02 [7k\]: ar.. this is what I said ByanGwok02 [7k\]: f3 ByanGwok02 [7k\]: R16 ByanGwok02 [7k\]: o2 ] ;B[nr]BL[2971.621]C[ByanGwok02 [7k\]: bing go jadefish [?\]: o1? ] ;W[ns]WL[3215.873] ;B[ms]BL[2968.854]C[ByanGwok02 [7k\]: N1 ] ;W[or]WL[3214.897] ;B[os]BL[2967.869] ;W[ko]WL[3213.21]C[ByanGwok02 [7k\]: R1 ByanGwok02 [7k\]: pr ByanGwok02 [7k\]: M5 ] ;B[lo]BL[2888.328] ;W[ns]WL[3208.605] ;B[lm]BL[2877.2] ;W[ll]WL[3204.721] ;B[os]BL[2867.759] ;W[jo]WL[3195.163]C[ByanGwok02 [7k\]: m3 ByanGwok02 [7k\]: J5 ] ;B[io]BL[2802.793] ;W[ns]WL[3193.181]C[ByanGwok02 [7k\]: N8? ] ;B[nk]BL[2783.722]C[ByanGwok02 [7k\]: ok ] ;W[pi]WL[3184.068] ;B[pj]BL[2771.675] ;W[ml]WL[3178.505] ;B[os]BL[2768.772] ;W[pf]WL[3169.242] ;B[ns]BL[2731.522] ;W[qd]WL[3167.407]C[ByanGwok02 [7k\]: r13 windy [-\]: fool windy [-\]: u know berklai? coolbabe [5d\]: kao ByanGwok02 [7k\]: what is it? windy [-\]: what's his AGA rating coolbabe [5d\]: lost my only 10 MITBBS $s jadefish [?\]: hi, coolbabe coolbabe [5d\]: hi jadefish [?\]: so w is not good? coolbabe [5d\]: si de tai da ByanGwok02 [7k\]: dunno coolbabe [5d\]: if b 4 guys no danger ] ;B[lj]BL[2514.65]C[coolbabe [5d\]: good ByanGwok02 [7k\]: not R13 ByanGwok02 [7k\]: how amazing coolbabe [5d\]: maybe should r17 first ] ;W[kj]WL[3107.438]C[windy [-\]: goduke has a better second-half game ] ;B[ki]BL[2443.489]C[coolbabe [5d\]: w q7 tai huai le ] ;W[jn]WL[3094.188]C[coolbabe [5d\]: n3 also not good ] ;B[in]BL[2421.008]C[coolbabe [5d\]: p5 no good either ] ;W[jm]WL[3091.898] ;B[kp]BL[2418.438] ;W[li]WL[3084.296] ;B[mj]BL[2410.909]C[yidefuren [4d\]: interesting yidefuren [4d\]: w not bad coolbabe [5d\]: q14 bu dong windy [-\]: w will have lots of small points coolbabe [5d\]: kai hu trapped ] ;W[jj]WL[2950.508]C[coolbabe [5d\]: lets see how he catch up coolbabe [5d\]: m12 chi coolbabe [5d\]: are we allowed to kibitz? niuer [?\]: only u allowed:) coolbabe [5d\]: i shut up then niuer [?\]: no need, thye cant see kibitz coolbabe [5d\]: b's time not in favor niuer [?\]: shouldn't be a problem, the byomi is 1min per move coolbabe [5d\]: ok coolbabe [5d\]: duke is calculating moves after m12 niuer [?\]: m12, o12 coolbabe [5d\]: he wants a littledepper coolbabe [5d\]: things like p14 ] ;B[kh]BL[2124.194]C[coolbabe [5d\]: chang kao chu chou qi ] ;W[lh]WL[2943.235]C[niuer [?\]: oops! ] ;B[lg]BL[2119.691] ;W[mh]WL[2941.515]C[coolbabe [5d\]: w so happy coolbabe [5d\]: kapo coolbabe [5d\]: my bet is half way back windy [-\]: chu cou qi le ] ;B[og]BL[2063.368]C[coolbabe [5d\]: l13 ba ] ;W[kg]WL[2919.658] ;B[ii]BL[2060.201]C[coolbabe [5d\]: wo kao coolbabe [5d\]: b terrible shape coolbabe [5d\]: m14 jiu gou le windy [-\]: too thin coolbabe [5d\]: w can l14 2 niuer [?\]: seems B made some dangerous play here? coolbabe [5d\]: jiu shi chou qi Rosina [3k\]: W can resign now niuer [?\]: u mean L12? coolbabe [5d\]: l12 gen ben bu si qi niuer [?