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(;OT[5x60 byo-yomi]RU[Japanese]ST[2]FF[4]GM[1]C[missbear [3d\]\: hi shockjocks [3k\]\: bear, nihao missbear [3d\]\: have a good game ] AP[CGoban:3]SZ[19]CA[gb2312]DT[2006-09-30]PC[The KGS Go Server at http\://www.gokgs.com/] PB[shockjocks]BR[3k]PW[missbear]WR[3d]KM[7.5]TM[3600]RE[W+26.50] ;B[dq]BL[3559.91]C[shockjocks [3k\]\: you too ];W[cd]WL[3587.64];B[qp]BL[3554.05] ;W[qd]WL[3584.84];B[ed]BL[3538.68];W[ec]WL[3581.19];B[fc]BL[3504.91];W[dc]WL[3572.48] ;B[gd]BL[3500.47];W[cf]WL[3570.22];B[kc]BL[3497.34];W[oc]WL[3567.13];B[co]BL[3457.58] ;W[oq]WL[3563.3];B[mp]BL[3398.59];W[mq]WL[3539.09]C[jadefish [?\]\: pront has money on this game? pront [3k?\]\: sure pront [3k?\]\: waiting for QFII... ] ;B[np]BL[3254.31];W[nq]WL[3533.22];B[op]BL[3239.77]C[JumboEgg [?\]\: shifu still hanging around? ] ;W[pq]WL[3406.92];B[pp]BL[3194.88]C[shockjocks [3k\]\: sigh, 3 corners gone to bear ] ;W[qq]WL[3384.88]C[jadefish [?\]\: yeah missbear [3d\]\: \:) jadefish [?\]\: bear is pracicing his theory? JumboEgg [?\]\: hoho JumboEgg [?\]\: can't be more obvious jadefish [?\]\: got it ] ;B[pj]BL[3138.99];W[qh]WL[3378.92]C[password [1k\]\: bear's MKL is "stove fire pure jade" JumboEgg [?\]\: mmd jadefish [?\]\: stove fire pure blue? ] ;B[ph]BL[3087.05]C[JumboEgg [?\]\: he is saying 'lu2 huo3 chun2 qing1' jadefish [?\]\: why qing is jade? jadefish [?\]\: qing is blue ya ] ;W[pi]WL[3341.68]C[password [1k\]\: then what is jade? password [1k\]\: blue is "lan" ] ;B[oi]BL[3035.77]C[jadefish [?\]\: i don't know ];W[qi]WL[3337.84]C[jadefish [?\]\: mulan? ] ;B[oj]BL[3028.4]C[JumboEgg [?\]\: yes jadefish [?\]\: qing is what JumboEgg [?\]\: ft jadefish [?\]\: green JumboEgg [?\]\: jade is fine ] ;W[qj]WL[3270.4]C[jadefish [?\]\: b not bad pront [3k?\]\: 3 corners gone. ];B[of] BL[2900.06]C[jadefish [?\]\: btw, if u want to say someone's intestine is turning qing from regretting mitbbsfool [3d\]\: bear will win xifeng [6d?\]\: fish, I watch the first game b played jadefish [?\]\: oh xifeng [6d?\]\: I think he is not a landmine mitbbsfool [3d\]\: bear bet on himself jadefish [?\]\: both 1k pront [3k?\]\: my opponent hasn't shown yet.. jadefish [?\]\: en mitbbsfool [3d\]\: i won 0.34$ on the bet of berklai's game pront [3k?\]\: hope he converted time correctly. happyloser [2d?\]\: L3 is big xifeng [6d?\]\: I lost $10 on Mulan jadefish [?\]\: i lost 100$ on mulan jadefish [?\]\: i lost 20 on dish mitbbsfool [3d\]\: poor fish jadefish [?\]\: 20 on spear happyloser [2d?\]\: I have nothing to lose mitbbsfool [3d\]\: but u got 5k from tasita! mitbbsfool [3d\]\: 5k! pront [3k?\]\: I got money on angryfist. xifeng [6d?\]\: I got 78 from happyloser happyloser [2d?\]\: haha jadefish [?\]\: tasi very dafang xifeng [6d?\]\: thank you mitbbsfool [3d\]\: only 78? jadefish [?\]\: i got nothing from the bet yet xifeng [6d?\]\: I bet 10 mitbbsfool [3d\]\: i guess xyh got 500 mitbbsfool [3d\]\: xyh bet 8 mitbbsfool [3d\]\: 80 ] ;W[qf]WL[3060.03]C[happyloser [2d?\]\: who got most from me? I have to ask this guy to share some mitbbsfool [3d\]\: for this rate, about 600 mitbbsfool [3d\]\: 69 jadefish [?\]\: xyh mitbbsfool [3d\]\: 69 the most mitbbsfool [3d\]\: then bear happyloser [2d?\]\: L3 please black pront [3k?\]\: bear is play very thick ah. mitbbsfool [3d\]\: bear plays solid happyloser [2d?\]\: Or M3 even better pront [3k?\]\: Seems he already made the mind to Tao. happyloser [2d?\]\: Bear is preparing for the final MKL mitbbsfool [3d\]\: this is tang tang zheng zheng mitbbsfool [3d\]\: not MKL yet jadefish [?\]\: he is getting corner mitbbsfool [3d\]\: it's not easy to make the center jadefish [?\]\: all sealed inside happyloser [2d?\]\: The super MKL needs much preparation jadefish [?\]\: prepare for mkl for sure pront [3k?\]\: Black has to go Da Mo Yang pront [3k?\]\: then white Tao Zhi mitbbsfool [3d\]\: how? windy [-\]\: can w get the fourth corner? happyloser [2d?\]\: M3 mitbbsfool [3d\]\: everywhere open, almost no way to seal a moyo happyloser [2d?\]\: M3 will push white to fight happyloser [2d?\]\: then black's Da Mo Yang will show effect mitbbsfool [3d\]\: no need ] ;B[kq]BL[2745.18]C[pront [3k?\]\: I hate people not on time. pront [3k?\]\: If after 10\:30, still no show, jadefish [?\]\: comfort pront pront [3k?\]\: can I claim victory? happyloser [2d?\]\: I think so pront [3k?\]\: thanks. jadefish [?\]\: d10 ] ;W[dj]WL[3000.11]C[jadefish [?\]\: haha mitbbsfool [3d\]\: little cold door pront [3k?\]\: that would be more comforting. \:) mitbbsfool [3d\]\: jupy won mitbbsfool [3d\]\: see? D10 mitbbsfool [3d\]\: no fight here jadefish [?\]\: en niuer [?\]\: jadefish strong! AGA 6d level ah happyloser [2d?\]\: F10 jadefish [?\]\: ffdt happyloser [2d?\]\: jadefish good sense jadefish [?\]\: r9 mitbbsfool [3d\]\: i believe W can wash this moyo ] ;B[fj]BL[2691.04]C[jadefish [?\]\: \:( niuer [?\]\: didn't u just say D10 then bear make it? ] ;W[ld]WL[2989.86]C[happyloser [2d?\]\: see I'm too AGA 6D level jadefish [?\]\: yeah, niuer mitbbsfool [3d\]\: bear is good at washing machine game happyloser [2d?\]\: M16 is not good happyloser [2d?\]\: what if now B C12 niuer [?\]\: bear is a strong AGA 6d, and u can read his mind... mitbbsfool [3d\]\: fish is a mm mitbbsfool [3d\]\: she can ready most gg's mind mitbbsfool [3d\]\: it's a mm's inborn sense GoWithMe [?\]\: how do you know? GoWithMe [?\]\: you a mm too? mitbbsfool [3d\]\: mm kills me, sigh happyloser [2d?\]\: then since Lee Changhao is a gg, who's that mm? ] ;B[dl]BL[2569.75];W[eq]WL[2979.86]C[mitbbsfool [3d\]\: mao mao? happyloser [2d?