\]: maybe he tries to makethe game more exciting? coolbabe [5d\]: w sld l14 ] ;W[lf]WL[2718.829]C[coolbabe [5d\]: that is my babe coolbabe [5d\]: roaring back windy [-\]: that's m14 coolbabe [5d\]: hehe niuer [?\]: L14 afraid b's J12? coolbabe [5d\]: fei hua Rosina [3k\]: P14 coolbabe [5d\]: b must l13 windy [-\]: i was reading L14, then if B M14 w has no good move windy [-\]: w has no territory yet ] ;B[of]BL[1961.397]C[windy [-\]: b has 30 ] ;W[pe]WL[2707.165]C[coolbabe [5d\]: he ba hua coolbabe [5d\]: kao coolbabe [5d\]: q15 gan ma? windy [-\]: greedy coolbabe [5d\]: no coolbabe [5d\]: jiu shi chou windy [-\]: want territory niuer [?\]: lol coolbabe [5d\]: za ying le 3 pan qi niuer [?\]: coolbabe got real emotional:) windy [-\]: i told ya windy [-\]: w beat meebao, so he will have high small points windy [-\]: meebao was 8d here at one time coolbabe [5d\]: that game was full of mistakes windy [-\]: so he needs that luck to win here coolbabe [5d\]: n13 run niuer [?\]: w gets N13 should be satisfied windy [-\]: yes windy [-\]: then J11 becomes fei qi coolbabe [5d\]: zjhe ge chou ya ByanGwok02 [7k\]: n13 coolbabe [5d\]: fool i want to takew back my bet windy [-\]: u never know coolbabe [5d\]: b 6 guys can give up windy [-\]: maybe b will not play well if w doesn't play well coolbabe [5d\]: n13 yi pao w jiu shu le niuer [?\]: seems b played too aggrasive here and give back w some chance after he caught the bottom group windy [-\]: yes, those are qi jin coolbabe [5d\]: b can p15 2 niuer [?\]: b n13 run now is alos risky coolbabe [5d\]: no risk niuer [?\]: give up N10 group and get outside? windy [-\]: w o13 then o 14? windy [-\]: w get corner? coolbabe [5d\]: b q13 gen hen windy [-\]: b long think coolbabe [5d\]: jiu p15 ba windy [-\]: will probably chu cou qi coolbabe [5d\]: zai lai yi chou qi? windy [-\]: it happens a lot here niuer [?\]: w can atari O13 O14 and then P12 ? windy [-\]: long think produces cho qi coolbabe [5d\]: n13 bu pao ? ] ;B[oe]BL[1566.312] ;W[mg]WL[2704.111] ;B[pg]BL[1564.739]C[coolbabe [5d\]: n13 must run windy [-\]: hmm ByanGwok02 [7k\]: long battle coolbabe [5d\]: w h13 coolbabe [5d\]: b middle guys seems dead windy [-\]: does w need to add a move to the corner? coolbabe [5d\]: or later w get h4 ] ;W[pc]WL[2624.488]C[coolbabe [5d\]: move at corner will be calm coolbabe [5d\]: but huge behind windy [-\]: so w is behind now windy [-\]: where should b play ] ;B[ih]BL[1489.919]C[coolbabe [5d\]: bu zhong jian windy [-\]: hehe windy [-\]: j14 or H9? ] ;W[hp]WL[2594.31]C[soulangel [2k\]: i think b is ahead ] ;B[ip]BL[1475.198]C[coolbabe [5d\]: way ahead coolbabe [5d\]: now w groups become weak soulangel [2k\]: yes jadefish [?