\]\: D2 please mitbbsfool [3d\]\: wokao mitbbsfool [3d\]\: bear really MKL now mitbbsfool [3d\]\: so thin these stones mitbbsfool [3d\]\: we call this, not human go mitbbsfool [3d\]\: but she is bear mm, mitbbsfool [3d\]\: understandable happyloser [2d?\]\: oh really. so I play no-human-go jadefish [?\]\: not human go won jadefish [?\]\: no-human-go rules happyloser [2d?\]\: oh I like this. winning is good anyhow ] ;B[dp]BL[2455.25]C[happyloser [2d?\]\: D4 helps MKL ah xifeng [6d?\]\: d4 to g3, kill w and win ] ;W[dr]WL[2963.4];B[cr]BL[2446.93]C[happyloser [2d?\]\: W J3 ];W[ip]WL[2912.32]C[windy [-\]\: Liu mang le ] ;B[lq]BL[2411.86];W[ko]WL[2899.15]C[xifeng [6d?\]\: l5 is asking for k5 happyloser [2d?\]\: K5!!!! mitbbsfool [3d\]\: ff, u r hh xifeng [6d?\]\: why does bear become so aggressive? mitbbsfool [3d\]\: B won't do that jadefish [?\]\: i agree with fool jadefish [?\]\: m5 mitbbsfool [3d\]\: encouraging mitbbsfool [3d\]\: fish 10k agree with me happyloser [2d?\]\: all around is Black kingdom, why not K5 windy [-\]\: aggressive when thin xifeng [6d?\]\: b's opening seems good happyloser [2d?\]\: if white get whole thing safe and sound, game is over right away xifeng [6d?\]\: very good setting for a fighter ] ;B[jp]BL[2240.19]C[happyloser [2d?\]\: yes so black has to fight right now, because he prepaid for it already jadefish [?\]\: sigh happyloser [2d?\]\: finally it comes niuer [?\]\: although not k5, but closed\:) ] ;W[jo]WL[2841.01]C[jadefish [?\]\: j3 happyloser [2d?\]\: don't think, just cut ] ;B[io]BL[2181.42]C[berklai [1k\]\: is this tournament game? jadefish [?\]\: ft jadefish [?\]\: en niuer [?\]\: now, time for MKL and dog fighting\:) happyloser [2d?\]\: cut cut cut. It's black cut time now JumboEgg [?\]\: hoho jadefish [?\]\: but if b can get some space niuer [?\]\: more like two kids fighting on street\:) jadefish [?\]\: why has to fight ] ;W[lp]WL[2767.11]C[happyloser [2d?\]\: that's good. 2 kids fight no street jadefish [?\]\: fight like this, bear can win de niuer [?\]\: can b H4? mitbbsfool [3d\]\: just J3 h3? jadefish [?\]\: j3 mitbbsfool [3d\]\: this fight, W should have no hope happyloser [2d?\]\: no bah niuer [?\]\: that was too chicken\:) mitbbsfool [3d\]\: oh niuer [?\]\: if that, should not looking for cut happyloser [2d?\]\: black J3 J6 jadefish [?\]\: i said so before jadefish [?\]\: no fight jadefish [?\]\: i should bet on bear windy [-\]\: long think niuer [?\]\: w super aggrassive niuer [?\]\: xifeng, how do u think? h4 ok? ] ;B[iq]BL[1770.26]C[happyloser [2d?\]\: what bear's thinking? JumboEgg [?\]\: wokao ] ;W[hp]WL[2719.72]C[happyloser [2d?\]\: J6 is the only one bah mitbbsfool [3d\]\: guess B will do chicken move happyloser [2d?\]\: what does chicken move mean? jadefish [?\]\: j3, j3, i am right happyloser [2d?\]\: No other choice than J6 bah, xifeng jadefish [?\]\: h3 ] ;B[ho]BL[1656.02]C[JumboEgg [?\]\: that looks risky though jadefish [?\]\: ft happyloser [2d?\]\: After J6, H3, and M6 happyloser [2d?\]\: After J6, H3 or M6 B get either ] ;W[hq]WL[2694.39]C[happyloser [2d?\]\: but now seems black got big trouble JumboEgg [?\]\: I guess not b in touble JumboEgg [?\]\: trouble mitbbsfool [3d\]\: H3 mitbbsfool [3d\]\: lh like me does H3 niuer [?\]\: m6 can not seal w key stones mitbbsfool [3d\]\: HH like u guys do J6 JumboEgg [?\]\: fool mitbbsfool [3d\]\: what? JumboEgg [?\]\: where is my baozi JumboEgg [?\]\: I want my baozi ] ;B[lo]BL[1573.65]C[JumboEgg [?\]\: a juicy one ];W[kp]WL[2684.06];B[jq]BL[1570.7] ;W[ln]WL[2669.82]C[happyloser [2d?\]\: I think game will end in 10 moves JumboEgg [?\]\: well, I would be not in 20 moves GoWithMe [?\]\: why m5? windy [-\]\: so what should be the correct move? mitbbsfool [3d\]\: see? mitbbsfool [3d\]\: H3 at least won't fail mitbbsfool [3d\]\: hehe happyloser [2d?\]\: B has to do H2 right now ] ;B[hr]BL[1476.49];W[gr]WL[2665.22]C[jadefish [?\]\: j1? happyloser [2d?\]\: yes only J1 jadefish [?\]\: oh \:) ] ;B[ir]BL[1395.57]C[jadefish [?\]\: ft jadefish [?\]\: happyloser? JumboEgg [?\]\: this is abusolutely wrong shockjocks [3k\]\: close happyloser [2d?\]\: I don't know why not J1 shockjocks [3k\]\: to die la, sigh jadefish [?\]\: geez shockjocks [3k\]\: h5 is bad missbear [3d\]\: i know, i already died shockjocks [3k\]\: no,it is me shockjocks [3k\]\: I though h5 is good shockjocks [3k\]\: but it is so bad niuer [?\]\: if b h4, w crashed happyloser [2d?\]\: wow they change idea during the game jadefish [?\]\: will j1 make it alive? niuer [?\]\: bear is super bluff ] ;W[go]WL[2550.54]C[niuer [?\]\: sigh JumboEgg [?\]\: g4? happyloser [2d?\]\: g4 no good now niuer [?\]\: hard to believe. b is really" qi lu kan zhang ben, zou zhe qiao" happyloser [2d?\]\: E4 jadefish [?\]\: b die inside happyloser [2d?\]\: I mean if B G4, H4, W E4 then jadefish [?\]\: w all connected, no weak group niuer [?\]\: b had the courage to make the J5 cut, how come he can not read h4 out? jadefish [?\]\: no move is good move happyloser [2d?\]\: niuer I think h4 won't work mitbbsfool [3d\]\: u guys too HH niuer [?\]\: u think don't doesn't necessarily mean it does not work\:) mitbbsfool [3d\]\: i would just H3 mitbbsfool [3d\]\: make alive first jadefish [?\]\: i agree with fool mitbbsfool [3d\]\: wait for spoon happyloser [2d?\]\: yes let's wait for spoon jadefish [?\]\: bear spoon? niuer [?\]\: no matter work or not h4 is the only choice at that time happyloser [2d?\]\: niuer if you H4, I J3 niuer [?\]\: b h3 happyloser [2d?\]\: I then J2 niuer [?\]\: h2 niuer [?\]\: u crashed niuer [?\]\: no ned to go on niuer [?\]\: let's copy this game to NNGS room happyloser [2d?\]\: no you crashed niuer [?\]\: come and join me there happyloser [2d?\]\: OK please do so and I'll enter your room niuer [?