\]: so u lost your bet windy [-\]: so probably around h9 ] ;W[hk]WL[2556.757]C[coolbabe [5d\]: b get either j13 or h10 windy [-\]: h9 must be a stinky move windy [-\]: 'cause w is thinking the same thing as me now coolbabe [5d\]: fang P ] ;B[ie]BL[1429.281]C[coolbabe [5d\]: this why u can move at corner soulangel [2k\]: now both must fight coolbabe [5d\]: now w 30 mu in dangwer windy [-\]: b controls the flow of the game now coolbabe [5d\]: ning shi 5 zi, bu shi yi xian ] ;W[if]WL[2485.689] ;B[hf]BL[1422.01] ;W[jf]WL[2483.995]C[coolbabe [5d\]: w feeling good coolbabe [5d\]: and still calm ] ;B[hg]BL[1376.695] ;W[he]WL[2478.666] ;B[id]BL[1369.974] ;W[ge]WL[2476.765]C[soulangel [2k\]: but w´s cut isnt good for black coolbabe [5d\]: j16 chang tai yi qi le ] ;B[ld]BL[1335.538]C[coolbabe [5d\]: b sld g5 coolbabe [5d\]: g15 ] ;W[kd]WL[2457.975]C[coolbabe [5d\]: if b connects here w will lose ] ;B[kc]BL[1311.726] ;W[jd]WL[2441.278] ;B[jc]BL[1307.721]C[coolbabe [5d\]: b 2 zi diao le ] ;W[ic]WL[2429.535]C[coolbabe [5d\]: now midlde guys run for life again ] ;B[hd]BL[1274.03] ;W[ib]WL[2421.204]C[coolbabe [5d\]: what is b doing? johnalt [3k\]: whites back in the game windy [-\]: thinking too much coolbabe [5d\]: white huge lead windy [-\]: J15 too loose coolbabe [5d\]: my bet is back to life soulangel [2k\]: very painfull for b niuer [?\]: who u bet on, coolbabe? coolbabe [5d\]: j15 jiu shi chou jadefish [?\]: u so talktive, cookbabe coolbabe [5d\]: brewer coolbabe [5d\]: but he sucks windy [-\]: i told you what long think produces coolbabe [5d\]: but vet calm coolbabe [5d\]: very calm windy [-\]: however, b has a strong second-half windy [-\]: so we will see coolbabe [5d\]: well windy [-\]: as long as b is not losing much in the first half coolbabe [5d\]: u need moyo or cash to fight windy [-\]: then b has chance coolbabe [5d\]: if u got none coolbabe [5d\]: then u can not start a fight ] ;B[hc]BL[1142.753]C[windy [-\]: b will have time problem, not good niuer [?\]: h18 seems the only move here? coolbabe [5d\]: m17 first before h18? niuer [?\]: that way, w's j18 2 stones will got captured coolbabe [5d\]: b surely give w a hard time coolbabe [5d\]: w need to be calm niuer [?\]: w give b hard time bah:) windy [-\]: yes, this is what i like about b jadefish [?\]: or your money down the drain niuer [?\]: b was ahead so much at openning:) windy [-\]: b is not something who just eats "white rice" windy [-\]: hmm, that's a nice translation ] ;W[hb]WL[2202.93]C[coolbabe [5d\]: w h18 coolbabe [5d\]: then qi diao 3 zi and eat middle niuer [?\]: no one says b is sth only eat " white rice" ah:) coolbabe [5d\]: feel b f15 shou jin coolbabe [5d\]: bu neng ban xia coolbabe [5d\]: fan zheng jiu shi yio ge zi coolbabe [5d\]: bu jian ming coolbabe [5d\]: chou ] ;B[gb]BL[1024.062]C[coolbabe [5d\]: n17 first coolbabe [5d\]: zai gun bao coolbabe [5d\]: hai shi xian gun bao niuer [?\]: gun bao no use niuer [?\]: just cut niuer [?\]: and trade here niuer [?\]: no other good choice coolbabe [5d\]: qi jin bu neng bei chi ] ;W[lc]WL[2107.516]C[coolbabe [5d\]: xian gun bao ] ;B[lb]BL[1017.91] ;W[kb]WL[2106.725]C[coolbabe [5d\]: xian duan ] ;B[mc]BL[1016.414] ;W[jb]WL[2105.925]C[niuer [?\]: this way work? coolbabe [5d\]: no niuer [?\]: or w just miss read? windy [-\]: f18? coolbabe [5d\]: w bad niuer [?\]: looks like w believe he can eat b's h17 key stones niuer [?\]: i don't see how? coolbabe [5d\]: w qi zi le niuer [?\]: what do u mean? niuer [?\]: this way, w also put his middle group in danger coolbabe [5d\]: b can not connect niuer [?\]: unless he is sure he can capture h17 niuer [?\]: why? johnalt [3k\]: he can coolbabe [5d\]: w f17 will easily eat b coolbabe [5d\]: depends on b f16 niuer [?\]: no bah? coolbabe [5d\]: but surely eat middle guys Lynx [1k\]: yeah, W can eat middle niuer [?\]: what if b F16? coolbabe [5d\]: b can not f16 now windy [-\]: w f15, eat middle coolbabe [5d\]: actually maybe he has 2 coolbabe [5d\]: if b m17 he will lose niuer [?\]: coolbabe, let's go to NNGS room, i transfer this game there, so we can discuss? coolbabe [5d\]: bu qu niuer [?\]: why? coolbabe [5d\]: ni niu ah niuer [?\]: no niuer [?\]: i miss read a lot also coolbabe [5d\]: high quality game niuer [?\]: just wanna see what suppose to be the right one? niuer [?\]: would u? coolbabe [5d\]: i want to stay here and watch coolbabe [5d\]: b life no problwem tuzi [4d?\]: still playing? windy [-\]: tuzi windy [-\]: do you know berklai? tuzi [4d?\]: I just finished a meeting tuzi [4d?\]: these 2 guys are too early tuzi [4d?\]: kao tuzi [4d?\]: they don't wait for me to get home tuzi [4d?\]: yes Disciple3 [10k\]: hmm mf15 windy [-\]: is berklai strong? jadefish [?\]: en jadefish [?\]: tuzi's ru shi di zi melonazo [6k\]: j18 dies, m12 lives windy [-\]: oh, oh well windy [-\]: what should i do coolbabe [5d\]: what ever b does coolbabe [5d\]: he just can not m17 coolbabe [5d\]: it just are not feel right thekaiser [3k\]: yes Disciple3 [10k\]: h17dies coolbabe [5d\]: h17 may not die thekaiser [3k\]: too big lost Disciple3 [10k\]: saving it would cost alot coolbabe [5d\]: with f17 coolbabe [5d\]: 6 windy [-\]: this is a very long think now windy [-\]: hopefully b will play a nice move to win coolbabe [5d\]: f16 against w f17 coolbabe [5d\]: unfortunately no good moves for b jadefish [?\]: well jadefish [?\]: brewer might think jadefish [?\]: k18 is bad coolbabe [5d\]: nono jadefish [?\]: now angry will try to kill me coolbabe [5d\]: that is his trick jadefish [?\]: well jadefish [?\]: still scary ] ;B[fd]BL[427.33] ;W[fe]WL[2102.679]C[coolbabe [5d\]: no scarey ] ;B[ee]BL[417.615]C[jadefish [?\]: w qi zi le jadefish [?\]: ? Disciple3 [10k\]: lol Disciple3 [10k\]: black wqergdgh [20k\]: me? Rosina [3k\]: black should resign now ] ;W[gd]WL[2083.29]C[thekaiser [3k\]: hein? ] ;B[ed]BL[404.963] ;W[gc]WL[2080.999] ;B[de]BL[402.699]C[jadefish [?\]: ft? jadefish [?