\]\: i did ] ;B[gp]BL[1011.31];W[gq]WL[2535.55];B[fp]BL[976.368]C[halfsea [2d\]\: who crashes? xifeng [6d?\]\: no way to predict xifeng [6d?\]\: both very bad at fighting. their opening is much better than mine though ] ;W[fo]WL[2259.61]C[halfsea [2d\]\: haha, fengfeng looks down to bear's fighting \:) ] ;B[fq]BL[805.489];W[in]WL[2250.62];B[hn]BL[779.245];W[fr]WL[2237];B[ep]BL[768.007] ;W[hm]WL[2234.19];B[gn]BL[761.815];W[gm]WL[2232.53];B[fn]BL[758.758];W[fm]WL[2230.81] ;B[en]BL[746.528];W[jm]WL[2228.47]C[xifeng [6d?\]\: now it is bear style-- qi4 zi3 halfsea [2d\]\: hehe, but w is leading, isn't it? ] ;B[rp]BL[650.893];W[rq]WL[2222.56]C[xifeng [6d?\]\: I mean, his style is not killing opponent by capture halfsea [2d\]\: fengfeng, I think you, fist, or macelee will the the champ this time ] ;B[sq]BL[592.283];W[sr]WL[2216.36]C[xifeng [6d?\]\: bear, chuanchuan, fms, all are very soft on fighting ] ;B[sp]BL[583.305];W[rs]WL[2193.86]C[xifeng [6d?\]\: fist, mace, and I are belong to a more direct eating stones style ] ;B[il]BL[544.868]C[xifeng [6d?\]\: fist is tom7d ya, I am only flour tom5d ];W[im] WL[2189.64]C[alal [?\]\: hehe, good description alal [?\]\: oops not the tom 5d part \:) halfsea [2d\]\: what is fist' TOM id? xifeng [6d?\]\: angryfist halfsea [2d\]\: not been on TOM for more than a year le alal [?\]\: so ff, can w f3 run out? windy [-\]\: congrats to halfsea windy [-\]\: strong ah halfsea [2d\]\: hehe, I am weak windy [-\]\: nice name too halfsea [2d\]\: I guess I will lose 5-6 games ] ;B[nm]BL[430.51];W[ql]WL[2164.55]C[jadefish [?\]\: why? alal [?\]\: hehe, halsea's caculation ability's good xifeng [6d?\]\: my style will play f5 to e4, and try to run out halfsea [2d\]\: just a guess halfsea [2d\]\: ppl are all not weak this time, very hard to win one game alal [?\]\: ok, ff, that's what i've been thinking too xifeng [6d?\]\: but bear will always make comprimise alal [?\]\: a style thing then xifeng [6d?\]\: maybe w is better using his way, but I just don't like it halfsea [2d\]\: so usually you will not lose too much playing with bear even you are weaker than him halfsea [2d\]\: hehe halfsea [2d\]\: so I like his style alal [?\]\: hehe, i don't like that either, when i can run out, i'll run xifeng [6d?\]\: I played with alal one game long time before xifeng [6d?\]\: you like to fight too alal [?\]\: that's h3 or h4? halfsea [2d\]\: ff, do you play on TOM now? or Echeng? ] ;B[pm]BL[245.86]C[xifeng [6d?\]\: win or lose, I feel happy for playing a fighting game ] ;W[lc]WL[2157.4]C[xifeng [6d?\]\: no, too busy alal [?\]\: oh, right, it's an even game, i remembered, and i died ugly halfsea [2d\]\: O7 not good bah, maybe R8 better? ] ;B[kn]BL[220.388];W[jn]WL[2131.87]C[jadefish [?\]\: a question berklai [1k\]\: agree halfsea [2d\]\: hehe, b wants to kill jadefish [?\]\: if i page someone, he doesn't have speaker on, how should he know someone paged him? ] ;B[lm]BL[179.705]C[xifeng [6d?