\]: b qizi? coolbabe [5d\]: d14 again coolbabe [5d\]: should f14 thekaiser [3k\]: yes windy [-\]: which should f14? coolbabe [5d\]: b thekaiser [3k\]: better wall coolbabe [5d\]: w can f13 now Disciple3 [10k\]: yes windy [-\]: b reminds me Chang Hao ] ;W[eg]WL[1940.167]C[thekaiser [3k\]: hmmm coolbabe [5d\]: you bi yao ma? Rosina [3k\]: F14 coolbabe [5d\]: e13 better seems ] ;B[ff]BL[347.741]C[coolbabe [5d\]: but bf13 e12 windy [-\]: because Chang Hao usually is low on time during a big fight ] ;W[ef]WL[1932.309]C[coolbabe [5d\]: b f11 ] ;B[ei]BL[326.434] ;W[cg]WL[1928.67]C[coolbabe [5d\]: tnnd coolbabe [5d\]: zhen fu za Rosina [3k\]: C16 coolbabe [5d\]: f9 hao bu hao ] ;B[cd]BL[166.941] ;W[di]WL[1917.158] ;B[dj]BL[160.689]C[tuzi [4d?\]: kao Rosina [3k\]: >>> 6D tuzi [4d?\]: what is b doing? tuzi [4d?\]: F16????/ coolbabe [5d\]: bu jiao windy [-\]: where should F16 be? coolbabe [5d\]: hao qi tuzi [4d?\]: m17 windy [-\]: no, coolbabe said if m17 then b lose Patri [4k\]: g11 ] ;W[fi]WL[1868.897]C[windy [-\]: b cannot m17 Patri [4k\]: la adivine!! coolbabe [5d\]: e12 coolbabe [5d\]: game seems over windy [-\]: oh thekaiser [3k\]: wait a moment :) coolbabe [5d\]: or f11 coolbabe [5d\]: but ... coolbabe [5d\]: f11 chou coolbabe [5d\]: bu chou coolbabe [5d\]: e12 sld do it ] ;B[dh]BL[60]OB[5]C[coolbabe [5d\]: kao thekaiser [3k\]: interesting move thekaiser [3k\]: i like coolbabe [5d\]: zenn me kan dou bu dui coolbabe [5d\]: w f12 windy [-\]: b qi zi ? coolbabe [5d\]: qi de hao duo windy [-\]: b has time trouble now windy [-\]: probably has no time to count milkpack0 [1d\]: g12 Disciple3 [10k\]: e12 coolbabe [5d\]: e12 windy [-\]: u need time to count for qi zi Disciple3 [10k\]: yeah waht he said coolbabe [5d\]: zhe li xiang ge p Disciple3 [10k\]: e12... then either e10 or c11 coolbabe [5d\]: ko b ye kai bu qi ] ;W[eh]WL[1693.114]C[Disciple3 [10k\]: i personaly would like e 10 coolbabe [5d\]: game over le jadefish [?\]: who win? ] ;B[ci]BL[60]OB[5] ;W[ej]WL[1689.037]C[coolbabe [5d\]: brewer 's tenacity much .... windy [-\]: w windy [-\]: w leads even if b takes the side coolbabe [5d\]: u count jadefish [?\]: right top coner coolbabe [5d\]: b must f10 windy [-\]: w E10 not calm right? windy [-\]: w should f10 coolbabe [5d\]: w has to e10 windy [-\]: why coolbabe [5d\]: b can e9 milkpack0 [1d\]: doesn't need to count coz it obviously shows the different skills between brewer and goduke. ] ;B[ek]BL[60]OB[4]C[Disciple3 [10k\]: yay black ] ;W[di]WL[1680.286] ;B[jk]BL[60]OB[4]C[thekaiser [3k\]: huh ] ;W[kk]WL[1632.184]C[coolbabe [5d\]: w has t6 ] ;B[ei]BL[60]OB[4]C[coolbabe [5d\]: or g15 / windy [-\]: :/ Mallpa [2d?\]: g15? windy [-\]: :/ FishGrill [?\]: Interesting Mallpa [2d?\]: stone there ] ;W[qi]WL[1486.881]C[coolbabe [5d\]: i like g15 windy [-\]: i like g15 too coolbabe [5d\]: f10 FishGrill [?