\]\: if yuhongxiaoxue is b, I believe that he can kill w halfsea [2d\]\: you mean page on KGS? jadefish [?\]\: right jadefish [?\]\: \:) halfsea [2d\]\: hehe ] ;W[kk]WL[2090.24]C[halfsea [2d\]\: no idea, his window icon should be blinking jadefish [?\]\: maybe he could click on chat room to check? jadefish [?\]\: 'chat rooms' halfsea [2d\]\: no need, if he can see it blinking, he knows someone is sending message jadefish [?\]\: well, do u mind to click on it alal [?\]\: seems no way, fish halfsea [2d\]\: hehe, sorry, didn't see it. \:) jadefish [?\]\: \:) ] ;B[mn]BL[84.516]C[alal [?\]\: haha, fish's tricky alal [?\]\: oops, bear in trouble now? ] ;W[gj]WL[1979.17]C[password [1k\]\: black is running out of time now ];B[fk]BL[24.504] ;W[ik]WL[1975.61]C[berklai [1k\]\: one question berklai [1k\]\: can kgs 3k play such a game as B? alal [?\]\: yes, they can berklai [1k\]\: I seriously doubt it xifeng [6d?\]\: I think he is 1k-3k level alal [?\]\: i think so far b's follow w's every moves ] ;OB[4]B[gk]BL[60];W[hk]WL[1966.3]C[xifeng [6d?\]\: f9 is too soft alal [?\]\: i often got killed by those 4k-5ks xifeng [6d?\]\: now hard to continue berklai [1k\]\: b was a stable 5k but jumped to 3k+ recently ] ;OB[4]B[kl]BL[60]C[alal [?\]\: there's a adjustment in kgs alal [?\]\: an ];W[gi] WL[1939.84]C[alal [?\]\: everyone got 3 levels up alal [?\]\: i mean kyus ];OB[4] B[jl]BL[60];W[hl]WL[1936.66]C[xifeng [6d?\]\: k8 is important berklai [1k\]\: b plays much better than 3k level ] ;OB[4]B[fi]BL[60]C[alal [?\]\: right, that i agree ];W[gh]WL[1925.57]C[alal [?\]\: i'm not sure i can win him ] ;OB[4]B[fh]BL[60];W[ci]WL[1922.15];OB[4]B[gg]BL[60]C[alal [?\]\: but berklai you should find no problem to kill him \:) ] ;W[ii]WL[1917.38]C[berklai [1k\]\: why? xifeng [6d?\]\: you look at missbear, he is tom4d, how come he is only 3d in kGS alal [?\]\: your style is more solid berklai [1k\]\: hoho alal [?\]\: mine is too risky sometime ] ;OB[4]B[jj]BL[60];W[jk]WL[1913.08]C[berklai [1k\]\: coz bear does not play much here ] ;OB[4]B[ki]BL[60]C[xifeng [6d?\]\: g13 should be at j11 ];W[ll]WL[1900.16];OB[4] B[km]BL[60];W[hg]WL[1897.73]C[niuer [?\]\: xifeng xifeng [6d?\]\: hello xifeng [6d?\]\: h12 cut le niuer [?\]\: ur fault, xifeng\:) ] ;OB[4]B[ij]BL[60];W[hj]WL[1893.84]C[alal [?\]\: so, ince w make alive, would his space be enough niuer [?\]\: when i ask u sth, u fall sleep ] ;OB[4]B[ih]BL[60]C[berklai [1k\]\: bear is so poor now xifeng [6d?\]\: what did you ask? ] ;W[jh]WL[1864.29]C[alal [?\]\: b xiong hen berklai [1k\]\: if b wins, he must be TOM 3d not KGS 3k ] ;OB[4]B[kh]BL[60]C[happyloser [2d?\]\: I think now B did something not so good bah titania\: how does tom level map to kgs level? alal [?\]\: probably, to win bear, he has to be a dan ] ;W[jg]WL[1843.57]C[xifeng [6d?\]\: I think kgs 1d used to stronger than tom 1d alal [?\]\: i'm probably 2k-1k here now, 1k-1d in tom niuer [?\]\: that was long ago, i asked u if B can play H4 berklai [1k\]\: al at least 2d here ba ] ;OB[4]B[kg]BL[60];W[je]WL[1826.66]C[happyloser [2d?\]\: niuer I really want to hear what xifeng will say xifeng [6d?\]\: but h4 was occupied already niuer [?\]\: when w cut at M4 happyloser [2d?\]\: before that jadefish [?\]\: ff? alal [?\]\: berklai, u only 1k, how come i can be 2d? ] ;OB[4]B[if]BL[60]C[niuer [?\]\: can we go to nngs room, i'll transfer this game there ] ;W[jf]WL[1822.61]C[xifeng [6d?\]\: oh jadefish [?\]\: nngs room ba niuer [?\]\: come xifeng xifeng [6d?\]\: I won't play h4 ] ;OB[4]B[kd]BL[60]C[jadefish [?\]\: game still open ];W[ke]WL[1813.32]C[niuer [?\]\: i am there jadefish [?\]\: and I want to ask u a question too, ff niuer [?\]\: would u come over? ] ;OB[4]B[ig]BL[60];W[ji]WL[1806.21]C[happyloser [2d?\]\: b should stop le ];OB[4] B[kj]BL[60];W[lj]WL[1792.8]C[happyloser [2d?\]\: actually b didn't gain much through attacking ah ] ;OB[4]B[id]BL[60]C[happyloser [2d?\]\: now J17 is big happyloser [2d?\]\: N12 then jupy [1d\]\: it will be a close game ] ;W[jd]WL[1753.42];OB[4]B[jc]BL[60];W[ic]WL[1751.69]C[alal [?\]\: well, that's kyus, we do that all the time, lose if can't kill ] ;OB[4]B[ib]BL[60];W[hc]WL[1749.62];OB[4]B[hb]BL[60];W[ie]WL[1739.48];OB[4]B[hf] BL[60]C[jupy [1d\]\: close game, Pin Guan Zi Le ];W[lb]WL[1697.96];OB[4]B[hd]BL[60] ;W[jb]WL[1693.78];OB[4]B[gc]BL[60];W[ic]WL[1690.75];OB[4]B[hc]BL[60];W[kb]WL[1689.22] ;OB[4]B[ic]BL[60];W[lf]WL[1687.07];OB[4]B[dd]BL[60];W[cc]WL[1682.77];OB[4]B[hh] BL[60]C[berklai [1k\]\: I am 1d+, alal ];W[li]WL[1675.76];OB[4]B[ml]BL[60]C[jupy [1d\]\: \:( ] ;W[lk]WL[1672.39]C[shockjocks [3k\]\: shule ];OB[4]B[lr]BL[60];W[eg]WL[1660.37] ;OB[4]B[dh]BL[60];W[ch]WL[1653.99];OB[4]B[dg]BL[60];W[df]WL[1648.18]C[berklai [1k\]\: bear NX ] ;OB[4]B[ef]BL[60];W[ee]WL[1637.92];OB[4]B[ff]BL[60];W[bl]WL[1635.17];OB[4]B[ck] BL[60];W[bk]WL[1633.31];OB[4]B[cj]BL[60];W[bj]WL[1631.65];OB[4]B[cg]BL[60];W[bg] WL[1629.59];OB[4]B[di]BL[60];W[bf]WL[1615.96];OB[4]B[cm]BL[60];W[ao]WL[1612.05] ;OB[4]B[bn]BL[60];W[an]WL[1610.52];OB[4]B[am]BL[60];W[bm]WL[1608.84];OB[4]B[ap] BL[60];W[al]WL[1606.88];OB[4]B[bo]BL[60];W[qm]WL[1588.88]C[berklai [1k\]\: bear's winning moves\: M17 and C11 ] ;OB[4]B[qn]BL[60];W[rn]WL[1585.69];OB[4]B[pl]BL[60];W[qo]WL[1575.39];OB[4]B[pn] BL[60];W[ro]WL[1574.18];OB[4]B[qk]BL[60];W[rk]WL[1572.64];OB[4]B[pk]BL[60];W[pg] WL[1552.66];OB[4]B[og]BL[60];W[de]WL[1523.08]C[happyloser [2d?\]\: b's later attacking didn't gain much benefit, that's the reason bah ] ;OB[4]B[oe]BL[60]C[happyloser [2d?\]\: N2 is big ];W[od]WL[1515.21];OB[4]B[qe]BL[60] ;W[re]WL[1513.15];OB[4]B[pe]BL[60];W[pd]WL[1508.12]C[happyloser [2d?\]\: spoon!!! happyloser [2d?