\]: F10 milkpack0 [1d\]: discard it ] ;B[qf]BL[60]OB[4]C[windy [-\]: f10 is another exchange? ] ;W[di]WL[1478.191]C[windy [-\]: w just need to play safe to win windy [-\]: can't give b any chances coolbabe [5d\]: p7 windy [-\]: it's lee changho style to win rider [5k\]: goduke is angryfist I presume? windy [-\]: y ] ;B[rd]BL[60]OB[4]C[coolbabe [5d\]: 2 small milkpack0 [1d\]: lee chang ho doesn't play like this in recent windy [-\]: true rider [5k\]: Wow .. battle of the Titans ah .. both are undefeated. windy [-\]: the young lee chang ho, hoho milkpack0 [1d\]: hehe coolbabe [5d\]: d9 ] ;W[re]WL[1416.328] ;B[qe]BL[60]OB[4] ;W[rc]WL[1414.179]C[coolbabe [5d\]: w chou ya thekaiser [3k\]: huh thekaiser [3k\]: bad for bN? coolbabe [5d\]: q16 first coolbabe [5d\]: then ko coolbabe [5d\]: no coolbabe [5d\]: ko first coolbabe [5d\]: later b s13 ] ;B[ei]BL[60]OB[3]C[melonazo [6k\]: =o coolbabe [5d\]: w sld have d9 coolbabe [5d\]: then he can f10 ] ;W[pd]WL[1359.88]C[thekaiser [3k\]: hmmm thekaiser [3k\]: now its thje moment ] ;B[gf]BL[60]OB[3] ;W[je]WL[1355.238] ;B[fj]BL[60]OB[3] ;W[oi]WL[1352.256]C[coolbabe [5d\]: that is why p17 coolbabe [5d\]: q16 i mean ] ;B[rf]BL[60]OB[3]C[FishGrill [?\]: S11 ] ;W[sd]WL[1350.284]C[niuer [?\]: w always had a great dream, and dream could come true:) coolbabe [5d\]: now t12 thekaiser [3k\]: t12? ] ;B[oc]BL[60]OB[3]C[coolbabe [5d\]: w t12 le ] ;W[pb]WL[1324.023] ;B[rh]BL[60]OB[3] ;W[ri]WL[1312.846]C[coolbabe [5d\]: b lost thekaiser [3k\]: q10 dead Disciple3 [10k\]: q10 alive Disciple3 [10k\]: still coolbabe [5d\]: s10 ] ;B[nb]BL[60]OB[3]C[Disciple3 [10k\]: okay nwo dead thekaiser [3k\]: hmmm thekaiser [3k\]: complicated Disciple3 [10k\]: well if wahite chooses ] ;W[me]WL[1276.806]C[Disciple3 [10k\]: hmmm ] ;B[md]BL[60]OB[3] ;W[ma]WL[1274.395]C[thekaiser [3k\]: wow blackbeard [5d\]: looks a great game coolbabe [5d\]: that is why bq16 then ko Atitos [7k?\]: r112? ] ;B[la]BL[60]OB[3] ;W[na]WL[1272.107]C[thekaiser [3k\]: lol cool babe coolbabe [5d\]: high quality game coolbabe [5d\]: with plenty mistakes thekaiser [3k\]: this sequence was great coolbabe [5d\]: s10 ba? ArkSpartan [?\]: t13 blackbeard [5d\]: b misread? ] ;B[si]BL[60]OB[3]C[Disciple3 [10k\]: hmm o17 and r13 thekaiser [3k\]: time difference is big coolbabe [5d\]: thist11 tai huai le coolbabe [5d\]: t11 tai huai le niuer [?\]: coolbabe! milkpack0 [1d\]: ko? bajal1: who's winning? milkpack0 [1d\]: dead GAZ [2k\]: no ko bajal1: ?????????? coolbabe [5d\]: just s10 and keep being calm GAZ [2k\]: very dead coolbabe [5d\]: b could ahve saved half GAZ [2k\]: s10 no thekaiser [3k\]: it is ok with all way jadefish [?\]: if w can't eat b here, w lose? thekaiser [3k\]: w is ok GAZ [2k\]: s10 r12 no? ] ;W[rj]WL[1093.37]C[thekaiser [3k\]: lol thekaiser [3k\]: you cant read? jadefish [?\]: t13? thekaiser [3k\]: same situation than o19 coolbabe [5d\]: t13 so dead coolbabe [5d\]: lol thekaiser [3k\]: lol milkpack0 [1d\]: alive ArkSpartan [?\]: i c! if t 13 then b will r13 ] ;B[rk]BL[60]OB[3]C[ArkSpartan [?\]: w i mean milkpack0 [1d\]: ? Disciple3 [10k\]: hmmm ] ;W[rl]WL[1065.247]C[blackbeard [5d\]: sigh Disciple3 [10k\]: R 12 urgent no? blackbeard [5d\]: guess b misread thekaiser [3k\]: ^^ Atitos [7k?