\]\: S13 happyloser [2d?\]\: oh no ] ;OB[4]B[mh]BL[60];W[lh]WL[1505.09];OB[4]B[mg]BL[60];W[lg]WL[1503.08]C[happyloser [2d?\]\: N12 should be O12 happyloser [2d?\]\: everygody sleepy? happyloser [2d?\]\: if N12 be O12, then S13 jadefish [?\]\: i want to say e18 ] ;OB[4]B[fb]BL[60]C[jadefish [?\]\: but houshou? jadefish [?\]\: ft ];W[eb]WL[1498.3] ;OB[4]B[mr]BL[60];W[nr]WL[1494.42]C[jupy [1d\]\: after you said it, I think B is too shy to play that move, hehe jadefish [?\]\: ft ] ;OB[4]B[pf]BL[60];W[qg]WL[1490.41];OB[4]B[fd]BL[60];W[am]WL[1486.72]C[jupy [1d\]\: see ] ;OB[4]B[bp]BL[60]C[happyloser [2d?\]\: I'll ask bear if N12 be O12, what he'll do happyloser [2d?\]\: xifeng? ] ;W[oh]WL[1479.64];OB[4]B[nh]BL[60];W[ne]WL[1471.98]C[GoWithMe [?\]\: how about q14 still s13? jadefish [?\]\: n14 ] ;OB[4]B[mf]BL[60];W[nf]WL[1467.97]C[happyloser [2d?\]\: I found bear's spoon haha jadefish [?\]\: n15 ] ;OB[4]B[ng]BL[60];W[me]WL[1465.29]C[jadefish [?\]\: ft ];OB[4]B[mj]BL[60];W[mk] WL[1459.73];OB[4]B[nj]BL[60];W[mi]WL[1456.31];OB[4]B[ph]BL[60];W[nl]WL[1447.09] ;OB[4]B[mm]BL[60];W[nk]WL[1442.89];OB[4]B[cl]BL[60]C[tuzi [4d\]\: fish? ];W[em] WL[1437.97];OB[4]B[dm]BL[60];W[el]WL[1436.32]C[jadefish [?\]\: ? ];OB[4]B[ek]BL[60] C[mitbbsfool [3d\]\: so bear win mitbbsfool [3d\]\: MKL lihai ];W[so]WL[1397.94] ;OB[4]B[po]BL[60];W[rm]WL[1393.7];OB[4]B[oh]BL[60]C[windy [-\]\: wow ];W[ms]WL[1384.06] ;OB[4]B[ls]BL[60]C[windy [-\]\: w shape looks weird ];W[ns]WL[1382.13];OB[4]B[fe] BL[60];W[fa]WL[1377.29];OB[4]B[ga]BL[60];W[ea]WL[1375.53];OB[4]B[ja]BL[60];W[ka] WL[1373.36];OB[4]B[ia]BL[60];W[ol]WL[1371.68];OB[4]B[om]BL[60];W[he]WL[1369.52] ;OB[4]B[ge]BL[60];W[hi]WL[1358.77];OB[4]B[tt]BL[60];W[tt]WL[1358.77]C[jupy [1d\]\: 20-30 shockjocks [3k\]\: xiexie, bear missbear [3d\]\: thanks niuer [?\]\: bear niu ah! shockjocks [3k\]\: bear , too zhao zhixun! happyloser [2d?\]\: thank you guys for this good game\\ shockjocks [3k\]\: no chance to win missbear [3d\]\: hehe microbe0 [5d?\]\: anyone knows how to open a game with 7.5 komi? microbe0 [5d?\]\: it doesn't allow me to change it shockjocks [3k\]\: bear, could you help me review? happyloser [2d?\]\: your N12 should be O12 missbear [3d\]\: we review together alal [?\]\: choose chinese rule, microbe0 ] TB[ip][hp][cp][oo][no][mo][go][fo][eo][do][on][nn][ln][dn][cn][dk][ej][dj][ei][eh] [hg][fg][eg][gf][gb][ha][ks][js][is][hs][gs][fs][es][ds][cs][bs][as][kr][jr][gr] [fr][er][dr][br][ar][hq][gq][eq][cq][bq][aq]TW[sn][or][pr][sm][sl][rl][sk][qr][rr] [os][ps][qs][ss][aa][md][bd][ad][sc][rc][qc][pc][nc][mc][bc][ac][sb][rb][qb][pb] [ob][ba][ca][da][la][ma][na][oa][pa][qa][ra][sa][ab][bb][cb][db][mb][nb][ak][sj] [rj][kj][jj][ij][aj][si][ri][ki][bi][ai][sh][rh][kh][bh][nd][rd][sd][ae][be][ce] [le][se][af][kf][rf][sf][ag][kg][rg][sg][ah])
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