\]: mmm blackbeard [5d\]: b may thought t14 as an eye Disciple3 [10k\]: p18! milkpack0 [1d\]: if b plays t12 then he can be alive Disciple3 [10k\]: zomg p18 = life! ] ;B[ni]BL[60]OB[3]C[jadefish [?\]: got be kidding me ] ;W[qk]WL[1046.468]C[coolbabe [5d\]: r9 chi le ba? Disciple3 [10k\]: p18 and if white p19 Disciple3 [10k\]: then black r12 coolbabe [5d\]: r12 huo le? blackbeard [5d\]: ? ] ;B[qh]BL[60]OB[3]C[coolbabe [5d\]: mei you coolbabe [5d\]: ko la thekaiser [3k\]: q12 no ok? coolbabe [5d\]: t14 la Atitos [7k?\]: q12? coolbabe [5d\]: b has t12 blackbeard [5d\]: w should t9 ba? coolbabe [5d\]: clean life kouraii: oh... did b just make t12 sente ? thekaiser [3k\]: oh Disciple3 [10k\]: hmmm p18 seems better ot me =*( Disciple3 [10k\]: then r 12 ] ;W[sf]WL[945.435]C[Disciple3 [10k\]: but waht ever coolbabe [5d\]: all because of t18 milkpack0 [1d\]: dead milkpack0 [1d\]: ko coolbabe [5d\]: q12 blackbeard [5d\]: alive now ] ;B[ph]BL[60]OB[3]C[coolbabe [5d\]: ko nge bird ] ;W[nh]WL[943.172]C[coolbabe [5d\]: b solid win Disciple3 [10k\]: yeah niuer [?\]: ??? ] ;B[sg]BL[60]OB[3] ;W[hq]WL[935.508]C[coolbabe [5d\]: 2 late ;e Disciple3 [10k\]: no michka [2k\]: black is strong niuer [?\]: why not kill? Disciple3 [10k\]: hmmm nice start Atitos [7k?\]: san-san? milkpack0 [1d\]: if b doesn't take it.. then k2 , will be seki ] ;B[go]BL[60]OB[3]C[michka [2k\]: the incredible life ] ;W[ho]WL[922.574]C[coolbabe [5d\]: w as having such a good game milkpack0 [1d\]: k1 coolbabe [5d\]: until he decide to save corner ] ;B[hn]BL[60]OB[3]C[niuer [?\]: why not Q12 for w? ] ;W[gn]WL[920.183]C[coolbabe [5d\]: and not d9 ] ;B[fo]BL[60]OB[3] ;W[fn]WL[911.621]C[Disciple3 [10k\]: oh fight! ] ;B[eo]BL[60]OB[3]C[Disciple3 [10k\]: favor = black ] ;W[fq]WL[903.036]C[thekaiser [3k\]: b got big now milkpack0 [1d\]: k1 Disciple3 [10k\]: lol C3 ] ;B[gl]BL[60]OB[3]C[niuer [?\]: cant understand thekaiser [3k\]: but i find w very strong ] ;W[gj]WL[896.576]C[thekaiser [3k\]: not 3d bajal1: who's winning right now? BHW [8k\]: h13 killable right? Disciple3 [10k\]: black coolbabe [5d\]: g9 done ] ;B[gi]BL[60]OB[3] ;W[fk]WL[879.143] ;B[fh]BL[60]OB[3] ;W[fl]WL[877.653]C[Disciple3 [10k\]: hmmm i like whatis thinking Disciple3 [10k\]: black is strong though michka [2k\]: clap clap Disciple3 [10k\]: and white is behinde thekaiser [3k\]: then w d6? ] ;B[gm]BL[60]OB[3]C[rider [5k\]: Why is white behind? ] ;W[en]WL[863.254]C[blackbeard [5d\]: died too much blackbeard [5d\]: didn't get rewards rider [5k\]: But black also died a dragon. coolbabe [5d\]: ban zhu blackbeard [5d\]: that's tail jadefish [?\]: a tail blackbeard [5d\]: not dragon michka [2k\]: not dead jadefish [?\]: en rider [5k\]: P10 not dead? michka [2k\]: semeai niuer [?\]: w should T9? michka [2k\]: because of n3 Disciple3 [10k\]: e7! ] ;B[eq]BL[60]OB[2]C[whatever [2d\]: ? whatever [2d\]: D6 looks fine whatever [2d\]: b coolbabe [5d\]: must d5 ba? ] ;W[do]WL[792.525] ;B[ep]BL[60]OB[2]C[thekaiser [3k\]: oh*$ ] ;W[dq]WL[787.953]C[milkpack0 [1d\]: nothing shakes coolbabe [5d\]: b so dead niuer [?\]: very bloody game ] ;B[dr]BL[60]OB[2]C[thekaiser [3k\]: b had d6 aji thekaiser [3k\]: no? milkpack0 [1d\]: e2 thekaiser [3k\]: before e4 ] ;W[cr]WL[753.607] ;B[fr]BL[60]OB[2] ;W[ds]WL[742.586]C[coolbabe [5d\]: d1 first thekaiser [3k\]: heh good read thekaiser [3k\]: ing* rider [5k\]: Must black ko? ] ;B[es]BL[60]OB[2]C[coolbabe [5d\]: he can read ] ;W[er]WL[741.046]C[coolbabe [5d\]: but no time rider [5k\]: I can't read, that's why I ask. :P ] ;B[fm]BL[60]OB[2]C[thekaiser [3k\]: yaha thekaiser [3k\]: very interesting thekaiser [3k\]: but ] ;W[em]WL[710.683]C[thekaiser [3k\]: i would d6 thekaiser [3k\]: then b could connect e2 thekaiser [3k\]: then w g2 coolbabe [5d\]: b lost coolbabe [5d\]: i like my bet coolbabe [5d\]: tnnd thekaiser [3k\]: then b c3 thekaiser [3k\]: and gain liberty ] ;B[dr]BL[60]OB[2] ;W[ir]WL[708.302]C[blackbeard [5d\]: game interesting again jadefish [?\]: ti ] ;B[cs]BL[60]OB[2] ;W[js]WL[705.491]C[coolbabe [5d\]: zeng me gan ti?? milkpack0 [1d\]: who misread? michka [2k\]: wow miai4life [-\]: lol blackbeard [5d\]: fun milkpack0 [1d\]: big exchange happens xi11west [1k\]: e8! jadefish [?\]: ft rider [5k\]: C3? michka [2k\]: readers please, was the semeai good for white ? thekaiser [3k\]: e8 seems interesting thekaiser [3k\]: but no thekaiser [3k\]: exchange jadefish [?\]: b need time thekaiser [3k\]: not sure michka [2k\]: (before k1) rider [5k\]: readers? kibitzers does not imply readers .. most of us can't read. :D milkpack0 [1d\]: what does it means of semeai? niuer [?\]: e8 w can h7? coolbabe [5d\]: k1 is a must for b ] ;B[el]BL[60]OB[1]C[michka [2k\]: L2 vs k2 milkpack0 [1d\]: seems game over... ] ;W[cn]WL[677.574] ;B[gk]BL[60]OB[1] ;W[br]WL[668.946]C[michka [2k\]: these players look very strong thekaiser [3k\]: huh jadefish [?\]: w is cool coolbabe [5d\]: w jian hui lai le blackbeard [5d\]: agree niuer [?\]: w is so conservative now:) ] ;B[gq]BL[60]OB[1]C[coolbabe [5d\]: he must milkpack0 [1d\]: w tightens to capture f3 to b.. jadefish [?\]: h7 ] ;W[gp]WL[654.479] ;B[fp]BL[60]OB[1] ;W[gr]WL[653.287]C[thekaiser [3k\]: omg^^, ] ;B[gs]BL[60]OB[1]C[coolbabe [5d\]: nb you shang dang le ] ;W[fq]WL[646.885]C[milkpack0 [1d\]: really bloody game thekaiser [3k\]: lol yes coolbabe [5d\]: l1 jadefish [?\]: i might win money on this game now blackbeard [5d\]: w got chance le ] ;B[ks]BL[60]OB[1]C[blackbeard [5d\]: who u bet? thekaiser [3k\]: lol jadefish [?\]: brewer coolbabe [5d\]: w has t6 thekaiser [3k\]: bet to a ko niuer [?\]: J1? xi11west [1k\]: L1 is bad thekaiser [3k\]: no coolbabe [5d\]: w can j1 thekaiser [3k\]: ah ] ;W[is]WL[583.522]C[michka [2k\]: i count 9 liberties each xi11west [1k\]: lost aji coolbabe [5d\]: need computation for j1 niuer [?\]: i think if w's R9 played at T9. w can kill whole b group goldeye [19k\]:
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